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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  June 22, 2018 6:02am-6:31am CEST

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european leaders will meet sunday in what's being called a mini summit but it will seem more like the mother of all you meetings and the love it our attempt to fix europe's migration dilemma and some leaders are refusing to attend protesting what they call the overreach of the german chancellor the chances of consensus here are iffy the chances of america losing everything are better i'm burned off in berlin this is the day. and wilson johnson's thoughts germany continues to be a safe country and. i want to be very clear. i'm against. dynamo pay for my goods. if this is something that this against.
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our european but. often is fulfilling to give never have been instances where foreign citizens were subjected to accusations and attacks. in the gulf because it's fun it's not nice or signaling there have also been instances where refugees murdered young girls see them all the problem but this is speak to i think it's important that we stop putting the issue of migration distribution in the e.u. at the center of this and to me to come to look we live in india only so we can ensure safe alpha boarders for the european union is within them play only then will we be able to preserve a european union without you know borders that he situation because if you look at the measures of migration are just not the answer. be utopian or solution. are the only answers.
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also coming up tonight europe's other battle for the e.u. fires a warning shot as fears of a global trade war continue to. the tweet that keep believing he should be to lose trust people to come. to not it's a decision to push to use goes against him in fact he goes against the little chick and beast. or we begin the day with a european emergency a crisis over how to deal with migration and it is so polarizing that it is advisable to no longer assume that german chancellor angela merkel will save the day in fact she may lose her job conservatives in germany have drawn a red line on migration and merrill giving her until july first to present a european plan to deal with unprecedented migration into europe and that is why the chancellor has called a meeting for this coming sunday of several european leaders face to face talks to
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finally get the e.u. to act on migration of the issues so divisive that some leaders such as hungary's prime minister are not going italy's new prime minister to step back on to threaten to cancel and only after a phone call and assurances from uncle americal did he change his mind delicate diplomacy. and not only here in europe the chancellor is currently visiting jordan and lebanon the countries which are home to the world's highest number of refugees per capita medical is expected to offer aid the hope is that stable and peaceful countries will be able to deal with refugees and they'll remain part of the solution not become part of the problem. for solutions to managing migration of forces letters of the middle east she is in beirut tonight he is chief political editor. is traveling with her good evening to you nic hello what is
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uncle americal offering on this trip and what is she expecting to get in return. awful this trip was planned way ahead of what then hit in full force which is this in a coalition c.d.u. c.s.u. union crisis over that very issue from grayson she wanted to basically congratulate both lebanon and jordan on having coped so well so far with more migrants each hissing their economies and their societies over a million in both countries and levon for instance is only six and a half million people actually living here so this isn't a very complex region so she really wanted to acknowledge that she's also brought some money we know that jordan will be getting another hundred million in loans is a key since its face has faced protests of huge price spikes with an i.m.f.
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program on the way but of course the overarching issue is migration and going back will quickly just get tired of stressing time and time again that you really have to think about the big picture you have to think about the root causes you have to create conditions where people no longer want to leave but given the time pressure she knows she's under right now she needs to deliver something rather fast yeah and that's a good point which you know makes you wonder on why she went ahead with this trip considering we do have this mini summit scheduled for this sunday do you know was there any discussion about maybe canceling this trip or with this trip maybe. you know the worst possible talk actually we journalists were wondering whether it would get cancelled and but then she would have of course changed her plans and that would have only magnifies the impression that people are getting about the
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crisis that she faces back home after all it is into a region that is at the core really of what became known as the migration cry. this is and also gives a bit of distance but we do know that most senior foreign policy adviser stayed behind in berlin is bashing those phones as you might have spoken on the phone with the deceased prime minister conte today basically smooth some ruffled feathers over the very idea of having something inviting come sunday but at the same time stuff working very hard indeed to get other e.u. countries to attend the summit they know that there's eastern states is visit states some of this you've got states the states basically against migration to their countries particularly if it's muslims coming like hungary simply won't attend they won't be talking but really it's a show of how much support to the german chancellor house in europe the woman who is seen as the beacon of stability in the european union which is still often seen
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sticky on foreign policy on key issues also of migration like mass house talking past each other rather than really knocking heads together and coming up with something concrete because you know you mentioned the eastern european states you know they are boycotting sunday's meeting hungary for example italy as you were saying threatened so when the when the prime minister there read a draft memo about the media you got a lot of people who are now also. are attempting to declare that this migration plan is dead on arrival do you agree. well. it's seen or it's being sold more as a co-ordinating me saying there were no illusions certainly in berlin. of hungary but we are hearing rather concrete indications that math is planning to
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meet him in berlin after this you summit potentially on the fifth of july now if that meeting happens it would be found to be an extension of the deadline she's been giving by her own party to solve this one way or the other through bilateral meetings that was really the first of to live what would they really blow up their coalition that decades long coalition with angela merkel's party if that potentially crucial meeting with one of her hospice critics and a couple days off i very much doubt it will we've seen seeing a lot of tactical games here and we've also before seen and we have a lot of could be forgiven for having forgotten about us a quota system that was actually agreed but never really executed so if all leaders agree on something even if they put it on paper it still doesn't mean that it happens in the european union so that still of course is also another key problem that she will have to tackle but for now she needs to show something to a domestic crisis we're not used to that in germany the german chancellor isn't
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used to that but that's the very. danger and reality she's in right now that's exactly right that's why the world will be watching very very carefully what happens this coming sunday. on the story for us tonight in beirut we go with you very much. over migration in europe to migration in the united states president says that he has directed immigration and border agents to reunite migrant children with their parents now this comes a day after he signed an executive order ending the policy of separating migrant families at the border with mexico the reversal follows global growing global and domestic outrage over the policy. perhaps to help mitigate some of that outrage the first lady flew to texas today to get a firsthand look at the child detention centers the despite the visit much of the press coverage was on millennia trumps choice of word drug you know she was seen
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boarding there you go the plane wearing a jacket with the words i really don't care do you printed on the back her spokesperson said there was no hidden message she said it was just. the folk possum's to fit the picture that we are seeing on the cover of the new cover of time magazine the cover features a crying migrant child you might recognize it as part of the image by photographer john moore taken at the u.s. border it's come to symbolize the cruelty of the family separation policy in standing over that child donald trump and next to them the words welcome to america still ahead on the day russia's massive security operation for the world cup we test the measures in place to keep the fans
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safe. the moscow subway system is under special protection from any threat of attack as an experiment we set out to port one of the trains with a heavy backpack and headed to the city center. well europe is firing its first shot in what is rapidly becoming a global trade war on friday the european union slapped tariffs on a list of american products its brussels answer to u.s. president double drums global trade offensive he's imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum arguing that trade imbalances threaten u.s. national security and a europe is targeting iconic american products and you know them like bourbon whiskey jeans peanut butter and of course even the motorcycle maker harley davidson as the e.u. trade commissioner said it's to make noise and to pressure u.s.
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leaders but global markets they are especially worried about rising tensions between washington and beijing trump is threatening we understand to impose tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of chinese goods china has promised to respond in kind to what it's calling bullying tactics and blackmail let's talk about the bully in this attack tonight i'm joined here by our own call your he's not a bully he's he's our master economist from the ruins j.f.k. institute or when it's good to see you again what are we looking at. right right now with the. the e.u. firing back well this was a long wind up before the pitch so we all saw this coming it cannot be it's not a preemptive sort of strike this is something that was announced sort of in cold blood work through the bureaucracy and now that the threat will be carried out
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when you compare the orders of magnitude. what china is going to be responding in its tit for tat it's more than ten times larger the scope of the goods being covered in china's response so europe the is really responding with a symbolic first step but it gives them plenty of room to maneuver there's a lot more caps for tickets so to speak down the line europe has plenty of ammunition and the european commission president john for euchre to talk about the u.s. response to trump's trade offensive take a listen to part of what he said. the response must be clear but measures who do what we have to do to rebalance unsafe. and at the same time. who
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knew we'd like minded comfort so it makes sense for us and it makes sense for us all right you know these new business partners where will the e.u. turn for these new partnerships well internally. this will be a great what economists call trade diversion. so you can count on looking towards eastern europe also within western europe with japan with china what we're having is not a trade war where it's. obscene each against all this is a hub and spokes sort of system where the usa is conducting bilateral trade wars with other countries these other countries around the hub will be trading with each other there's just resist abuse it will be a movement of a lot of traits of this is why the effect the impact on each of these individual called them lilliputians countries compared to go over in the middle. as
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we know go over could be tied down by the many small little pollution this is going to be probably the undoing the fact that. it will be a unilateral trade war of the united states against the world if trump has his way and that's not really something that we i mean everybody gets hurt let's not get this wrong there are losses to the world economy but it will be disproportionately borne by the united states because all the other partners have many more possibilities for trade where you know you just got back from the united states i mean what you're seeing right there is their message being communicated to people who live in the heartland the rust belt of the u.s. where trumps base is these are the people who are hoping that they're going to get new jobs because of what we're seeing. having taught economics for decades i can
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tell you that some of the simplest lessons in economics are very hard to transmit and. in a short period of time what we but reality catches up and it's that reality prices in the united states for goods that use foreign imports that now have a tax on those prices will go up that's the purpose of pet tariffs your domestic producers will then be able to charge a higher price because they have less competition it will be that the other place where we can expect eventually and probably even earlier than from the consumer side are all the companies who have developed intricate supply chains especially in north america between canada u.s. and mexico where intermediate goods parts are going back and forth across borders that makes everything they produce more expensive and then harder to sell on foreign markets i think it's going to be those producers those companies that's
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where the lobbying against the trade war is going to happen but we'll see what happens with that while being begins we're going to invite you to come back here to the big so i hope sooner. with ruins if there's always been a pleasure thank you you thank. thanks. our time for the latest now on the world cup chris here joins me now from our sports desk cric cric cress yeah it's almost friday right. like that yes argentina face croatia in today's third game how they go we know one thing on argentina's to do list was tighten up at the back and i'll tell you one thing they failed to check that off in this match against croatia we can take a look at this video of first the goalkeeper made a blunder which helped m t reach karate kick this one in clearly out of reach of with the cut copy arrows
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and they kept on coming here is luka much as do commanders is a part of a good generation this might be very his last world cup and he had no problem scoring from outside the box and then later on point salt in the wounds even on a rocket to. meet light work that just a bad bad day yeah he a supporter of argentina what a result for croatia but what does this mean for argentina's star player you know miss you know basically it means he's kind of living up to this storyline that's been associated to his name right this idea that he just doesn't get it done on the international pitch i mean just to illustrate that point he had eleven mrs on eleven missed shots in the first game this particular game his first attempt came to the sixty fourth minute which suggests that he did have an opportunity to pull off any magic you know his mom came out of the port and it made it that he gets
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very emotional and teary eyed when he doesn't perform well for his country and i'm thinking oh my he's not going to get much sleep tonight but i mean he's in kleenex maybe they get through if there's a miracle you have to wait to see what happens with the rest of the group d. in games i think about group c. yet it's finished with their second round of games earlier today right now france is a favorite they are fast. and furious but they're believing me fast in a bit curious because they haven't been that effective in the final third but in this match through the gates prove they had no problem getting on the board and it was the french youngster keeley in mbox bay leading the way often simply the ball sort of a paul paul but they kind of ricocheted off all over zero the q. and bobby right in front with that goal he became the youngest. international french player to score in a major tournaments and he's an expensive player as well he's worth to you know in the ballpark of two hundred million so a nice investment and he's doing it for his country there through the other match
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of the day. the other match of the day things started out great for the danes eric christian city tottenham standout got in the port early but then they started to deflate in the soccer rules were coming through and they kind of benefit thanks to the video assist and replay the late. maybe neck had no problem executing his second goal of the world cup and fifty fifty you know you meant this one which means they still have hope to get through your what are these results mean then for group c. ok now it all depends on what happens the last two matches they play at the same time i believe we have a graphic fact explain it we can look at it and look we have the right at this graphic there are guarantees now as you noticed france for a top of the group they face did mark next but they're neck and net now did mark must lose so they stay with four points australia must beat peru and they must do it if you look at that good mark plus one that's goal difference minus one for australia they're going to have to make that up if they end up level on points and
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get that advantage but tough peru ok the last thing peru it wants to do is send their fans home with a smile and they're going to put up quite a fight against australia so we have to wait and see how the dust settles with all rights no dust on you. all right it's been a good way thank you chris alright. well the soccer world cup is the most watched sporting event on the planet and with all those eyes now on russia security is a top priority russia has been a recent target for terror attacks the kremlin is also warning of the dangers posed by returning jihad as thousands of russians went to fight for islamic state in syria and iraq it's no surprise then that a massive security operation has been rolled out for the world cup the w.'s yury russia has been out to test the measures to keep fans and players safe.
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a wild party for soccer fans is a hard day's work for security personnel thousands of police officers national guard soldiers and secret service staff have a strong presence in all eleven cities where world cup matches are taking place. across eastern europe we have the situation under control across the country as far as we know there's been no serious threat to any wildcat visitors all participants . from moscow subway system is under special protection from any threat of attack as an experiment we set out to board one of the trains with a heavy backpack and headed to the city center the trip made by six and a half million people every day. soon after entering the station our bag is placed in an x. ray machine like those used at airports. then it scanned with a metal detector at another station. the last terrorist attack on
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a subway station was a year ago in st petersburg security forces partly even anything to chance but most soccer fans with child here from around the world hardly give this a second thought the entire city of moscow is a sea of tournament colors plus the grey uniforms of team police authorities won't divulge the total number of security staff since some of them are part of intelligence services bills will move forward you will because of course we had many preventative measures in place at the outset and almost you prove we also have lists with the names of fans who are bug from entering the stadiums. we not plan embodied hugo the same applies to non russian fans that many countries apply the same law as we do we have plenty of information about these people from our colleagues in a seize the butcher book with. in addition the right to demonstrate has been restricted to russian opposition has criticized this measure as
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a diversion tactic to steer attention away from the country's real problems. obviously kremlin wants to use this championship to boost its international image to normalize russia because many people becoming him tourists fans and they will be coming back saying look we saw a normal country nothing like the dictatorship of the western music portraying in this regards any kind of real mass protests is a lethal poison for the image of him. but there's also been widespread craze of the police service so far in part from police officers from other countries who've come by the hundreds to support their russian counterparts for the four weeks of the tournament. the football gold cup in russia has been a happy and safe celebration so far in the future that is a story just have to put into the tournament safety seems to have paid off of course everyone hopes that the bill stayed that way.
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so do we for the day is nearly done but it's always a conversation continues online to find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can write to me brant got t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day shorter day today is the longest day of the year to mark. the boys.
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for intrigue international talk show. for journalists discuss the topic of the week chancellor merkel has a back to the war tension is mounting germany's refugees around the question is can she come up with a solution to prevent her government from being blown apart find out on quadriga coming up shortly. quadriga
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next on d w. that is close to the toppling of the president. and treated as civil war i don't know the banana this united fruit company. the history of the u.s. corporation that determines the face of central america. and bananas and republics after that in forty five minutes believe. earth. home to millions of species a home worth saving. here which is on those are big changes and most start with
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small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the term the climate to stick green energy solutions and reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and more determined to build something here for the next generation global ideas the multimedia environment series on d.w. . clone a very warm welcome in. the two quadriga coming to you from the heart of berlin and this week the focus is on german chancellor angela merkel who truly has her back to the wall everyone is asking how long can europe's longest serving leader cling on to office and with the latest ructions over.


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