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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 21, 2018 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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this is news live from berlin an emergency summit on migration in europe is called for this sunday but some leaders say they won't go italy's prime minister do step in conte today agreed to attend the summit but only after a phone call under sorenson's from german chancellor angela merkel political future is on the line and she pushes for a european union solution on migration also coming up where are their parents as president says that border agents will try to reunite migrant children separated
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from their mothers and fathers a public backlash forced him to scrap a policy which took two thousand children away from their families and have the latest from washington. also coming up on the show who were heading to the world cup where argentina clashed with croatia and there were some spectacular goals on show. all the action that and thursday's other world cup get. off it's good to have you with us tonight and the european union's volatile stance on migration is on display yet again emergency talks are playing for sunday italy has now confirmed it will take part but it only came after germany's chancellor angela merkel agreed to scrap a pre prepared joint statement about the meat anti immigrant leaders from central
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europe say that they plan to boycott the subway in a sign of worsening divisions within your. there are three days to go before german chancellor angela merkel's mini migration summit in brussels invitations have gone out in the name of the european commission to ten countries including italy greece spain and austria coming maybe more the german chancellor wants as many countries as possible to take back refugees if they've registered their first a preliminary draft of the final declaration points to a clear tightening of the us silent policy including an end to the large scale movement of refugees within the european union the document proposes the establishment of migrant processing centers outside a u. borders also a mechanism for deportations between e.u. countries cash and other welfare provisions would only be available in the countries migrants are registered and there'd be controls at stations and airports
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to limit cross border movement but the document provoked disagreement as soon as it was leaked italian prime minister decepticon to complain that the paper disregarded his country's position and threatened to boycott this weekend's migration meeting he says italy wants a moratorium on new migrants before it takes any back from other e.u. countries italy's far right interior minister had already up the rhetoric the previous evening. in europe the times are over when france and germany decided refugee policy when they told european italy what they had to pay and which migrants they had to take in. it took a call from angela merkel in the promise to withdraw the draft before the italian prime minister agreed to attend this weekend's talks we'll see each other in brussels on sunday can they wrote sounds like he's ready for a fight. earlier we spoke to our correspondent on european affairs barbara visa
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when we asked her how there can be an argument over the draft closing text for a meeting that hasn't happened yet of course it's a piece of political theater and it's only a side of somehow trying to drive up the praise for any sort of agreement they made to the consultation off the member states as is usually the case it is going against these interests clearly because of migrants are going to be pushed back to italy where they started out in europe on in some cases maybe to greece but it's the at the moment is has the most problems and the most the rivals then of course this whole thing is against their interests and so conti's sort of made clear that he wouldn't come to discuss propositions like that because he can only say no to them until america has very quickly snoozed the waves the paper was withdrawn as some new follows will be found till sunday and so that is cleared up but it shows
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how very touchy and extremely difficult it would be to get to any sort of even of a consensus on this coming sunday our correspondent barbara v's will there reporting where german chancellor angela merkel is currently in lebanon on the second leg of a mideast trip after arriving in beirut she held talks with prime minister saad hariri expressed her support for the troubled country which is taking in an estimated one and a half million displaced syrians earlier the german leader was in jordan where she met king abdullah promised one hundred million dollar loan to help the government implement economic reform. u.s. president donald trump has told federal agencies to read you know i don't like that children detained at the mexican border with their parents but truong did not reveal details of how authorities would do their. trump signed an executive order yesterday reversing elements of his zero tolerance immigration policy under the
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policy of the world he's separated more than twenty three hundred children from their parents a move which has drawn widespread condemnation. in the heart of american democracy fifty children are protesting president tom's policies they wrap themselves in the same file plank it's given to the migrant children separated from their parents at the u.s. border with mexico. the national and international protests were bigger than trying may have anticipated on wednesday trump reversed his so-called zero tolerance policy he said families that cross the border would still be arrested but their children would not be taken from them. a very good executive order yesterday but that's only limited about how you cut it leads to separation alternately i'm directing h h s t h s and d.o.j. to work together to keep illegal immigrant families together during the immigration
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process and to reunite the previously separated groups there are still so many questions what will happen now to the more than two thousand children who have already been separated from their parents and sent elsewhere throughout the country will the immigration process change. the u.s. house of representatives attempted to answer at least one of these questions with a new immigration bill but the bill failed. and a vote on a second bill has been postponed. meanwhile federal health officials have requested the pentagon prepare housing for up to twenty thousand unaccompanied migrant children on military bases and on thursday first lady melania trump went on a p.r. offensive making a surprise visit to a detention center on the border damage control from president trump by all means necessary. are you want to go now to our washington bureau chief alexander phenomena good evening to you all xandra so the department of defense this is
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remarkable reportedly been requested to help us up to twenty thousand migrant children on u.s. military bases and we will the u.s. resume the policy of separating children from migrant families i mean why is this twenty thousand words that number coming from. well that wouldn't be my interpretation that the administration is willing to start a family it's really separation policy again i would say that it's something that the trouble with ration has been looking into this option whether it's possible to house my grandchildren on military bases for a while and this request at specifically saying that this housing possibilities this facilities are man's to house. a company and miners so all my grand kids that were brought to the mass illegally without having their parents
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with them and that's something that has been done before under the obama administration in two thousand and fourteen when seven thousand unaccompanied minors were housed on three military bases so i think that we are talking about this case. however we don't have any information about the numbers why the request was sources specific here and we are still waiting for the clarification from the pentagon i mean the numbers were you know it is certainly surprising president drum yesterday announced that children would not be separated from their parents any longer he has also pledged to reunite the over two thousand children with their families so we're looking at a big reversal of flip why is he doing to us.
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well i think that he was under a lot of public pressure and a lot of growing criticism of him from his own republican party we also had former first ladies criticizing this family separation policy as cruel immoral nothing that the u.s. stands for and of course also ivanka trump and the first lady of milan. were reportedly pressing the president to change for a president who likes to look good on t.v. he likes to have a good rating was obviously a reason to change his poll the sea however we of course cannot ruled out that he also was moved by these hard braking pictures of kids at the border always wonder how difficult is it to return to their appearance once they have been separated and we do know when you have the specifics that. no we don't know anything civics and it's just has to be very difficult at the house the impression
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right now that they. have to plan how to do that first of all we have to say that's many parents don't know where they kids are and actually it's according to existing policies they are placing in the parents to find their kids and to seek when if you case so many parents don't know where their kids are and have have been already you know deported to their home countries like somalia so for them it will be very difficult to get back together with their kids. our washington bureau chief alexander finally on the story force tonight alexandra thank you very much. calls quite the upset at the world cup on thursday by beating argentina three a massive mistake by argentina's goalkeeper open the floodgates and allowed on tape
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ready to break the deadlock in the fifty third bit with ten minutes left of the match luca mode she stated croatia is neat with a set of raw and shot from distance eve on rocketed sealed the three zero win at times to work away just passage to the knockout stage. earlier on in the day france to go in peru in what proved to be a decisive match in group c. a first have strike from killian. was enough to settle the tie in france a state with nineteen year old became the nation's youngest ever world cup goals were as france returned to the top of group c. . have been eliminated from the competition after failing to pick up a point from their opening to game this group see rivals did mark in australia had kicked off the day with an exciting match in some are the danes took the lead after just seven minutes nicholai found christiane eriksson whose stunning volley past
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the australian go keeper ten minutes before the break australia claimed a handball the referee consulted the v.a.r. in the australians got a penalty below a good enough stepped up and looked at the school one zero the final result and a point each for denmark and for the oh. well after their shock defeat in the first match germany have their backs against the wall and they need to win against sweden your welcome will have to take his team to sochi early ahead of saturday's clash and our correspondent jonathan hardy has this update about their. very imposing preparations on the defending world champions this group appears a little bit more relaxed they are certainly closer to their fans but the focus remains on the task at hand saturday's game against sweden here in sochi something to do a spoke before training about working together as a team not as individuals not so most talked about accepting the pressure on this
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germany side and the expectation to perform but it was miroslav klose whose words had perhaps the biggest impact the beauty of football is that you have to deliver germany no they have to do that here on saturday night against sweden in sochi if their world cup dream is to remain alive. jonathan harding there reporting from sochi the famed gorilla coco who mastered sign language has died at the age of forty six in california the western lowland gorilla became the subject of press reports books and t.v. shows after learning more than a thousand words in american sign language the animal psychologist penny patterson began teaching koko as part of a stanford university project back in one thousand nine hundred four the gorilla was featured in many documentaries and appeared on the cover of national geographic magazine why. rest in peace so
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you're up to date with the w. news we're back at the top of the hour with more world news for c the. eloi. right. gemini which. any time any place. to sing music video never. have the benefit of cocktail.


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