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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 22, 2018 7:02am-7:15am CEST

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american terrorists are steering up the delicately balanced world order various actors are affected countries are scrambling to fight to find the right position to say. intel see. started a company started learned he had a relationship with an intel and. a study by the international charity oxfam shows the biggest retailers the biggest big cat out of partners. a lot come to your business. funny ashore in berlin you get us american tariffs are staring out the delicate balance world order countries are scrambling to find the right position to take given to u.s. demands or punish america with counter tariffs though many are opting for the second choice today was all about anti-terrorist activity. leading the
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charge against trump's tariffs the e.u. blocks trade commission. on a visit to new zealand but it wasn't a holiday from tariff talk making clear the e.u. was not budging from its threat of countermeasures on american products the use tariffs come into effect on friday despite trade fears. it could escalate. to a full trade war which would be bad for the whole world because we are so new zealanders and we are so into linked in the global economy also in the chinese and in the u.s. and with the global value chains so it will affect us as well it will affect our companies it will affect our consumers come what may turkey is also striking back from the government is imposing tariffs on twenty different u.s. products ranging from. tobacco to cars and manufacturing goods hitting two hundred thirty million viewers of products turkey's economy minister saying those should balance. the costs of the trumpet ministrations talents. also on thursday india
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slap counter tariffs on farm chemicals steel and other products the import duty on chick peas is being raised to sixty percent and on walnuts to over one hundred percent. and those are just the latest in a series of moves by america's old allies to push back against trump's measures trade partners are rushing themselves with an ally like this who needs enemies. and first reports are coming through from the frontlines of the tariff war germany is feeling the pinch both from the escalating trade conflict between the u.s. and china and the entirely whole made of nations scandal luxury automaker has issued a profit warning saying costs from chinese cars for use in the u.s.
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would take a bite out of their bottom line and they're also asked to recall some eight hundred thousand diesel vehicles across europe to two emissions cheating it predicts earnings before taxes that interest will be below last year's level. or frankfurt correspondent bars for worrying news. that's a new chapter to worry about in this saga and the investors put pressure on the done their share because of those worries about the future a drop over four percent took other cursors like b.m.w. and volkswagen down with it and one analyst saying you know when you hear a profit warning in a situation like this it's usually not the last one so you know people don't know is this the end of story especially as there's you mentioned the diesel scandal as well it's unclear how hard the tab for that will be in the end for don lemon and it sure puts pressure on the c.e.o.
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david satcher he was under pressure before because of poor formants and the diesel scandal now with a profit warning not good for a c.e.o. . or to bars or to frankfurt stock exchange and talking about see you all bombshell announcement shaking up is shaking up silicon valley intel c.e.o. brian exxon each is out he resigned unexpectedly off that a company said it learned that he had a consensual past relationship with an intel employee now that violated the company's non fraternization policy this applies to all managers because on its joint in telling nine hundred eighty two as an engineer chief financial officer robert swan will now take over for the time being and the company will launch an extensive search for a permanent replacement. let's get more on this from our financial correspondent in new york and squat to against the u.s. has its very own policy like comes to a relationship that's virk is corporate policy all about morals or what is driving
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decisions like this one where there's a bit more behind than just moral issues there is a pretty clear policy at a lot of u.s. corporations that managers are not supposed to have relationships with employees who report directly or indirectly to them so obviously the company is one to avoid that decisions might be influenced or old sold that some of the managers take advantage of there. and we've seen it in the pocketbook couple of years and those are the past years again and again that we had some high ranking sea always from companies like boeing packard or priceline who had to leave their positions because of their relationships with employees what does this resignation mean for intel what's the consequence. it's not a pleasant day for brian cox on agenda it's not
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a pleasant day for intel either he actually has done a pretty good job in the past couple of years transforming intel away from the p.c. business more to simi conductors for smartphones for video games and other areas and he did start with the firm in one thousand nine hundred eighty two and he became c.e.o. five years ago so the stock of intel lost a good two percent here in the thursday session and was that intel was the second biggest loser in the dow jones industrial average and there is talk that actually they have a pretty strong line of possible people filling in the position but well as i said to him he did a pretty good job in the past couple of years and that's why investors at least for now showed a negative reaction is go to new york for us thank you so much. inequality is rampant around the world especially in the food sector
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a study by the international charity oxfam shows the biggest retailers squeeze the biggest buck they can out of farmers the supermarkets control the demand and prices in this supply chain they decide how much they pay for goods produced by small scale farmers as a result millions of them are living well below the poverty line brazilian orange farmers earn only half the country's living wage kenyan greeny of farmers don't fare well either and female farmers are worst hit than men it's evident in the sectors they work and again only half of the living wage man so what's better here is more. when it comes to german supermarkets as with other global supermarkets we find that suffering human suffering as a secret ingredient often in the food that we buy in these supermarkets the poverty wages we have just seen so people are unable to feed their family or to go and pay
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a doctor despite long and hard working hours we've also found extreme physical violence against women on plantations and both africa producing wine for german supermarkets or the oppression of trade unionists in ecuador producing bananas we look now with this study to see are these super markets doing enough against six try taishan economic exploitation and human rights violations in their supply chain and it seems like a jew many didn't really score on a score well on that point germany supermarkets scored really bad who's to blame the supermarket or the customer actually the ones cheap food. the customer often doesn't know what he or she is buying because supermarkets are so in transparent when you go to the supermarket and look at the produce available to us i mean let's be honest we can't see how it has been produced and so by markets are
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not forthcoming with that they scored particularly badly in our scoring also because there are so in transparent leaving the consumer in that in the dark ok so what can i do then as a customer to improve the situation in the producing countries then. there are no immediate and easy steps for the most important thing is to signal supermarket that you care how the food is produced so to take some concrete actions a person can do both as a consumer but also as a citizen firstly go to your local store and ask the store manager where does the food come from where the nice pineapple coming from and how do you ensure that it's a produce in a fair and humane way. secondly look for a trustworthy set of occasion labels not all that good but fair trade for example the office an opportunity to be sure that this product is produced fair and most importantly it's sending a signal to the super market that as a consumer and a citizen you refuse to accept that human suffering is an ingredient in the food
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you buy from them so take some time first of all and get more information about the product you're going to buy bar samples find heart of oxfam and thank you so much for your analysts. and that's it you're off today for the latest from the world of business for more you can always check us out online on twitter for example t w underscore business you will find me there isabel my twitter handle is up on a char thank you so much for watching see you tomorrow.
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every journey begins with the first step and every language the first word i looked in. germany to find the. why not learn with telling. us its simple long line on your mobile and free. music learning course. german made easy yeah i do nashville and i think one day this war will be considered cruel and unjust war abroad. and certainly all citizens of ukraine every man woman and child should not only friend their homeland is the enemy invades. no one wants russia here don't need to nuke which is the. level against global news that matters. d.w. made for mines. crimes first so against humanity.
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civilians see come with. their record of his travel around the globe social media. propaganda picture and what is fact digital investigators combed through the flood of images they combine sources try to reconstruct what happened and to substantiate claims of crimes thanks in this video recording of the soldier who shot the young man is on trial now st. paul's forensics between bits bytes. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t w.


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