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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 21, 2018 9:00am-9:30am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin and u.s. president donald trump signs an order to end family separation at the border with mexico major policy reversal comes amid growing outrage over the policy of separating children from their parents who enter the u.s. illegally also coming up prosecuting alleged torture by the assad regime human rights lawyers finally get their cases heard in germany but will the suspects still believed to be in syria ever be caught. and celebrating in the soccer world cup in
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russia spain is closer to the knockout round after they beat your brand in a tight battle we'll have that and all the rest of the action. plus simon rattle discussing all of the tall as head conductor of the balloon philharmonic the british maestro charted a new path for the orchestra bringing it up to date of the twenty first century. hello i'm terry march and thanks for joining us. it took all it took was his signature u.s. president all trump has insisted that he was powerless to stop the separation of immigrant families at the country's southern border but he's now issued an executive order to reverse course trump's move means families entering the u.s. illegally will now be tane to gether detained together it's a rare policy retreat for the u.s.
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president following days of public outrage. you could have a lot of happy people. it was that easy president trump effectively reversing a policy that has separated thousands of children from their parents and kept them in conditions critics have called in to maine and even evil. this is trump's new zero tolerance immigration policy in action. illegal immigrants are now being prosecuted as criminals and can be imprisoned for an indefinite amount of time the children that cross the border illegally however can only be detained for a maximum of twenty days under u.s. law the policy to separate children from parents was designed to get around that problem and critics argue to send a stark message to families thinking about making the journey. as the numbers of
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detained children grew in recent weeks so too did the waves of opposition from dozens of cities across america to congress. let's go back to a time i spent eighty and decency in america when children were respected loved the children mr president the dad for once it's been going on for six as the blowback intensified including from members of trump's own republican party trump relented already signing an executive order to do what his administration had been saying for weeks it couldn't we're signing an executive order. i consider to be a very important executive order it's about keeping families together while at the same time. making sure that we have a very powerful very strong border and border security will be. equal if not greater than previously so we're going to have strong very strong borders but we're going to keep the families together. although this solves one. for his
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administration it creates another children will now be kept with their families in detention but because the children can't be detained for more than twenty days the trumpet ministration is headed to the courts asking a federal judge to allow children to be detained alongside their parents indefinitely for as long as the prosecution takes. it over use claire richardson is in san diego california near the us mexico border she's been gauging reaction to trump's policy reversal. the majority of americans have never supported the idea of separating children from their parents when they cross the u.s. border so you can imagine that this reversal has been very welcome here indeed now the immigration rights organizations that i've been speaking to here in san diego say that it doesn't go far enough they want to see more comprehensive reform to the immigration system they want to see an end to the war on drugs that they say fuels
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instability and drives people up to the border and they say that they want to silence seekers and to be seen as people who are fleeing terrible violence not as criminals who need to be locked up they say that one a silver lining of all of this is that outside of latino communities in the united states perhaps it has raised public awareness of the plight of these people and they hope that that will translate into more comprehensive immigration reform. you know because claridge is in there in san diego california near the us mexico border well evidence of alleged torture by the assad regime has emerged from syria but the international criminal court hasn't been able to because syria is not a member and russia has blocked efforts to have the united nations security council refer the case now there is hope for those seeking justice germany is taking all the case. and why he was jailed simply for doing his job he served five years in a syrian prison for his work as a human rights lawyer trying to bring torture charges against officials in assad's
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regime now he's in berlin collecting testimony from people who say they've been tortured and building a case against the syrian government he's handed it all to the public prosecutor. this is his target jamil hassan leader of the syrian air force secret service germany is now trying to arrest him now but he says it's a victory for victims seven years know they waiting for some hope of somebody care about their suffering and nobody care now they find this hope and you cannot imagine how. the action of this the victims or the syrians at all how it's was. he has an hour and used to be an engineer now he's witness number twenty four back in syria he protested against assad he was imprisoned and tortured in
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a syrian air force jail the same jail the jamil his son was in charge of. you can you know if it's now a day or night you know if you will eat after two or four hours or you are allowed to sleep different you are not allowed to speak. syud ny is syria's most notorious prison what happens behind closed doors here is not seen but we know what the results look like a military photographer smuggled out pictures of the dead when he defected each of his photos suggests systematic torture. geopolitics have prevented the international criminal court from taking action bashar al assad is protected by his alliance with russian president vladimir putin's. little bunny and his team have found a willing partner in berlin germany is the only country to consider pressing charges under the principle of universal jurisdiction enabling any country to
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prosecute war crimes no matter where they've been perpetrated. damn it what they can with this germany's chief prosecutors have made a huge step ahead of other nations other countries should see this as an example of what action they could take because this task cannot rest solely on the shoulders of the german judiciary one it's really will be. to prove to european and to them save justice as. it's not under control of forty that is very important to us untoward. the case represents a strong signal from germany's judiciary to president assad suspected war criminals and torturers will be prosecuted. correspondent. in beirut is following this story for us as we just saw efforts are being made to apprehend alleged syrian war criminals and bring them to trial what are the chances that these efforts will be successful well the chances are actually not very high
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the message is dominantly symbolic the idea is that the impunity the syrian high ranking officials allegedly that we've been getting are crimes they would not be getting them or with such a beauty but there is really nothing that proves that that would be the case because the syrian official in this case german housel will only be arrested if you flies to germany not even your european countries should i do we extradite him if he does go. to any other european country according to laws but it's not necessary that they would do it in the past we've seen some of the men were close to bashar al assad have actually traveled to italy in the past and the e.u. did criticize it but that has happened so essentially the message is broadly symbolic if john larson decides not to go to germany then really nothing much can be done about him at that stage but you mentioned the syrian regime acting with
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impunity what about these cases even if they don't necessarily result in prosecutions could they maybe have an effect on the syrian regime. well why would this if an observer say that it can actually also have a negative effect which is that there will be there will be more executions they will try and ensure that there are no destinies remember the case is that under whom he has filed are based on testimonies of people which are in germany and of course there are many other testimonies that are emerging in lebanon and turkey some of the people the big doctor that person has spoken to so that can be a possible negative effect they can be more executions because assad will try and make sure that it is not that much evidence but the hope is the hope really is that the assad regime is going to watch their steps and understand that the international community is not going to be sitting quietly and that they are working mind stoop to ensure that these crimes don't go on there are reports just of the german prosecutors are working on syrian war crimes cases alone what's
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stopping other countries or the u.n. for doing the same from doing so. well the u.n. has established a body that the u.n. has done that under a resolution that passed the general assembly they can do it in the united nations security council and this to do it in the u.n. a c they can't really take the case and try to international court and that as you mention is because russia is going to redo it in russia when that happened but there is a body that is essentially coordinating with the east c.h.r. which is european rights for constitutional right and we'll see job which is an independent body and these bodies are collecting evidence to try assad and his other officials at a later stage what's stopping other countries is that germany actually has a very solid and strong war crimes team because of germany spassky. trials in germany and other war crime trials as well and it has a broader universal jurisdiction so there is a france france wants to try these criminals but in according to the french law you
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cannot have universal jurisdiction if the complaint a complaint is not coming from a french nash. so germany's no actually had germany and germany is trying to get a message to other countries like sweden which actually can also go in this interaction as germany has to go ahead and try. criminals. thank you so much for filling us in on this complicated story and shop for her there correspondent for us in beirut. let's catch up on some of the other stories making news around the world today new zealand prime minister just seem to our den has given birth to her first child a baby girl or down is the second elected world leader to give birth while in office her deputy will run the country for the next six weeks while our there and takes maternity leave. south sudan's president salva kiir and the country's rebel
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leader a greek machar have held peace talks in neighboring ethiopia is the first meeting between the two warring leaders sense of peace deal collapsed in two thousand and sixteen tens of thousands have been killed and millions displaced in the countries of year civil war. and thousands of people have been performing yoga in mass practices across india today for the world's fourth international yoga day some five thousand events were planned throughout the country indian prime minister narendra modi one un approval for the event after his election in twenty fourteen. maybe some politicians should do some yoga as well across the world it might help the situation i think it would at least give them a bit of calm as they approach the tough negotiations in date specially when it comes to the topic of tariff of cause tarried turkey is now joining the chorus of countries denouncing the united states hia tariffs on steel and
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a mini i'm starting today on korea is imposing tariffs on twenty different us products ranging from coal paper and tobacco to cars and manufacturing goods in total the retaliatory tariffs was around two hundred thirty million euros and economy minister says they should balance out the costs off the trump administration's tariffs on the move brings turkey in line with other nations including india which also slap to the u.s. with retaliatory tariffs on agricultural goods in member states will follow suit tomorrow when tariffs with some three billion euros go in. effect of staying in the e.u. e.u. finance ministers need today to discuss greece the aid package to athens is set to expire in late august by the time the bailouts end athens will have received more than three hundred billion euros from both the e.u. and the international monetary fund and exchange greece cutting down on public spending and pass crucial reforms to shore up its economy time for athens to go it
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alone. greece hopes it will soon be able to stand on its own two feet again that's why some of its creditors including the united on money terry funded the european stability mechanism will end their support in august it's a step greece's parliament has already preparing for get past the latest reform and austerity package in june you are his own finance ministers now want to discuss how they can remove the final roadblocks for greece to reenter the international financial market one idea is to time greece's future debt payments to its economic development that means that in good years it could chip away at it suffer in debt more quickly that's something the economic data support greece's g.d.p. had been shrinking for years but since two thousand and seventeen it's been growing the ministers could also decide to extend greece's loans set lower interest rates or even freeze greece's payments for several years but it current rates greece
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won't have paid off its loans until twenty sixty should the bailouts actually end in august than greece will be forced to raise new funds on the international finance market and to help convince investors to buy greek debt eurozone authorities are discussing giving athens a twelve billion euro financial buffer when the bailouts and. so again is athens ready to go it alone that is what i. want to missed it i n g d about bank. i think references ready who were very had a bailout for eight years we've seen many structural reforms and now we finally also got growth back in greece i think it and we also actually by the start of the year that the the greek government was already able to issue a new government bond in the financial markets so i think greece is really ready to send us on feet clearly from what we just heard you finance ministers don't seem one hundred percent certain at least when it comes to sending athens alone back to international financial markets they're talking about
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a possible twelve billion euro financial buffer to help athens along the way is that enough is that the right misha i think it's very there are many nitty gritty details right now i think what finance ministers are discussing is to give greece a little bit money to front through to buy back some loans that greece received from the i.m.f. we also have the promise which already was made two years ago that that greece once they leave the better package to also get further debt restructuring that is also on the table right now when when funds ministers meet so i think yes agree still need to push a bit in the back but way to get the economic fundamentals ends and the structural reforms taken by the greek government i think that greece can stand on its own feet the only other question is will we get any kind of post bailout surveillance so will brussels at least stay in in the background to help with the greek government continue with the reform program. and i was custom just the chief economist at the bank speaking to me earlier time to catch up with the latest wealth cop action.
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to the soccer world cup in russia now and the hosts are all but through to the knockout round with me in the studio to talk about his alina what tucky from d.w. sports good morning alina so russia got off to an incredible start with two wins but in order for them to actually go through to win their group year ago i stand in the way just how good does the south american side look they haven't quite come out of their shell yet i mean they left it made in the open against egypt that of course it was in the case this time around against saudi arabia thanks to this man right here from a corner in the twenty third man made. flores to get his foot on the bar. going just gets his foot on the bar and this is his first goal of the tournament
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and it happens to be his one hundredth game point his country. but overall it's a lackluster performance us from have been squeezing by opponents and you really expecting a lot more from a site that's basically made up of the matric defense and with a forward line like forest and edinson cavani interesting jonas's let's cross over to moscow or jonathan crane our world cup correspondent standing by jonathan your guys win means saudi arabia and egypt are among the first nations eliminated from the world cup how much of a blow will that be to fans who travel all the way to russia. well of course there be disappointed nobody wants to go out of the tournament so i rarely do they i think if you're a saudi arabia found the writing was probably on the wall after that i mean five day five you know the three pts. against russia they can at least take some heart from a much improved performance against uruguay i think the more disappointed fans will
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be seen so many of them wandering around the streets of moscow with their fairy costumes on they had such high hopes for most salah that's how does the magic strike obviously it didn't help that he missed the first game through injury but he really didn't deliver against russia either he was really kept very quiet in that game so there will be disappointment but look one thing we have noticed at this tournament lots of fans supporting other countries they're just happy to be here for the posse and remember they still have one game left they play each other say one set of fans could still have something to cheer about come the end of this tournament now there were two groups yesterday you were at the portugal match up that turned out to be a pretty tight. yes i was at the luzhniki which you can see behind me all eyes were on that christiane there are now the portugal player he was that cheered and jeered in equal measure by the fans inside the stadium but unfortunately for the u.s. and iraq or it was his goal that sent them out of the tournament let's take
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a look. portugal going off to a flying start thanks to you guessed it christiane aren't the real madrid superstar school the only goal of the game in the full minute to still three points against morocco. he top the goal scoring charts once again with four strikes in two games. the win sent his team chop up group b. ahead of wednesday's late game and morocco crushing out of the tournament. spain needed a win to usurp the group leaders and the cost of put them on their way in the fifty fourth minutes of the atletico madrid strike is also in the hunt for the golden boot with three goals to his name already i ran full that level to school in the sixty first minute i but despite the celebrations it wasn't to be i the iowa state didn't spoil the party with a tight but correct offside decision one nil a final school. so jonathan
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a very exciting group b. there are a lot of suspense left in that group are spain and portugal among the contenders for the trophy. they are certainly among the contenders but i would like fried a big caviar for that because aside from the hosts russia no team is really set this tournament so light so far and i'm not suggesting for my own minute that russia can go all the way but both portugal and spain can count themselves very lucky to have come away with wins from that too much is yesterday yeah their opponents put up valiant efforts especially morocco i don't know how morocco didn't manage to score yesterday they did everything but their fans were very disappointed after the game and maybe we shouldn't be so surprised because america only conceded one goal in qualifying coming into this tournament wrong with three qualifying be said and iran still have a chance to get through if they beat portugal next week they will advance instead of portugal and based on what we've seen so far they might fancy their chances. so
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a lemo this time there were no he's done it again for portugal today we've got little missies argentina in action is the pressure on messi to do his wife oh the pressure so high it is a huge burden on his shoulders his coach even came out saying that the world cup pressure is so intense it's like a gun basically being pointed to his head he has to win this tournament and this of course we get into the debate why has messi international career not been as successful as his cup korea and of course you know he lost four finals with argentina at the world cup three copa america finals and he's constantly being combat compared for example tamara donna who single handedly won the world cup for argentina in one nine hundred eighty six and it also doesn't help as jonathan just mentioned that crescendo when although he's overshadowed this tournament he's doing so well for portugal at the moment and yeah there's a reason why it was the goat just you know some people say it was
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a dig that one also had it in the spain game right. now that wasn't the case. that wasn't of course that is that it's a gesture that's very common in in portugal but let's see. a lot of personality being injected into the hero's address we. leave attack if we did obvious sports and jonathan crane in moscow for us thank you both. well it's the end of an era of classical music fans after sixteen years sir simon rattle is passing the baton as head conductor of the berlin philharmonic he has announced his departure the sixty three year old from liverpool had the group play a beatles tune when i'm sixty-four when he planned a traditionally classical program for his last evening at the concert hall.
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says simon rattle his last day as head conductor of the palin phenomenon inc is conducting mahler's six symphony just as he did in one nine hundred eighty seven when he first worked with the full monic first as visiting conductor and since two thousand and two as its principal now the rattle era is coming to an end. it's awesome to be here in berlin and get to experience this after i think it's thirty one years to be it's yeah it's truly special i could feel like being. with a universe in front of us it would if you when you meet someone. says simon has brought the traditional orchestra up to date for the twenty first century . he brought young musicians from disadvantaged backgrounds into the film monic
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introduced more contemporary works into the repertoire and had concert streamed on to cinema screens. his farewell concert was seen live in more than two hundred cinemas in twelve european countries here in berlin of course but also in the british capital simon is now conducting the london symphony orchestra. funded as a change brings the opportunity for a new beginning of fun and i think he's been here for long enough that it's a shame he's going back it was a lovely filed out. and it's by no means goodbye for good since simon's planning to be with the button for the monic next season just as he was in one thousand nine hundred seven as a guest conductor. and if you want to know who's taking
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over as musical director of the berlin philharmonic that will be train crew with the russian austrian conductor for go just a reminder of the top stories we're following for a u.s. president has signed an executive order to ensure migrant families are detained to gether the border there has been no growing outrage in the u.s. over the trump ministrations of zero tolerance policy of separating migrant children from their parents and one of the co co favorites for the world cup spain just get passed around put themselves within reach of the lockout stage your quiet rusher already confirmed for the round of sixteen. so you know for now back to the top the hour next hour with more thanks for.
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month long tour in the city. to the to.
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center of the conflict zone there's been plenty of coverage of the thousands of casualties inflicted by israel along its border with gaza but what's really the role of hamas in the bloodshed my guess is osama i'm gong a senior member of hamas is proving fall the year of the move close to deliberately for both israel with no full fitful for the safety of its citizens conflict so far in sixty minutes g.w. . sides clash of cultures in india. a clash between those who believe in arranged marriage and those who want to marry for love to.
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a clash that's shaking families and society to the cold. war my father will be angry sometimes i think i'm always destined. to live commandos starts july dates on t.w. . well come to you tomorrow today. this week's show is all about differences and similarities we do get gender and the brain all of a differences between women and men. also not everyone is born in the body to identify with women.


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