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the chance because justice is about to truth. truth detectives starts june thirtieth w. . this is. a major policy about face for the u.s. president donald trump says he'll order an end to family separation at the border with mexico to trump u. turn comes amid growing outrage over a policy of separating children from their families who enter the u.s. illegally the president says we've got to keep families together but still protect
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our borders also coming up from one migration challenge to the next here in europe the german chancellor is maneuvering to seal the deal suit on a new european union approach to migration and she feels her government could collapse and her time as chancellor could quickly be over. and on this day seven of these soccer world cup in russia luis suarez has found a net for europe why against saudi arabia in a game with huge consequences for a group we'll bring you all the high life. is good to have you with us tonight u.s. president says that he will take action to end a controversial policy of separating immigrant families at the country's border with mexico mr trump says that he will address the issue by signing an executive order. it's expected to happen sometime this evening he is reported to be planning
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to order the families be detained together his administration's current policy means that every migrant crossing the border illegally is subject to criminal prosecution since children are not allowed in federal prisons they are being taken away from their parents and placed in state care why the practice has drawn international condemnation as well as within the united states here's the president's latest pronouncements on changing his policy we are very strong at the border we're very strong on security we want security for our country the republicans want security and insist on security for our country and we will have that at the same time we have compassion we want to keep families together it's very important i'll be signing something a little while that's going to do that and the people in this room want to do that and they're working on various pieces of legislation to get it done but i'll be
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doing something that's somewhat preemptive but ultimately will be matched by legislation i'm sure. are going to get to washington a corresponding carsten phenomenas on the story good evening to you carson the us president has said nonstop that his hands are tied that an act of congress was needed to change this policy and now he says he's going to sign an executive order to do that so what is behind ditz. well i think the pressure also from within his own party the republican party to end this policy of zero tolerance of basically charging all illegal immigrants as criminals and taking that should win away from them simply became too strong he. republican senators a member of congress had in the past few days criticized this policy and republican governors have even. audits their national guard troops back because they didn't
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want to be associated with this even some leaders of the christian evangelical groups who normally support this president no matter what's voiced concerns and it seems that basically the republicans convince president trump that a constant stream of pictures of crying children behind fences held in cages would hurt them at the upcoming midterm elections and that's why president trump eventually gave in the u.s. president today blamed the democrats completely for the situation and then the democrats they had their own response to that let's take a listen to you house minority leader nancy pelosi and here we are bringing our concerns to the steps of the capitol once again once again to say to the president of the united states how low can you go what is the measure of your character your compassion and your commitment to a better america that you would advocate
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a policy that makes children from the arms of their parents their mothers and or their fathers you know or those polluters you they're asking the u.s. president how low can you go is this a defeat for mr trump. i think you can say that even though donald trump himself would probably never admit that but it's clear that he had to do something that he didn't want to do up until this morning it seemed clear that donald trump was determined to double down on his policy because he clearly wanted to use these children as a bargaining chip to put pressure on congress to force congress and the democrats in congress to agree to more strict immigration rules to comprehensive immigration reform and also to give him money for the border wall on the border with mexico that he promised and the democrats clearly have shown that they would have nothing of that and they feel that on the trump has made
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a mistake here that he has presented himself screwed with the hearts and they think this will boost their chances in the midterm elections so there's some politics involved here indeed some politics and we saw earlier today the u.s. president meeting with members of congress it was shown on live television what was interesting is he almost seemed to distance himself from this by asking all of the members at the table to give their you know their input in their opinions on this how do you think this is all playing with the trump base cost. well it's interesting that although moderate republicans clearly didn't like this policy a majority of republicans supported this policy and that correct on illegal immigration almost sixty percent according to a number of folds of republicans support this policy even though two thirds of all
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voters reject it and that shows that in the gratian is a very special issue for the on the trumpets probably one of the most important issues why he was elected as president and his core base of support us they want him to crack down on illegal immigration they want stricter regulation less in the gratian in general and they want him to build that war correspondent carsten phenomenal story for us tonight in washington chorus to thank you very much. or from a migration challenges in the u.s. to right here in europe the german chancellor angela merkel will meet with a group of e.u. leaders this week in to hammer out a solution to migration now it is a divisive subject that threatens the german chancellor's coalition government and the changes job americal is at odds with her interior minister who has given her a two week deadline to secure a unified e.u. plan to tighten border controls to conservative leaders are putting on
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a friendly face at least for now but the conflict between them is threatening the chancellor's political future. no new ultimatums no angry words angela macko and hosni who put chatted with one another as if they had never been at all. during a commemoration for german refugees after the second world war the varian conservatives they hope to seem less confrontational than in recent weeks one of ache first of all surely thanks to the chancellor. this conflict when you've made this day of remembrance something special for space on the earth and for this i thank you thank you. say hope i did not explicitly mention the conflict between macros conservative c.d.u. and it's very and sister part of the c.s.u. battle repeated that she does not want to close germany's borders to certain refugees without first having made agreements with neighboring countries. the money
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split and then whichever way you look at it migration is a european challenge perhaps the greatest challenge at the moment the cohesion of the european union is at stake this is our mode these are all peace now in u. . a former refugee said an emotional highpoint a tamil who as a thirteen year old fled to germany without his parents and then grew up and started an impressive career years. it's been a tribe wish i didn't become a refugee voluntarily but i did come to germany voluntarily because it's so wonderful to live in a country where democracy reigns where we respect the constitution we must never allow our fundamental values to be threatened fed. back and see who for seemed to be moved by the story of a man who went from refugee to heart surgery. the two conservative leaders or at least trying to mend fences. which obviously i didn't hear any remarks against me
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when the chancellor sat down i said nothing that ramped up today did it with talk. it didn't come and go. the c.s.u. chairman has struck a conciliatory tone but that doesn't mean he's necessarily changed his position on our list try to make some sense out of this bring in our correspondents i mean young he is also here in berlin this evening so i mean what are we to make of this apparent shift. between the chancellor and the interior minister are they friends again. well for today at least french you know today wasn't a day for hostility everyone knows hosts a hopeless position he's got his tanks parked on angela merkel's lawn he's given our team week deadline or ten days now it is to get some real progress on this migration issue at european level as he sees it otherwise he's going to take tough measures unilaterally but this was
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a commemorative event commemorating second world war refugees and also marking world refugee day and so that explains the conciliatory tone and of course hosts a have a needs to watch out he's not too tough he could end up looking like the european don't know trump if he's not careful angle americal as always stressed the humanitarian aspect of this migration question and or say how often it's to respect that as well of course there is a mini migration summit planned for this coming sunday and what do we know about who is invited and what's the plan there you know he's invited is mostly countries directly affected by migration germany and france of course as well as the southern states like greece italy and spain and some others. well gary and belgium and so on what are they hoping to do well i think just thrash out some kind of a blueprint compromise ahead of that european summit perhaps try and make it so
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that those brussels late nights are quite as late as they would otherwise because of course it is difficult to get agreements on these tricky issues particularly when you're talking about. asylum rules and those type of technical matters i mean this is really important for the german chancellor isn't it simon to be she has to come up with a deal that is has to be good enough to save her job in the end of the day am i right. absolutely because she's under a lot of pressure as we've said from the very end could save it saves you know they want a century they have bottom line is to say they want the power to turn people away at the border where that said procreate is they see or they want some kind of equivalence deal that essentially reasserts that national control over migration flows and asylum seekers just yesterday angela merkel agreed to the french
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president that he would stop people coming through french territory to arrive at the german border that perhaps is a step in the right direction but not really as far as angle of mecca is concerned she wants a european solution but if she can't get one. may move unilaterally she might have to fire him that could bring down have government so tense the metals some young on the story force in berlin tonight simon thank you for thierry some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world britain's upper house of parliament has approved the british prime minister to resign may's brags that bill without a vote that ends months of debate over legislation to exit the european union earlier may one a crucial vote in the lower house of parliament. and on eritrea's president is signing a victim says that he is sending a delegation for talks to ethiopia to neighboring nations have been involved in one of africa's most intractable standoffs for decades but earlier this month ethiopia
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said that it would fully accept the terms of a peace deal made with eritrea back in two thousand. israeli warplanes launched airstrikes on the gaza strip early on wednesday military officials say they targeted two dozen positions linked to islamist group hamas in response to rockets launched towards israel officials in gaza say that several people were injured the exchange of fire comes amid months of heightened tension in the region. at the world cup in russia europe why book to their place in the round of sixteen with a one narrow defeat of saudi arabia in rushed off a first half corner was poked home by none other than lewis forrest the win means that russia also because of the knockout stages eliminating both saudi arabia and egypt from the competition your white face russia on monday in the game that will determine the winner of a. also on wednesday one of the tournament favorites portugal beat morocco in
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moscow in a tightly fault group b. battle the portuguese did not waste any time in taking the lead christiane they were although they didn't show while. you go oh no right into the back just it was too much for morocco keeper monier now. the rockets were no pushover they came close to equalising the second half if it weren't for the safe hands of roy for sure she won the all the final score there and morocco become the first team. that people have the. information they provide the kenyans they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us.


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