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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 20, 2018 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin today is world refugee day and we look at the growing fears of asylum seekers across europe here in germany there's a rising backlash over migration and presumed deportation this young afghan may have to leave even though he's educated works hard and speaks fluent german also in the program children in pain she says america's zero tolerance immigration policy
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in action the trumpet ministration says it has no plan on how to reunite thousands of kids separated from their parents at the border. and it was another night to remember for the world cup hosts russia made light work of egypt and the world but secured their spot in the round of sixteen we'll show you all the goals from that match plus rest of the day's action. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us sixty eight point five million roughly the population of france that's how many people worldwide have been forced to flee their homes today on world refugee day the u.n. has called for global solidarity with refugees and the countries that take them in but here in germany there's growing pressure on chance for going to medical to
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reverse her open door policy to migrants and resume deportations for rejected asylum seekers people like the young men we meet in this report. i'm ahmed i'm almost twenty years old i was born in afghanistan but i was raised in iran and i'm training to be a hotel manager my. dad was only one year old when his parents decided to leave their home in afghanistan they fled because of the terror of the taliban. they said we were home one day and then suddenly the bomb hits there were shots everywhere they were really loud and we just ran away we didn't have time to take the passports we just run away from it given. the family found a new home in tirana where i grew up together with his two brothers.
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of course growing up in the wrong was sometimes difficult because i'm partly afghan partly iranian so i didn't know which direction to go it was a bit hard yes actually it was hard because. the fact that the parents didn't have any documents of the kids turned out to be a big obstacle later on every month they had to pay a fee to the iranian government says at some point us father a construction worker couldn't pay it anymore so ahmed and his younger brother left once again this time to germany it's been two years since then we have i said to my brother ok we're in germany now shouldn't lose time let's move on learn german and start something new. and they did i met is now in the second year of his training his brother is heading towards his a levels everything seemed well. but
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then german authorities demanded the missing papers they gave him a deadline in three months his residence permit expires. if that meant is not able to get the papers until then he'll be deported to afghanistan. people who are being deported think ok we have no job no food no place to stay nothing but the taliban have all of that jobs food and money so ok let's go there are many think like that who in germany wants to see or hear that nobody wants to see that. this. says he's on his own path back to afghanistan not an option. let's bring in our chief political correspondent melinda crane here mullin of the german government has decided to send asylum seekers back to afghanistan that even though the country is controlled largely by militants and germany's own representative there describes it as a battleground how does the german government justify this deportation policy. the
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german foreign office prepared a report on the situation in afghanistan which after some delay was made public at the beginning of this month now according to that report the country is volatile there are enormous regional differences in the level of security and safety and the country remains plagued by war poverty and corruption but the report does determined that the capital kabul is relatively secure and that there is no active attack by the government on its own people all of that is seen by the government as a basis for saying the situation there is safe enough to resume deportations of people in germany who do not have the right to remain in germany and are from afghanistan now just to give you a sense of the numbers two hundred fifty five thousand people from afghanistan are
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currently in germany of those fifteen thousand are eligible for or required to be deported last year deportations had been suspended in no small degree because there had been a bomb attack in kabul right in front of the german embassy now this represents a resumption of deportations and it's very much a political decision a decision that is being pushed hard by the chancellor's the very in conservative sister party they are insisting that to deportations now should resume they say afghanistan needs its people to rebuild and therefore it's justified to deport but there are a lot of objections both from the social democrats the junior coalition partner and from a number of non governmental organizations here in germany as you mentioned bill and all this is happening in the context of a much broader discussion about asylum seekers and refugees in general in europe.
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chancellor angela merkel is digging her heels in and insisting on a euro unified european response to migration merkel met french president emanuel mccaughan outside berlin on wednesday to discuss the euro zone reforms and solutions to europe's migration crisis the chancellor is facing a july first deadline set by her interior minister to secure a europe wide solution on the issue spite finding an ally in macross on an answer on migration has eluded machall for years. and that meeting course would place on tuesday i'm joined again by our political correspondent linda gray melinda . desperately needs broader support on migration or her government could collapse was mccaughan able to give her political lifeline. to some degree absolutely he gave her a ringing endorsement of her principle that we do need
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a multilateral an e.u. wide solution to the problem and he said as she does that countries like germany should have the right to send refugees who are registered in another country the first european union country they enter those are the especially the countries on the southern perimeter of europe to send them back and say essentially that to the dublin treaty that is supposed to regulate the registration and distribution of refugees should be enforced and it would require that the countries of first entry are the countries that register and process asylum applications however the treaty essentially has been suspended ever since the influx of twenty fifteen and the countries that the chancellor really needs to convince if she wants a broader european solution are the countries on the southern perimeter of europe that is not necessarily france france of course does have
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a mediterranean border but the key countries here are italy are greece possibly also spain they're the ones the chance is going to really need to work on some macross support is helpful but it's not going to get her all the way where she needs to be by the end of this month well into thank you so much t w chief political correspondent nick rain. migration remains a hot button issue in the u.s. as well anger is growing there on both sides of the political aisle as president donald trump defends his border policy of separating migrant children from their parents or than two thousand miners have been separated from their parents at the border since early may many are being confined in sealed camps and have little or no contact with their families now the transparency group pro publica has released an audio recording that apparently features solving central american children separated from their parents that has added fresh fuel to the debate.
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whether it will. children detained in cages calling for their parents this is the trumpet ministrations zero tolerance policy in action critics have likened the practice to torture opponents of the law interrupted a u.s. congressional hearing to demand an end to separating immigrant children from parents. this is a policy and i understand this this was a policy invented implemented and actually cute by president donald trump and i'm talking directly to my republican colleagues we need you to stand up to president quote some we need you to join us in telling him that we reject this mean policy.
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president donald trump has blamed the separation of families on democrats saying they're at fault for refusing to pass new immigration laws yet the zero tolerance policy driving the separations was introduced under his own republican administration for in place a zero zero zero zero policy for you know it's free on our southwest border if you cross the border along the way there we will prosecute that so if you are some ongoing trial we will prosecute you the natural right to be separated from you provide law. as the sides trade blame in the debate over family separations the children in these detention centers are forced to cope with the new reality it could be months before they're reunited with their parents. and let's catch up on some other stories making headlines around the world today
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the united states has withdrawn from the u.n. human rights council u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley announced the departure accusing the u.n. body of a quote chronic bias against israel haley admitting the u.s. had failed to convince other member nations to reform what she described as a hypocritical and self-serving body tinny north korean media say the country's leader kim jong un has thanked china for its support in last week's historic summit with u.s. president donald trump. two day trip to beijing is coming to an end today it was his third visit since march a sign of beijing's influential role in the country's future. and more deadly clashes in nicaragua police and massed gunman have been battling anti-government protesters following the suspension of peace talks designed well two months of deadly demonstrations street battles in the town of a protester stronghold left at least three people dead and many more injured.
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you're watching g.w. news still to come the surprise chain of the world cup is also the host team russians playing high after two long sided victories we'll bring you all the action . the leaders of the two biggest economies in the euro zone are backing controversial reforms monica. you already hear about the controversy very very quickly terry i mean german chancellor angela merkel is facing new anger from her coalition partners here in germany this after she offered her backing to french plans for a new euro zone budget french president a man women call had been urging her to support a common budget for the single currency the scheme would fund investments in poorer member states in an attempt to stabilize the euro germany had long feared it would end up footing the bill her there insisted party now says it will launch an investigation putting new pressure on her coalition. so controversy
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all over the place on the front of stock exchange can feel as in how this controversy and how this vision will from a crawl to reform the eurozone slowly but surely seems to begin taking shape how all of that is going down in the financial world. people are conflicted it's controversial as you say and america's coalition partner the c.s.u. as actively against the calling of financially irresponsible and market buying basically support for her migration policy in the continuation of her government people here are also skeptical when they hear things like a common budget investing in countries that are not so developed but they do wish her well and i think that's the reason why they would support this they do wish her well in assuring any instrument and or in order to continue her government because the last thing the world at the moment the needs here the people in the financial
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markets say is america losing her government sure and of course it's very important to be able to read the signs off of the times as the next story will show us because there's a big change within the dow off to one hundred in eleven years industrial heavyweight general electric is no longer a component of the famous stock market index the company of fallen on hard times mostly due to losses in its insurance business its announced a major restructuring about half a year ago complete with cost cutting and a slashed dividend g.e. shares have been on a downward posh for years weakening the company's standing of the blue chip and the new member replacing g.e. will be the drugstore chain walgreens the dow jones oversight committee feels that the company reflects the consumer driven u.s. economy better than the outgoing industrial giant and with that i would like to cross over again to anybody in frankfurt how is it g e dropping out this this industrial giant dropping out. the dow going down where you are alarm bells ringing
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. i think they are and they aren't the shares going down it seems to come this is a prize to investors because. they didn't expect it at this moment but people did see this coming there's been discussion for a long time that g.e. just wasn't worth enough anymore to be a member of the dow and others knocking at the door seeming to fit the times better and it's a classic example of a company that was hugely successful and that then somehow misstep and missed the connection to modern times and also overstepped its power g.e. branched out it branched out and practically everything it was in radio it was in the financial world that you just mentioned insurance it was also in financing and that's part of the trouble why she went on a downward to the hill when the financial crisis came that really affect the
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general of the trick it was a powerhouse even in the sixty's our member we had g.d. lightbulbs what else in the house and a g.e. automatic toaster that was the best thing you could have at the time but you know the times change and g.e. the apple of its time in the stock market in the world but today apple is the apple of the time well it was very nicely put in from truth that is that just. well another day another high profile hack of a crypt a currency exchange and this time the victim was stuffed korea's big from exchange to rectus a series of open eyed breaches so hackers make off with thirty one million dollars worth of virtual currencies however they didn't say which coins was stolen the company behind the site has promised to compensate victims the big thumb attack was just the latest in a series of digital thoughts racing critical questions about currencies.
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i devices in germany are about to make a crucial decisions about the country's future but what is in turkey at least in actually some of those are here in germany it turns out monica and all eyes are on richard type two on there in turkey he's held power there for more than fifteen years first as prime minister then is president many young voters have grown up under the one his authoritarian style is the only kind of leadership they know in national elections four days from now they'll be able to decide for themselves if they want to keep out of one at the helm our correspondent you know beyond reports . when the ferry docks at the pier in iskandar and the passengers disembark i mean saudi olo is there waiting he's complaining here in istanbul for the a.k.p. president justice and development party. the best team is twenty eight and studied sports management he's admired the president for as long as he can remember. when the news was going on with. her some say that our president is tired
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but it's not true where he has so much energy or emergency there to young people and that's are very motivating through our spirit he isn't tired we young folks shouldn't be either. was gets very good controls us going it's always oh you don't love what you do you don't get tired we love this country this nation all fight for it former you can resolve it you'll be going we will be saying no to this one man regime on june twenty fourth or you're still going to be very new in the neighboring district of. color and there is drumming up support for the pro kurdish people's democratic party. its presidential candidates. has been in custody for nineteen months on terrorism related charges xanga vacation it's time for a change people are being detained without reason and nobody asks why this is happening and the money up to this photo of the nineteen year old john so trained
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as a legal assistant like many young people in turkey she come from member a time when out on wasn't turkey's leader but unlike a k.p. campaigners she's had enough of him in a thread a he invests in rather than in education he behaves like a racist a warmonger or a nationalist he doesn't care about the people that's why we say it's enough to add one he and his people say we build roads and bridges for you but in fact so many people don't have hope. or anything to we didn't. he is a youthful country roughly fifty percent of those alledged will to vote are under thirty an entire generation that's grown up with add and the religious conservatism of his justice and development party. pensions and everything has an expiry date an error one is already out of date i've done done top ten side investing in a new law i want more freedom we should be able to think free money to suit you
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that is the kind of turkey i want to live in. all to sixteen years is a long time for a government and the same mentality the same person in power that's not good. at the upcoming elections in turkey will be decided by young people one point seven million of them are eligible to vote for the first time the country's future is in and then head. of the world cup hosts russia are all but through to the knockout round with me in the studio to talk about is a libra otaki from d.w. sports good morning alina. the whole of russia seems to be rejoicing now with good reason obviously but tell me how did the lowest ranked team in the whole tournament managed to come out top of its group against mosul balls egypt of all i think it's simple i think russia is not as bad as people made him out to be i mean they on the
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brink brink of going to the knockout stages and thanks to an own going and then this goal to denise cherry should have risked his career tournament gold of course egypt's mossad a converted a penalty on his world cup debut to round out the scoreline three one and i think in a way you know egypt can be happy at least most has his watch cup gold but russia eight goals in two games i think this is one of the best starts for hosting nation in what cup history correspondents and correspondent jonathan crane is standing by force of course jonathan it has a ringside seat as it were how about the host russia join us and bring all that through the knockout round house of via been moscow with the russians. wow another incredible results and another excuse to party i half expected it to still be going when i woke up this morning things have calmed down a bit since last night but here in moscow i want to cross russia fans on the street
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singing and dancing especially here where we've seen latin american fans making the most noise on locals just taking a step back and posing for photographs they were leading the challenge last night driving three cents for most air or you could hear the horns beeping sadly a massive elements of surprise one found i spoke to the totally shall show now it may have just been he if you celebrate three drinks but he said i just don't believe it this doesn't feel like katine certainly a marked difference from the pessimistic move surrounding the team before the tone and because he ice hockey rules that these players are having to prove that they can play football too and the sunday doing that so you. celebrate their loss i know you were also at the senegal poland match another upset there at least on paper tell us about that. yes group shaping up to be now one of the most open groups in this tournament before hand you the favorite opponent on colombia to
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advance but as are about to see they had cuts out in their opening games on tuesday . senator poland sought to stop strikers as captains of unleavened osc inside your money is a letter at least one provider for he said gave net its the first gold shortly before last time but it turned out to be a known goal for poland's juggle china quiz deflection hits a ball into the net and a good second can off that terrible back pass by the polish defense and after that it was all too easy for him by a neon at the hour mark. poland could only manage a late consolation goes jeggo bush. and dusty left no mark on this match why senegal its two one success is the first win for football match africa at this world cup. colombia meanwhile shut themselves in the foot against japan after just three minutes carlos sanchez got sent off for handball and change account of
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a convert in the ensuing penalty. columbia that looked back and funf and i'm looking to the level it's called before the break. but also of course safe today for japan when he knocked in a corner after seventy three minutes to one the final score here as well. let's go back to jonathan in moscow and to that senegal victory over a pole in the african culture that finally has a win. yes incredible for senegal incredible for their friends they were outnumbered by about twenty to one inside the stadium but what they lacked in size they certainly made up for in noise two pockets of them either side of the stadium created a constant in throughout they were banging the percussion instruments they brought with them and to be honest it provided a welcome distraction from what was going on the pitch was a very poor game especially from the polish points of view or too often paul says once a strike obviously as we saw that gifting senegal the second goal center goal they
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were care about the manner of the victory at the final were so the players took time out to dance with the fans on either side of the stadium the senegalese journalists in front of me were hugging each other giving each other high fives you certainly got the impression that carrying the entire hopes of the consonance on their shoulders i mean let's look a little closer at that group we've got a poll in senegal colombia and japan right now it looks as if anyone could make it through could make it through and get on to the next round that's exactly the way it is i mean this from the get go was one of the most evenly matched groups and it will remain wide open i think until the last day and i think what poland and colombia what they might have been stopped in terms of at robert even dossier and how mr greig as i think senegal and japan so far they've really been playing as a team and i know this some people out there have been saying that this is an upset no it's not an upset that's ridiculous because you know senegal there's a lot of a quality on this african team they created they contact counted as jonathan just
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said that they really took the cane to poland and i think senegal might be one of the surprise teams of the tournament if of course they could come out of this even the match tricky group ok jonathan today morocco and portugal what do you see what do you see coming up there. well portugal was certainly be the favorites going into that now it's taking place at least nicky stadium behind me though the void by that opening day three old rule with spain morocco you think will have it all to do they lost their reckoning game against iran cristiano ronaldo will be the man they have to contend with but one thing for america fans to cling on to the sides of only met once before that was back in one thousand nine hundred six the world cup in mexico and on the last occasion morocco won three one johnson thank you so much of course but johnson crane there in moscow in a lemo talkie from sports with me in the studio thank you both. so i news for now
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trying to get top of the next hour thanks for. optimize ation finest. fishel intelligence. businesses at any rate are increasing me coming up with decisions to hang on. to my algorithms make better choices for a better future. for all the machines finally taking on the.
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prosecuting displaying to sprint the tragic stories of refugees. seeing is the first step to understand. the world refugee day. intelligence it's a good thing no we all think we are intelligent only to find out more often than we'd like to that when loss or just not enough there's always someone who clearly is better at math better at french better at general knowledge better at solving problems that's just a fact of life isn't it but.


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