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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 21, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is the only news lie from europe's leading nations at loggerheads over migration italy's prime minister just agreed to join emergency talks only after germany's and member akhil straps a draft joint statement on the issue she's desperate for a europe wide solution to the crisis threatening her job also on the program rebuilding his home with his bad deeds or presence of a shattered syrian says you is returned home hoping you can trust the government's promises on security. so simon rattle is passing on the baton as principal
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conductor of the bell and. the british maestro charted our new path for one of the world's most renowned orchestras bringing it up to dates for the twenty first century. i'm still get welcome to the program the european union's fragile position on migration is once again under strain head of emergency talks planned for sunday it's a he has confirmed that it will take part but only after germany's angela macko agreed to scrap a pre-prepared joint statement chancellor merkel desperately needs a european solution to the migration crisis to shore up her position at home but it's the least new populous government is making a common answer to one of europe's most divisive issues even harder to find. managing migration the words dominating brussels these days the e.u.
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is considering a radical tightening of its refugee policy there's even talk of holding camps outside of europe where migrants would be forced to wait until their asylum requests are processed the e.u. migration commissioner rejected the idea that such a plan would violate international humanitarian law i'm a chemist done i'm a pay for migrants this is something that this it gives our european about. but the pressure is on a first draft of sunday's resolutions contained the following points the establishment of a ten thousand strong border police force by twenty twenty asylum seekers must remain in the country responsible for them to make sure they do there will be increased checks at all stations harbors and airports and asylum seekers will only receive welfare payments in the country responsible for them all that means italy
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would shoulder an even bigger burden so how does it only feel about that c i will fight it chicago account taken hundreds of thousands more refugees were already second place in europe after germany that's enough. so to avoid italy boycotting this weekend's summit the draft proposal is now being called a misunderstanding and is being withdrawn. so it will from day doubly correspondent bob levey it's all in brussels and simon young they welcome both let's start with you they will are going to look at this argument and wonder how that can be in. the draft closing text for a for a missing that hasn't even happened yet. that's true of course it's a piece of political theater and it's really it's sort of somehow trying to drive up the praise for any sort of agreement they made even on a provisional basis on sunday that's the one aspect the other aspect is of course that was put on the table there very quickly and without too lengthy consultation
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the member states as is usually the case is going against these interests clearly because of migrants are going to be pushed back to italy where they started out in europe or in some cases maybe to greece but at the moment is has the most problems and the most arrivals then of course this whole thing is against their interests and so conti's sort of made clear that he wouldn't come to discuss propositions like that because he can only say no to them. very quickly smoothed the waves the paper was withdrawn as some new formosa will be found till sunday and so that is cleared up but it shows how very touchy and extremely difficult it will be to get to any sort of even very consensus on this coming sunday when young. chancellor merkel is in jordan today where refugees make about two thirds of the population now she has insisted today that germany must be open country so she
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shielding nothing at all domestic fight with her interior minister. no americal this whole question is a point of principle she's put a focus on the humanitarian need to help people who are in need and who have justified reason to seek asylum in europe and obviously to say that germany should be an open country is a rather vague way of putting it and probably isn't intended to be particularly controversial. but you know the mainstream view in germany i think continues to be that those in real need should have the possibility to come but the point is that a point at the bavarian conservatives for instance of made is that germany needs to have control of the process and there needs to be good oversight over the whole
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asylum situation the across europe so barbara vessel while the nominally pro migration countries squabble about sunday's meeting a group of validly anti migration countries is getting together in hungary today. of course we've seen the group off the vicious graph the four eastern european countries who work together rather often in the european union context meet in hungary and say we will in any case not appear at the summit we don't even want to talk about migration any more however we need to know phil that they have been particularly been invited this was initially a meeting of countries that grapple with the fallout of political or a factual on the ground of migrants coming to still coming to europe in relatively large numbers and so it's italy spain germany france and some others and the country sort of making another piece of political theater and there we will sort of
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not come because we don't want to the issue to be talked about in those terms it doesn't mean anything if they want to come they can the doors are open that's what everybody agreed on on sunday everybody can come but nobody nobody is excluded but the vision just sort of beginning themselves up and trying to strengthen their position and just making more political noise and time migration so simon young given all this political fare some political noise how likely is it that chancellor merkel can put a deal to govern that will save her coalition and her job. well i think it looks extremely difficult still you've got some countries is probably saying who are fundamentally opposed to you know increased migration or in some cases against any regret migration a tall into their countries and other people saying that what's really needed is a fairer distribution of people round the you angle
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a mare call has got at the same time specific domestic political considerations as her party is sort of tearing itself apart a little bit at the moment over this question and to really square that circle and get the the full comprehensive european deal that she needs somehow out of these meetings over the next ten days or so it looks a very very big ask at the moment simon young in a bar in brussels thank you both to syria now where former residents of the western the city homes are slowly returning to their shattered homes those who have dared to come back have no choice but to trust government promises of security for the whole province they're faced with a daunting task when building their lives with their bare hands akram i'll corey is the only person so far who's moved back into the ruins of his district of homes he wants to start again by rebuilding his house with his own bare hands he can't
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afford to rent a flat a skilled artisan akram is hoping a better life lies ahead for his family. the committees i'm happy to finish off my house even if i'm the only one i will come back. the asad regime took back control of northern homes last month after years of war and terror the government is now promising security for the whole province a third of the city lies in ruins but there's no money to rebuild it suspicion is deeply rooted half a million residents fled from the area only around one hundred sixty thousand have returned according to figures from the governor he's hoping many more will come back people will be able to return to their homes in safety he says. and. i'm inviting all syrians who have not committed any crimes who are not accused of
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murder to come back at our door resigned been. to the rebellion began in baba amr now it's seen as homs is flagship district reconciliation reconstruction plate glass and green spaces that at least is the plan but there's still a long way to go. and to some of the other stories making news around the world house and sell it senate democrats in washington are calling on u.s. president donald trump to reunite families separated at the country's border a wednesday the president signed an executive order allowing families to be detained together when they cross the border illegally this reverses a policy that are seeing more than twenty three hundred children separated from their parents. germany has been found guilty of violating e.u. regulations by failing to reduce high nitrate devils in its groundwater use the first allies in farming is blamed for the high nitrate battles which can pose a health risk and germany could now be fined by the european commission. turkish
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government has refused to allow a member of the german parliament to enter the country as an election observer left party member under a whole co has previously described last year's constitutional referendum in turkey as unfair and accuses him of sympathizing with the outlawed p k k party. in the world cup in russia france to come through in the second of thursday's group c. clashes a first half strike from a killing in pay was enough to settle a tie in france's favor the nineteen year old became the nation's youngest ever world cup goalscorer as france returned to the top of group c. through meanwhile have been eliminated from the composition of the failing to pick up points from an opening to gaps. group c. rival stand mark and australia back into the day with an exciting match in samarra and the danes took the lead after just seven minutes it's like your kids have found
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christian eriksen whose stunning volley flew past the australian keeper ten minutes before the break australia claimed the humble the referee could solve the v.a.r. and the strains got a penalty melee and yet iraq stepped up and leveled the school won over final results and a point each for denmark and us radio. he called it the world's most beautiful and difficult job after sixteen years simon rattle is passing on the battle as principal conductor of the world famous ballon philharmonic announcing his departure of a sixty three year old the public at the orchestra play a beatles tune when i'm sixty-four but he's booked for his farewell concert you want for something a little more traditional. says simon rattle's last day as head conductor of the palin fellow monic is conducting
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malas six symphony just as he did in one nine hundred eighty seven when he first worked with the film on ik first as visiting conductor and since two thousand and two as its principal now the rattle era is coming to an end. it's awesome to be here in berlin and get to experience this after i think it's thirty one years to be it is a show it's yeah it's truly special i could feel like being the center with a universe in front of us it would if you're home when you come it simon rattle. says simon has brought the traditional orchestra up to date for the twenty first century. he brought young musicians from disadvantaged backgrounds into the fela monic introduced more contemporary works into the repertoire and had concert streamed on to cinema screens his farewell concert was seen live in more than two
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hundred cinemas in twelve year a peon countries here in berlin of course but also in the british capital with simon is now conducting the london symphony orchestra. funded every change brings the opportunity for a new beginning and funk and i think he's been here for long enough that it's a shame he's going back it was a lovely fella out upsy. and it's by no means goodbye for good simon is planning to be with the ballin fellow monic next season just as he was in one nine hundred eighty seven as a guest conductor. this is the w.'s life from about and still to come u.s. trade policy is talking allies into enemies from canada to europe and india keep us
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tripod us on the telly a thing to washington's punitive tabs. about story on the mall and business updates on the way out the back of the top of the aisle with the latest world news i myself a good day. assignment a clash of cultures in india. a clash between those who believe in arranged marriage and those who want to marry for love.


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