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this is d.w. news live from berlin visits jordan a way station for millions of refugees who have fled war for safety in europe michael meets today with king abdullah her job is on the line as she races to solve europe's migration crisis. also coming up a trump you turned the u.s. president signs in order to end a family separation at the border with mexico this follows days of public outrage
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after is that ministration endorsed separating migrant children from their parents at the border. plus another exciting day of matches the top of world cup denmark for seeking to extend their winning start of the tournament against australia we'll show you how both teams got a. diamond rattling passing on the baton as had conductor of the berlin philharmonic the british maestro charted a new path for one of the world's most renowned orchestras bringing it up to date for the twenty first century. time sumi so much got to thank you for joining us. german chancellor angela merkel is visiting jordan today a major refugee host country her visit comes amid an escalating domestic conflict over migration that has shaken her coalition government medical health talks with
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jordan's king of do alone where refugee policy tough the agenda hundreds of thousands of displaced syrians including some initially hosted by jordan have migrated on words to europe germany is a key destination did it was chief political editor michel is traveling with the german chancellor let's hear now how america is working with jordan on the issue of migration in jordan german chancellor angela merkel pledged to the one hundred million dollars in credit for jordan which already you've seen some three hundred eighty four million in support and development aid it's a country that is severely under pressure from the issue of migration and that at the same time needs to make sure its own population has a good future those were the words of the german chancellor here recognizing jordan is contributing to keeping this region stable and stability is also what jordanian king of dollar said was common interests were both countries were working
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for each other's interests here but of course the overarching issue for the german chancellor is the political crisis that is brewing back home and that is all about migration the initial open arms policy she severely under pressure her chief foreign policy adviser stayed behind in berlin to get more and more edu countries to pledge that they will join this special informal summit on migration this coming sunday which in the end will sow how great uncle americal personal support as a politician is in europe after all she promised to deliver bilateral deals in time for the upcoming edu summit in under ten days time. right let's bring in our political correspondent here in berlin for more on this story hi rupert markel in jordan today said that germany must remain an open country but as michelle just said here at home she's facing a revolt among her own conservatives over open migration policy what do you think
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she means by that. these remarks were made to during meeting on with students from the region in the middle east and these students quite frankly are still the tongues of the german chancellor how safe it would be to live in germany as a foreigner or as a refugee and the tonsil of the non said that despite all the discussions going on in germany and despite of course several incidents we have had. all foreigners all refugees being a tucked by germans year in the country germany of course still would be a country safe to live in and she also said that germany despite all the discussions we are seeing right now needs to be an open country needs to be open for people who want to come to germany to work there but i think with this she didn't really mean foreign student didn't really mean refugees but experts for. for instance people or that's
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a high potential people germany really needs on the labor market all right rupert will come back in just a moment to talk more about the challenges facing the chancellor with more displaced people in the world than ever before europe's resistance to taking them in is growing just yesterday hungary's conservative led parliament approved a raft of tough new migration bills the package of legislation makes it illegal to help asylum seekers who are not entitled to protection and hungry now would change the constitution was also approved outlawing outlaw outlawing rather selling foreign populations in the country. so robert we're seeing a hardening stance in europe over migration how tough is it going to be for the chancellor to find a european solution. well first we have to differ between the european solution and the solution until america right now is seeking for the european solution the german chancellor has spoken often the last three years actually meant how all the
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european countries are going to treat the refugees which are already in europe and how many kind of countries are going to take the burden right now that the problem is that many const like spain or like italy or even or even germany have taken most of the refugee burden and other countries especially in the in eastern europe said no we don't want or don't want to have a new refugees at all in our country like hungry as we have seen and so there was no possibility to find any quotas on how many people should go into which country the solution is seeking for right now is in the end national solution but not against the other countries what she wants to find this she wants to have the possibility to send people back to other european countries where they have been registered as a saddam city because it wants to give them back to italy for instance or three zero or spain but these countries have to say that yes to that and that's the actual idea of what is going to happen at the weekend all right report video vault
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our political correspondent thank you for your analysis you know what now all it took was his signature u.s. president donald trump had insisted he was powerless to stop the separation of immigrant families at the country southern border but that he issued an executive order to reverse course trump's move means families entering the u.s. illegally will now be detained together it is a rare policy retreat for the u.s. president following days of public outrage. it would have a lot of happy people it was that easy president effectively reversing a policy that has separated children from their parents but the executive order does nothing to reunite more than two thousand children who have already been taken away families who illegally cross the border will now be detained together while their cases are considered that but trumps order cooled for changing a court ruling that limits the detention of immigrant children to twenty eight days
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critics now say trump is replacing separations with indefinite family detention. as the numbers of detained children grew in recent weeks so did the waves of opposition polls showed the majority of americans opposed the separations protests took place in dozens of cities across america and in congress. let's go back to a time of fantasy and decency in america when children will respect it love the children mr president be a dad for once it's been growing or perceived as the blowback intensified including from members of trump's own republican party trump relented signing an executive order to do what his administration had been saying for weeks it couldn't were so are they an executive order. i consider to be a very important executive order it's about keeping families together. while at the
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same time being sure that we have a very powerful very strong order of border security will be. equal if not greater than previously as trump zero tolerance policy at the border continues immigrant families that have been torn apart my face a long wait be reunited. now to some other stories making news around the world and israeli court has indicted the wife of prime minister benjamin netanyahu for misusing public funds sarah netanyahu is accused of falsifying household expenses to obtain one hundred thousand dollars for private catering her husband is himself under investigation on suspicion of corruption offenses pope francis has touched down in geneva to visit the world council of churches the pontiff reiterated his commitment to deeper unity between the various branches of christianity during the visit he'll take part in an ecumenical prayer and celebrate mass in front of tens of thousands of catholics. evidence of alleged torture by the assad regime has
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emerged from syria but the international criminal court hasn't been able to act because syria is a member and russia blocked efforts to have the united nations security council were for the case but there is some hope for those seeking justice germany is now taking on the case and he was jailed simply for doing his job he served five years in a syrian prison for his work as a human rights lawyer trying to bring torture charges against officials in assad's regime now he's in berlin collecting testimony from people who say they've been tortured and building a case against the syrian government he's handed it all to the public prosecutor this is his target jamil hassan leader of the syrian air force secret service germany's now trying to arrest him. says it's a victory for victims seven years ago the waiting for some hope of
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some but the about their suffering and nobody. know they find this hope and you cannot imagine co. the action. of the victims over the syrians or it's was could be. he hasn't used to be an engineer now he's witness number twenty four back in syria he protested against assad he was imprisoned and tortured in a syrian air force jail the same jail the jamil his son was in charge of. you can't know if it's now day or night. if you will eat after two or four hours or you are allowed to sleep different you are not allowed to speak. side ny is syria's most notorious prison what happens behind closed doors here is not seen but we know what the results look like
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a military photographer smuggled out pictures of the dead when he defected each of his photos suggest systematic torture. geopolitics have prevented the international criminal court from taking action. as that is protected by his alliance with russian president vladimir putin's. little bunny and his team have found a willing partner in berlin germany is the only country to consider pressing charges under the principle of universal jurisdiction enabling any country to prosecute war crimes no matter where they've been perpetrated. damage what they can with this germany's chief prosecutors have made a huge step ahead of other nations other countries should see this as an example of what action they could take because this task cannot rest solely on the shoulders of the german judiciary one it's really will be. to prove to european and to them said justice as. it's not
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under control of forty that it's very important was untoward. the case represents a strong signal from germany's judiciary to president assad suspected war criminals and torturers will be prosecuted. here watching you still to come this isn't your average of a class it's just one of thousands of mass made up stretching across the globe on this international yoga day. but first again hardly more retaliation against donald trump's trade practices as writers who now turkey is joining the chorus of countries denouncing the u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum and i'm kara is also taking action starting today turkey is imposing levies on twenty eight different u.s. products ranging from coal paper and tobacco to cars and other fracturing goods and total retaliatory terror worth around two hundred thirteen million euros and so
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he's economy minister says they should balance out the costs of the trump administrations. that brings turkey in line with other nations including india which also hit the u.s. with types of agricultural goods more on that in a moment if the e.u. member states will follow suit tomorrow when duty is worth some three billion euros come into effect but the u.s. is offering an olive branch to the u.s. u.s. the block's trade commission is to see a monster and says the european union is ready to engage with the u.s. to solve the trade row between the two western allies months room is currently visiting new zealand to begin talks on a free trade agreement that. not long ago it was the other way round but now it's europe that is urging the u.s. to open its markets instead of putting more levies on imported products from across the world that's why e.u. representatives like to see a monstrous are running allies to counter u.s. protectionism could escalate. to
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a full trade war which would be bad for the whole world because we are so resilient isn't european union we are so interlinked in the global economies also in the chinese and in the u.s. and with the global value chains so it will affect us as well it will affect our companies it will affect our consumers the e.u. is imposing its own tariffs on us products and they go into effect on friday they'll hit goods such as whiskey jeans and motorcycles and total u.s. goods worth two point eight billion euros will be affected there europe's response to president donald trump's tariffs on european steel and aluminum but the e.u. strayed commissioner is trying to leave the door open to new talks with the us government preferably through the world trade organization of course we are trying to work together with partners and new zealand is a very strong partner in that to see how we can strengthen and develop and
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elaborate within the w t o because it has served us well the e.u. is also turning to partners like new zealand and australia to negotiate new free trade deals. as we've heard india has raised duties on a range of items imported from the united states in retaliation to the trumpet ministrations tariffs on steel and i mean the imports the indian government on thursday a list of twenty nine farm chemicals steel and other products that will now be subject to livings the import duty on chickpeas for example has been raised to sixty percent of them bore nuts in shells to over one hundred percent some of the new rates to immediate effect while others are due to come into force on august fourth now let's discuss that and bring in. from delhi our correspondent there. india is making quite a bold statement that how important is the u.s. for india as a trade partner well of course the u.s.
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are the major trade partner for india is a country that india has a trade surplus with. and of course in that ended it's a huge partner and so if you said it is a bold statement but wonder in india not afraid to make there in many ways this is about lecturing at. the carrot on the us were introduced in march india took this to the w t o they've been fighting that there as they have been many years fighting different cases in the w t o against the us so why whether their partner there also have been many contentious trade sort of issues before and and this is just the latest and india is really making sure that they're flexing their muscle here. how badly have the u.s. tariffs hit the indian steel industry. well in reality despite being a major partner trade partner with the us india doesn't actually employed that much
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feeling aluminum through it fairly minor in that. but there have of course been the sort of indirect. impact of the u.s. trade war that that that's from the sort of been waiting since march and they've been indirect things like that and just just the overall global uncertainty around the trade war around these parents led stocks in india to be very uncertain as well but at the end of the day as i said it's really about letting michael it kind of harken back to earlier that you were in the main the u.k. prime minister there with here in the u.s. in india sorry and he is really trying to push to india u.k. trade brags that you see that india as their partner for britain post credit but india really was in that signed an agreement there and and they want to make sure that any agreement there would come tied with increased sort of access to the u.k.
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for india migrants of india and multiple times of been really lending them up over the major powers. so they're from delhi thank you very much. damage reports are coming through from the front lines of the target for germany's dima is already feeling the pinch both from the escalating trade conflict between the u.s. and china and the entirely homemade emissions of all luxury carmaker has issued a profit warning saying costs from chinese duties on cars produced in the u.s. would take a bite out of their bottom line. also to recall some eight hundred thousand diesel cars across europe do some missions predicts that before taxes and interest will be below last year's level. let's bring in our financial correspondent julie benz from frankfurt only we got used to bad news from german carmakers these days but how
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worrying is. very when you look at the share price that expresses the action reaction very well biggest loser here in the frankfurt market tumbling about four percent and that's a lot already after quite big losses so far in the past months and people. not being very trusting with that such as the c.e.o. one analyst said even before this warning came that his time is probably going to be pretty time some time soon he ends twenty nine hundred any ways and this event now will increase pressure on him saying the diesel scandal and also of course the situation with the cars produced in the united states at the source of this profit warning adama being very pessimistic there what are you hearing from other german car makers well they're also alarmed they're not quite as pessimistic
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m.w. for example it says we're not changing our forecast whether that stays that way we'll see but b.m.w. is in a bit different position because it has only the cars produced in america problem and a very much smaller diesel cheating problem where it says it accidentally put some wrong software in a number of cars but much less than a dime more problem still b.m.w. is saying we're weighing our strategic options and that's basically wagging the finger at donald trump and saying if you don't change your ways we're producing billions in revenues in the united states with our factories there are thousands of jobs we can also produce elsewhere for pays off better with these tariffs in place and also valvo warning jobs in the u.s. factory new one they're endangered through this policy. will advance in frankfurt thank you. as a crackdown on social no on secure messaging or in iran and assuming federica that
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story. thank you gary well in may in a rainy in court bam a popular messaging app telegram in the country citing security concerns and now after almost two months the effects of the ban are becoming clear and we have our social media editor federico bodger with us to tell us more about this federica so why did iran a bama stop in the first place so a telegram is a russian designed messaging app on the surface it looks a lot like other messaging apps like like what's up for example but it also has a special features that make it a lot more secure and especially and trackable compared to other apps for example you can start secret chats that using a specially corruption feature and you can also send conversations to delete themselves themselves after and a certain amount of time so that they become they can be easily traced and oldest features have made a telegram very popular in a country like iran where people try to bypass censorship and digital surveillance by authorities however hard line conservatives within the government have been
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increasingly blaming telegram for fostering unrest and resentment towards the regime and there was a lot of back and forth and then finally iran's judiciary decided to impose a long term ban in may and that was in spite of president hassan rouhani saying that he was against it ok so it's been two months what effect has this been having i mean it's really a big deal you have to imagine that telegram in iran has a forty million active users that is almost half of the population of eighty two million and iran has a twenty accounts for twenty percent of telegrams customers worldwide and that these with sixty percent of households in iran having access to the internet according to a study that was released this week by the ngo center for human rights in iran the effects of this ban have been even more widespread than it was initially expected
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and we spoke with this and you know and this is what they told us. one of the things that the authorities deeply underestimated was the extent to which telegram is integrated into the daily lives of people so not only is it used as communication and a source of news but it's also a source of business so many businesses inside iran do advertising on telegrams and they do that because it's cheaper and easier and so basically the government's own reporting you know they said many jobs were lost when telegraph was bad. and we will introduce the signer that you know people providing testimony that they're not able to run their businesses anymore because they did so much of it on telegram. so. seems to be hindering not only individual speech but also a different activities across different fields and of social economic and political life in the country so what happens next i mean iranians are very young sixty
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percent of the population there is under certain years old and a lot of them are very tech savvy so they are finding ways around this ban especially by using p.n. . but the ring and authorities are also becoming better and better at tracking these systems so it's becoming increasingly difficult to find ways of maintaining access to a telegram authorities have also been pushing for a turn at the domestic designed apps but people there just don't trust these apps they say they don't guarantee any privacy so there have been security concerns surrounding telegram not only in iran also in russia which also banned it in april and there have been cases where terrorists were believed to be using a telegram because of its encryption features however does has also been exploited to some extent and i mean. the telegram is mainly a messaging app for people and in iran who now are finding difficulties in just
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communicating with each other and activists are pushing and hoping for the government there to indorse this need even if that means defying the more conservative voices in the country right federico but your social media editor with that story thank you very much. now roll up your mat and hold that pole was because today marks the fourth international yoga day from ireland to bahrain australia to italy gatherings are planned to celebrate a spiritual and physical practice but nowhere are the festivities as numerous or impressive as in india in particular a gathering in they were doing city led by prime minister narendra modi let's take a look this is not your average yoga class some fifty thousand people came together for this celebration among them some of india's most prominent yoga masters and the country's prime minister. believe god.
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created you. lie. to your god it gives. the very. big pretty barren janzen man less anxiety. these benefits just some of those promoted by modi he spearheaded an initiative to reclaim the discipline as an historic part of indian culture thanks as modi took his place at the center of this gathering yogas reach extended across the country these policemen practicing the sun salutations in the indian himalayas just one of five thousand yoga day events in india. in myanmar to and across the globe people on it a practice credited with balancing the body mind and spirit.
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the word yoga means to attach to join to yoke and today in india and elsewhere this ancient discipline has certainly brought people together. you're watching g.w. is still to come sir simon rattle is passing on the baton that had conductor of the world famous berlin philharmonic look at prattles career and its future. world cup highlights all of that coming up in the next thirty minutes. but. it's close to toppling of the president. and triggered a civil war if you don't know the banana the united fruit company. this history of a u.s. corporation that determines the face of central america. unbeknown to us and
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republics. in forty five minutes. who do you think is going to be no joke. to measure the scores. of a team soccer world cup on t w news movement of the fighting for decades to be taken seriously in the world of war here's what's coming up. on talk of w oh they do use the state of superheroes on a mission to change our attitudes smart women smart smart station a legend fierce and by no means missed out on a brain creasing really dangerous stuff sometimes up w.
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. bush. certainly facing this not entirely contents of election and then he gives them makes amends for president reagan tired out. and the grip on power doesn't even unseat him and alter the course of the country they play the international we'll tell you what you need to know the reports in live coverage from his stumble and unger on this week on the w. . will come back to d.w. news our top story german chancellor angela merkel is in jordan today for talks with king abdullah merkel has hailed it jordan's efforts to host more than half a million syrian refugees she's also pledged a one hundred million dollar loan to support the country's strained economy. the turkish government has refused to allow a member of the german parliament to enter the country as an observer for this
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weekend's election go a member of the german left party intended to travel to turkey to represent the organization for security and cooperation in europe had previously condemned last year's constitutional referendum in turkey as unfair the turkish government has accused him of sympathizing with the outlawed p k k party but many turks fear of the outcome of the weekend's election could be fixed allegations of tampering emerged after last year's constitutional referendum president aired a one sharply rejected those accusations which were also made by international observers this time around though suspecting potential fraud are on high alert. reports from istanbul. christ gosh. this video shocked millions of turks it was recorded during the constitutional referendum last year the footage purports to show dozens of ballot papers being stamped as valid after the vote.
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and her colleagues are still angry at this apparent evidence of irregularities and the prospect of that happening again this year. shah you've been in all of this is one reason why many people think elections in turkey are raked. i don't believe last year's referendum really went the government's way you are says that that's why we want to make sure there is no deception this time there are no slowing it that is a hippie of the. murder of a fellow we're trying to keep votes safe do you want to help. daniel and her fellow activists are out on the streets of istanbul practically every day they talk to voters and try to persuade them to sign up this election want to choice. you know all of the leaders because we know our i'm a political party we're part of a citizens' initiative the. election monitors are allowed to be present at all the polling stations in turkey are often there are not enough volunteers but ghana
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wants to change that in the conservative is stumble district many residents are loyal supporters of president ad one panel is not having much luck here. turkey's biggest opposition party the c.h.p. has actually set up an election fraud center it's better organized than banos one tear initiative but the goal is the same sending out observers and documenting suspected fraud. or searching for. a lot of people had doubts about the results of the last election when it was there. many thought it wasn't right. this public feeling has to be taken seriously. we say to citizens cast your vote count as well for what happens to it. greg writes for the pro-government newspaper you need be a leak he says the opposition and some media exaggerate their claims of vote
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manipulation. who took that apart from a few local irregularities i don't think there's anything wrong with our election security. i have always been people who make such claims or. say things like votes have been stolen. or just thrown in the trash. it's been like this all the elections rather. than oh valda and her colleagues do not agree they say the allegations of ballot rigging at the last vote have never been resolved. this time around they hope the voting will be more secure and they want to play a part in it. let's go to go ahead now and as greece finding its way out of this crisis god has exactly what the e.u.
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finance ministers are discussing in luxembourg today the used third aid package to greece is set to expire in late august by the time the bailouts and athens will have received more than three hundred billion euros from both the e.u. and the i.m.f. in exchange for he's cut down on public spending and past crucial controversial reforms to shore up its economy so is it time for greece to go it alone. greece hopes it will soon be able to stand on its own two feet again that's why some of its creditors including the international monetary fund and the european stability mechanism will end their support in august it's a step greece's parliament is already preparing for get past the latest reform and austerity package in june eurozone finance ministers now want to discuss how they can remove the final roadblocks for greece to reenter the international financial market one idea is to tie greece's future debt payments to its economic development that means that in good years it could chip away at its suffer in debt more quickly
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that's something the economic data support greece's g.d.p. had been shrinking for years but since two thousand and seventeen it's been growing the ministers could also decide to extend greece's loans set lower interest rates or even freeze greece's payments for several years but it current rates greece won't have paid off its loans until twenty sixty should the bailouts actually end in august then greece will be forced to raise new funds on the international finance market and to help convince investors to buy greek debt eurozone or third he's are discussing giving athens a twelve billion euro financial buffer when the bailouts and our correspondent. covering the meeting of the u. finance ministers in luxembourg for us and i asked whether greece is ready to leave behind the. had will be declared to be ready to
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go it alone because when it misses when there were walking in here a little while said greece has done the work and now they shall be free again free of the constraints of course of the third rescue package the only thing that is still on the table today are the conditions for how greece is going to pay back this mountain of public debt it's sitting on and the solution that is now really mainly being discussed is that repayments will be stretched into the even further future question maybe another ten years another fifteen years that has yet to be decided so finally it is the question really for greeks will their children although their grandchildren still pay back the public debt greece has at the moment to the european union of over there has been in international papers there have been criticism that germany was profiteering from the greek bailout is not true and how. it is formally true but not really
4:38 pm
true not factually true because this goes back to the massive buying in off the european central bank the e.c.v. into greek government bonds some years ago now these bonds of course have earned interest rates and the e.c.b. distributes this money to these central banks of the member european member states member states of the euro zone so this money is theoretically there however at the last it was given back to greece this time the plan is to put it into something like a trust fund for greece so if the country behaves if it sticks to the reforms it can then pull in this money so it will be in the end if things go well handed back to greece itself. another big topic on the agenda is of course the euro zone budget that has been and also a big fanfare yesterday about michael and america very low on details all those
4:39 pm
details coming out to be one of the other to be hammered out in this meeting. these details will be hammered out very slowly because the french finance minister when we walked in here and said oh this paper if we really welcome it and we think it's great however it is only a proposition he knows well that of course criticism from all sides from sides from other euro zone member countries are already arriving here so of course now they need to google give room to take everybody to have their say and then they slowly slowly can sort of put together a package to the french on not to without reason talking about a roadmap to eurozone reform so this is not something that will be solved here and overnight but it is going to take some months yet. thank you very much. that's all your business now for an update on all the football action and russia
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it's over to sunni and pres. that's right it's time to talk world cup we have cross harrington from do you have the smarts with us in our studio to talk about group c. playing today cross the denmark and australia take us through this yeah well you know it didn't work was in a position to really events and punch to punch their ticket to the knockout stages where australia the socceroos were in a do or die position and they managed to equalize with denmark keeping hope alive as jesse jackson would say let's take a look at the video and see how it played out the danes as usual they rely on them a go getter that's christian erik see he's attacked them stand out he's responsible for eight team goals having a full day team goes and he got early to story at the seven minute mark but a controversial call came right before the half you know australia they had a goal scored against him thanks to the v.a.r. and then they had a penalty thanks to the v a r me late yesterday not came through and took the penalty that is second goal of the world cup in the live to fight another day sue
4:41 pm
me you know i didn't look into how much fan support were on hand to support the size they only had nine hundred compared to twelve thousand aussie so maybe they were doing some yoga before the man who knows but they do live to fight another day turns out they have to face prove to see if they'll get through all right when all the score there is he said cresset let's turn our attention to sochi now because our correspondent jonathan harding is standing by for us there sochi of course with the defending world champs germany are getting ready to play sweden on saturday hi jonathan good to see you so a change of scenery for the german team and their bases actually in mosque out how of things been looking there in sochi. well no one's complaining about a change of scenery the hope is that it sparks some sort of a response from germany after the horrible opening game display against mexico it's sunny here. it's by the coast that should be the conditions that germany need to relax they certainly look more relaxed but all of
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a bit did say that beaches and sunshine cannot play a role what we do on the pitch is what matters most. so they look relaxed jonathan but are the players sensing the pressure. well they're definitely aware of the pressure the pressure on this germany team is huge this morning in training a few of the players did speak about that as did thomas well yesterday. critical enough to analyze the situation internally the most important thing is to come together to focus on the future we need to win both games the pressure is extremely high but we won't win either if we start tearing into one another in. parts of jonathan what about miller in the core of this very experienced team how important is it for them to really pick up the leadership here. but the core leadership of this team is the opposite axis of this team if they
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don't perform then germany won't perform the fate of that twenty eighteen world cup journeys in their hands and they have to get it right here in sochi on saturday night. live closer so today our training in a wonderful sentence the beautiful thing about football is that you always have to deliver and germany have to do that against sweden chris what do you think can germany deliver you know it's yeah i think they should be able to have it it's it revolves around expectations they're expected to they're going to have to really you know live up to their words you know cash that check what they've been saying to the media it live up to expectations that if any champions crashing out not a good look for german football all right we'll all be watching that match against sweden on saturday with us in our studio and jonathan harding with us in sochi thank you both. now it is no secret that putting on a world cup requires a massive security operation. has been out and about assessing russia's efforts to
4:44 pm
keep fans and players safe. a wild party for soccer fans is a hard day's work for security personnel thousands of police officers national guard soldiers and secret service staff have a strong presence in all eleven cities where world cup matches are taking place. but he's dominions we have the situation under control across the country as far as we know there's been no serious threat to any world cup visitors all participants. from moscow subway system is under special protection from any threat of attack as an experiment we set out to board one of the trains with a heavy backpack and headed to the city center a trip made by six and a half million people every day. soon after entering the station our bag is placed in an x. ray machine like those used at airports. then it's
4:45 pm
scanned with a metal detector at another station. the last terrorist attack on a subway station was a year ago in st petersburg security forces aren't leaving anything to chance but most soccer fans with child here from around the world hardly give this a second thought the entire city of moscow is a scene of tournament colors plus the grey uniforms of team police authorities won't divulge the total number of security staff since some of them are part of intelligence services whose will move forward you will because of course we had many preventative measures in place at the outset on the new group we also have lists with the names of fans who have barred from entering the stadiums we not close them body as you go the same applies to non russian fans of the many countries apply the same rules we do use we have plenty of information about these people from our colleagues in a c s which are but we promote the school in addition
4:46 pm
the right to demonstrate has been restricted to russian opposition. has criticized this measure as a diversion tactic to steer attention away from the country's real problems. obviously kremlin wants to use this championship to boost its international image to normalize russia because many people becoming him tourists fans and they will be coming back saying look we saw a normal country nothing like the dictatorship of the western media is portraying in this regards any kind of real mass protests as is a lethal poison for the image of russia. but there's also been widespread praise of the police service so far in part from police officers from other countries who've come by the hundreds to support their russian counterparts for the four weeks of the tournament the food availability cup in russia has been a happy and safe celebration so far the huge effort to do that story just have put into the tournament safety seems to have paid off of course everyone hopes that it
4:47 pm
will stay that way. now the solar industry in germany started off promisingly decades ago thanks to lavish state subsidies but the success was short lived cheap panels from asia notably from china dried out even the local market for german producers many went bankrupt but some solar panel makers in germany found their niche high quality products and intelligent storage and energy management. this solar cells in these modules are completely encased in glass instead of the usual plastic film. solar what manufactures two thousand more jewels every day in the german city of dresden at just two millimeters thick on the glass is almost as light as plastic but it's more environmentally friendly and durable. because if you have a module like this on your roof it has to cope with wind and snow several things
4:48 pm
every day making the module move even if you cannot see it so after a while you get micro cracks and they break the cells so the cracks may not be visible to the naked eye but they reduce the modules performance over time. the lives of those models. in contrast plus module should last at least thirty years without a reduction in performance the company began making the following its bankruptcy in twenty twelve it wanted to differentiate itself on the competitive global market for mass produced. you know be humid beaten everyone wants to be a player in a market where asian companies have been established for several years size and speed code and there are already many companies that have fallen victim to this competition not only in germany but worldwide as well. so what's succeeded in reversing that trend. in addition to its long lasting glass modules two years ago
4:49 pm
the company turned to battery storage to save energy that is not used immediately. and we believe the battle against asian producers for the mass market is lost so now comes the transition to renewables two point zero it's a systematic approach that's technically many times more demanding and innovation is something that we've always been good at so now we have a real chance to regain our technological market leadership in the world. division customers should become energy self-sufficient with a photo voltaic system on the roof and palace storage in the basement and they would opt to mys energy flows in their households using energy management systems. and even the energy manager displays your energy balance it clearly shows how much
4:50 pm
electricity is coming from the roof what is used in the household how is the batteries storing and what ultimately goes into the power grid that's innovative solutions that c.q. a solar wants three hundred fifty jobs that's despite its modules costing more than those may fight chinese compared it is. that it would fix that for any conducted by sir simon rattle and its last concert the berlin film. the money carcass trust principal conductor last night. we have robin mail from our culture desk with us here robin it really is an end of an era isn't it it is indeed i mean generally it's considered one of the greatest talk shows in the world if not the greatest and ceasar raffled followed in the
4:51 pm
footsteps of maestro cloudy no one had to retain this sort of famous warm and rich tongue that stems from a ton of have fun carry on the way back really with this a extraordinary orchestra i think he did it with great power nash it was a brave appointment by the ocean we should mention that it's the unique the the musicians in the orchestra choose their principal conductor is the only world as ceasar russell came from the bombing of a symphony orchestra britten aminah and a very crucial question for the minnow in comparison to the voted for the ball make the decision by the musicians has really paid off he's extended their repertoire and it's still retains its position as it will be found i think it's time to him all from last night's concert.
4:52 pm
mr simon rattle's talent passion and charisma have been the hallmarks of the world renowned berlin philharmonic since his appointment in two thousand and two. for his farewell concert he chose the same piece of music he conducted at his debut here as a guest in one nine hundred eighty seven dollars six. is that minus miss funk is if he's not of this world he takes the audience and his orchestra with him through the emotional storm of mahler's sixth into this musical universe because when you've as i could feel like being sent over the universe it's also to be here in berlin and get to experience this after i think it's thirty one years to be it is lachelle it's yeah it's truly special. during his tenure simon turned to the traditional berlin philharmonic into an orchestra for the twenty first century.
4:53 pm
he brought in young musicians from disadvantaged backgrounds and introduced more contemporary works into the repertoire. he also made concerts available for streaming online and on movie screens more than two hundred cinemas in twelve european countries screened his final concert from here in berlin to the british capital where simon will continue to conduct the london symphony orchestra. but this is by no means goodbye for good simon is planning to be with the berlin philharmonic next season. just as he was in one thousand maybe seven as a guest conductor.
4:54 pm
the romans will be a guest conductor but what is next for the orchestra and first or simon rattle when he's already director of the london symphony orchestra but actually staying living here in berlin i think because of his three children who are old school here and he loves lin but the orchestra will now this coming this trench trying to. season is guess conductors as we heard before. in twenty nine teens this is the russian conductor kitted patrolling pro who's currently in charge of the bavarian stays home for his start his tenure next year and as you can see him talk to greats. and fury and she very and she he's just forty six year old which is like a child in conduct to you is because there really is i mean this is a very for one of the great conductors so it's really exciting times ahead i think
4:55 pm
for the orchestra the only. similarity between the two of them is that both great mahler symphonies which they both famous for anyway meanwhile for classical music lovers is going to be exciting season with lots of guest conductors exuding a great band and yeah that's about it is i mean the film on it will go all to greatness more and more i'm sure all right thank you very much robin for that and on that note let's hear some more of the berlin philharmonic playing mahler conducted by their outgoing maestro search sites are simon rattle and phil go will be here in a few minutes with an update on your headlines. the be. the be. a little.
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above. the be. a little. feel. the beauty. the but. the but.
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the but. the because. the beasts. it could cause the toppling of the president. and triggered a civil war i don't know the banana this united fruit company. the history of a us corporation that determined the face of central america. unbeknown to us and
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republics. in fifteen mass sponte talking. to clash of cultures in india. a clash between those who believe in a range to match those who want to marry. the clash that shaking families and society to the core. the love commandos starts july eighth t w. we make up over a week watches over a film that found out that if we are to sever services. they may want to shoot the
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continent's future. part of it and join us some stores because they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seven or seven percent of these platforms for africa charge. hijacking the news. where i go wrong the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good first is evil us versus them black and white. in countries like russia or china churchy people are told it's that simple and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond it you are. facing scare tactics intimidation and i wonder is that where we're headed is well. my responsibility as a journalist is to give me yonder smoking mirrors it's not just about the prayer and balance or being neutral it's about being true. chinese for golf
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and i work in either. the state of the news life from europe's leading nations at loggerheads over the migration crisis it's always populist prime minister himself we come to an agreement to join emergency talks but only after germany's i'm going to machall scraps of drafts joint statements on the issue she's desperate for a europe wide solution to the crisis threatening. also probably attribute to the us president.


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