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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 21, 2018 12:00pm-12:29pm CEST

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this is g w news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump signs an order to end the family separation of the border with mexico trumps major policy reversal comes amid growing outrage over the separation of children from their parents who enter the u.s. illegally. also coming up prosecuting a legend tortured by the outside regime human rights lawyers finally get their case heard in germany but will the suspects still believed to be in syria ever be caught . and celebrating at the soccer world cup in russia spain on the brink of reaching
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the knockout round after they beat iran in a tight battle we'll have that and the rest of the action. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us all it took was his signature u.s. president donald trump had insisted he was powerless to stop the separation of immigrant families at the country's southern border but he has now issued an executive order to reverse course trump's move means families entering the u.s. illegally will now be detained together it is a rare policy retreat for the u.s. president following days of public outrage. you could have a lot of happy people. it was that easy president trump effectively reversing a policy that has separated thousands of children from their parents and kept them in conditions critics of cooled into maine and even evil.
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this is trump's zero tolerance immigration policy in action. illegal immigrants are now being prosecuted as criminals and can be imprisoned for an indefinite amount of time the children that cross the border illegally however can only be detained for a maximum of twenty days under u.s. law the policy to separate children from parents was designed to get around that problem and critics argue to send a stark message to families thinking about making the journey. as the numbers of detained children grew in recent weeks so too did the waves of opposition from dozens of cities across america to congress. let's go back to a time i spent eighty and decency in america when children were respected loved the children mr president be a dad for once it's been going on for six as the blowback intensified including
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from members of trump's own republican party trump relented signing an executive order to do what his administration had been saying for weeks it couldn't where signing an executive order. i consider to be a very important executive order it's about keeping families together while at the same time being sure that we have a very powerful over strong order of border security will be. equal if not greater than previously so we're going to have strong very strong borders but we're going to keep the families together. although this solves one problem for his administration it creates another children will now be kept with their families in detention but because the children can't be detained for more than twenty days the trumpet ministration is headed to the courts asking a federal judge to allow children to be detained alongside their parents indefinitely after orbán has emerged as
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a leading figure of the e.u.'s hardline anti immigration wing now the country's conservative led parliament has approved a raft of tough new bills on migration the package of legislation makes it illegal to help asylum seekers who are not entitled to protection in hungary a change to the constitution was also approved making it illegal to settle foreign populations in the country this move is seen as a swipe at e.u. plans to redistribute migrants by quota. of german chancellor angela merkel is visiting jordan today a major refugee host country amid an escalating domestic conflict over migration that has shaken her coalition government held talks with jordan's king abdullah and migration policy tough to the agenda through hundreds of thousands of displaced syrians including some initially hosted by jordan have migrated onward to europe with germany as a key destination. let's take a look now at how the u.s. is trade policy is pushing its allies to look for new partners monaco's more of
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that if somebody doesn't love you anymore you have to look out for someone else to me a donald trump america first policy certainly was intended to in his words make america great again but is also increasingly meaning that america is going into. alone when it comes to world trade not rome's first salvo in the trade conflict was a twenty five percent tariff on steel and our many m imports in an effort to protect u.s. manufacturers but that angered many of america's traditional allies like canada and the e.u. as well as other trading partners so they respond with their own retaliatory tariffs on a bevy of american products china also became a target of trans economic sanctions aimed at protecting the u.s. from beijing's unfair business practices and with china responding in kind that means that the world's top four economies are all effected by new barriers to free trade and meanwhile the e.u.
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strayed commissioner cecilia monstrous said the european union is ready to engage with the u.s. to solve the trade route between the two western allies mimes time is currently visiting new zealand to begin talks on a free trade agreement not long ago it was the other way around but now it's europe urging the u.s. to open its markets to free trade. you representatives like the emotional or raelene allies across the globe against the u.s. protectionism. good morning because it could it's not yet but it could escalate. to to a full trade war which would be bad for the whole world because we are so new zealanders and you in union we are so into linked in the global economies also in the chinese and in the u.s. and with the global value chains so it will affect us as well it will affect our companies it will affect our consumers. the e.u. is imposing its own tariffs on u.s. products and they go into effect tomorrow. they'll have goods such as whiskey.
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jeans and motorcycles. there europe's response to president donald trump tariffs on european steel and aluminum. but the e.u. straight commissioner is trying to leave the door open to new talks with the us government prefer a belief through the world trade organization. so that is a concern. and of course we are trying to work together with partners and new zealand is a very strong partner in that to see how we can strengthen and develop and elaborate new routes within the w.h.o. because it has served us well for know the e.u. is relishing its role as a champion of free trade. german automotive giants dima is feeling the pinch both from the emissions of scandal and the escalating trade conflict between the u.s. and china the german car maker has issued
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a profit warning saying cost from chinese tariffs on cars produced in the u.s. would take a bite out of their bottom line also has to recall some eight hundred thousand diesel vehicles across europe due to emissions cheating i'm a predicts that earnings before taxes and interest will be below last year's level . of a more on that i'm joined by standing by for us outside the friends and stock exchange only so issues a profit warning how investors reacting to that. they're shocked and their shock is translating more and more as trading progresses into deeper red figures for the dimer share. currently going down by more than four percent and it's taking down the other car shares and automotive shares in the dax where that b.m.w. . wagon also losing heavily and auto supplier continental one of the largest in the
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world also going down by two and a half percent because people assume that the troubles that time were is having with the effects of tariffs on sales are also going to be affecting the other companies in the sector are of course also has the diesel scandal and i don't know if the company itself can already evaluate how heavily that will hit the balance sheet and i think that's also part of the investors' problem what else will the will there be coming besides the wording that came today on the profit use already mentioned that there might be other terrorist victims do we already have some names taking the brands. well b.m.w. comes to mind first and foremost as another one a very likely candidate because just like di miller it produces some models in the united states and only there and it exports them from there to all over the world to europe and to china and to other markets and it would be affected as well but
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how much of that goes through to the balance sheet we don't know also other manufacturers like bulbul it has a new factory in there tonight it states and is warning now that the current situation can affect the number of jobs there and don't lose it out of your sight the u.s. will also be affected we hear china as having a look at how it can punish firms in the dow. more tit for tat today are quite obviously one of us in frankfurt thank you so much. our time to celebrate and to say congratulations that's right to new zealand of course because we know now it's a girl new zealand's prime minister just in the arden has given birth to her first child amid a flurry of excitement in the country and a photo posted to our official facebook account ardern thanked a well wishers and said she and her new daughter were doing well she's just the second elected world leader to give birth while in office her deputy will run the
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country for the next six weeks arden takes maternity leave. are it time to talk about the world cup now the hosts through to the knockout round we have a lima talk again with us from v.w. sports hi lima so the host russia they got off to a great start in the same group there's also or a guy also with two wins how good is this team or a guy i don't think we've seen the real yet they have yet to come out of they showed they left it made against egypt in the open that wasn't the case against saudi arabia yesterday numerous flowers sports on the corner in the twenty third minute that's his first goal of the tournaments. and he just got his foot on it and it happened on his one hundredth game for his country. it's about time that he scores you know one nil. but overall i say a very lackluster performance you'd expect more from this team especially you know
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a team that's basically composed of the madrid defense and with a forward line edinson cavani and stronger as well let's talk about group b. the big contenders there spain and portugal tell us more about that as though they are contenders but they haven't really shown it but then again at this tournament a lot of the favorites top teams have underperformed and there are real moments to me when spain and portugal when needed beaten by rome morocco and iran let's take a closer look. portugal got off to a flying start thanks to you guessed it christiane are now though the real madrid superstar schooled the only goal of the game in the fourth minute to still three points against morocco. to top the goal scoring charts once again with four strikes in two games. the wind sent his team top of group b. ahead of wednesday's late game a moral code crushing out of the tournament. spain needed
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a win to usurp the group leaders and diego costa put them on their way in the fifty fourth minute here political madrid strike is also in the hunt for the golden boot with three goals to his name already around for third level to score in the sixty first minute. i but despite the celebrations it wasn't to be they all stepped in to spoil the party with a tight but correct offside decision one no less final score. and one of those factors also made headlines for a completely different reason and that is famed against iran because thousands of miles away in take inside the stadium opened its doors to women to watch the match they've been banned from football stadiums for thirty seven years and the irony in all of this is that as it basically means the name basically means freedom well historic day then for them to watch that game there what measures are you
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keeping your eye on today another busy day i'll be keeping my eye out i would and then mark against australia france against peru but the most intriguing game of course will be argentina against croatia and our correspondent jonathan crane is in moscow with more on that. well everyone here seems to love leno see any argentinian found with a message discreetly pulled in for a selfie a messy well again take center stage here in russia when argentina meets croatia now the pressure is on messi missed a penalty in the last match and argentina are still looking for their first win of this tournament against croatia side that already have three points on the board they pretty evenly matched in terms of paul's meetings croatia do hold a special place in messi as high as he scored his first international goal against them back in two thousand and six. ok lehman there was a missed tendency kick the draw how much press or pressure is there on messi to
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perform for example a christian or rinaldo it's a huge burden on his shoulders the weight is so heavy you know to win the world cup his coach even said that the pressure to win the world cup is basically like a gun being pointed at his head and of course this also brings to light that debate why has messi been so successful why has his career been so successful but he hasn't been able to replicate that success internationally i mean he's lost four finals with argentina and he keeps being compared tomorrow donna you know madonna of course singlehandedly won the world cup for argentina and he's also being compared to this man right here christiana ronaldo there's a lot of speculation i just that his gesture the stroking off the chin against spain that it was directed at messi it was a dig at him it was a response to mess he's adidas campaign where he basically took photos with goats and goat of course greatest of all time i was wondering what that. is for clearing that up yeah ok talk about pressure germany also in limbo what is this team doing
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to bounce back so germany trying to get back to basics and they are hoping that a bit of sun a change in scenery won't get the job done let's take a look. germany hope the turnaround will start here at sochi olympic stadium the black sea resort is worlds apart from the drab town outside moscow that germany called home on till now there is a likeness to everything in sochi which is just what the squad need after a difficult week. that's the crux of it you just can't train lightness i've never had a training session where you're taught lightness that's something you only get when everything works and you're well prepared to take on your opponent. that likeness has been missing from the germany squad for months now the lead players in particular have been criticised for a series of poor displays of loyalty to certain players is under scrutiny the ones
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bullet proof squad harmony appears fragile. critical enough to analyze the situation internally the most important thing is to come together to focus on the future we need to win both games the pressure is extremely high but we won't win either if we start tearing into one another. of the german players have one more day in sochi before facing sweden there their tactics as well as mentality need an overhaul for example the team will need to use possession better than they did against mexico. then i think of the sweden game i'm expecting a strong defensive unit that means in certain situations that we'll have to get the ball forward quickly before the opposition has time to set themselves up. but if we're too impatient and lose the ball we could be hit on the break. can germany regained their likeness in sochi. they're certainly hoping it will be
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a springboard to success at this world cup. all right a crucial match ahead then for the german team i do want to ask you about a really strange anti-climactic moment last night tell us about this so what could possibly have turned into a play of the day turned into the blooper of the well in stoppage time one of the iranian players attempted you have to see this to me attempt at a somersault throwing against spain. said oh yes they decided against it but you know why it's not uncommon tactic but it is used and it's suppose it is supposed to give you more of a push a momentum and polish and that you know what this could have i mean how this worked out had iran scored from this throw and he would have been a star right now to get a hero for you know. that's how football can be you know we were talking from database sports keeping us up to date on the world cup thank you very much.
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back to some news now when evidence of alleged torture by the assad regime has emerged from syria but the international criminal court hasn't been able to act because syria is not a member and russia blocked efforts to have the united nations security council refer the case now there is hope for those seeking justice germany is taking on the case. and he was jailed simply for doing his job he served five years in a syrian prison for his work as a human rights lawyer trying to bring torture charges against officials in assad's regime now he's in berlin collecting testimony from people who say they've been tortured and building a case against the syrian government he's handed it all to the public prosecutor. this is his target jamil hassan leader of the syrian air force secret service
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germany is now trying to arrest him now bonnie says it's a victory for victims seven years you know the waiting for some hope of some but the care about their suffering and nobody cares now they find this hope and you cannot imagine how. the action of this of the victims or the syrians at all how it's was. he has an hour used to be an engineer now he's witness number twenty four back in syria he protested against assad he was imprisoned and tortured in a syrian air force jail the same jail the jamil his son was in charge of. you can't know if it's now day or night you can't know if you will eat after two or four hours or you are allowed to sleep different you are not allowed to speak. side ny is syria's most notorious prison what happens behind closed doors here is not seen
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but we know what the results look like a military photographer smuggled out pictures of the dead when he defected each of his photos suggest systematic torture. geopolitics have prevented the international criminal court from taking action bashar al assad is protected by his alliance with russian president vladimir putin's. alberni and his team have found a willing partner in berlin germany is the only country to consider pressing charges under the principle of universal jurisdiction enabling any country to prosecute war crimes no matter where they've been perpetrated. damn it had taken with this germany's chief prosecutors have made a huge step ahead of other nations other countries should see this is an example of what action they could take because this task cannot rest solely on the shoulders of the german judiciary one it's really will be. proof to
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european. justice as. it's not under control. that is very important to us untoward. the case represents a strong signal from germany's judiciary to president assad suspected war criminals and torturers will be prosecuted. and we're happy to welcome you from the syrian center for legal research and studies with us here in our studio just saw him in that report one of the human rights lawyers working to bring torture charges against members of the assad regime and were thank you so much for joining us tell us about the case against jamil hasan this is the leader of the syrian air force secret service what exactly is accused of it's not about himself excuse more than twenty four of assad regime. responsible about those killed under torture or.
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disappearance so it's not about him and the orders. it's not. one against jimmy has it's one who published it's not the only one who should you know we excuse more than twenty four including bashar assad himself because he is responsible about order to kill the people inside nation outside the know and the accusations are of torture what kind of proof have you been able to gather we have first of all of the brave victims brave witnesses who gave their testimonies in front of the prosecutor and they. then said victims of torture. and we have to commence to prove the overdubs. was how they did lose their chops with the knees and we have the comments will
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prove the chief comment. tutorage the. sponsible of the child and can he said great victims it must have been very difficult for them to share their story with different very difficult for them as best known and very difficult because some of them their parents still in syria under the regime control and that is you can't have any action against them inside syria so they are very brave people so their parents their families could be facing reprised. assad's regime they have risked big risks so some of them we didn't publish their name just the preschool who knows them and some of them. brave to publish their name and there and then everybody their stories and we tell me why it was important to try these cases here in germany yet many you know you know many it's the first experience about transitions just happened in germany in. the last
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century so. many it was. big. countries who can depend about how they feel about what the syrian suffering and how they feel about crimes against humanity and or crime but it is unlikely that some of these people who are being charged will actually ever come to germany so what is the goal is that a symbol you know it's not a simple it's don't. have to cause them it's now message for you know the criminals in syria and more that in syria and outside syria and in other countries. as president of the set all of them feel immunity or impunity so they commit the crime without feel any shame or overfeed with there is punishment coming so when the world and german special european send this
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message that means stop to think to kid the people or commit crime and that message is a criminal and you will not be have immunity or impunity any more all right sending a message to the assad regime anwar bunny from the syrian center for legal research and studies thank you so much for joining us thank you for. all right well the year is the longest day has arrived and for thousands of sun lovers the place to party is never themselves within reach the knockout stage for a while and russia are already confirmed for that round of sixteen. you're watching t.v. news don't forget that follow up follow us on twitter our handle there.
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where most seek shelter from a storm one man has fugitive to commit. you know you've got about two minutes before the hailstorm begins. bost young vanna is both a photographer and a storm chaser she searches for beauty in the face of danger.
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to. an opposition stronghold. of the democratically minded took east the biggest city he's new to people proud of their city's open mind. even tolerant atmosphere and many of the german to defending turkey's common entry election fraud alliance of party says formed to challenge the government. in sixty minutes on d w. staying up to date don't miss our highlights. programme online w dot com highlights. suddenly face not entirely contents
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of election many yet making the man's president read it tired out on her own power company even unseat him and alter the course of the country the payment key international will tell you what you need to know the report of the night coverage from istanbul and unger on this week on the w. . welcome to another edition of your own max keeping you up to date on european culture and lifestyle here's what's coming up today.


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