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detectives starts june thirtieth on t.w. . welcome to the program i'm going to go down plays expectation d.w. news live from the turkish political future at stake as it gears up for the elections at the weekend d.w. meets the candidates challenging president hoping to head off his plans for a change constitution and souped up president also on the program. downplays expectations for sunday's emergency e.u. summit on refugee policy but the german chancellor is under tremendous domestic pressure on the issue. plus another day of drama at the world cup in russia brazil
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leaving tonight against latin american writers costa rica will bring you the highlights from a controversial way of the south. until gail welcome to the program turkey head to the polls on sunday with the future of the country's political system at stake if the current president's rhetoric time wins he's promised to deliver sweeping constitutional changes to further strengthen the presidency and a country that was a parliamentary democracy there are challenges to his bid for reelection everything points to another win for uncrossed strong. but it. president. has been steering the course of turkish politics for more than fifteen years. he has a good shot of reelection which would allow him to further tighten his grip on
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power. after this presidential election the most controversial constitutional changes in a generation will come into force they were only narrowly backed by the turkish people in last year's referendum is out on when the necessary majority he will be an almost all powerful president but he is not there yet. these people stand in his way they are add ons biggest challenges. sixty one year old middle action as the only woman running for president she has already served as interior minister and last year she founded a new political party she's seen as right wing nationalists and religious some call action on the iran lady of turkey to. injure represents the center left seat speak takis biggest opposition party the
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fifty four year old is an outspoken defender of the text republic as envisioned by most of like a mulatto. he's a charismatic speaker and a harsh critic of add one. is turkey's first presidential candidate to run from behind bars despite international protests he's been in custody for a year on the health on terrorism related charges. represents the pro kurdish a party despised by the turkish government many of those backing the forty five year old attorney all young voters. only three challenger. as one to limit the powers of the presidency and see a return to the parliamentary system they want to improve relations with your openly turkey out of its economic crisis it's unlikely any of them will win a majority but if they manage to force add one into runoff elections it might end
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up a much tighter race for the seemingly all powerful president. and we'll have more of what's at stake into his elections a liking to go to w.w.w. dot de w. dot com also follow us on twitter for updates at the w news this is day w. news still to come a fiery world cup clash between latin america rivals the bugs out of brazil france's costa rica was ahead of vats germany's chancellor has that downplayed hopes of a breakthrough in europe's migration crisis for the thing lead but all i'm going to machall described emergency talks planned for sunday as an initial exchange that would not yield a joint statement or indeed any action once we contest in arms on talk of the meeting in brussels will be a working under device remains habits and there will be no final communique. at the
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actual summit next thursday and friday we know that there will be no solution at the level of the twenty eight member states for the overall package of migration questions. well that's. so the meeting this weekend is about talking to member states that are particularly affected so we would clean out all of the problems of migration both primary and secondary on india for engleton to see if we can reach by try or even multilateral agreements. are the chances cautious approach comes after italy's new populist a government objected to a draft statement circulated by brussels and as well some central european leaders held a meeting of their own. almost to rail before it even begun sunday's summit looks set to be an acrimonious one greece spain and austria are going italy too but only after german chancellor angela merkel did some heavy backtracking scrapping
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a draft proposal on immigration she hopes the others would agree to the contentious document which was late earlier this week called for establishing migrant processing centers outside e.u. borders mechanisms for deportations between e.u. countries under the agreement money and other welfare provisions would only be available in the countries where migrants are registered and stricter controls the train stations and airports would be implemented to limit cross border movement but italy's government reacted furiously to the draft saying it focused too much on germany's concerns and ignored their calls from the way you support rome growing increasingly tired of taking orders from the e.u. . in europe the times are over when france and germany decided refugee policy when they told european italy what they had to pay and which migrants they had to take in. and firm action
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has accompanied the firm words on thursday sylvania issued his latest refusal to rescue ship and pledge to block all n.g.o.s boats from docking in italy. ok more from brussels correspondent barbara faisal welcome barbara. saying she's looking for by trial multilateral agreements rather a europe wide deal. she really does have to do some expectation management here because the last days what people thought could and would happen on sunday has really been going into overdrive of course this is what we call speak in full meeting that is leaders get together and they talk everybody says what's on their mind and what they want from the other so that's the first round and of course she knows that she's not going to bring anything concrete home from that meeting so she really has to does views the. partners and say now listen it doesn't
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work that way however the solution and that's what everybody here talks about is the countries have together to get together in groups and see what they can do together to sort of lighten the burden on on one of them or is sort of make things more manageable or do deals pave money for this all that or the other so concessions will be made and consensus is to be sought and this is the first round really she's right on that ok so germany of course it is a big destination country for migrants which of the countries at the meeting is chancellor merkel likely to be able to do a deal with. she will know the answer to that question herself i'm afraid she does would want to do a deal with italy of course that is going to be extremely difficult and very expensive she needs to ask herself would want what does it really want both for instance more coast guard ships to patrol the mediterranean can she give that
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they're going to probably react to a certain amount of money paid to really to sort of take care of migrants and do something on the social side of feed them all something like id the e.u. has done was turkey maybe something like that could help on the other hand we see that there is a lot of ideology involved because matusow vini the interior minister there that we just saw a he is sort of in our early tweets proclaiming that italy cannot take one for the single for the migrant so she's really up against the wall there but deals will have to be made greece's in the country and then of course certain balkan states we can do something to close the borders a little tighter than they are at the moment so that is of the traction needs to go down and that is slow and painstaking work. in brussels thank you. it was growing confusion in the united states following president trump's reversal of a policy separating migrant children from their parents which affected as many as twenty
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three hundred youngsters into the country from mexico now federal forces are trying to work out how to reunite them as many children are scattered across america and refugee or care homes thousands of miles away. experiencing tromp zero tolerance policy firsthand. these are some of the two hundred thirty nine children who for weeks have been under the care of a new york foster agency that parents thousands of kilometers away many of them a traumatized depressed one even suicidal. mayor bill de blasio says he only found out from the media that the children were even in new york city. who are these children how many are they where are they. what is happening here how is it possible that none of us knew there were two hundred thirty nine kids right here in our own city how is the federal government holding back that information for the people of this city and holding back the help of these kids could be. a major lack
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of federal help many residents are doing what they can kelly taylor has traveled across the city hoping to donate food or money. i'm going to cry i've been hearing about this for the last forty eight hours three days and it's heartbreaking. i mean. some very upset i am upset subsetting situation you know i mean if this is the united states you know that this could be happening in this day and age i feel that it's horrible and i know like children are really a threat so i don't know why they're being separated families are now allowed to reunite but new york authorities say the federal government hasn't told them how it plans to make that happen one of the twelve there is no single thing that speaks to the process in which there will be reunification of parents with their children and
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we must continue to demand that that is the primary consideration and action. in harlem lawyer jose or a chain a is campaigning for his client she's a woman who's three children and here she sits in an arizona prison. my biggest fear is that mom is the boarded and the children are to remain in the united states with no one no legal representation no legal representatives and they are put in foster care and eventually legally adopted which would sever completely cut off mom's legal rights to many here want to help these children with no government plan it seems an impossible task. perhaps hoping to mitigate some of the outrage caused by her husband first lady madonna trump flew to texas for a firsthand look at the child detention center but much of the press coverage was focused on her wardrobe choices she was seen boarding the plane and the jacket bearing the slogan i don't i really don't care do you
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a spokesman said there was no hidden message just a jacket. is one of washington's latest terror threats you know it's hard to keep calm phil. launched another salvo in the trade dispute between the u.s. and the european union just a few hours ago the e.u. tariffs took effect today targeting american consumer goods like whiskey a motorcycle's the u.s. president threatened a twenty percent tariff on european cause use the messaging service twitter to say that the u.s. should build them here instead the measure would hit germany hardest as they use biggest car exporter to the u.s. the u.s. support of cars and light trucks was one hundred twenty one hundred ninety one billion dollars last year more than forty two billion dollars in all the imports came from the roof which twenty billion from germany. now let's bring in our correspondents rich is in washington only brought in frankfurt led to you first is
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this real or is it just another threat. well we know by now to take everything that donald trump says on twitter with a grain of salt however this is the first time we've seen a hard number floated he says he wants to see twenty percent tariffs on imports coming from europe and of course this is a longstanding gripe for president trump he really sees americans as getting the short end of the stick when it comes to german auto imports we even saw a report earlier last month that he said he wanted to see a total ban on luxury vehicles from germany coming to the united states that he wanted to see these cars off the streets of fifth avenue in new york obviously though that has not come to bear out. only coming to you there in frankfurt how did the market reacted comicon stocks off. yes they did they immediately went down they were already losing during the day but then they went down into the negative and they're still in the negative if you look at the time low volkswagen
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b.m.w. in the obvious supplier continental and over in the landfill at chrysler it's also down quite sharply while other stocks have recovered but you can see on the board behind me that being near the end of the line near my head the first thing down words that was the trump tweet and then people said well he says that if the barriers are not broken down soon on u.s. goods then we will be placing this twenty percent tariff well that seems to be to some here perspective for a negotiation and indeed people i've talked to here over the past days and the voices from other places as well like the auto dealers association which rest represents the industry says negotiate it's true that german cars are taxed levied less in the u.s. than u.s. cars here there's something we can give them and prevent this trade war around eight hundred thousand people here in germany work in the car industry. this is
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a trump have support for this terror with war that he that he's waging in his own party specially when it comes to eliminating longstanding pod as like the new. well this is an area where he actually doesn't have the full support of his party in congress including some of his long his usual allies have even come out against this policy many are balking at the proposal saying that it's going to hurt american families that it undermines the united states' credibility when it comes to actually dealing with a real trade war and that this is something that's going to invite retaliation from the usual close key allies like the european union and canada and mexico who in another case with the steel and aluminum tariffs have already announced that they are going to hit back at trump's proposed tariffs courage it's and in washington only bought from for thank you both very much. from his new thread so he's more terrorists comes on the day that you used tariffs on billions of dollars of american imports came into effect they in turn were nonsense with
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drums earlier tariffs on steel and many of the e.u. is now charging on imports as of today including some iconic u.s. goods such as the holly motorcycle. perhaps it's fishing that in this new era of unfree trade it is the harley davidson the symbol of postal freedom that's going to be hard hit the e.u. has introduced a twenty five percent import q.e. on american made motorcycles. customers who ordered their hauled before the new tariffs will still pay the old price for everyone else an extra twenty five percent means thousands of euros more. biased and not happy. if. i find it all very disappointing. the german government should be trying to reach an agreement with the americans to these punitive tariffs.
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the because these goods that are being exchanged have positive associations for both countries. and very nice for people in germany and america like this harley which i just purchased. the dealership would prefer not to say all the make is a willing to absorb the new tax but a true holly fan would be easily deterred. but also the sound and the feeling if you. sort of feeling is a feeling of freedom i have many friends who ride again it's definitely had an effect on me which doesn't listen if you see it to make as we'll be counting on the brands popularity to keep up demand harley davidson comes from the state of wisconsin which voted for donald trump at the last election last year the president was predicting that the company would flourish thanks to tax cuts instead it could be looking at a drop in revenue. president also welcomed opec's decision to boost
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by one million barrels a day saying it was needed to keep oil prices down. to make up for a shortfall caused by its crisis. the fourteen members agreed to the moderate increase at a meeting in vienna told swim on by differences between saudi arabia and iran riyadh said the production hype would lower prices something that tehran doesn't want iran cannot raise production for technical reasons and because of trade sanctions currently enforced against the country. back to europe swarms it might leave the u.k. if britain leaves the single market and customs unit without a transition deal it's the european aviation group strongest warning yet over the impact of a no deal breaks it employs about fourteen thousand people or twenty five different sides in the u.k. british prime minister terrorism has ruled out staying in the customs the u.k.
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is due to leave the e.u. at the end of march next year. that's all your business news update for you in the next hour for now it's back to filth thank you very much we'll take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world right now the united nations has condemned venezuela's human rights record and a new report it describes the rule of law in the country as being virtually absent the report goes on to accuse venezuela in the security forces of carrying out hundreds of questionable killings without being prosecuted. officials from north and south korea have set a date for the b. union families divided by the korean war in the one nine hundred fifty s. and i due to meet between the twenty fifth and twenty sixth of august the koreans last held reunions in twenty fifteen before relations between them worsened. police in india say five human rights campaigners have been gang raped and dumped up to the gunpoint women was staging street plays in the eastern state of jokowi to
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highlight people trafficking women when it's afraid and several suspects detained. and so today none of the football world cup or chris huntington is that here do you know you spoke to take us through the actual welcome. today's first game brazil against costa rica was not much of a watch yeah that was really interesting late in the match brazil came in as the heavy favorites and in the end neymar and company had the last laugh getting to pass now outstanding costa rica goalkeeper let's take a look at that action now in the seventy eighth minute neighbor try to do some activities sell a foul from giancarlo gets all this but the video says the referee wasn't buying that and who came up for brazil early in extra time to lead cochineal who scored the only goal in their first match as his second goal for the world cup finals and
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then neymar i mentioned his last lap here it is right here getting what he was trying to get all day so nice that they finished with three points they had twenty two shots on goal but now they're sitting pretty in group with four points brazil number two in the world rankings behind germany i think playing like contentious well today they did you know if they were far in a lot of blanks but i think one big issue was the first game against switzerland they were beating up neymar ok he got ten times and he's not the biggest most muscular stride. her out there and that's the most since alan scherr was filed in england back in nineteen ninety eight and he was thought eleven time so you know that's tough but in terms of them not being so aggressive towards neymar looks like they're back you know in full swing they are the favorites many favorites including mine i'll put that out there to win actually the world cup. verzilov think they're going to go all the way this year but it's nice to see what happens because they do
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face serbia next serbia they have three points right now and are in action later this evening against switzerland so they have to see what happens but i neymar brazil a good. last night saw a massive upset for a stop play it took us through. croatia yeah you know argentina they had a drug and then one thing they had to do was tighten up at the back and i say that's what they didn't do the argentina goalkeeper caballero gifty croatia and right now we could see rebates with the cruddy kick making no crawl about that. but you serve it on a platter tees easy to deliver and then luka margit sixteen across his lead with a masterful shot there he is funny space a rocket that's another goal the latest court saw to the rules later all crazy finish the match three nil to secure their passage to the not out stages so that brings me to messi you know messi is first shot on goal came in the sixty fourth minute which isn't good he already retired from argentina was before so let's see
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if he does have more life in him he has to wait and see what happens with nigerian iceland but they do have hope so you have to see if they feel you know live up to that so that's a roundup of today's action let us look ahead now to the out tomorrow saturday when germany plays sweden into such a jonathan harding is that in sochi welcome jonathan so let's talk about how. much he's out for tomorrow's game that must be a huge blow. it is my son was this one of the best players in the germany team and any time any side loses a player of his quality it's going to be difficult for them to replace him but this is germany and they do have good depth and tony ruediger is an option nicklaus sudha is also an option so as mathias tkinter personally i think nicolas sooner will be the man to replace him he's had a fantastic season a buy in and he has that understanding with to remember saying i'm i'm on neuer so
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germany do have options even though homo's isn't one of them and you've been such a with the german team for three days what's it been like around the team. i think it's been fairly relaxed as been quite a lot of made about the change in scenery that this germany team has had to experience coming from but to think you were there a little bit isolated to such heat on the coast with the sunshine i think it's fifty switch in this germany team's mind they certainly seem more relaxed they're closer to their fans and with the sun shining on them on them in the last few days the hope is that their players will shine tomorrow night against sweden they have to to get the result they need and one of the fans of a been making their presence felt. but one set has germany fans have been hard to come by off to say they're not easy to find they've been a few here and such here but most of the fans i've seen have been wearing yellow and have been seen since they've been in fantastic voice i saw about five hundred of them earlier this afternoon just up the road from here and if that was anything
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to go by then tomorrow will be spectacular in such a. so the harding in such a thank you i chris highers and they're here in bryant thank you as well will doubtless talk later. now they have brought in film festival has just named its new artistic director italian color shots beat several of the high profile candidates to take the job of film critic and journalist and he's a claim for his work as artistic director of the economy film festival and he faces outgoing bowling alley chief dita cosmic has been at the helm for seventeen years critics according to increase to curation of the belinelli the world's largest public film festival. and set you up to date to more at the top of the out of get to get all the latest news information around the clock on our website that's t w dot com have a good day. kickoff
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why we take football personally. i'd rather we all once win the world cup. but what's the outlook for germany squad in the run up to their match against sweden. two soccer legends are here to tell us what's what you know how much ailsa can be triumphalist. d.w. . an opposition stronghold to refute the democratically minded turkey's the biggest city these new. people are proud of
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their city's open minded and tolerant atmosphere and many other determined to defend turkey's column entry election to a broad alliance of parties has formed to challenge the government. in sixty minutes on t.w. . like. germany with delhi and any time any place. is a news radio never. have had the benefit of. songs to sing along to download to see this to come from super lucky. to be home to monetise. and their huge causes for that into active exercise is the hard thing about that d w don't come slashdot atlanta on
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