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versity project back in one thousand nine hundred four the gorilla was featured in many documentaries and appeared on the cover of national geographic magazine why it's. rest in peace. europe today with the w. news we're back at the top of the hour with more world news for sea of the. moon. and gemini which. any time any place. video now that.
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we have to fill by the beatles. songs to sing along to download to see this to come to you from super. to do what i. am very fond of into active exercises are you talking about the devil you don't come slashdot on facebook and the arabs don't like to learn german for free but devaney. truth. hi and welcome to a special edition of kino coming to you today from the city of frankfurt famous of course for its skyline and for being germany's capital of high finance but frankfurt is also home to one of the largest film museums in europe and they're
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honoring with an amazing exhibit a cinematic masterpiece. two thousand and one a space odyssey the mother of all science fiction films. in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight director stanley kubrick rewrote the rules of cinema in a way that continues to amaze and inspire. this conversation can serve no purpose anymore today on keno we're doing a deep dive into two thousand and one we're holding our entire show the stanley kubrick's saif i class like film turns fifty this year but two thousand and one is still way ahead of its time. when kubrick began putting his siphon masterpiece together in the mid one nine hundred sixty s. americans in saving its were vying to be the first to reach the moon to develop a visionary but believable set design kubrick hired nasa experts who had worked
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with rocket pioneer vanna for brown the frankfurt show explores how meticulously every technical detail as planned. kubrick was the first to use product placement this futuristic watch from a luxury brand hamilton went on sale as the film opened but only a few original props are possessed kubrick destroyed most of them. this is a replica of the model of the famous centrifuge a hamster wheel weighing firstly tons and twelve meters in diameter filming with so complicated that it took several days to shoot just a few seconds. long since for the galaxy. the space scenes were created with an elaborate animation by hand without computer technology. you know when you think it's so models it's
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wooden glue and string and nothing shows it's. just a testament to. how careful he was and god knows how many of how many. sort of takes they took of the model shots because obviously the special effects ticker a lot. more than a hundred people worked on the special effects alone kubrick spent four years making the film at london's m.g.m. studios going way over his budget and schedule. with his team he created images like none before. so there was a very open kind of art school atmosphere let's see let's try there was no oh we can't do that it's you know that was a red rag to stanley say oh we can't do that risk or why not why can't you let's
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try it so everybody was able to be as a maginnis heaven is crazy and like it because there were no wrong answers to brick wrote the screenplay with sapphire legend arthur c. clarke the goal was to create the definitive five film probing the question of extraterrestrial life and artificial intelligence that spirals out of control in the form of the onboard computer held. it in the park big doors oh. i'm sorry day i'm afraid i can't do that. that's the problem. i think you know what the problem is just as what is right what are you talking about all. this mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it. it's really a philosophical film it's not really a science fiction i call it much more philosophical film and it is so fresh because
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it doesn't contain in its essence anything that can be outdated because we are as ignorant now as a row fifty years ago about the miracles of the universe. where do we come from. where are we going. stanley kubrick's two thousand and one a space odyssey also is now on to its only stunning images the journey continues. and enjoy no with ellen haring the director of the film institute and the film is in here in frankfurt thanks for joining us i want to talk about two thousand and one. with the first time you saw the movie do you remember and you remember remember what it did with you do you remember. i remember very specifically and one
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of the great fortunes that i've had in my career is i've been a film programmer and i was able to hold off on seeing two thousand and one until i could see it on the big screen you know i can only imagine that everybody who would have a chance to see the movie this way would just be carried away by it it's a very famous story of when the movie was first released people actually walked out of the premiere you know people who had traditional expectations of a hollywood movie and were looking for a linear narrative and it wasn't a box office success at the beginning but then they really did the marketing and i actually know this the guy who created the tagline the ultimate trip and they positioned it in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight as a movie that would expand your consciousness and you know kind of subvert your expectations of what a movie should be and it attracted a young audience that interacted you know people who were in the counterculture and it became a huge hit because of that i mean what but there's something you feel personally
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that you find so find interesting fascinating but with so much in terms of its history but just as a film goer yeah the amazing thing about this the photography of vision the. well the facts just watching the beauty of each of those sequences and the fact that he is really willing to hold the camera and extend a sequence and ask you to step into that vision and to just take that journey and then when you have the marriage in certain sequences of some of these classic pieces of music that also is incredible because now people when they hear that music it immediately makes them think of the film as it does with me. with. the. whole exhibit here dedicated to the film what do you think it's about adds to
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understanding two thousand and one what i really like about this exhibition in the way that it brings the audience in is it shows the whole production cycle it shows that stanley kubrick was an obsessive he did tremendous amounts of research for every movie he made and spent years talking to scientists doing scientific research thinking about outer space exploration and nobody had landed on the moon yet when this movie was made and there's this famous conspiracy theory that neil armstrong never landed on the moon but the footage was shot by stanley kubrick it's one of the great myths of modern culture. so it's amazing to go through the whole production history in this exhibition you get the view of the filmmaker and all of the creative team and then it all comes together with the projections that you see of the film sequences on him to thank you so much for joining us and two thousand and one has had an immense impact not
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just on cinema really the film gave us a vision of the future. around. some man one thousand nine hundred sixty eight a star is twenty one year old david bowie watches the film two thousand and one in london's casino cinerama say he goes home and writes space oddity his own musical homage to alienation in the space age with its lonely astronaut major tang. critic if you ask west germany in one thousand nine hundred three major taunts by peter shilling to his only said pop hit. two thousand one may disturb you and so i find cool in alien ridley scott takes the idea of hell and aloof and indifferent supercomputer one step further. in early in the ship's arrogant intelligence called nada demonstrates how humans themselves
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have become obsolete. hello today. you are looking well known as hell nine thousand times apple computer pitchman in this commercial from the late one nine hundred ninety s. two thousand when computers began to misbehave three hundred twelve the themes and style of two thousand and one and spied countless site five films britney scamper turn to kubrick for his space adventure the motion. but there's no more affectionate how much to two thousand one thousand interstellar director christopher nolan says kubrick's masterpiece is his favorite film with interstellar he delivers an updated and equally fascinating vision of a space odyssey. and
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two thousand one continues to inspire pop culture in his video to believe that he kravitz rockets into orbit as directed michel gondry quotes kubrick with every shot . a. beach hand. on trend. and that's all for kino special on fifty years of two thousand and one a space odyssey if you like to get out on cooper we've actor web site with lots of trivia about the film and if you can't make it to frankfurt for the exam but next year it's going on tour to london but for now i'm here with al harrington and we just like to say took a by open the pod bay doors hal i'm sorry. i'm afraid i can't do that. for.
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setting the world. cup the. planet. would not compete. more intrigue our international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week chancellor merkel on so back to the wars tensions are mounting germany's refugee around the question is can she come up with a solution to prevent her government from being blown apart find out on quadriga coming up shortly. quadriga
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next d.w. . you can preserve them. pass them on. and celebrate can choose. european traditions. like playing the best types of favorite irish pastime for generations. they make a commitment. they find solutions. they conspire. africa . among. stories about people making
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a difference shaping their nation. and their continent africa on the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands. as a new multimedia series for. d w dot com africa. clone a very warm welcome indeed to quadriga coming to you from the heart of berlin and this week the focus is on german chancellor angela merkel who truly house her back to the wall everyone is asking how long can europe's longest serving leader playing on to office amid the latest rocked.


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