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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 22, 2018 7:15pm-7:30pm CEST

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still to come a new tires take effect today targeting iconic u.s. products like a harley davidson motorcycles there in retaliation to donald trump's import duties but the president says that they are and that there is but that is unlikely to be the end of the story. which will continue with very shortly as we bring you that story on the rest of the days of business news that's one of the culture of the hour with your latest world leaders or so for a good day. earth. home to have species. own words if you can of the world. use the country to plant used green energy solutions and reforestation. to create interactive content teaching the next generation of lesson going to church. using only channels available to inspire people to change connection and were determined
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to get something to you for the next generation gloomily genius the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. this is t w business live from then and here's what we have in store for you today tariff term all holiday that some bikes get even more expensive in europe just one of the u.s. products targeted by duties that take effect today boss donald trump was he's planning a counter strike against european cars already. turkey's troubles at historic lows inflation unemployment in the double digits as turkey heads to the polls on sunday is president obama set to lose his grip on power over the economy. also e.u. finance ministers they agree that during. the debt crisis is over push the pay big
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deadline back generous to ten years. ago as welcome donald trump has launched another solve all in the trade dispute between the u.s. and the european union the e.u. tariffs took effect today targeting american consumer goods like whiskey a motorcycle's the u.s. president threatened a twenty percent tariff on european cars he used the messaging service twitter to say that the u.s. should build them here instead the measure would hit germany hardest as that use biggest cars ported to the u.s. imported car of u.s. imported cars and light trucks worth one hundred ninety one billion dollars last year more than forty two billion dollars in oil to imports came from the e.u. half of us from germany. now let's bring in our correspondents richardson in washington only in frankfurt clear to you first is this real or is it just another thread. well we know by now to take everything that donald trump says on twitter
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with a grain of salt however this is the first time we've seen a hard number floated he says he wants to see twenty percent tariffs on imports coming from europe and of course this is a longstanding gripe for president trump he really sees americans as getting the short end of the stick when it comes to german auto imports we even saw a report earlier last month that he said he wanted to see a total ban on luxury vehicles from germany coming to the united states and he wanted to see these cars off the streets of fifth avenue in new york obviously though that has not come to bear out. only coming to you there in frankfurt out of the market reacted coming because stocks offer. yes they did they immediately went down they were already losing during the day but then they went down into the negative and they're still in the negative if you look at the time low volkswagen b.m.w. in the auto supplier continental and over in the landfill at chrysler it's also down quite sharply while other stocks have recovered but you can see on the board
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behind me that the near the end of the line near my head the first thing downwards out was the trump tweet and then people said well he says that if the barriers are not broken down soon on u.s. goods then we will be placing this twenty percent tariff well that seems to be to some here a perspective for negotiation and indeed people i've talked to here over the past days and voices from other places as well like the auto dealers association which respects presents the industry says negotiate it's true that german cars are taxed levied less in the u.s. than u.s. cars here there's something we can give them and prevent this trade war around eight hundred thousand people here in germany work in the kind of street. this is a trump have support for this terror with war that that is waging in his own party
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specially when it comes to an eighteen long standing paul as like the e.u. . well this is an area where he actually doesn't have the full support of his party in congress including some of his long his usual allies have even come out against this policy many are balking at the proposal saying that it's going to hurt american families that it undermines the united states' credibility when it comes to actually dealing with a real trade war and that this is something that's going to invite retaliation from the usual close key allies like the european union and canada and mexico who in another case with the steel and aluminum tariffs have already announced that they are going to hit back at trump's proposed tariffs courages and in washington only bottom line for thank you both very much. threats of even more tariffs come as e.u. tariffs on billions of dollars of american imports took effect today turn to trump's tariffs on steel and other medium is becoming difficult to keep track levies the
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e.u. is now judging on u.s. imports as of today include some iconic american products such as khalid davidson motorcycles. perhaps it's fishing that in this new era of unfree trade it is the harley davidson the symbol of personal freedom that's going to be hard hit the e.u. has introduced a twenty five percent employed q.e. on american made motorcycles. customers who ordered their haul before the new tariffs will still pay the old price for everyone else an extra twenty five percent means thousands of euros more the dealership would prefer not to say if and when the extra cost will be passed on to consumers but over time it is almost certain that these much loved motorcycles will be more expensive neither the dealers nor the makers of willing to absorb the new tax but a true holly fan would be easily deterred. but also the sound and the feeling is if you. sort of feeling is
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a feeling of freedom i have many friends who ride again it's definitely had an effect on me which doesn't but if you see it to make his will be counting on the brands popularity to keep up demand how he davidson comes from the state of wisconsin which voted for donald trump at the last election last year the president was predicting that the company would flourish thanks to tax cuts instead it could be looking at a drop in revenue. turkey where severe economic troubles are weighing heavily on voters' minds as they head to the polls on sunday for general and presidential elections the country's currency is losing value for us driving up inflation this week the. new historic low against the u.s. dollar correspondent julie hodder reports from istanbul. machines are still rattling away in this istanbul printing house take in bhalo has been in charge here for over thirty years but he says business hasn't been this bad
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in a long time. paper. most of the raw materials we use have to be imported. and because the lira is getting weaker and weaker against the dollar. cost of increase to launch. the only thing we can do is struggle to survive. so. many turkish people share frustration prices are rising because the lira is worth less and less. unemployment stands at over ten percent just ahead of the election the economy is casting a shadow over the country's mood. sentient just isn't enough we can barely make it to the end of the months. against yet even young people who've graduated from
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university are unemployed. everything is expensive especially the rent the government needs to act as soon as possible. economist most of us and mez is convinced that president calderon brought the vote forward to get it in ahead of a potential economic crash out once policies have failed says so mess because he made bad decisions in prosperous times. rather than sectors like the farming industry or export the money was invested in construction projects and domestic consumption it was a mistake it was economic growth through doping they brought nothing but high inflation and didn't help reduce unemployment. it's a particular bolos printing house everyone is well aware of the difficult situation facing the country until now he's managed to avoid letting go of any workers but
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that could change if the turkish economy doesn't improve. slightly better economic news for turkey's neighbor greece's finance ministers in the euro zone have declared the greek debt crisis to be over after eight years of painful reforms in exchange for a three hundred billion euro bailout athens looks ready to go it alone the ministers took a historic decision and also put the payback deadline back a generous ten years. strikes protests demonstrations in late may tens of thousands of greeks once again hit the streets of athens to campaign against prime minister seat presses all stare at images in return for bailout funds the greek government has had to agree to implement at times severe cuts to social benefits and pensions now though it seems the country may have survived the worst starting this august greece will no longer be on financial life support the e.u.
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and i.m.f. bailouts will have worked their magic after eight long years greece will finally be graduating from its financial assistance to greece giant. spain cyprus in my own country portugal in the ranks of euro area countries that turned around their economies and once again stand on their own feet one last instalment of fifteen billion euros and then it's over for solidarity from the euro area for greece in exchange for the reforms and adjustment on president that it's the biggest solidarity the world has ever seen and who doesn't want to believe in this tale of athenian success after all there's no shortage of other problems confronting the e.u. . that's it from me of the saddam bone of the whole
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business team here in my colleague daniel wynter is already busy in the newsroom for frying preparing your optative that will be broadcast in roughly and i mean time to check out twitter and facebook feeds and also a web site on d w dot com slash business but before you go here's a real top check on the global markets they saw thank you very much for watching v.w. business i bought. an
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opposition stronghold on the refusal of a democratically minded chuckie's that biggest city is me and. the people are proud of their city's open minded and tolerant optimist. and many are determined to defending turkey's common entry election by a broad alliance of party says formed to challenge the government's. next d.w. . war. oh.
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commandoes starts july eighth d. w. . what about the. hello welcome to focus on europe i'm michelle henery it's good to have you with us world cup fever has taken hold of football fans everywhere this year's host country russia is no exception with people attending from all over the world to cheer on their teams both on and off the pitch and for russian president vladimir putin it's .


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