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tv   Doc Film - Cahier Africain Part 2  Deutsche Welle  June 22, 2018 5:15pm-6:00pm CEST

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the toughie out in the meantime of course there's always the web sites t w dot com have a good day. and . a. little. story so that people of the world over information they provide the kinds of things i want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter and up to date and in touch and follow us to.
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love for the french translation of the types of my film. africa is correct. me isn't exists as. it relates to childhoods initially it's empty and then you think of. your most ruffian instead of phil.
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i came across the exercise in january two thousand and eight in a testy patio to. the central african republic it contains. women and children and. as well as records before congress these messines had done to them in two thousand and two the. book was create he's in the aftermath and sees crimes. when the victims refuse to remain silent they turn to each other and decided to testify and put together evidence of the brutality they had suffered. since then this book has never let
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me go. through some of the systems of the things. you see do you want to fit in saucers as you see if you if you something you said fifteen feet fifteen years but if so far so good little of the benefit of a function. i think. i am. looking. for food and. her first i was
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utterly thank you. for. i. i. hope his january twentieth twenty forty hope to ten months of tyranny the rebel leader has turned his back on the country. and interim council as a late stage in ensuring present for her the beginning of another african period for what it's much the panzer c.c.
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for the tinted windows of the limousine that day home. as she gazed out of the cheap to see what was going on up there and taking its cause the previous to the festive inauguration ceremony ho ho perhaps let. us. say i i want to. thank. you and. then. please. i've.
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ok. i'm going ok we're going. to have. to get out of you was about to go before it was the one who had a bit of a group of ok and that was. i. got my. eye.
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ok. you. didn't know it was. on what. he was looking to look. oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh. oh oh oh but a girl with a proposal and how you can push not. want to give it to you tell us a lot of weight. and the way to. look at us if. you have to look.
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good ok. ok . you.
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see by the time i was. in the pub if i got the. document from. the. markets and read it was that maybe i'm assuming that the response to this is a mid to nearly guarantee but like i'm not there i don't know the. source of much of the commute is going to. pick. up the pictures i'm going to mumbling to me you get a book to keep. it limited don't let me tell you the truth next beneath
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you. a. good. pick. oh i'll. see you miss it.
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boys he said i'm afraid i live it out. of you know thought that if it is that i think that's a lot of. it i'll tell you. what i said to get a phone number for a son and we're like ok i'll face. some guy sometimes just a couple or a little still so i don't bother with a bit of social thought began to look into but instead of. starting to hear about this being go to pot. that's it if it's a million years when she busts she's also to a good unit by the bus while. bussy on the phone. joyce's episode to get the alarms built in a safe second place of course wanted to. get on with the whole all
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she battles to get a jeep was on today's vote for him to say what he thought a muslim in the motor oil. business.
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and. a but the adam brothers. a big defeat. making women pop badly. as you seem over wasn't if you monkeys have been. on the south company. you've lived in a secluded one since that i mean. it's not you but a couple we knew. then there. doing one was you don't want the new something you call most long as you. model in the. lot mall illegal for a mall to say you yankee song i must see. so this sort of picks. the sort of picture. of the future. fiscal buffett.
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in me. says sooner than me nothing more nothing is you know when you knew it. was christmas you have a formal fucking beautiful. music like you look for i'm sure. you knew. he would get a full moon. when you look old boy he will fly off the pitch he will come so close to welcome me. to some with. a mickey or sell you close a film. told me need these antibodies. and she needs to be a. you know both. my skiing and dilute in helping the economy see feel.
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better but i think that. all you have all. that i have all of this stuff has got to be that it wasn't i didn't know they got it i don't actually look at it because i know how do i get it just enough to cause me got to got to suck as much as. possible. peter. how to.
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cook. he wouldn't machinery with and didn't go to remove the gun are few years of who's done it yet in the nuclear like and of the council. and of of lucian's of degree. and no come on also known also now for anything you want to focus like. i mean that i think if you have that. and the more.
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with that in the room for the young girl was. ok. i don't want a i'm not. not. i'm not i'm good i could have sat i'm saying next. minute
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you think well get out there and. look down on the bun a secret because if it was in the. video i'm going. to be don't need to be looking in on. it because it doesn't i don't know want to not do so but i know for now the.
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listen. live. if you. live. in utah. almost.
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literally all. all of. our all of. you needn't. call home.
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you can't. be.
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ashamed of them for good and should be doing the movie with them with betty. and the. costs will still be.
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there when you. heard him in the. gulf was. an example to even though this. early christmas. gift. is going to look a. gift. for. those to. feel. the.
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need. to. have all these. things happen. if. if. it's. me. and. if. i think i'm. wishing my job will
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without having to be up to the. sixty. thousand. and. the magazine if. it needs snow it's good. if. it means he. had to assume
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a. good amount. and meow club was one. thing like you know nothing. and. offend him think number one on the back not. going to i want to make dinner with. a friend of mine. in the reactor if you know she spilled it or leave a search going to her that this made us. all right good time she no longer. defined us and in that. indonesia every candid moment when. you know that in the end nothing was your contract i made some up on thinking if
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you're going to get him before we're going to treat. him like a community and beginning. to.
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feel. he didn't want you. did. you.
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see her.
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if you. believe in. the.
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ascent of. us. never sit up get us to leave you without. do you think you need to hide money this year inviting the seeing you here. now hang on for quite a man and i'm ugly but. it's a new. film on my fanny and will. work on my. shelf at the. bottom of. his van. i'm all over the right on the no guy has. given me a. feel
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. for. the from the book i'm too. nice and then he didn't look under my we give us the gun that are the think of when they get big he says rabbit he knew that we should then go do all the robber build the safe over and it will be examined and the mind would have been in the would have to go out and say that the gun that you saw before when the before might yet be. there was still on the door and. the i advantage of
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us i'm going to run fuck it because i'm so in a good does he i'm me. and if a kid forgot i'm on a winning hand and bid the guise of a model i. may give them the. than most of us i. mean you need to get them they're not out of fresh out of the earth and lurking will always tell other than she for sure after a week out and i want. to. take. the end of a long journey. it's winter twenty fifteen. your mom has moved on to other war torn areas to document crimes against humanity because the i.c.c.
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. and from the last we've heard is that she felt was fleeing from gunshots and at the end of the knee a split open again. and the slim exercise filled with so many photographs and fake. it still waiting for its mission. which will either be. presented as evidence for court or it will be forgotten. a file memorandum or a never ending list. of . all or.
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all. or all all. kickoff why we take football personally. i do when we all want to win the world cup because of my last. thirty minutes on d.w. .
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crimes for against humanity. civilian society come with me six of. their recorded edges travel around the globe just social media. parties propaganda fiction and what is fact digital investigators comb through the flood of images they combine sources trying to reconstruct what happened and substantiate claims of crimes by seeing this video recording of the soldier who shot of a young man is on trial now st. paul forensics between bits parts. of the. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on d. w. . a
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photo i welcome to the program i'm going to go. downplays expectations this is d.w. news live from turkey's political future at stake as it gears up for the elections of the week and reach the candidates challenging president obama hoping to head off his plans for a change constitution and souped up president also on the program. i'm going to battle downplays expectations for sunday's emergency e.u. summit on refugee policy but the german chancellor is under tremendous domestic pressure on the issue. plus another day of drama there.


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