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truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t.w. . this is a doubly news live from budding europe's leading nations at loggerheads over migration italy's prime minister just become to agrees to join emergency talks but only after germany's angela merkel describes the draft a joint statement on the issue she's desperate for a europe wide solution to the crisis threatening her job also on the program campaigning for a clean election in turkey but as ankara turns away international observers from germany we ask what the chances that of a fast boat when the country goes to the polls other we can. kind of course another
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exciting day of not just of the football world cup and denmark were hoping to extend their winning style against australia to show you how they got. i'm still going to welcome to the program the european union's a fragile stance on migration is under strain again ahead of emergency talks plans for sunday italy has confirmed that it will take part but only after germany's i'm going to back all agree to scrap a pre-prepared joint statement chancellor merkel desperately needs a european solution to the migration crisis to shore up position at home but it's a nice new populist government is making a common answer to one of the europe's most divisive issues even harder to. managing migration the words dominating brussels these days the e.u. is considering a radical tightening of its refugee policy there's even talk of holding camps
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outside of europe where migrants would be forced to wait until their asylum requests are processed the e.u. migration commissioner rejected the idea that such a plan would violate international humanitarian law i'm a gives dunham a day for migrants this is something that this against our european right but the pressure is on a first draft of sunday's resolutions contained the following points the establishment of a ten thousand strong border police force by twenty twenty asylum seekers must remain in the country responsible for them to make sure they do there will be increased checks at all stations harbors and airports and asylum seekers will only receive welfare payments in the country responsible for them all that means italy would shoulder an even bigger burden so how does it only feel about that wolf out of chicago cannot take in hundreds of thousands of more refugees we are already
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second place in europe after germany that's enough. so to avoid italy boycotting this weekend's summit the draft proposal is now being called a misunderstanding and is being withdrawn. so let's get more from they'd only correspondent bob levey it's all in brussels and simon young in they welcome both let's start with you they will all going to look at his arguments and wonder how that can be in. the draft closing text for a graph are amazing that hasn't even happened yet. that's true of course it's a piece of political theater and it's really inside of somehow trying to drive up the praise for any sort of agreement they made even on a provisional basis on sunday that's the one aspect the other aspect is of course that was put on the table there very quickly and without a lengthy consultation of the member states as is usually the case it is going
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against these interests clearly because of migrants are going to be pushed back to italy where they started out in europe or in some cases maybe to greece but at the moment is has the most problems and the most arrivals then of course this whole thing is against their interests and so conti's sort of made clear that he wouldn't come to discuss propositions like that because he can only say no to them. very quickly smoothed the waves the paper was withdrawn some new from those will be found till sunday and so that is cleared up but it shows how very touchy and extremely difficult it would be to get to any sort of even very consensus on this coming sunday charming young. chancellor merkel is in jordan today where refugees make about two thirds of the population now she has insisted today that germany must be an open country so she's yielding nothing at all domestic fight with her
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interior minister. no americal this whole question is a point of principle she's put a focus on the humanitarian need to help people who are in need and who have justified reason to seek asylum in europe and obviously to say that germany should be an open country is a rather vague way of putting it and probably isn't intended to be particularly controversial. but you know the mainstream view in germany i think continues to be that those in real need should have the possibility to come but the point is in the point at the bavarian conservatives for instance of made is that germany needs to have control of the process and then needs to be good oversight over the whole asylum situation the across europe so barbara vessel while the nominally pro migration countries squabble about sunday's meeting
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a group of validly anti migration countries is getting together in hungary today. of course we've seen the group off the vicious grot the four eastern european countries who work together rather often in the european union context meet in hungary and say we will in any case not appear at the summit we don't even want to talk about migration any more however we need to know phil that they have been particularly been invited this was initially a meeting of countries that grapple with the fallout of political are factual on the ground of migrants coming to still coming to europe in relatively large numbers and so it's italy spain germany france and some others and the vision that countries sort of making another piece of political theater and there we will sort of not come because we don't want to the issue to be talked about in those terms it
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doesn't mean anything if they want to come they can the doors are open that's what everybody agreed on on sunday everybody can come nobody nobody is excluded but the vision just sort of beginning themselves up and trying to strengthen their position and just making more political noise and time migration so simon young given all this political fare political noise how likely is it that chancellor merkel can put a deal to govern that will save her coalition and her job. well i think it looks extremely difficult still you've got some countries as barbara was saying who are fundamentally opposed to you know increased migration or in some cases against any migration a tall into their countries and other people saying that what's really needed is a fairer distribution of people round the e.u. angle america has got at the same time specific domestic political
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considerations as her party is sort of tearing itself apart a little bit at the moment over this question and to really square that circle and get the the full comprehensive european deal that she needs somehow out of these meetings over the next ten days or so it looks a very very big ask at the moment simon young in a bar in brussels thank you both. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world house and senate down house and senate democrats in washington a calling on u.s. president donald trump to reunite families that have been separated at the country's border a wednesday the president signed an executive order allowing families to be detained together after crossing the border illegally reverses a policy that has seen more than twenty three hundred children separated from their parents. algeria's government is suspending the entire country's internet
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during national high school examinations in order to try and get combat cheating and leaking of exam questions the education minister says the nation will go offline during the first hour of each test until monday it's in reaction to massive online leaks of the mandatory high school exams over the last two years. israel is prime minister just into our dad has given birth to her first child a healthy baby girl making her only the second elected world leaders to give birth while in office. as deputy will run the country for the next six weeks while she takes maternity leave. and germany has been found guilty of violating e.u. regulations by failing to reduce high nitrate levels in its groundwater the overuse of fertilizers in farming is blamed for the high nitrate levels which can pose a health risk germany could now be fined by the european commission. and the turkish government has refused to allow a member of the german parliament to enter the country as an observer for this
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weekend's election and the member of the german left party intended to go as a representative of the organization for security and cooperation in europe he's previously condemned last year's constitutional referendum as unfair the turkish government accuses him of sympathizing with the outlawed p k k party. from correspondent do you. so what tell us more about what president has against. well mr has been an observer of previous elections here in turkey that's what you mentioned including last year's controversial constitutional referendum and back then he harshly criticized the conditions under which the vote was held saying it was not democratic not fair and more than two million votes might have been compromised so he's known as someone who at least once questioned the legitimacy the credibility
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of turkish election results later on and that might be the more important issue here he was accused by turkish government officials of sympathizing with the band p k k a rebel group which in their eyes makes him not in an objective observer there were photographs of him on social media showing him holding a p.k. k. flag mr who call themselves denied these accusations saying he was just attending a free speech event in cologne a few years ago but this conflict really might be behind the news that he is now not allowed to and to turkey for this mission ok so o.s.c. monitors are already ahead of sunday's vote so all the real concerns about vote rigging. well yes this is indeed a big issue especially after last year's referendum which actually paved the way to all the changes to turkey's political system which will finally come into force after sunday's elections back then the electoral commission while polls were still
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open and allowed on stem to ballot papers to be counted and that was infuriating many people they got so angry about it because that basically show that there are ways to break up potentially many pull a to that vote so yes now there are always c.e. international observers in turkey three hundred fifty of them will be deployed on election day political parties here have their own election observers but there are also many citizen initiatives many citizens trying to take matters into their own hands and i joined such a citizen group on their mission here in istanbul a few days ago let's have a look at that report. this video shocked millions of turks it was recorded during the constitutional referendum last year the footage purports to show dozens of ballot papers being stem to develop after the vote.
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and her colleagues are still angry at this apparent evidence of irregularities and the prospect of it happening again this year. shaariibuu all of this is one reason why many people think elections in turkey a rigged. i don't believe last year is referendum really when the governments way you are susan that's why we want to make sure there is no deception this time. for the visit of. hello we're trying to keep votes safe you want to know. and her fellow activists are out on the streets of istanbul practically every day they talk to voters and try to persuade them to sign up this election want to. you know all over the book and we know our i'm a political party we're part of a citizens' initiative. election monitors are allowed to be present at all polling stations and turtill are often there are not enough volunteers but ghana wants to
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change that in the conservative istanbul district many residents are loyal supporters of president ad one panel is not having much luck here. turkey's biggest opposition party the c.h.p. has actually set up an election fraud center it's better organized than banos one tear initiative but the goal is the same sending out observers and documenting suspected fraud. or city. a lot of people had doubts about the results of the last election. many thought it wasn't right. this public feeling has to be taken seriously. we say to citizens cast your vote with lookout as well for what happens to it. of neo's greg writes for the pro-government newspaper a yemeni billick he says the opposition and some media exaggerate their claims of
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vote manipulation. of the truth that apart from a few local irregularities i don't think there's anything wrong with our election security. although. i have always been people who make such claims. or loves to say things like votes have been stolen. on the board just thrown in the trash. it's been like this all the elections rather . than ovata and her colleagues do not agree they say the allegations of ballot rigging at the last vote have never been resolved. this time around they hope the voting will be more secure and they want to play a part in it. but the final word from the union hot in istanbul you know what would happen if it were demonstrated that the president had manipulated into sunday's vote well manipulation is politically very
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risky missed out on himself and his government have always denied accusations of manipulation or vote rigging but one of his fiercest challengers in the presidential race one engine of the largest opposition party here the c.h.p. has already said that he would personally march to the electoral commission and in protest and aust his followers to join him so if anything like this comes up i think it's safe to say that there will be protests here behind in istanbul thank you. washington news life from balance still to come we have all the action from the football world cup in russia including denmark's clash with australia. first i got office is here with news of another trade own goal for donald trump as you can see that way of course not because not just turkey is joining the chorus of countries denouncing the u.s.
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tariffs on steel and aluminum and ankara is also taking action starting starting today turkey is in posing levies on twenty different u.s. products ranging from coal paper and tobacco to cars and manufacturing goods and told the retaliatory tariffs are worth around two hundred thirty million euros and turkey's economy minister says they should balance out the costs of the trump administrations that brings turkey in line with other nations including india which also hit the u.s. with tariffs on agricultural goods e.u. member states will follow suit tomorrow when duty is worth some three billion euros come into effect but the u. is offering an olive branch to the u.s. the block's trade commission azalea monstrance says the european union is ready to engage with the u.s. to solve the trade row between the two western allies man strong is currently visiting new zealand to begin talks on a free trade agreement that. not long ago it was the other way round but now it's
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europe that is urging the u.s. to open its markets instead of putting more levies on imported products from across the world that's why e.u. representatives like cecilia monstre are rallying allies to counter u.s. protectionism could escalate. to a full trade war which would be bad for the whole world because we are so as you zealanders in europe in union we are so interlinked in the global economies also in the chinese and in the u.s. and with the global value chains so it will affect us as well it will affect our companies it will affect our consumers the e.u. is imposing its own tariffs on us products and they go into effect on friday they'll hit goods such as whiskey jeans and motorcycles and total u.s. goods worth two point eight billion euros will be affected there europe's response to president donald trump's tariffs on european steel and i'm a minium but the e.u.
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straight commissioner is trying to leave the door open to new talks with the us government preferably through the world trade organization of course we are trying to work together with partners and. very strong partner in that to see how we can strengthen and develop and elaborate within. because it has served us well the e.u. is also turning to partners like new zealand and australia to negotiate new free trade deals. on the other side it really seems the turf war is heating up and first damage reports coming through from the front lines germany's dime low is already feeling the pinch both for escalating trade conflict and the tightly homemade emissions scandal the luxury carmaker has issued a profit warning saying costs from chinese duties on cars produced in the u.s. would take a bite out of their bottom line. also has to recall some eight hundred thousand diesel vehicles across europe due to emissions cheating it predicts that before
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taxes and interest will be below last year's levels. check in with our financial correspondent we've bought in frankfurt only we are quite used to bad news from german carmakers these days but how worrying is what don last to say that . now that's a new chapter to worry about in the saga and the investors put pressure on the diner share because of those worries about the future a drop over four percent took other car shares like b.m.w. and volkswagen down with it and one analyst saying you know when you hear profit warning in a situation like this it's usually not the last one so you know people don't know is this the end of story especially as there's you mention the diesel scandal as well it's unclear how high the tab for that will be in the end for dime or in a church puts pressure on the c.e.o.
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of detroit such as he was under pressure before because of poor performance and the diesel scandal now with a profit warning not good for a c.e.o. . adama's pessimistic what are you hearing from all the german car makers. well they're worried as well no word today really from volkswagen itself but b.m.w. is saying they're weighing strategic options what does that mean they're looking at the possibility of perhaps putting production that's now in the united states elsewhere so that cars that they make their don't get tariff they don't get levied in china and of course that should be a warning to u.s. politics especially the u.s. president. of car maker valvo is also worried it has a new factory in the united states and it says that if it doesn't pay off then there are jobs and danger and so there is a wave of concern going through the industry and it's all this concern also
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affected the markets generally today and frankfurt and in europe and it's probably going to remain a concern considering the volume that's possibly at stake here live on supply of thank you very much. that's all your business now it's who let all the latest from the world cup in russia back to phil and crazed fan. thank you so much chris huntington from vito used boat is here to focus us through the world cup action from day eight that's right ok so let's start with that denmark and a straight up and did don't want that much of a game yet yes it was not denmark was an opportunity there in position to punch their ticket to the knockout stages and australia were just trying to fight for survival and typically when you do that you put up a bigger fight and it ended even they did leave the pitch with a point here's a look christian eriksson you know you go to guy for denmark he had no problem
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executing this is very early in the match that even ten minutes had gone by there's another look he's had a foot in eighteen goals for that side but then thanks to a video assistant referee there was a hampel called one did mark which gave me les ja to knock the opportunity is step up and equalize and he didn't waste any time doing so you know there was a complete momentum so swift swing shift all the pace he was. going in the socceroos favor you know you could talk about fan support there were reports that didn't mark only flew in nine hundred supporters when australia they flew in twelve thousand twelve thousand people to make more noise in australia they live another day good on them let's look ahead to a defending champions germany have a game against sweden on the saturday evening they must be looking for something of a shift i think you're right it's a make or break situation for them now historically they pretty much own sweden they haven't lost a speed in forty years but they're in desperate need of
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a point and at the germany camp a swedish reporter pretty much crashed a camp and he actually bought a return ticket for the german side in china to give at least say he could they're presenting him with a ticket and we have a report on that i think we should take a look at that now. return tickets for germany departure the day after their match against sweden holmberg of the swedish paper expressen thought it helped the germans out we saw the game which was mexico which was not very good and then we also read in the german newspaper about this big crisis something you're even thinking about putting mess and mess at us along the bench so we figured you're in very big problems right now when you tried to give the tickets to germany midfielder sammy could deraa but he politely declined. yeah thank you so much but maybe we don't need it through them and when i go back home so we're thinking for
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winning this game you know it it's obvious that starts super difficult but we know that we are strong teams were analyzed a game resource written by now we are short of three i win this game after days of soul searching team germany is showing more self belief at least on the outside was sort of we got a bashing a lot of criticism and rightly so it was obvious that we didn't play well and there were reasons for that i'm one hundred percent sure that it will be different on saturday because we know what we did wrong with philadelphia. it's make or break time for him love his team selection will have to crack the formidable swedish defense in the heat of sochi but this was germany's base join the confederations cup too and they're hoping it will work in their favor this time as well. uniforms can this dog and many of us know the stadium thing that's a small advantage many also know the atmosphere so we happy to have this first
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crucial match here and now all we have to do is win on saturday you know given jim lee certainly seem confident that they can restart their willed cup defense with a match against sweden ludvig holmberg might have to reboot his tickets to rule. ok so chris huntington do the germans have the players to make a difference of course they do ok they have a handful of players seven there with the club since two thousand and ten that's when they experience a lot of success and world cups third place finish third place finish well they had a third place finish two thousand and six ten and then they won the last one so it's a matter of been there and done that i mean and then they have to show up you know us pacifically they just were firing a lot of blanks against mexico they were really weren't ready for their aggressiveness and not their speed neither so you know i think that the leadership will show its face in mine a lawyer is the captain of the squad we're going to look wait and see what your glove decides to how he decides to field the pitch mario gomez or we saw
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a team of ghana in the report you know he was a player that was you know leading the way in the kind of confederations cup and they won that the last time they played on that specific pitch so i think. i think they're going to have to get it done are they going to be facing the firing squad when they do return home if they do lose but i'm saying they will be victorious they'll get to the knockout stage i'm not really worried about that to question chris huntington has spoken i went to speak it happens thank you just typed a reminder of our top story this hour italian prime minister just have become tight as agreed to join about to see a new migration talks but only after reassurances from germany is going to back off as she has agreed to scrap a draft statement that was revealed ahead of the weekend summit she's hoping to forge a europe wide solution to the migration the crisis that's it's you know up to date football for you at the top of the hour have.
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more intrigued international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week comes from america and so back to the wallace tensions mounting germany's refugee brown. the question is can she come up with a solution to prevent her government from being blown apart find out on quadriga coming up shortly. quadriga sixty minutes on. the story of today don't miss our highlights. program online d.w. dot com highlights. certain pages of not highly contents election many good making amends president reagan tired out on her
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