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visited appears life from turkey's political future at stake as it gives up for elections at the we kept. the candidates challenging president hoping to head off his plans for a change the constitution and souped up presidency also on the program. americal downplays expectations for sunday's emergency e.u. summit on refugee policy the german chancellor is under tremendous domestic pressure on the issue. plus another day of drama at the world cup in russia brazil leaves it later against latin american rivals costa rica we'll bring you the
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highlights of a controversial little solace. i'm feeling and welcome to the program turkey have to the polls on sunday with the future of the country's political system at stake if the current president. whence he will he has promised to deliver sweeping constitutional changes to further strengthen the presidency which was formerly only a ceremonial role and there are challenges to his bid for reelection but everything points to another win for the uncross drama. but it. president. has been steering the course of turkish politics for more than fifteen he has. to he has a good shot of reelection which would allow him to further tighten his grip on
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power. after this presidential election the most common for about a constitutional changes in a generation will come into force they were only narrowly backed by the turkish people in last year's referendum is out on when the necessary majority he will be an almost all powerful president but he is not baguettes. these people stand in his way they are add ons biggest challenges. sixty one year old medal action as the only woman running for president she has already served as interior minister and last year she founded a new political party she's seen as right wing nationalists and religious some call action on the iran lady of touch. him into represents the center left c.h.b.
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turkey's biggest opposition party the fifty four year old is an outspoken defender of the text republic as envisioned by most of like a mulatto and. he's a charismatic speaker and a harsh critic of add one. is turkey's first presidential candidate to run from behind bars despite international protest he's been in custody for a year on the health on terrorism related charges. represents the pro kurdish h d p a party despised by the turkish government many of those backing the forty five year old attorney all young voters. only three challenges. one to limit the powers of the presidency and see a return to the parliamentary system they want to improve relations with your openly turkey out of its economic crisis is unlikely any of them will win a majority but if they manage to force add one into runoff elections it might end
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up a much tighter race for the seemingly all powerful president. on the second of the three challenges we saw. in the. what was his message. well mr inza first of all is a very dynamic energetic campaigner he is wrestling mr advani is openly and harshly criticizing him and with this he is invigorating the turkish opposition he's also reaching out to people beyond the traditional base of his left his nationalist party the c.h.p. and his message is a very simple one he says you have the choice between freedom and fia between me and missed out on and that's what he made clear again today he said if you are going to vote for mr advani you will get markets that go even more crazy inflation will go up and your life your personal lives will be even more controlled by the
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state if on the other hand you won't for me you'll get a protection based sustainable economy i will make sure that the courts will be independent again and i'll make sure you get your individual freedoms back so this is as much a message beyond that he's also trying to create a vision of reunifying a deeply polarized society that's what turkey is he says i'm going to be a president for all eighty million turkish people not only for the secular ones but the religious ones as well the turkish people the people with kurdish origin so this is his message of unity and what his chances. he's seen as a missed out on strongest challenger poll see him absolute thirty percent that says approval rate currently but nobody thinks that he's going to win in the first round of voting rather the hope is of the opposition that missed out on will not win a majority and then be forced into a second round of voting a runoff against mr injure and that's really the hope of the opposition because
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this interest success in the past weeks actually shows that mr allen after everything after all is not invincible. despite this this. ability he has been very popular with the president do you sense a desire for change in speaking to. i'm not sure whether i get your question right whether you asked about what people think if they really want some change well it's really about the people you're talking to if you're talking to. people young people from the a.k.p. they really think mr adelman a turkey great again and is the only one to solve the country's problems but if you talk to opposition voters what they really miss beyond economic chances economic opportunities and jobs is freedom they want to be free to watch on the media on the internet what they want without censorship so dave really want their freedoms back
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and this is a really big issue in these elections. germany's chancellor has ended her brief visit to the middle east to discuss the migration crisis on sunday. to travel to brussels for talks on the same subject with sixteen . reaching agreement. and the american scene here in lebanon needs an international deal on migrants to quell a rebellion within her own conservative camp in germany her domestic opponents want germany to reject some refugees of its national borders merkel favors a european solution but is dampening expectations or. on talk brussels is just a working meeting there won't be a final declaration. given that we know as well that there won't be any solution among all twenty eight member states on the level of the council
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next week to the entire package of questions on migration that's. a good illustration of malcolm's problem is italy which says it is overwhelmed the country is rejecting migrants rescued by n.g.o.s from the mediterranean and says it won't take back any from germany either. for eastern european member states are boycotting the brussels meeting their leaders also don't think much of reimposed german borders within the e.u. . they were going to get around to. very thought of preventing illegal migrants from entering e.u. territory has to be done at the coast of europe or at the coast of libya not inside the schengen area. around the tree or otherwise the whole singing area will break up saying. that's a view shared by austria which is about to take over the use rotating presidency
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and with which germany could soon have a hard border again. but this is ridiculous i think it's important that we no longer primarily fight about the distribution of migrants within the european union . but instead focus on securing our outer borders together. but beyond beefing up the use external border security member states don't agree on much concerning migrants and even france merkel's closest european allies is warning that the block could potentially break apart over this issue. let's get more from brussels correspondent barbara varies a welcome a barbara a so angry merkel saying she's looking for by trial multilateral agreements rather have a europe wide scale. she really does have to do some expectation management here because the last days what people thought could and would happen on sunday has
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really been being going into overdrive of course this is what we call. in form a meeting that is leaders get together and they talk everybody says what's on their mind and what they want from the other so that's the first round and of course she knows that she's not going to bring anything concrete home from that meeting so she really has to disabuse the. partners and say now listen it doesn't work that way however this solution and that's what everybody here talks about is the countries have together to get together in groups and see what they can do together to sort of lighten the burden on on one of them or sort of make things more manageable or do deals paid money for this all that all the other so concessions will be made and consensus is to be sought and this is the first round really she's right on that ok so germany of course it is a big destination country for migrants which of the countries at the meeting is
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chance for merkel likely to be able to do a deal with. she will know the answer to that question herself i'm afraid she does would want to do a deal with italy of course that is going to be extremely difficult and very expensive she needs to ask herself would want what does it really want those for instance more coast guard ships to push roll in the mediterranean can she give that they're going to probably react to certain amount of money paid to the lead to sort of take care of migrants and do something on the social side of feed them all something like id the e.u. has done was turkey maybe something like that could help on the other hand we see that there is a lot of ideology involved because matusow vini the interior minister there that we just saw a he is sort of in our early tweets proclaiming that italy cannot take one for the single for the migrant so she's really up against the wall they have bought deals
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will have to be made greece's in the country and then of course certain balkan states we can do something to close the borders a little tighter than they are at the moment so that isn't the trick she needs to go down and that is slow and painstaking work. in brussels thank you. let's take a look now are some of the other stories making news around the world the death toll during two months of government on rest in nicaragua has risen to more than two hundred into american commission on human rights as another thirteen hundred have been injured the agency claims nicaragua has failed to respect human rights during the protests. united nations has condemned fairness weightless human rights record in a new report it describes the rule of law in the country as being virtually absent the report goes on to refuse venezuelan security forces of carrying out hundreds of questionable killings without being prosecuted. police in india say five human rights campaigners have been gang raped on the ducted at gunpoint women were
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staging street plays in the eastern state of jock counts to highlight people trafficking they were later freed and several suspects detained. so world cup day nine fan favorites iceland lost two nil to nigeria it's the super eagles that first go first aware that this world cup. hero is ahmed mussa school braces a first for me after a swift counterattack just after half time and emphatic voc. first or second time after a blistering ruck to freeze dry keeping his proteins poised and coolly finishing off the joy for nigeria i'm incredibly good news for argentina they of course lost that match to croatia three nil on thursday and they had chances to advance to the next round looks like a massive mistake by argentina's goalkeeper open the floodgates and allow them to
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break rebates to break the deadlock in the fifty minutes to ten minutes left in the match newcomb odd rich extent of crisis late with a masterful shot precious say of the three nil with added time to secure their passage to the knockout stages. earlier today brazil found it difficult to break down costa rica in their group a match it took the favorites ninety six to go to his new success and for us to continue to found the back of the net costa rica defense couldn't stop a second goal from. going and name calling home for brazil's second to no final school in some pittsburgh. this is doubly news live from above and still to come a new terrorist take effect today targeting iconic u.s. products like a harley davidson motorcycles there in retaliation to donald trump's import duties
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but the president says that they are that terrorists but that is unlikely to be the end of the story. which will continue with very shortly as he brings you that story on the rest of the days of business news but at the top of the hour with the latest world news yourself a good day. earth. home to have species. a home worth saving the world. used to construct used green energy solutions and resources should. be created into.


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