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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 21, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm CEST

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this is d w news life from europe's leading nations at loggerheads over migration italy's prime minister said becomes a agrees to join emergency talks for throwing out the jumpers i'm going to back up as scraps a draft a joint statement on the issue she's desperate for a europe wide solution to the crisis threatening her job also on the program you building his house with his bare hands we meet a residents of the shattered the syrian city of homs has returned home hoping he can trust the government's promises and security. campaigning for
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a clean election in toronto once turkey but as i'm correct turns away an international observer from germany we ask how likely is sometimes election to be fair. i'm so simon rattle bass passing on the baton as a principal conductor of the bell when philharmonic. the british maestro chartered a new path for one of the world's most renowned orchestras bringing us up to date on the twenty first century. and france folk read tickets for the knockout stages of the world cup the heart for victory against peru gold bring you the lowdown on that showdown and the rest of first as much as. i show gal welcome to the program. he's on the back row agreed to scrap
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a pre-prepared joint statement chancellor merkel desperately needs a european solution to the migration crisis in order to shore up her position at home but at least new populist government is making a common ancestor one of europe's most divisive issues even harder to find managing migration the words dominating brussels these days the e.u. is considering a radical tightening of its refugee policy there's even talk of holding camps outside of europe where migrants would be forced to wait until their asylum requests are processed the e.u. migration commissioner rejected the idea that such a plan would violate international humanitarian law i'm a gives dunham a day for migrants this is something that this against our european right. but the pressure is on a first draft of sunday's resolutions contained the following points the establishment of
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a ten thousand strong border police force by twenty twenty asylum seekers must remain in the country responsible for them to make sure they do there will be increased checks at all stations harbors and airports and asylum seekers will only receive welfare payments in the country responsible for them all that means italy would shoulder an even bigger burden so how does it only feel about that i will fight it chicago we can all take aim at hundreds of thousands more refugees we're already second place in europe after germany that's enough. so to avoid italy boycotting this weekend's summit the draft proposal is now being called a misunderstanding and is being withdrawn. so it will from day doubly correspondent bob levey is all in brussels and simon young in they welcome both let's start with you a baba they will are going to look at this argument and wonder how that can be in argument over the draft closing text for nicholas for amazing that hasn't even happened yet. that's true of course it's
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a piece of political theater and it's really it's sort of somehow trying to drive up the praise for any sort of agreement they made even on a provisional basis on sunday that's the one aspect the other aspect is of course that was put on the table there very quickly and without a lengthy consultation the member states as is usually the case is going against these interests clearly because of migrants are going to be pushed back to italy where they started out in europe or in some cases maybe to greece but at the moment is has the most problems and the most the rivals then of course this whole thing is against their interests and so conti's sort of made clear that he wouldn't come to discuss propositions like that because he can only say no to them and let merkel has very quickly smoothed the waves the paper was was drawn some new from those will be found till sunday and so that is cleared up but it shows how very touchy
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and extremely difficult it would be to get to any sort of even very consensus on this coming sunday when young. chancellor merkel is in jordan today where refugees make about two thirds of the population now she has insisted today that germany must be an open country so she shielding nothing at all domestic fight with her interior minister. no americal this whole question is a point of principle she's put a focus on the humanitarian need to help people who are in need and who have justified reason to seek asylum in europe and obviously to say that germany should be an open country is a rather vague way of putting it and probably isn't intended to be particularly controversial. but you know the mainstream view in germany i think continues to be
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that those in real need should have the possibility to come but the point isn't the point at the bavarian conservatives for instance of made is that germany needs to have control of the process and then needs to be good oversight over the whole asylum situation the across europe so barbara vessel while the nominally pro migration countries squabble about sunday's meeting a group of validly anti migration countries is getting together in hungary today. of course we've seen the group off the vicious graph the four eastern european countries who work together rather often in the european union context meet in hungary and say we will in any case not appear at the summit we don't even want to talk about migration any more however we need to know phil that they have been particularly been invited this was initially ilia meeting of countries that grapple
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with the fallout of political are factual on the ground of migrants coming to still coming to europe in relatively large numbers and so it's italy spain germany france and some others and the vision that countries sort of making another piece of political theater and there we will sort of not come because we don't want to the issue to be talked about in those terms it doesn't mean anything if they want to come they can the doors are open that's what everybody agreed on on sunday everybody can come but nobody nobody is excluded but the vision just sort of beginning themselves up and trying to strengthen their position and just making more political noise and time migration so simon young given all this political fare political noise how likely is it that chancellor merkel can put a deal to cover that will save her coalition and her job. well i think it looks extremely difficult still you've got some countries is probably saying who
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are fundamentally opposed to you know increased migration or in some cases against any regret migration a tall into their countries and other people saying that what's really needed is a fairer distribution of people round the you angle a mare call has got at the same time specific domestic political considerations as her party is sort of tearing itself apart a little bit at the moment over this question and to really square that circle and get the the full comprehensive european deal that she needs somehow out of these meetings over the next ten days or so it looks a very very big ask at the moment simon young in a bar in brussels thank you. syria now where former residents of the western city of homs are slowly returning to their shattered lives those daring to
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come back have no choice but to trust the government which is promising security for the whole province as they seek to rebuild their lives amid the rubble akram old curry is the only person so far who's moved back into the ruins of his district of homes he wants to start again by rebuilding his house with his own bare hands he can't afford to rent a flat a skilled artisan akram is hoping a better life lies ahead for his family. the committees i'm happy to finish off my house even if i'm the only one i will come back. the acid regime took back control of northern homes last month after years of war and terror the government is now promising security for the whole province a third of the city lies in ruins but there's no money to rebuild it suspicion is deeply rooted half a million residents fled from the area only around one hundred sixty thousand have
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returned according to figures from the governor he's hoping many more will come back people will be able to return to their homes in safety he says. i'm inviting all syrians who have not committed any crimes who are not accused of murder to come back to the door resigned been. to the rebellion began in baba amr now it's seen as homs is flagship district reconciliation reconstruction plate glass and green spaces that at least is the plan but there's still a long way to go. that is some of the other stories making news around the world an israeli court has indicted the wife of the prime minister benyamin netanyahu for misusing public funds sarah netanyahu is accused of falsifying household expenses to obtain one hundred thousand dollars for private catering her husband is also separately under investigation on suspicion of corruption offenses. germany has
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been found guilty of violating a new regulations by failing to be to use high nitrate levels in its groundwater over use of fertilizers in farmers thought be to blame for levels that compose a health risk germany could now be fined by the european commission. new zealand's prime minister just into the house gave birth to her first child a healthy baby girl making her only the second elected world leader to give birth while in office. will run the country for the next six weeks while she takes maternity leave. but he was president donald trump says he has directed agencies to reunite separated migrant families the announcement comes a day after president trump signed an executive order ending the separation of migrant children from their families of the country's border with mexico the policy reversal follows growing the global domestic outrage of the practice u.s.
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house of representatives as two separate migration bills with both expected to fail . washington bureau chief is alex hunter of on the moment welcome our exams and so how does the president plan to return these children more than two thousand of them to their parents well this is really the major issue here and the sort of his half not presented to detail information about how they plan to do it as we understand the parents have to have gone through the whole process of being prosecuted or being released before they can be reunited with their children and no money existing policies would place the honest on the parents to find their kids and to seek when you see cation and the problem is that many parents don't know where the kids are at these kids were brought to different shelters across states that are far away from the u.s. aspects of home border so it's really difficult and
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a lot of questions are still unanswered and some parents even have already left the country has been sent back to places like watch somalia so for them it will be very very difficult to get their kids back so confusion on the practicalities but there also seems to be confusion on the policy what what happens next the rushing the washington post is reporting that migrants crossing the border with their children will no longer be prosecuted but the justice department is denying this what are you hearing. well we know that president trump backed down on this family separation policy but he repeated to the sat that the zero tolerance policy is going to stay in place so there is no change to that however as he said there is a lot of confusion after this executive order has been issued there are many different agencies working in the field the person quoted in this washington post
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report was an official with immigration and customs enforcement and the issue here seems to be that they just don't have enough facilities to house all the families being detained why they are waiting for a court hearing so that seems to be an issue here but as i said there is still a lot of confusion going on ok so now the republicans want to put two immigration bills for the votes in the house of representatives today and they seem to be struggling to get a majority why. because the party is so divided over this issue and it seems quite naive that you know they can reach an agreement within a very short period of time we're talking here about two bills one of them is a more conservative one that would make deep cuts to legal immigration and wouldn't call for a pass to citizenship for so-called dreamers young undocumented immigrants brought to this country by their parents many republicans say it's not enough we have to go
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beyond that so there is in our bill a compromise bill offering this past citizenship for the dreamers and offering them illegals staying it also would make cuts to legal immigration but it would direct billions of dollars for the. border wall at the southern border is something that's trump's really wants but there are also conservative republicans saying that it's going too far to offer at this past citizenships for the dreamers alexandra from the moment in washington thank you this is deeply in use by from berlin still to come denmark and australia battle the dogs of the world cup so which of the rivals for the stage got the. head about to find a shot is here with more news of washington's escalating trade war thank you so
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much american tariffs are steering up to delicately balanced world order countries are scrambling to find the right position to take given to us demands or punish america of it come to tariffs many are opting for the second choice today was all about anti tariff activity. leading the charge against trump's tariffs the e.u. the block's trade commission issa celia malmstrom may have been on a visit to new zealand but it wasn't a holiday from tariff talk making clear the e.u. was not budging from its threat of countermeasures on american products the use tariffs come into effect on friday despite trade fears. it could escalate. to a full trade war which would be bad for the whole world because we are so as you zealanders and we are so interlinked in the global economy also in the chinese and in the u.s. and with the global value chains so it will affect us as well it will affect our
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companies it will affect our consumers come what may turkey is also striking back from thursday the government is imposing tariffs on twenty different u.s. products ranging from cold paper tobacco to cars and manufacturing goods hitting two hundred thirty million viewers of products turkey's economy minister saying those should balance out the costs of the trumpet ministrations talents. also on thursday india slap counter tariffs on farm chemicals steel and other products the import duty on chickpeas is being raised to sixty percent and on walnuts to over one hundred percent. and those are just the latest in a series of moves by america's old allies to push back against trump's measures trade partners are asking themselves with an ally like this who needs enemies.
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and first damage reports are coming through from the frontlines frontlines of the terrorist war germany's donmar is feeling the pinch both from the ask trade conflict between the u.s. and china and the entirely whole made a mission scandal the luxury automaker has issued a profit warning saying costs from chinese to diesel cars produced in the u.s. would take a bite out of their bottom line donner also has three called some eight hundred thousand diesel vehicles across europe to two emissions cheating it predicts earnings before taxes and interest will be below last year's level we asked our frankfurt correspondent how worrying the news is now that's a new chapter to worry about in the saga and investors put pressure on the done their share because of those worries about the future a drop over four percent took other car shares like b.m.w. and volkswagen down with it and one analyst saying you know when you hear
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a profit warning in a situation like this it's usually not the last one so you know people don't know is this the end of story especially as there's you mentioned the diesel scandal as well it's unclear how high the tab for that will be in the end for don lemon and it sure puts pressure on the c.e.o. david such a he was under pressure before because of poor foremans and the diesel scandal now with a profit warning not good for a c.e.o. . that's a business wrap now to some sports teams. so take a look at day eight of the world cup with chris heinz and welcome chris thank you france through to the knockout stages with their win over the rw a decent match. with the firepower the french side has you'd expect better results but you know they did all they needed to do to pick up six points i mean this particular match let's take
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a look at the video right now killeen embalm pig french superstar standout the youngster made history here is the ball the first goal the only goal that we gave start with paul pope well off over zero then killing him bobby there he is in front of goal he has made history becoming the youngest french player to score gold in a major tournaments and he's an expensive player i mean you're talking about the ballpark of two hundred million is what he was worth and they had more firepower on that team as well but all that all a great day for france and the finalists of the european championship back in two thousand and sixteen so all that all a good day so i'm so keeping their powder dry going through denmark and australia that one goal that doesn't sound like a thrilling game yet no wasn't this really now as it is it should have been you know did mark is one of the fasces improving teams in europe and you know it got off thanks to their tottenham guy right the middle christian eriksen he started this going off very early in this particular match but then they just lost
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a lot of momentum here we're looking at right now that was a concern for australia him damaging early and he did that but. you know after that point. it seems like the danes weren't so great and lost a lot of fight because there was thanks to the v.a.r. the penalty was said to me today yeah i didn't ask. no problem you know it's fifty fifty i think i can even score a penalty given enough opportunities but you know it does enough they balance out the playing field pick up a point you know and it's interesting because both of these sides came in with different types of support you had been marking nine hundred flight nine hundred fans over australia twelve thousand fans so at least you know maybe the noise inside the stadium you know encourage the video assistant referee to. you know make that call and give them an opportunity so groups see what does how does that not look ok now france with six points they're guaranteed to go for it gets tricky when
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you look at denmark and australia so denmark really have four points they play france next if denmark loses austria has an opportunity but in facing peru the proof side they have that's a tough match because peru hasn't played poorly and australia has not scored a goal in open play they only have two goals off of penalties and you know concerning peru thirty six years since they've been in a world cup peruvians quit their job and all of these things just to support their team in russia so i think that proving it on the pitch is goal is going to try to put a smile on their face at least on the plane flying back home because peru is set to go so it's really going to you know a waiting game to see denmark if they lose or even get a point basically australia needs didn't mark to lose not be so great and then they need to pull off a win and let's look ahead and defending champions judgment and that's playing sweden on saturday night this seems like when they have to wish of course you know
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i don't think they were really ready for mexico to sweden they have a great history of success against as we decide you know has been forty years as a loss against the speed aside but everyone is talking about well germany become the thirteen to win the world cup and then get booted out during the group stage one swedish reporter invaded the germany camp and was actually trying to present players with flight tickets back to germany suggesting they would lose ok so we have that report let's take a look. return tickets for germany departure the day after their match against sweden holmberg of the swedish paper expressen thought it helped the germans out we saw the game which was mexico which was not very good and then we also read in the german newspaper about this big crisis something you're even thinking about putting mess and mess at us along the bench so we figured you're in very big problems right now when you tried to give the tickets to germany midfielder sammy could deraa but he politely declined. yeah thank you so much but maybe we don't need it with and
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when i go back home so you're thinking for winning this game you know it it's obvious that starts super difficult but we know that we are strong team who analyzed the game resource even but now we are short of real in this game after days of soul searching team germany is showing more self belief at least on the outside was sort of we got a bashing a lot of criticism and rightly so it was obvious that we didn't play well and there were reasons for that one hundred percent sure that it will be different on saturday because we know what we did wrong with philadelphia. it's make or break time for coach you are in love his team selection will have to crack the formidable swedish defense in the heat of sochi but this was germany's base join the confederations cup too and they're hoping it will work in their favor this time as
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well. the difference can this dog in this county of us know the stadium thing that's a small advantage many also know the atmosphere so we happy to have this first crucial match here and now all we have to do is win on saturday and given germany certainly seem confident that they can restart their world cup defense with a match against sweden ludvig holmberg might have to reboot his tickets to rule. is nice and they have some germany has some experienced players in the side so they need to start showing some leadership that definitely they need to you know model neuer is the captain of the german squatted given the fact he was out of competition for so long other players on that team that have had the same tenure as he does i mean he's been there since the two thousand and ten world cup so i'm expecting the other players to step it up in terms of you know being vocal but in all honesty this week this team don't have the speed mexico brought to the table and they don't have him of it's their main square threat he's in l.a.
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enjoy it son says sunshine so i'm expecting you know germany will have it will show the world what they're really a book i'll just put it that chris harrison has spoken thank you. roll out your mat and hold up talk to you roll out your mouth and hold up photos because today marks the fourth international yoga day of island to bahrain australia's here it's the gatherings are planned to celebrate the spiritual and physical practice but no where the festivities is numerous or impressive as in india in particular a gathering and had to have drawn the city that by the prime minister narendra modi this is not your average yoga class some fifty thousand people came together for this celebration among them some of india's most prominent yoga mostest and the country's prime minister. to lead it. clear to you and then lie eats you. it can show now.
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the very. big pretty dangerous and then. there's anxiety. these benefits just some of those promoted by modi he spearheaded an initiative to reclaim the discipline as an historic part of indian culture. as modi took his place at the center of this gathering yogas reach extended across the country these policemen practicing their sun salutations in the indian himalayas just one of five thousand yoga day events in india. in myanmar to and across the globe people on it are practice credited with balancing the body mind and spirit the word yoga means to attach to join to yoke and today in india and elsewhere this ancient
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discipline has certainly brought people together. all right maybe back in the downward dog in just a minute this estate a fix. a school exercise book filled with stories of war atrocities written by brave people who want justice a flea come in the financial was taken in donkey enough it's in an exercise for i don't find many other photos of being a little more abuse to rape women and girls who even goes to one wanted children. in forty five minutes on t.w. . puff the big booty you think is going to be bullshit if it.
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matches the scores. of two thousand eight hundred soccer world cup on t.w. news. time for an upgrade. hour about furniture that grows all by. a house with no roof. poor design highlights you can make yourself. tips and tricks that will turn your home a special. upgrade yourself with d w's interior design channel on you tube. we make up over a week watches of half of the under budget we ought to seventy seven percent. want to shape the continent's future to. be part of enjoying africa numb stares of
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chess they share their stories their dreams and their challenges. seven percent. platform africa. has agreed to join emergency e.u. migration talks but only after receiving assurances from. she has agreed to scrap a draft statement revealed ahead of the weekend summit to forge a europe wide solution to the migration crisis. from several countries within the. search for a solution to this migration issue has led her to the middle east she was in jordan and is now in beirut that she. is traveling with her well. so
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what is hoping to get to learn from these countries. well really she wanted to show both support she really said that she respected the courts they had managed to achieve both jordan and lebanon of course bearing the brunt of the syrian refugee crisis of so many people leaving that particular country like lebanon only having a couple of million inhabitants and having more refugees than the whole of germany has and germany has some eighty three million people so she also made it clear point here that she felt it was important to make sure that these countries are stable in the sense of giving those who already live the ordinary citizens a much better future to signal to all sides that this is something that there will be support from from the european union as well it's of course more of an
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afterthought that europe is concerned that more people could choose to leave this region and head to europe and then most of the time to germany and how is the chancellor dealing with problems over europe's migration problem. well there is a clear sense that she is under intense political pressure back home that of course after her own c.s.u. sister party threatening a rebellion essentially giving her another less than two weeks now less than ten days until the next e.u. summit to come up with something more concrete than lip service to being able to forge a trans european alliance some bilateral agreements and there of course she is bolstered hearing from the italian prime minister conti is well we're hearing here that there have been at least constructive talks and this whole communique that was on the
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table is now being played here is something that must have been a misunderstanding that germany really wanted to have a starting point for discussion once it goes to a proper summit with the decision makers in the you around the table because in beirut thank you. in may on the right in court about the popular messaging app telegram citing security concerns now the effects of the ban are becoming clear to social media media and he said i think a budget has been looking into this welcome fredricka. why did you run by telegram in the first place so a telegram is this russian designed messaging app on the surface it works similarly to other apps like what's up for example but it also has some special features that make it a lot more secure and especially a lot more and trackable than other messaging apps for example you can set top secret chats secret conversations using special encryption features or you can
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decide that certain conversations will delete themselves after a certain amount of time so they become less easy to have to be traced and these features have made telegram a very popular the more the most popular and communication and messaging up in iran where people tried to find ways to bypass censorship or digital surveillance by or for it is however hard line conservatives within the country have been increasing the accusing telegram of prompting unrest and of prompting resentment towards the regime and there was a lot of back and forth and in the end runs a decided to impose a long term ban in may and that was in spite of the government and particular president hassan rouhani saying that he was against it so what effect has about had i mean it's really a big deal in iran there are forty million active users of telegram and that's
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almost half of the population of eighty two million and twenty percent of telegrams customers worldwide are in iran and that is with roughly sixty percent of households having access to the internet in the country. this ban has been ongoing for almost two months but this week and then geo base in iran the center for human rights in iran has released a report that shows that the consequences of this ban are even more widespread than they were initially expected to be and we spoke with this n.g.o.s this is what they told us take a listen one of the things that the authorities deeply underestimated was the extent to which telegram is integrated into the daily lives of people so not only is it used as communication and a source of news but it's also a source of business so many businesses inside iran do advertising on telegrams and
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they do that because it's cheaper and easier and so basically the government's own reporting you know they said many jobs were lost when telegram was bad and we have interviews inside of before that says that you know people providing testimony that they're not able to run their businesses anymore because they did so much of it on telegrams the center for human rights in iran there is stressing that this ban is hindering not only conversation between people but also activities across different fields and social and economic and political life in iran so what happens next. i mean iran iranians are very young sixty percent of the population is under thirty and a lot of people there are very tech savvy so they are finding ways around the back and especially by using. however the government and authorities are also becoming
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battle personal networks this is something that hides yes so itself there is that allow your computer to almost act like it was in a different country and but however authorities are also becoming better and better at tracking these systems so it's becoming more and more difficult to find ways of using telegram in spite of the ban. so activists on the ground are pushing for the government to take this need for communication in and make it you know and. i think we've got a federal budget thank you for the turkish government has refused to allow a member of the german parliament to enter the country as an observer for this weekend's election under a who come a member of the german left party intended to go as a representative of the organization for security and cooperation in europe has previously condemned last year's constitutional referendum in turkey as in fact turkish government accuses him of sympathizing with the outlawed p k k party can't
8:38 pm
move from dublin corresponded to you leo han it is time to welcome you here so what tell us more about what president one has against andre who come. well mr has been an observer of previous elections here in turkey that's what you mentioned including last year's controversial constitutional referendum and back then he harshly criticized the conditions under which the vote was held saying it was not democratic not fair and more than two million votes might have been compromised so he's known as someone who at least once questioned the legitimacy the credibility of a turkish election result later on and that might be the more important issue here he was accused by turkish government officials of sympathizing with the band p k k a rebel group which in their eyes makes him not an objective observer there were photographs of him on social media showing him holding a p k k flag mr whom call themselves denied these accusations saying he was just
8:39 pm
attending a free speech event in cologne a few years ago but this conflict really might be behind the news that he is now not allowed to enter turkey for this mission. so all the real concerns about vote rigging. well yes this is indeed a big issue especially after last year's referendum which actually paved the way to all the changes to turkey's political system which will finally come into force after sunday's elections back then the electoral commission while polls were still open and loud on the stem to ballot papers to be counted and that was infuriating many people they got so angry about it because that basically show that there are ways to rake up potentially many palais to that vote so yes now there are always c.e. international observers in turkey three hundred fifty of them will be deployed on
8:40 pm
election day political parties here have their own election observers but there are also many citizen initiatives many citizens trying to take matters into their own hands and i joined such a citizen group on their mission here in istanbul a few days ago let's have a look at that report. christ actually. this video shocked millions of tax it was recorded during the constitutional referendum last year the footage purports to show dozens of ballot papers being stamped as valid after the vote. and her colleagues are still angry at this apparent evidence of irregularities and the prospect of that happening again this year. shah you've been in all of this is one reason why many people think elections in turkey are raped. i don't believe last year's referendum really went the government's way you are says that that's
8:41 pm
why we want to make sure there is no deception this time. to hear people of the. murder of a fellow were trying to keep votes safe do you want to know. daniel and her fellow activists are out on the streets of istanbul practically every day they talk to voters and try to persuade them to sign up this election want to toss. you know all the militants we know are of a political party we're part of a citizens' initiative the. election monitors are allowed to be present at all the polling stations and turtle is often there are not enough volunteers but ghana wants to change that in the conservative is stumble district many residents are loyal supporters of president ad one panel is not having much luck here. turkey's biggest opposition party the c.h.p. has actually set up an election fraud center it's better organized than banos one tear initiative but the goal is the same sending out observers and documenting
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suspected fraud. or searching of. a lot of people have doubts about the results of the last election when it was there. many thought it wasn't right. this public feeling has to be taken. seriously. we say to citizens cast your vote count as well for what happens to it. of any rights for the pro-government newspaper you need be a leak he says the opposition and some media exaggerate their claims of vote manipulation. that apart from a few local irregularities i don't think there's anything wrong with our election security. i have always been people who make such claims or. say things like the votes have been stolen.
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or just thrown in the trash. it's been like this all the elections rather. than ovata and her colleagues do not agree they say the allegations of ballot rigging at the last vote have never been resolved. this time round they hope of voting will be more secure and they want to play a part in it. the final word from there you're hot in istanbul you know what would happen if it were demonstrated that the president had manipulated sunday's vote well manipulation is politically very risky missed out on himself and his government have always denied accusations of manipulation or vote rigging but one of his fiercest challengers in the presidential race one engine of the largest opposition party here the c.h.p. has already said that he would personally march to the electoral commission and in
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protest and aust his followers to join him so if anything like this comes up i think it's safe to say that there will be protests here to hand in istanbul thank you. and this is now. just to the right of this sorriest his father for. reasons very serious story and received around two hundred seventy four billion euros in bailouts today eurozone finance ministers discussing the tubes of exit for greece bailout program starting august twentieth athens would be expected to stand on its own feet again and raise funds financial markets european finance ministers will be deciding hole to give greece some relief to pay back its debts they could be considering extending the repayment period in exchange greece will have to commit to further
8:45 pm
reforms which will be monitored by its creditors and to get much more on the story let's turn to our very own barbara of easel barbara wacom greece got up positive report card today you could say that's what does that mean looking at had the next step in handling their debt. finance ministers obviously one to report and greece to be positive because they want to close the book they're tired and sick of the greek crisis they want to close the book and it and say go and stand on your own feet as you said but true to style. about the conditions went on far into the night in luxembourg and it's the two main questions that remained open for a long time how far into the future will debt repayment be referred that means in plain speaking will the children of the current greek population all their grandchildren pay back the debt to the euro zone and the second contentious point
8:46 pm
of course how big will the so-called buffer or exit payment maybe money that is put into a sort of trust fund for greece if they should run into trouble within the next two years and not be able to finance themselves on financial markets so yes haggling in squabbling as per usual just briefly if you could barbara there's some controversy actually around france flying to introduce a special eurozone budget what are the key arguments against it. the key arguments are we don't need this we have so many budgets already in europe budgets for regional development for investment and so on and so forth what do we do was and why do we needed another budget and what are the conditions for spending it how can countries get it and could there possibly waste the money those are the main arguments against and it's going to take some convincing for germany and france to move their colleagues on to considering that this is
8:47 pm
a good idea indeed. for us thank you so much. and on to a different story inequality is rampant around the world especially in the food sector a study by the international charity oxfam shows the biggest retailers squeeze the biggest buck they can out of farmers the supermarkets control the demand and prices in the supply chain they decide how much they pay for goods produced by small scale farmers and as a result millions of them are living well below the poverty line brazilian orange farmers for example earn only half the country's a living wage kenyan green beans commerce don't fare well either as you can see here female farmers are even the worst hit it's evident in the sectors they work and again only half the living wage man somewhat fare better and there's so much more to this report let's look into this with barbara cent holds vine hard
8:48 pm
you they are covering this entire report for all spam and you look to special so with a special focus into germany what are you findings and consider me when it comes to german supermarkets as with other global supply markets we find that suffering human suffering as a secret ingredient often in the food that we buy in the supermarkets the poverty wages we have just seen so people are unable to feed their family or to go and pay a doctor despite long and hard working hours we've also found extreme physical violence against women on plantations and thought africa producing wine for german supermarkets or the oppression of trade unionists in ecuador producing bananas. we look now with this study to see are these super markets doing enough against six try taishan economic exploitation and human rights violations in
8:49 pm
their supply chain and it seems like a jew many didn't really score on a score well on that point germany supermarkets scored really bad who's to blame the supermarket or the customer actually the once cheap food. the customer often doesn't know what he or she is buying because supermarkets are so in transparent when we go to the supermarket and look at the produce available to us i mean let's be honest we can't see how it has been produced and so by markets are not forthcoming with that they scored particularly badly in our scoring also because they are so in transparent leaving the consumer in the in the dark ok so what can i do then as a customer to improve the situation in the producing countries. then. there are no immediate and easy steps for the most important thing is to signal supermarkets that you care how the food is produced so to take some concrete actions a person can do both as a consumer but also as
8:50 pm
a citizen firstly go to your local store and ask the store manager where does the food come from we're at the nice pineapple coming from and how do you ensure that it's a produce in a fair and humane way secondly look for a trustworthy set of occasion labels not all are good but fair trade for example offers an opportunity to be sure that this product is produced fair and most importantly it's sending a signal to the super market that as a consumer and a citizen you refuse to accept that human suffering is an ingredient in the food you buy from them so take some time first of all and get more information about the product you're going to buy barbara senlis one heart of oxfam and thank you so much for your analysts and that's your business update for now now back to fill the news .
8:51 pm
the relinquishes his role as a principal doctor. but in america the culture is set a welcome robin so we're looking at the end of an era for the orchestra very much so i mean is generally considered one of the greatest orchestras in the world if not the greatest and simon rattle had to take over from maestro cloudy. and the key sort of famous rich and powerful sound of the orcas that was created by the previous session of about a carry on i think he did it with great panache it was a very brave appointment by the orchestra and this is the only orchestra in the world where the musicians choose their principal conductor he came from a relatively small orchestra the birmingham symphony orchestra well you will know
8:52 pm
well. which is a minnow in comparison to the burden for the moment if i may. come back to spice a very good orchestra but as i say a decision that paid off very well he's expanded the repertoire of more modern music and it still retains its position as a world leader and lets him more of wonderful mall and ceasar miraculous loss concent. mr simon rattle's talent passion and charisma have been the hallmarks of the world renowned berlin philharmonic since his appointment in two thousand and two. for his farewell concert he chose the same piece of music he conducted at his debut here as a guest in one nine hundred eighty seven dollars sixty.
8:53 pm
this front is if he's not of this world he takes the audience and his orchestra with him through the emotional storm of mahler six into this musical universe because when you've asked him i could feel like being sent over the universe it's also to be here in berlin and get to experience this after i think it's thirty one years to be it is lachelle it's yeah it's truly special. during his tenure simon turned to the traditional berlin philharmonic into an orchestra for the twenty first century. he brought in young musicians from disadvantaged backgrounds and introduced more contemporary works into the repertoire. he also made concerts available for streaming online and on movie screens more than two hundred cinemas in twelve dura pm countries screened his final concert from here in berlin to the british capital
8:54 pm
where simon will continue to conduct the london symphony orchestra. but this is by no means goodbye for good simon is planning to be with the berlin philharmonic next season. just as he was in one thousand maybe seven as a guest conductor. will remember what is next for the orchestra and indeed for society well simon's already the music director of the london symphony orchestra actually going to stay living here in berlin because he has a young family go to schools here the orchestra will now embark on a sort of season with a principal conductor and have lots of guest conductor but then this man will come
8:55 pm
along in the beginning of the twenty nine hundred season this is carol pretend to train car the name says name right the russian conductor whose car in charge of the bavarian state opera his start his tenure in twenty nineteen as you can see he ducks from great fire and fury and he's just forty six years old which is like a baby as it. conducts his conduct into the eighty's and ninety's sometimes it really is very young a point he's the the very youngest conduct he's been appointed to the job the only similarity really with the trying cohen rock is they're both great masters of mahler symphonies. anywhere but anyway meanwhile for the next year classical music lovers are going to have a sort of mixture of some of the great conducts including including. many others ok so they the president is dead so to speak long live the principal conductor. thank you. so they sat with you at the top of the hour on the website of course this week
8:56 pm
of their dot com of the day.
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od. a school exercise book filled with stories of war atrocities written by brave people who want justice a flea come when they should miss picture was taken in bunky it's in an exercise book i don't find many other photos of her being a little more amusing rape of young women and to ease those to one who wanted children. in fifteen minutes on d w.
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plane. this is d w news live from berlin an emergency summit on migration in europe called for this coming sunday but some leaders are staying home. agreed. but only after a phone call from. political. pushes for a european union solution. president .


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