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mine. this is. from berlin an emergency summit on migration in europe called for this coming sunday but some leaders are staying home italy's prime minister said pick on page a day of reach to attend the sunday summit but only after a phone call and assurances from german chancellor angela merkel merkel's political future is on the line as she pushes for a european union solution on migration also coming up where are their parents u.s. president donald trump says that border agents were trying to reunite migrant children
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separated from their mothers and fathers of public backlash forced him to scrap a policy which took two thousand children away from their families we'll get the latest from washington. plus campaigning for the next election in heir to ones in turkey. turns away international observer from germany we ask how widely is sunday's election to be fair. also coming up on the show we're heading to the world cup or argentina clash with her. and there were some spectacular goals on show me the action from that and all of thursday's other world cup game.
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i'm broke off it's good to have you with us tonight the european union's volatile stance on migration is on display yet again emergency talks are planned for sunday and italy has now confirmed it will take part but it came only after germany's chancellor angela merkel agreed to scrap a pre prepared joint statement about the meeting anti immigrant leaders from central europe say that they will boycott the summit it's a sign of worsening divisions over migration across europe there are three days to go before german chancellor angela merkel's mini migration summit in brussels invitations have gone out in the name of the european commission to ten countries including italy greece spain and austria coming maybe more the german chancellor wants as many countries as possible to take back refugees if they registered that first a preliminary draft of the final declaration points to a clear tightening of the us side and policy including an end to the large scale
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movement of refugees within the european union to document proposes the establishment of migrant processing centers outside a u. borders also a mechanism for deportations between e.u. countries cash and other welfare provisions would only be available in the countries migrants are registered on that be controls at stations and airports to limit cross border movement but the document provoked disagreement as soon as it was leaked italian prime minister said they contain a complaint that the paper disregarded his country's position and threatened to boycott this weekend's migration meeting. he says italy wants a moratorium on new migrants before it takes any back from of the e.u. countries italy's far right interior minister had already up their rhetoric the previous evening when it was new at the times are over when france and germany decided refugee policy when they told you it can italy what they had to pay and which migrants they had to take in. it took
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a call from going to medical in the promise to withdraw the draft be faulty its one in prime minister agree to attend this weekend's talks will see each other in brussels on sunday can they wrote sounds like he's ready for a fight. in the united states the government has requested the pentagon to prepare to howells up to twenty thousand unaccompanied migrant children on military bases and the request comes after lawmakers rejected one of two republican immigration bills the vote on the second bill was pushed to friday earlier president almost trump said that he had directed border agencies to reunite separated migrant families this follows an executive order to end the separation of migrant children from their parents at the country's border with mexico are you want to go now to our washington bureau chief alexander phenomena good evening to
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you alexandra so the department of defense i mean this is remarkable reportedly been requested to house up to twenty thousand migrant children on u.s. military bases and we will the u.s. resume the policy of separating children from migrant families i mean why is this twenty thousand words that number coming from. well that wouldn't be my interpretation ministration is willing to start a family it's family separation policy again i would say that at some staying that the trauma thracian has been looking into this option whether it's possible to the house of my grandchildren on military bases for a while and this request specifically saying that this housing possibilities this facilities are man's to house. a company and minors so all my grand kids that were brought to the mass illegally without have the parents with
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them and that's something that has been done before under the obama administration in two thousand and fourteen when seven thousand unaccompanied minors were housed on three military bases so i think that we are talking about this case however we don't have any information about the numbers why the request was sources specific here and we are still waiting for the clarification from the pentagon i mean the numbers were you know it is certainly surprising as a drum yesterday and the children would not be separated from their parents any longer he has also pledged to reunite the over two thousand children with their families so we're looking at a big reversal of. why is he doing. well
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i think that he was under a lot of public pressure and a lot of growing criticism of him from his own republican party we also had former first ladies criticizing this family separation policy as cruel immoral nothing that the u.s. stands for and of course also ivanka trump and the first lady of milan. were reportedly pressing the president to change for a president who likes to look good on t.v. who likes to have a good rating that was obviously a reason to change his poll the sea however we of course cannot rule out that he also was moved by a hard breaking pictures of kids at the border. how difficult is it to return children to their appearance once they have been separated and we do we know when you have the specific state no we don't know anything and
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it's just has to be very just a cold house the impression right now that they don't have to plan how to do that first of all we have to say that's many parents don't know where they kids are and actually it's according to existing policies they are placing in the parents to find their kids and to seek a ring if you case so many parents don't know where their kids are and have have been already you know deported to their home countries like somalia so for them it will be very difficult to get back together with their kids or washington bureau chief alexander from them on the story for us tonight always under thank you very much. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world italy's far right interior minister has turned away a dutch flag ship with more than two hundred rescued migrants aboard but teo
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salvini said the ship operated by the german aid group mission lifeline had loaded the migrants in libyan waters but the n.g.o.s says it conducted the rescue in international waters and israeli court has indicted the wife of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu for misusing public funds sarah netanyahu is accused of falsifying household expenses to obtain one hundred thousand dollars for private catering her husband is also under investigation on suspicion of corruption offenses germany has been found guilty of violating the e.u. regulations by failing to reduce high nitrate levels in its groundwater the over use of fertilizers in farming is thought to be to blame for levels that can pose a health risk germany could now be fined by the european commission. amnesty international's turkish chairperson will be in prison until at least november this
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year time and kill each was sent to prison last year for alleged links to a cleric that ungar accuses of orchestrating a failed to back in two thousand and sixteen amnesty international has dismissed the entire case calling it basis for the turkish government has refused to allow a member of the german parliament to enter the country as an observer for this weekend's election i'm sorry home co a member of the german left party wanted to travel to turkey to represent the organization for security and cooperation in europe who had previously condemned last year's constitutional referendum in turkey as unfair the turkish government has accused him of sympathizing with the outlawed p k k party. many turks fear the outcome of the weekend's election could be fixed allegations of tampering emerged after last year's constitutional referendum president erda one sharply rejected those accusations which were also made by international observers
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this time around those suspecting potential fraud are on high alert our correspondent you'll johan has this report from istanbul. christ. this video shocked millions of tests it was recorded during the constitutional referendum last year the footage purports to show dozens of ballot papers being stamped as valid after the vote. and her colleagues are still angry at this apparent evidence of irregularities and the prospect of it happening again this year. shah you've been in all of this is one reason why many people think elections in turkey a rigged. i don't believe last year's referendum really went the government's way through arses then that's why we want to make sure there is no deception this time
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there were no pursuing it through the visit here people of the. murder of a fellow were trying to keep votes safe do you want to know. than you and her fellow activists are out on the streets of istanbul practically every day they talk to voters and try to persuade them to sign up this election want to toss. you know almost no arm a political party where part of the citizens' initiative. election monitors are allowed to be present at all the polling stations and turtle who is often there are not enough volunteers but ghana wants to change that in the conservative is stumble district many residents are loyal supporters of president ad one panel is not having much luck here. turkey's biggest opposition party the c.h.p. has actually set up an election fraud center it's better organized than banos one tear initiative but the goal is the same sending out observers and documenting suspected fraud. or searching for. a lot of people
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have doubts about the results of the last election when it was the. many thought it wasn't right. this public feeling has to be taken seriously. we say to citizens can still vote look out as well for what happens to it. the. rights for the pro-government newspaper you need be a leak he says the opposition and some media exaggerate their claims of vote manipulation. that apart from a few local irregularities i don't think there's anything wrong with our election security. i have always been people who make such claims or. say things like the votes have been stolen. or just thrown in the trash. it's been like this all the elections rather.
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than ovata and her colleagues do not agree they say the allegations of ballot rigging at the last vote have never been resolved. this time around they hope the voting will be more secure and they want to play a part in it. still to come on. all the action from the soccer world cup in russia including denmark clash with. the people. all right first the global trade dispute that go up are not funny and a big not a big big not american tariffs a searing up the delicate leave balance world order countries are struggling to find the right position to take given to us demands or punish america of it counter terrorists many are opting for the second choice today was all about anti terrorist activity. leading the charge against trump's tariffs the e.u.
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the block's trade commission to celia malmstrom may have been on a visit to new zealand but it wasn't a holiday from tariff talk making clear the e.u. was not budging from its threat of countermeasures on american products the use tariffs come into effect on friday despite trade fears. it could escalate. to a full trade war which would be bad for the whole world because we are so new zealanders in europe in union we are so into linked in the global economies also in the chinese and in the u.s. and with the global value chains so it will affect us as well it will affect our companies it will affect our consumers come what may turkey is also striking back from thursday the government is imposing tariffs on twenty different u.s. products ranging from cold paper tobacco to cars and manufacturing goods hitting two hundred thirty million euros of products turkey's economy minister saying those
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should balance out the costs of the trumpet ministrations talents. also on thursday india slap counter tariffs on farm chemicals steel and other products the import duty on chick peas is been raised to sixty percent and on walnuts to over one hundred percent. and those are just the latest in a series of moves by america's old allies to push back against trump's measures trade partners a rasping themselves with an ally like this who needs enemies. and first damage reports are coming through from the front lines of the tariff war germany is dying or is failing to pinch both from the ask trade conflict between the us and china and the entirely mate and mission scandal luxury automaker has issued a profit warning saying costs from chinese cars produced in the u.s.
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. take a bite out of their bottom line don are also has to recall some eight hundred thousand diesel vehicles of course missions cheating it predicts earnings before taxes and interest will be below last year's level we asked our frankfurt correspondent a worrying that. you know that's a new chapter to worry about in this saga and the investors put pressure on the done their share because of those worries about the future a drop over four percent took other cursors like b.m.w. and a volkswagen down with it and one analyst saying you know when you hear a profit warning in a situation like this it's usually not the last one so you know people don't know is this the end of story especially as there's you mentioned the diesel scandal as well it's unclear how high the tab for that will be in the end for a dime lower and it sure puts pressure on the c.e.o. do you thought such a he was under pressure before because of poor formants and the diesel scandal now
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with a profit warning not good for a c.e.o. . talking about the c.e.o. of bomb shell announcement shaking up silicon valley intel a c.e.o. brian knight is out here resigned unexpectedly after the company said it learned that he had a consensual past relationship with an intel employee that violated the company's known fraternization policy which applies to all managers products joint entirely nine hundred eighty two as an engineer chief financial officer robert l. take over for the time being the company would launch an extensive search for a permanent replacement. let's get more on this from our financial correspondent to new york and squat to the u.s. has its very own policy when it comes to a relationship that's work is corporate policy all about war also or what is driving decisions like this one. well there's
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a bit more behind than just moral issues there is a pretty clear policy at a lot of u.s. corporations that managers are not supposed to have relationships with employees who report directly or indirectly to them so obviously the company is one to avoid that decisions might be influenced or old soul that some of the managers take a vantage of their. center we've seen it in the pocketbook couple of years and those are the past years again and again that we had some high ranking c o's from companies like boeing hewlett packard's or priceline who had to leave their positions because of their relationships with employees what does this resignation mean for intel what's the consequence it's not a pleasant day for sonnets and it's not a pleasant day for intel either he actually had done
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a pretty good job in the past couple of years transforming intel away from the p.c. business more to simi conductors for smartphones for video games and other areas and he did start with the firm in one thousand nine hundred eighty two and he became c.e.o. five years ago so the stock of intel lost a good two percent here in the thursday session and was that intel was the second biggest loser in the dow jones industrial average and there is talk that actually they have a pretty strong line of possible people filling in the position but well as i said to him he did a pretty good job in the past couple of years and that's why investors at least for now showed a negative reaction. for us thank you so much. all right and now back to brant for all the latest world cup trauma. our time for the latest now on the world cup chris here for now from our sports
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desk cric cric chris yeah it's almost friday right. now like that yes argentina face croatia in today's third game how they go well you know one thing on argentina's to do list was tighten up at the back and i'll tell you one thing they failed to check that off in this match against croatia we can take a look at this video of first the goalkeeper made a blunder which helped each karate kick this one is clearly out of reach of with the cut copy giros and they kept on coming here he's luka much as deluca martyrs is a part of the good generation this might be very his last world cup and he had no problem scoring from outside the box and then later on point salt in the wound he bought a rocket to. meet light work of that just a bad bad day yeah he a supporter of argentina what
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a result for her ways but what does this mean for argentina's star player you know miss well you know basically it means he's kind of living up to this storyline that's been associated to his name right this idea that he just doesn't get it done on the international pitch i mean just to illustrate that point he had eleven mrs on eleven miss shots in the first game this particular game his first attempt came to the sixty fourth minute which suggests that he did have an opportunity to pull off any magic you know his mom came out of the port and it made it that he gets very emotional in teary eyed when he doesn't perform well for his country and i'm thinking oh my he's not going to get much sleep tonight but anything kleenexes maybe they get through if there's a miracle you have to wait and see what happens with the rest of the group d. in games i think about group c. yeah it's finished with their second round of games earlier today right now france is a favorite they are fast and furious. believe me fasten it be curious because they haven't been that effective in the final third but in this match through against
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drew they had no problem getting on the board and it was the french youngster kilian mbox day leading the way authentically the ball sort of a pop open kind of ricocheted off over zero then killing him by the right front with that goal he became the youngest way international french player to score in a major tournaments and he's an expensive player as well he's worth the you know in the ballpark of two hundred million so a nice investment and he's doing it first country there through the other match of the day the other match of the day things started out great for the danes eric christian six tottenham standout got in the port early but then they started to deflate in the socceroos were coming through and they got a pin if it thinks of the video system replay the late. many net had no problem executing his second goal of the world cup fifty fifty you know you meant this one which means they still have hope to get through your one of these results
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mean them from group c. three ok now it all depends on what happens the last two matches they play at the same time i believe we have a graphic faction explain it we can look at it and look. we have the gray and this graphic there we guarantee now if you notice fred for a top of the group they face did mark next but they're neck and neck now did mark must lose so they stay with four points australia must beat peru and they must do it if you look at that did mark plus one that's goal difference minus one for australia they're going to have to make that up if they end up level on points and get that advantage but the peru ok the last thing pro it wants to do is send their fans home with a smile and they're going to put up quite a fight against australia so we have to wait and see how the dust settles with the riots no dust on you press or not it's been a good week thank you chris all right. all right you might want to roll out your mad and hold that pose because today marks the fourth international yoga day chris you do you have
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a dodgy from ireland's in bahrain australia italy gatherings are planned to celebrate the spiritual and physical practice but nowhere are the festivities as numerous or as impressive as in india just ask for a minister or injure mode this is not your average yoga class some fifty thousand people came together for this celebration among them some of india's most prominent yoga mostest and the country's prime minister. to lead it. could be if you. can then live each yoga it can show. the very in be preaching ben jonson mindless anxiety. these benefits just some of those promoted by modi he spearheaded an initiative to reclaim the discipline as an historic paunch of indian culture. as modi took
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his place at the center of this gathering yogas reach extended across the country these policemen practicing the sun salutations in the indian himalayas just one of five thousand yoga day events in india. in myanmar to and across the globe people on it a practice credited with balancing the body mind and spirit the word yoga means to attach to join to yoke and today in india and elsewhere this ancient discipline has certainly brought people together. or the famed gorilla coco to master sign language has died at the age of forty six in california the western lowland gorilla became the subject of press reports books and t.v. shows after learning more than a thousand words in american sign language animal psychologist penny patterson
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began teaching koko as part of a stanford university project in one thousand nine hundred seventy four the gorilla was featured in many documentaries and appeared on the cover of national geographic magazine twice. you're watching e.w. news after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around for that.
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the much. more intriguing international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week chancellor merkel and so back to the war as tensions are mounting germany's refugee brown the question is can she come up with a solution to prevent her goal one from being blown apart find out on hundred coming up shortly. sixty minutes on. home.
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for. a clash of cultures in india. a clash between those who believe in arranged marriage those who want to marry for love. but the clash that's shaking families and society to the cool. my father would be angry sometimes i think i'm ready to. go starts july eighth d w. thirty page i'm not trying to contents of election anything and make a comment president read to type out on prep and how i want something even unseat
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him and alter the course of the country the payment international will tell you what you need to know the component in life come right from your temple and on ground zero three on the top of your. european leaders will meet sunday in what's being called a mini summit but it will seem more like the mother of all e.u. meetings and a love it's our attempt to fix europe's migration dilemma and some leaders are refusing to attend protesting what they call the overreach of the german chancellor the chances of consensus here are if the the chances of.


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