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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 20, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is about the truth. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on g.w. . this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight a major policy about face for the u.s. president signs an order to end family separation at the border with mexico the trump comes amid growing outrage over the policy of separating children from their families who enter the u.s. illegally the president says we've got two g. keeping families together but still protect our borders also coming off from one
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migration challenge to the next here in europe the german chancellor is maneuvering to seal a deal soon on a new e.u. approach to migration if she fails her government could collapse and her time as chancellor could quickly be over and on this day seven of the soccer world cup in russia spain joined the first teams to go through to the lock out round when they beat iran in a tight battle we'll have that and the rest of the world cup action. u.s. president donald trump has signed an executive order to stop immigrant families from being separated at the country's border with mexico his move means that families entering the u.s. illegally will now be detained together on the practice of taking children away from their parents and the images of those crying children have. drawn
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international condemnation. protests like this one in new york have been taking place in cities nationwide. how does the government defend this by framing it as defending the borders. people who have crossed into the u.s. illegally are not criminals the trump administration says and a child cannot say with a criminal. so goes the logic. after a massive public outcry a president from signed a new executive order that would keep families together when they are detained in the processing and usually. we are very strong at the border we're very strong on security we want security for our country the republicans want security and it's a stored security for our country and we will have that at the same time we have compassion we want to keep families together it's very important over signing something a little while that's going to do that and the people in this room want to do that
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and they're working on various pieces of legislation to get it done but i'll be doing something that's somewhat preemptive but ultimately will be matched by legislation i'm sure. trump also continued to blame the democrats for the crisis democratic leaders pointed out that it was trump's policy that separated families in the first place and here we are bringing our concerns to the steps of the capitol once again once again to say to the president of the united states how low can you go. what is the measure of your character your compassion and your commitment to a better america that you would advocate a policy that rates children from the arms of their parents their mothers and or their fathers. an estimated two thousand children were separated from their parents at the us mexico border before trump decided to sign the new executive order.
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want to pull in our correspondent course of the nominees on the story for us in washington good evening to you karsten the u.s. president has been saying for days now that he could not and that he would not do anything to change this policy he said that an act of congress would have to change but today he used a pen and he did change it so how do we understand this move. well it seems that the public pressure and pressure from within his own republican party simply became too strong with their demands to end this policy of separating kids from families that immigrated illegally and quite clearly donald trump did something here that he didn't want to do he never needed the democrats or congress to end this he introduced this practice and he could also have ended it but clearly
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he wanted to use these children as a bargaining chip to force congress to give him more comprehensive immigration reform and also to give him money for the border wall that he promised but even members of his own party had been critical over the past few days about that some governors republican governors had withdrawn their national guard troops from the ball because they didn't want to be associated with this policy even a few christian evangelical leaders have voiced concern and so basically has been convinced that these pictures of children crying in cages could hurt the republicans big time at the upcoming midterm elections so the president wants to see this in political terms most of the country does not see it that way at least for now and so when we talk about this being a defeat for the u.s. president. i think i absolutely would never admit that but once again clearly he had to do something that he didn't want to do the
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democrats of course for him need it not for ending this policy but for getting reforms getting money for the border wall but the democrats always said they would not be blackmailed and they think now as we heard from nancy pelosi that donald trump made a big mistake that he presented himself as crude and without a hearts and so they think this will now help them in the november midterm elections so if we're honest there is some kind of a political play here to be seen on both sides of the aisle on the back of those in the polls that have been coming out of cars to sure that a majority of americans have always been against this zero tolerance policy of separating children from their parents but i'm wondering tonight how is this playing with trump's base. when according to the latest polls that we have between fifty five and sixty percent of republicans actually supports
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these policies let's not forget that immigration or a crackdown on immigration was one of the key issues for them and trump in his election campaign was one of the main reasons why people voted for trump so it seems clear that even though moderate republicans didn't like this and they fear that it might hurt them at the ballot boxes the core base of supporters they want to correct on illegal immigration they want more restrictions on gender on immigration in general and they want on the trump all kirsan pronominal the storyboards in washington carson thank you. well the german chancellor angela merkel is meeting with a group of e.u. leaders this weekend hoping to hammer out a solution to migration it is a divisive subject and it threatens the chancellor's coalition government americal is at odds with her interior minister he has given her a two week deadline to secure a unified e.u.
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plan to tighten border controls on the two conservative leaders are putting on a friendly face at least for now but their conflict it's threatening the chancellor's political future. now when you also made them snow angry words under the macro and horse they hold for chatted with one another as if they had never been at odds. during a commemoration for german refugees after the second world war the varian conservatives they hope to seem less confrontational than in recent weeks for an of a first of all julie thanks to the chancellor. disconsolately you've made this day of remembrance something special for space on them and for this i think you. say hope i did not explicitly mention the conflict between macros conservative c.d.u. and it's a very and sister party the c.s.u. machall repeated that she does not want to close germany's borders to certain
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refugees without first having made agreements with neighboring countries. be months later and then whichever way you look at it migration is a european challenge perhaps the greatest challenge at the moment the cohesion of the european union is at stake. it is the role of peace in u. . a former refugee said an emotional highpoint a tamil who as a thirteen year old fled to germany without his parents and then grew up and started an impressive career here. it's been a tried list i didn't become a refugee voluntarily but i did come to germany voluntarily because it's so wonderful to live in a country where democracy reigns where we respect the constitution we must never allow our fundamental values to be threatened if it. and see who seem to be moved by the story of a man who went from refugee to heart surgery. to two conservative leaders or at
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least trying to mend fences. which obviously i didn't hear any remarks against me when the chancellor sat down i said nothing about ramped up today did it with the boy talk and the next day it didn't come and go home. the c.s.u. chairman has struck a conciliatory tone but that doesn't mean he's necessarily changed his position. there is some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world eritrea's president is where he says that he is sending a delegation for talks to ethiopia the two neighboring nations have been involved in one of africa's most intractable standoff for decades but earlier this month ethiopia said that it would fully accept the terms of a peace deal made with eritrea back in two thousand israeli warplanes launched airstrikes on the gaza strip early on wednesday the military says that they targeted two dozen positions linked to islamist group hamas in response to rockets
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that were watched towards israel officials in gaza say that several people were injured the exchange of fire comes a bit months of heightened tension in the region. well as many as six hundred fifty people in the u.k. died because a british hospital gave them powerful painkillers without any medical justification the institutionalized practice has been exposed in a new report by an independent panel it's been published after years of pressure from family members who wanted answers about the deaths of their loved ones at the memorial hospital in southern england. many of those buried at the cemetery died at the local hospital family members think they should have lived much longer. he was actually put on this route through disposal. there was no food no water. it was simply pumped drugs and who died more than four hundred fifty patients at
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the gosport war memorial hospital are believed to have died prematurely a further two hundred cases have yet to be clarified the results of the investigation thus far were presented by the former bishop of liverpool. from nineteen eighty nine to two thousand. there was an institutionalized practice all the short me of lives through prescribing and it ministering opioids for years complaints about a doctor giving patients high doses of morphine including people who were in the hospital for short term stays went ignored nine hundred ninety one you know those nurses came forward they tried to have a voice by workplace down and had they been instantly than it would have saved what we'd like to die from the six hundred deaths over to the victims' loved one suspect the national health service tried to cover up the scandal they accuse hospital
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management police and local politicians of failure to respond to the complaints and they're demanding legal action. at the world cup in russia it was a day of twists and turns for the teams competing in ruby wednesday's early game pitted cristiana were navajos portugal against minnows morocco while later on iran faced a tough task in one of the tournament favorites in space. portugal got off to a flying start thanks to you guessed it christiane are now though the real madrid superstar school be only goal of the game in the fourth minute to still three points against morocco i talked to the goal scoring charts once again with four strikes in two games. to win sent his team top of group be ahead of wednesday's late game a moral code crushing out of the tournament. in spain you had to kneel when would you serve the group leaders and diego costa put them on their way in the fifty four
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minutes yet let's accommodate strike is also in the hunt for the golden boot with three goals to his name already i thought that level to school in the sixty first minute i but despite the celebrations it wasn't to be. they are stepped in to spoil the party with a tight but correct offside decision. and finally designers from across the u.s. have been competing in an unusual contests they've rolled out their best wedding dresses this exquisite fit for a cathedral but it's made for a throne and it's made of paper never down for more than a thousand admissions the top ten dresses walked the runway in new york at the fourteenth annual toilet paper wedding dress contest designers were judged on originality beauty creativity and workmanship and also on the absorption of
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the paper. it helps if it doesn't hear. news for all of us here in berlin thanks for the government we'll see you at the top of the. tube. more. births odd home tunes of species. a home worth saving and. yet most of those are big changes and most start with small steps but global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. but to use the term limits used green energy solutions and resources should. be community into.


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