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this is deja news coming to you live from berlin paris an emergency summit on migration angle america is in lebanon the german chancellor meets with the lebanese prime minister whose country bans the heaviest refugee burden in the wild full handling of the refugee and migrant issue could cost her her job and also coming up in the program. which took his election just days away the opposition appears to be mounting its strongest challenge yet to the president. grip on power.
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plus coming up we head to the world cup in russia where argentina suffered a crushing defeat and could be on the brink of elimination from the tournament. hello and welcome i'm retired she. as a euro grapples with this refugee policy ahead of you talks on migration german chancellor angela merkel is on a two day trip to the middle east after visiting jordan she went to eleven on where she held talks with prime to six hundred eighty lebanon currently hosts one million refugees the greatest number in the was relative to its population make it also visited a school which educates lebanese children in the morning and sidran of refugees in the often on. now the german chancellor offered support to jordan and lebanon to
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help their respective governments deal with the economic screen of hosting so many refugees our chief political editor michel a crew from is covering the chancellor visit to the middle east and joins me now from eleven on the shell and not until much else and lamech is under tremendous pressure actual men and in europe about her refugee policy why then how she decided to visit these two countries in the middle east. well this really was a long planned visit and it's almost an accident that it's right in the middle of this political storm over her very migration policy that is brewing at home that has such a european dimension with her really asking other e.u. leaders to show the support this coming sunday and help her produce something that she can then actually take further the proper e.u. summit just a week away to calm the nerves of jittery c.s.u.
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sister party in bavaria that really wants to see a clampdown on more refugees and migrants coming to germany so here in lebanon of course she is in a country that itself is under pressure she just held a press conference with the president of the ministerial council here mr hariri who's focus himself is on eventually returning syrian refugees back to syria but everybody knows that that isn't likely to happen any time soon so germany the german chancellor says she sees her role in being a reliable supporter in the sense of financing a lot of those projects that help refugees in lebanon and in jordan where she also was but also helping the local population here so they don't feel they need to share with those migrants who are coming here and that it harms them. and it was you know as you mentioned both in lebanon and jordan host a large number of refugees let's give a perspective as to you know what you know they have to say jordan and lebanon both
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have very high proportions of refugees in relation to their populations are people asking the chance of their why is germany with its one million refugees and a population of eighteen million why is germany so upset by this issue so much that it threatens to bring down the chancellor. well it's also a question it's just purely is a question of solidarity in fact jim johnson was on the weather germany would take in more migrants and she stressed that germany had taken in a lot compared to a country like lebanon where almost twenty percent of the people who live here are actually now refugees that is a small number but in comparison to other e.u. members that is quite a significant influx and that's the lack of solidarity and germany being seen as the one country that at one point lost control that's how many of her critics feel
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the twenty fifteen so-called migration crisis then pans out in the end so this really is a crunch time for the german chancellor back home we're talking of course a very different levels of stress on economies also on societies but the bottom line is the european union germany as a country as a public simply isn't used to facing such crises and the feeling is that there is a sense that the german chancellor has been too slow in forging that e.u. wide policy on asylum that joint policy that she felt from day one is the answer that she still feels is the answer but she's now forced into bilateral trilateral potential agreements that because there simply was no headway over this past year is now because they have to wait and see what happens at the emergency summit which is on sunday meanwhile. in lebanon thank you very much for bringing us up to date from there. now migration is also
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a dominating public debate in the united states at the moment the us is preparing to house as many as twenty thousand migrant children on four military bases it's unclear if detained parents would also be held there this comes a day after president donald trump signed an executive order ending the policy of separating migrant families who enter illegally from mexico the reversal follows growing global and domestic outrage over the policy and hoping perhaps to mitigate some of that outrage the first lady feo to texas to get a firsthand look at a child detention center despite the visit much of the press coverage was on milan at trump's choice of wardrobe she was seen boarding the plane wearing a jacket printed with the wives i really don't care do you her spokesperson said there was no hidden message turning out of turkey which is voting in
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elections on sunday indications are that the opposition is mounting its strongest challenge yet to present. on the main opposition candidate has reportedly had one of the largest campaign rallies in the country's history observers say two million people valid in is head an inch and his c h p party polls show in chief could force on to a second round on friday interest strong campaign has given a boost to the embattled turkish opposition both at home and abroad his platform endorses closer ties between a key and the e.u. for many of a supporter as the ultimate goal is to shift as teri schultz reports from brussels . turkish opposition politician katter seventy came to work at the european parliament thirteen years ago now she believes she's finally within reach of the dream she's had from the very start at the time we took that turkey would. watch
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quicker and. closer to the e.u. and the e.u. would be much better prepared for turkey easier access and unfortunately very ended up is completely the opposite but we are going to change that seventy is the brussels representative for the republican people's party or c.h.p. the largest turkish opposition party pro-democracy activists are booed by polls that show president there to one in his fundamentalist justice and development party are more vulnerable now than it any time since taking power in two thousand and one seven is hoping the c.h.p. will finally kick erda one off his perch and his party out of dominance in parliament its leading candidate who are i'm into has promised to reverse air to one's laws that consolidated authority in his own hands seven says the c.h.p. would make respect for human rights a priority and that e.u. accession would again be in turkey's future unfortunately what mr ed wanted by
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calling europe that's not the case and trying to use turkish bias for writing in europe as a tool or arm against europe and european governments in creating this call for it in those countries all these people who very much disappointed with tricky so we will revive the real. make turkey again part of this european circles european parliamentarian rebecca harms is among the disappointed ones she's made turkey one of her main issues you have thousands of people imprisoned for political reasons it's a huge perch against opposition people so it's really. not the democratic turkey we should be hoped for and worked for so what if there are one wins and continues down the authoritarian path should europe just let him go is own
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way even if that means he cozies up to russia and iran and friedman stein of the martin center think tank says possibly the question is what do we have to give up in order to make a turnaround i think would be too much it would be our own identity we would have to stop the west. that's the price to pay but for now there are two wants popularity is falling and catarrh seven is optimism is growing every day when i come to my office who can you do the institutions i want to see and turk running these institutions whether her vision comes true will of course depend on who is running turkey. now let's take a look at some other stories making news around the prisoners from north and south korea have set a date for holding reunions of families divided by the korean war in the one nine hundred fifty s. the families are now due to meet from august twentieth to the twenty sixth the
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koreas last century unions in two thousand and fifteen four times between the two countries and thoughts of don has broken off the latest round of talks aimed at ending its five year civil war president salva kiir had been meeting this week with rebel leader vietnam's shot for discussions their first face to face talks in order to hear as fresh talks are now reportedly do you next week of course in indonesia has sentenced a cleric to death for planning a series of islamist attacks from his jail cell a man a good to him on is considered as the de facto head of indonesia's supporters of the so-called islamic state prosecutors say the attacks he ordered include a two thousand and sixteen suicide bombing in jakarta that killed four people. world cup news on croatia of course quite an upset at the world cup on thursday by beating argentina three nail
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a massive mistake by argentina opened the floodgates and allowed until a bitch to break the deadlock in the fifty third minute with ten minutes left in the match and look up one more british extended gracious lead with a masterful shot gracious sealed the tree to win in added time to secure their passes to the knockout stages. of the defending world cup champions germany are in trouble because the unexpectedly lost their five smash your can live steam has shifted focus to that crucial game against redan on saturday a win would see their chances of reaching the last sixteen improved dramatically but the journalists traveling with the swedish squad have other ideas. return tickets for germany departure the day after their match against sweden holmberg of the swedish paper expressen thought it helped the germans out we saw the game which was mexico which was not very good and then we also read in the german newspaper
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about this big crisis something you're even thinking about putting mess and mess at us along the bench so we figured you're in very big problems right now when honberg tried to give the tickets to germany midfielder sammy could era but he politely declined. yeah thank you so much but maybe we don't need it with and when i go back home so it's a thinking for winning this game you know it it's after this that starts super difficult but we're not a strong team. again resource leading but you know we are short of three when this game after days of soul searching team germany is showing more self belief at least on the outside was sort of we got a bashing a lot of criticism and rightly so it was obvious if we didn't play well and there were reasons for that one hundred percent sure that it will be different on saturday because we know what we did wrong with philadelphia. it's make or break
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time for him love his team selection will have to crack the formidable swedish defense in the heat of sochi but this was germany's base join the confederations cup too and they're hoping it will work in their favor this time as well. many of us know the stadium that's a small advantage many also know the atmosphere so we happy to have this first crucial match here and now all we have to do is win on saturday and germany certainly seem confident that they can restart their world cup defense with the match against sweden. holmberg might have to reboot his tickets to roll. in the lots of exciting match is coming up today and did obvious faults desk we'll have all the details for you coming up in the ahead you're watching the news coming to you live from london coming up shortly we have
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a story of how brussels hits back at washington state on aluminum. that and more business news with my colleague monica jones do stay with us if you can. jim and with debbie. any time any place. to sing music video never. have the benefit of pop. songs to sing along to download.


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