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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 20, 2018 9:00am-9:30am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin today is world refugee day and we look at the growing fears of asylum seekers hoping to find safety in europe a rising backlash in europe over the influx of migrants has many facing deportation like this young afghan even though he's educated works hard and speaks fluent german also in the program children in case it's america's zero tolerance immigration policy in action the trump administration says it has no plan on how to
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reunite thousands of kids separated from their parents at the border. and it was another night to remember for the world cup hosts russia made life work with egypt and all the spirit there spawned in the round of sixteen we'll show you all the goals from that time plus the rest of today's action. well i'm terry martin good to have you with us. sixty eight point five million people roughly the population of great britain that's how many people worldwide have been forced to flee their homes today on world refugee day the un has called for global solidarity with refugees and the countries that take them in but here in germany there is growing pressure on chancellor angela merkel to reverse or open door policy to migrants and resume deportations or rejected asylum seekers people
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like the young men in this report. i'm ahmed i'm almost twenty years old i was born in afghanistan but i was raised in iran and i'm training to be a hotel manager. at night was only one year old when his parents decided to leave their home in afghanistan they fled because of the terror of the taliban. they said we were home one day and then suddenly the bomb hits they were shots everywhere they were really loud and we just ran away we didn't have time to take the possible it's we just run away given. the family found a new home in tehran where i grew up together with his two brothers.
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of course growing up in the wrong was sometimes difficult because i'm partly afghan partly iranian so i didn't know which direction to go it was a bit hard yes actually it was hard. the fact that the parents didn't have any documents of the kids turned out to be a big obstacle later on every month they had to pay a fee to the iranian government says at some point us father a construction worker couldn't pay it anymore so adamant and his younger brother left once again this time to germany it's been two years since then we have we were with i said to my brother ok we're in germany now so we shouldn't lose time let's move on learn german and start something new. and they did i meant is now in the second year of his training his brother is heading towards a levels everything seemed well. but then german authorities demanded the missing papers they gave him
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a deadline in three months his residence permit expires. if that meant is not able to get the papers until then he'll be deported to afghanistan. people who are being deported think ok we have no job no food no place to stay nothing but the taliban have all of that jobs food and money so ok let's go there are many things like that in germany wants to see or hear that nobody wants to see that crew this. month says he's on his own pass back to afghanistan not an option. let's bring in our chief political correspondent melinda crane here melinda of the german government has decided to send asylum seekers back to afghanistan that even though the country is controlled largely by militants and germany's own representative there describes it as a battleground how does the german government justify this deportation policy. the
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german foreign office prepared a report on the situation in afghanistan which after some delay was made public at the beginning of this month now according to that report the country is volatile there are enormous regional differences in the level of security and safety and the country remains plagued by war poverty and corruption but the report does determined that the capital kabul is relatively secure and that there is no active attack by the government on its own people all of that is seen by the government as a basis for saying the situation there is safe enough to resume deportations of people in germany who do not have the right to remain in germany and are from afghanistan now just to give you sense of the numbers two hundred fifty five thousand people from afghanistan are currently in germany of those fifteen thousand
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are eligible for or required to be deported last year deportations have been suspended in no small degree because there had been a bomb attack in kabul right in front of the german embassy now this represents a resumption of deportations and it's very much a political decision a decision that is being pushed hard by the chancellors the very in conservative sister party they are insisting that deportations now should resume they say afghanistan needs its people to rebuild and therefore it's justified to deport but there are a lot of objections both from the social democrats a junior coalition partner and from a number of non governmental organizations here in germany as you mentioned bill and all this is happening in the context of a much broader discussion about asylum seekers and refugees in general in europe.
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chancellor angela merkel is digging her heels in and insisting on a euro unified european response to migration merkel met french president menem a call an outside berlin on wednesday to discuss the euro zone reforms and solutions to europe's migration crisis the chancellor is facing a july first deadline set by her interior minister to secure a europe wide solution on the issue spite finding an ally in macross on an answer on migration has eluded americal for years. and that meeting coarsely place on tuesday i'm joined again by our political correspondent linda gray melinda chancellor merkel desperately needs broader e.u. support on migration or her government could collapse was mccaughan able to give her political lifeline. to some degree absolutely he gave her a ringing endorsement of her principle that we do need a multilateral an e.u.
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wide solution to the problem and he said as she does that countries like germany should have the right to send refugees who are registered in another country the first european union country they enter those are the especially the countries on the southern perimeter of europe to send them back and say essentially that to the dublin treaty that is supposed to regulate the registration and distribution of refugees should be enforced and it would require that the countries of first entry are the countries that register and process asylum applications however the treaty essentially has been suspended ever since the influx of twenty fifteen and the countries that the chancellor really needs to convince if she wants a broader european solution are the countries on the southern perimeter of europe that is not necessarily france france of course does have a mediterranean border but the key countries here are italy are greece possibly
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also spain they're the ones the chance is going to really need to work on some macross aport is helpful but it's not going to get her all the way where she needs to be by the end of this month well into thank you so much t w chief political correspondent mohammed crane. now to some of the other stories making news around the world today north korean media say the country's leader kim jong un has thanked china for its support in last week's historic summit with the u.s. president all trial kim's two day trip to beijing is coming to an end today it was his third visit since march a sign of beijing's influential role in the country's future. more deadly clashes in nicaragua police and massed gunman have been battling anti-government protesters following the suspension of peace talks designed to quell two months of deadly demonstrations street battles in the town of messiah a protester stronghold left at least three people dead and many more injured.
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well anger is growing on both sides of the political aisle in the united states as president donald trump defends his border policy of separating migrant children from their parents more than two thousand miners have been removed from their parents the borders since early may many are being confined in sealed camps and have little or no contact with their families now the transparency group pro publica has released an audio recording that apparently features solving central american children separated from their parents that has added fresh fuel to the debate. whether they will get. children detained in cages calling for their parents this is the trumpet ministration zero tolerance policy in action critics have likened the practice to
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torture. opponents of the law interrupted a u.s. congressional hearing to demand an end to separating immigrant children from parents. this is a policy and i understand this this was a policy invented implemented and executed by president donald trump and i'm talking directly to my republican colleagues we need you to stand up the president quote from we need you to join us in telling him that we reject this mean. policy. president donald trump has blamed the separation of families on democrats saying they're at fault for refusing to pass new immigration laws yet the zero tolerance policy driving the separations was introduced under his own republican administration i have put in place
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a zero zero zero zero zero policy for you know it's free on our southwest border if you cross the border lawfully then we will prosecute that if you are some ongoing trial then we will prosecute you and then sure maybe separated from you and provide law. as the sides trade blame in the debate over family separations the children in these detention centers are forced to cope with a new reality it could be months before they're reunited with their parents. the united states is also announced it's withdrawing from the united nations human rights council the u.s. is one of forty seven countries in the group which promotes human rights and investigates abuses around the world explaining her country's position u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley accused the u.n. body of hypocrisy as well as chronic bias against the state of israel. human
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rights abusers continue to serve on and be elected to the council the world's most inhumane regimes continue to escape scrutiny and the council continues to politicizing and scapegoating of countries with positive human rights records in an attempt to distract from the users and their ranks therefore as we said we would do a year ago if we did not see any progress the united states is officially withdrawing from the un human rights council. yes master nikki haley there well the announcer provoked this tweet from the office of the un secretary general antonio terrorist saying it with the terrorist saying it would have been for much preferred for the us to remain in the human rights council the un's human rights orca texture plays a very important role in the promotion and protection of human rights worldwide
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you're watching news still to come the surprise team of the world cup is also the host team russia is flying high after two victories we'll tell you all about. now are there any winners in a trade war well if equity markets are any indication the answer is no and that well it's like donald trump against the rest of the world's terry and the rest of the well twelve the ongoing trade spat certainly continues to weigh on global stock markets well she has a tokyo and hong kong traded flat on wednesday china as the stock market slumped as the prospects of a full blown china u.s. trade well worries investors meanwhile u.s. markets were down for a six day in a row on tuesday with the dow jones dropping under twenty five thousand points and the negative for the. well trade relations are also cooling between the u.s. and europe certainly since washington impose tariffs on steel and on the minium the e.u. has taken a complaint to the world trade organization and the block has also decided to
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retaliate by putting tariffs on u.s. steel as well as other products today is the earliest day according to w t o rules the e.u. can launch those terrorists that would also affect us peanut butter cranberries orange juice and bourbon. american whiskey tends to fly off the shelves at this liquor store in berlin prices start at about twenty five euros a bottle of the finest stuff can set you back as much as eighty. some fear that tariffs on u.s. imports including bourbon of course will lead to price hikes but store owner sebastian glasses taken the levees in his stride they're due to come into effect on july the first but for him it's all about pivoting to other regions after all american whiskey isn't the only kind on offer. we're in for life might focus more on german whisky than isn't the only kind to come from the us there's rye as well
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but there are very good german right brands too right whiskey is really in fashion so you can get people interested in it it doesn't have to be american whisky was there. since the start of june there have been growing worries about an all out trade war on june the first the u.s. imposed duties of ten percent on steel and twenty five percent of our minium from europe and europe has now retaliated with tariffs designed to target u.s. states that main the vote republican a strategy designed to hit the u.s. president's support base the raft of new duties on emblematic american exports like harley davidson bikes and whiskey will affect states like missouri and pennsylvania as well as the whiskey heartland in the south mississippi kentucky and tennessee. president donald trump has hinted at the possibility of further sanctions directed at europe this time affecting cars that would be
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a massive blow to big producers like germany for now it's difficult to tell where the tit for tat measures will lead and as the relationship between the u.s. and the european union continues to deteriorate it won't just be whiskey lovers who are affected. let's talk a little bit more about that relationship i'm joined by evil. and general manager of the american chamber of commerce and here in germany is a physical from your perspective what is the state of play right now between the u.s. and germany well it is difficult needless to say and the companies on both sides of the atlantic actually american and german companies are really worried because of the volatility that has come into play no and that is coming from the u.s. administration when it comes to trade now you've conducted a among. member companies both germany and u.s. companies of course what do they say what to do they want what do they hope governments to do to resolve the situation well i think first of all they want
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everyone at the negotiating table that's i think the one thing that they all said was necessary to never leave that negotiating table and i think it's important to say that this is not only directed towards the european or german government but they are also approaching their governors and their representatives and senators at home so it's a task for both sides and negotiating want to terrorists or a transatlantic free trade agreement which has been shelved still under the obama administration what do they want to negotiate first of course because that's the actual situation right now is tariffs but in the long run eighty three percent of our members are actually in favor of a transatlantic trade agreement so they say this should definitely be there somewhere in the in the future and i think it's important that we talk about those we can take our business relations for granted anymore it's not only true for
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values but we have to continue showing to the us administration that on the one side german businesses in the us provide for seven hundred thousand jobs invest in infrastructure and in the work force qualification but it's also important to. our american companies that the u.s. and at menstruation understands that they also profit from free markets is this something very concrete that bilin could to do for example germany's massive traits plus not just as a bone of contention from the u.s. perspective but also from european neighbors well the companies are not so worried about the trade surplus of germany i think in general it is easier dealt with by germany at home when we look at investments that we can do in germany i think what the companies actually at the cape for is also that europe states united
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and that europe is strong and i think that's a nother task that is on the table for our government ok so more talks a dialogue is important from which i'm glad you look at it even in medicine general manager of the american chamber of commerce you gemini thank you so much thanks for having. well there's a big change within the dow after one hundred and eleven years industrial heavyweight general electric is no longer a component of the famous stock market index the company had fallen on hard times recently most lead you to losses in its insurance business its announced a major restructuring about half a year ago complete with cost cutting and a slash to dividend shares have been on a downward path for a year is weakening the company's standing as a blue chip of the new member replacing g.e. will be the retail chain walgreens the dow jones oversight committee feels that the company trading in consumer staples reflects the consumer driven u.s. economy better than the outgoing industrial giant. as
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a big day for the former chief executive of anglo irish bank david drama following a guilty verdict this month is expected to be handed a lengthy prison sentence today drum has been found guilty of conspiracy to defraud and false accounting relating to banking transactions he was involved in at the height of the two thousand and eight financial crisis. a decade after island's banking crisis the former c.e.o. of the collapsed anglo irish bank faces sentencing his bank wasn't the only one in gauging in suspicious lending practices the drove the celtic tiger boom and subsequent bust was one of the biggest players irish taxpayers had to bail out the bank to the tune of five billion dollars billion this month david drum was found guilty of fraud for his role in inflating the lend his balance sheet in the lead up to its collapse the case against him was nine years in the making through the course of the investigation detectives listens to tens of thousands of telephone
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calls lifted almost one million files which require detailed analysis thousands of other inquiries were also conducted by this team both in ireland and in other jurisdictions including the united kingdom the united states of america the banks collapse had disastrous consequences for island to the taxpayer funds used to rescue the bank amounted to a fifth of the country's economic output the bank remains under seventy five since station ownership so the more many ordinary people lost their homes during the financial crisis and many continue to struggle to pay off their mortgages while the hour she called me has grown evidence of the crash remains for all to see. the right turning now to the world cup and i don't know about you terry but i find it very difficult to get enough sleep these days. enter the fray is also the one turning becoming the most intriguing i guess you could say the group is viewed as wide open with no clear cut favorite it kicked off on tuesday with two matches as
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colombia clashed with japan in the early game and later poland faced off with surgical. senator paul insult to stars troy because this captain so badly want all skin saw your money to lead to at least one provide a full decent gay who nets the first goal chalky fall off time but it turned out to be you know i'm going for opponents deflection hits the ball into the net senate get second can off the top of the back possible as opponents defense and after that it was all too easy for him by a neon at zero a mock. opponents could only manage a late consolation goes jeggo should. have been dusty left no mark on this match why did sonny go it's two one success is the first win for a football match africa it's what's cup. colombia i mean watch out some sides in the foot against japan after just three minutes total sunshine it's got sent off for handball and chingy kageyama conversions and so in penalty.
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colombia that's a back and fun fun on the continual never it's called before the break. box you're safe today for japan when you're not doing it calling off the seventy three minutes to watch the fun score here is what. the world cup host russia of turned out to be the surprise team at the tournaments they look set to go through to the knockout stage they were the first play twice and last night's victory over egypt all but assured they will advance an own goal put russia on the board first and open the floodgates dennis sherry said later scored his third try to make gold tying him with christiane i were an old for the try to lead egypt's most converted a penalty in his debut russia was the easy winner three more.
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sports of a different time at least sports stars attempts by former tennis star boris becker to avoid bankruptcy proceedings have hit a snag becker was claiming that his role as a sports envoy with the central african republic gave him diplomatic immunity but the african nation's foreign minister says the diplomatic past for the becker says protect him was quote a clumsy fake. lawyers for boris becker lodged a claim in the british high court saying he had been appointed to support such a shape for the central african republic and therefore enjoy diplomatic immunity. this is an image of back us passport obtained by d w now officials in the central african republic say the document is false in an interview with the w foreign minister charlemagne said i have never provided boris becker with a diplomatic passport i can assure you becker is not a member of my diplomatic personnel back as lawyers now say the president of the central african republic was present went back to receive the passport back i
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tweeted this picture of himself with. in april eric's open eyes covering the story for d w francophone service and fair as after clear that mr baca has received a passport which seems to be fake. some claim for the ambassador to belgium saying he issued a passport to mr becker. but the authorities believe it's fake he says he's. a spokesman for the presidency of the central african republic told direct that the passport might be a result of the political unrest in the country five years ago. during the coup during the troubles in twenty thirteen twenty fourteen give ministration most pillaged. passports were setting like bread rolls. exist there was a place setting passports illegally. these passports which have been stolen robbed
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from the central african republic are continuing to be sold. he continued mr baca could be a victim of that. becker is waiting for the british court to rule on this immunity pressure on the say that won't happen until. bankruptcy proceedings against him will continue in the meantime. you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin and we'll be back at the top of the hour with another full bulletin of course you can get all the latest news and information on our web site at www dot com thanks for being with us here.
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