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it's. troops detectives starts june thirtieth on. capitol hill. this is d w news live from berlin an emergency summit on migration in europe called for this coming sunday but some leaders are staying home italy's prime minister. today agreed to attend the sunday summit but only after a phone call and assurances from german chancellor angela merkel merkel's political future is on the line as she pushes for
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a european union solution on migration also coming up where are their parents as president donald trump says that border agents will try to reunite migrant children separated from their mothers and fathers a public backlash forced them to scrap a policy which took two thousand children away from their families will get the latest from wash. off it's good to have you with us tonight the european union's volatile stance on migration is on display yet again emergency talks are planned for sunday and italy has now confirmed that it will take part but only after germany. agreed to scrap a pre-prepared joint statement anti immigrant leaders from central europe meanwhile say they will boycott the summit in
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a sign of worsening divisions within your. there are three days to go before german chancellor angela merkel's mini migration summit in brussels invitations have gone out in the name of the european commission to ten countries including italy greece spain and austria coming maybe more the german chancellor wants as many countries as possible to take back refugees if they've registered their first a preliminary draft of the final declaration points to a clear tightening of the us silent policy including an end to the large scale movement of refugees within the european union the document proposes the establishment of migrant processing centers outside a u. borders also a mechanism for deportations between e.u. countries cash and other welfare provisions would only be available in the countries migrants are registered and there'd be controls at stations in airports to limit cross border movement but the document provoked disagreement as soon as it
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was leaked italian prime minister to. complain that the paper disregarded his country's position and threatened to boycott this weekend's migration meeting he says italy wants a moratorium on new migrants before it takes any back from other e.u. countries italy's far right interior minister had already up the rhetoric the previous evening. in europe the times are over when france and germany decided refugee policy when they told european italy what they had to pay and which migrants they had to take in. it took a call from angela merkel in the promise to withdraw the draft before the italian prime minister agreed to attend this weekend's talks we'll see each other in brussels on sunday can they wrote sounds like he's ready for a fight. yeah but you have to of course be face to face to have a fight will that happen think about that i'm joined by auster de botton she specializes in immigration and integration policy at the german marshall fund think
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tank here in berlin is the word it's good to have you on the show i mean when you hear what's going on just in italy and on t.v. talking about eastern europe right now what does that tell us in terms of the possibilities of a success coming out of this summit. well we certainly know that it's not going to be easy what ever she has to and she has to try and figure out how to bring this all together in a very short time frame and well with the summit of that you council just next week actually it's really looking you see she you're talking about the german chancellor angela merkel this is her show yes and it's also her future that is on the line that's absolutely correct she was pressured by our interior minister mr is able for and now she's under pressure to really provide a solution he is saying that he wants to push backs at the german border she says
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no we need to stick to our european solutions and need to try and find that the public is more on the side of must as a whole fall the interior minister but she wants to still find a solution within the partners and how was she going to do that because we're seeing right now and she basically she's picking up the phone she's trying to talk to as many leaders this you kin you know make a deal with them but we know she's good at diplomacy like this but everyone has their limits do you see her reaching her limits here well i wish i had a crystal ball but we also know that these moments are when she can also strike a deal how however we're hearing that what's coming out of italy is very dire and that the tone is very dire and it will not be easy and it will be questioned what what she can offer because it is now bilateral agreements which is of course interesting that the e.u. is currently dependent on bilateralism yeah in you know it's interesting too when you say what she can offer we're hearing
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a lot today about possible plans for processing centers to be built in northern africa for people who want to come to europe and the reaction from the european commission today was we will not have any guantanamo bay's for migrants coming to europe i mean that's a strong strong language strong reaction. everywhere it seems you look when you're talking about solutions and also conflicts it looks like it's against manful. well i mean these processing centers the idea has been around for many years and but it has so many challenges and if there's a reason why this hasn't been implemented so far we also don't have any african country that has stepped forward and actually agreed to any of this in fact they have said no we're not going to do any of this because we are not there to solve use problems or europe's problems as they're calling it. and there are so many challenges because not just legally it will also we don't know how many people
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would be on the in these centers how to process them even the whole spat about the distribution would not be solved because if you go through these processing centers how would you distribute those that have actually gotten a positive protect claims this is a good point plus you don't have any guarantees that all of the e.u. members are going to take their fair share we know that they're not going to do that would be a winning strategy for america would be to go into this summit in to say ok let's not talk about what we're going to do with migrants let's talk about how we're going to protect europe's external borders would she win if she took that strategy well i mean she has been a big supporter of war and increased border security in fact the current e.u. budget foresees a tripling of its budget also including the border guards which currently is at one thousand five hundred would you not do you think is that enough i mean we hear from spain we we hear the plans are to bring it up to ten thousand originally what the
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timeframe was until twenty twenty seven and now they're saying well let's move this up faster and it's also a key whether they can help italy to process faster because that is a major challenge you know to see what happens on sunday that it's for sure after the birth with the german marshall fund we appreciate your insights tonight thank you you thank. in the united states the house of representatives has rejected it one of two republican led immigration bills the vote on the second bill has been postponed to friday he is also expected to fail earlier u.s. president donald trump said that he had directed agencies to reunite separated migrant families on wednesday the president signed an executive order ending the separation of migrant children from their families at the country's border with mexico the policy reversal was preceded by global and domestic outrage at the practice. our let's go to our washington bureau chief now alexandra phenomena she
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is on that story for us tonight good evening to you alexander one of the immigration bills has been voted down the vote on the other has been delayed until tomorrow why are the republicans struggling to push through these bill. well the republican lawmakers are deeply divided over this issue that has come falling the party for a very long time and i think it was quite naive to believe that agreement can be reached a very short period of time that the lawmakers having seen this. picture of images of small immigrant children being separate aspects he called border would be willing to compromise and many of them also complain that what is lacking is the president leadership he embraced spills but he also said that they could be some changes and today he said on twitter that you know these efforts in
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the house are doomed anyway because any legislation will be blocked by the democrats and the senate so it was of course very difficult for the republican leadership to round up votes today it's interesting too in that executive order that was signed yesterday there was no mention of what would happen to the two thousand children who were already separated from their appearance at the border has the president said anything indicating how he plans to return these children to their appearance or their guardians. you know he just said that it's going to happen that he's directing his agencies to do that but we don't have any detailed information on how it's going to happen and we have to say that normally it would be up to the parents to find their children and to seek many of the cases and that this of course very difficult because the parents don't know many of them at least
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don't know where they kids are and these kids were brought to different facilities to different shelters across states far away from the you ask mexico border some parents have already been said back to the home country for instance to guatemala so we can imagine that it will be very difficult for them to get their kids back our washington bureau chief el xander phenomenon the story for us tonight in washington i was under thinking well the turkish government has refused to allow a member of the german parliament to enter the country as an observer for this weekend's election. a member of the german left party intending to travel to turkey to represent the organization for security and cooperation in europe had previously condemned the west years constitutional referendum in turkey as unfair the turkish government has accused him of sympathizing with the p k k part.
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phin the world cup in russia france took on peru in the second of thursday's group c. clashes a first have strike from killing in embalm pay was enough to settle the tie in france as they the nineteen year old became the nation's young as ever world cup goals or as france returned to the top of group c. or even while have been eliminated from the competition after failing to pick up a point from their opening two game. the rivals denmark in australia had to kick off the day with an exciting match in some are the danes took the lead after just seven minutes nikolai you're going soon found christiane eriksson whose stunning volleys flew past the australian goalkeeper ten minutes before the break australia claimed the handball the referee consulted the d. or the a.o.r.
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and the australians got a penalty. jedinak stepped up and levelled the score won all the final result and a point each for denmark and australia. for it rolled out dramatic hold that is because today marks the fourth international yoga day from ireland's bahrain australia to italy gatherings are planned to celebrate these spiritual and physical practice but nowhere are the festivities as numerous or impressive as an india in particular a gathering in their run doomed city led by prime minister narendra modi let's take a look this is not your average cos some fifty thousand people came together for this celebration among them some of india's most prominent yoga mostest and the country's prime minister very. clear to you. then. each yoga
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it can show. the very in. the pretty barren zhang's on mine less anxiety. these benefits just some of those promoted by moody he spit headed an initiative to reclaim the discipline as an historic part of indian culture. as modi took his place at the center of this gathering yogas reach extended across the country these policemen practicing the sun salutations in the indian himalayas just one of five thousand joke a day events in india. in myanmar to and across the globe people on it are practiced credited with balancing the body mind and spirit the word yoga means to attach to join to joke and today in india and elsewhere this
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ancient discipline has certainly brought people together and. for a drive that we did abuse for all of us in berlin thanks for the company i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day see you. make your smart smart with the usual smile. what you want what you want to. update. its story. you decide what's on. find out more ok w dot com support.
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