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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  June 23, 2018 4:02am-4:31am CEST

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crunch time for chancellor angela merkel the german leader faces her european partners that a key migration summit this weekend but why is she playing down hopes of progress before it even begins can she bring europe together on migration policy with no less than her job on the line i'm so miso misconduct and this is the day. she does a good some dog talk it's all about talking to those member states affected most by the problems of migration creamery small to cyprus bulgaria italy and spain in. getting anything very good reasons to host refugees near their homes so how about.
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the day that we're permanent and only solution for syrian refugees is when they return to syria in a safe and horrible way. but to be able to live the first time to be a priority of your office and look for their color photos. of money being put on look at whether by china only of multinational agreements can solve certain problems better that's what it is and. also coming up on the day turkey's crucial election this sunday can anyone stop regift from tightening his grip on power. if out on when the necessary majority he will be an almost all powerful president but he is not there yet. but first germany's chancellor has downplayed hopes of a breakthrough in europe's migration crisis during a visit to lebanon americal described emergency talks with most but not all
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european countries planned for sunday as an initial xchange that would not yield a joint statement or any action that after italy's new populist government threatened not to come and some central european leaders held a meeting of their own it's a sign once again of just how divisive an issue migration is and how much is at stake. on the american scene here in lebanon needs an international deal on migrants to quell a rebellion within her own conservative camp in germany her domestic opponents want germany to reject some refugees at its national borders malcolm favors a european solution but is dampening expectations. on talk on the brussels is just a working meeting there won't be a final declaration. given but we know as well that there won't be any solution among all twenty eight member states on the level of the council next week to the entire package of questions on migration that's. a good
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illustration of merkel's problem is italy which says it is overwhelmed the country is rejecting migrants rescued by n.g.o.s from the mediterranean and says it won't take back anything from germany either. four eastern european member states are boycotting the brussels meeting their leaders also don't think much of reimposed german borders within the e.u. . they were guarding the ground tonight of very thought preventing illegal migrants from entering e.u. territory has to be done at the coast of europe or at the coast of libya and not inside the schengen area which led around the need for your single otherwise the whole sing an area would break up and send them out of. that's a view shared by austria which is about to take over the use rotating presidency
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and with which germany could soon have a hard border a get. go but this is i think it's important that we no longer primarily fight about the distribution of migrants within the european union. but instead focus on securing our outer borders together. but beyond beefing up the use external border security member states don't agree on much concerning migrants and even friends merkel's closest european allies is warning that the block could potentially break apart over this issue. chief political editor of michel traveled with the chancellor on her trip to jordan and to lebanon she joins us in our studio now how under pressure did the chancellor see on this trip she's very good at being business as usual and she's very your routine she's been at the helm here and many for more than twelve years now. so from the outside it was all
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pretty much business as usual we even saw her actually stick your tongue out at kids at a school where was she was today but there is a sense also amongst advisers people traveling that everybody is aware that this is indeed a very serious situation here in germany after or her own system those who should be in her own political camp are now threatening to basically blow up that union between these conservative parties and danger her. over that very issue of migration that has become hallmarks policy we did hear her say on the strip that she's going to seek or aiming for rather by try or multilateral meetings rather than a europe wide deal how complicated is that going to be while she admits that she doesn't really know what exactly she can achieve in the big question is will it be enough to satisfy. c.s.u. now the signals we're getting here is that whatever she delivers is not going to be enough at the same time we've heard that in manama cause it has never been shy of
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not just talking about a vision for europe but also that the european project could fail because if the eurozone that's too weak but also over this very issue of migration no matter wouldn't put it in such drastic words but she too is very much concerned. at best a start will be made and that will be is so force of her supporters within the european union because that's what it is visors are busy phoning those european capitals for sure none of those eastern states who are completely out of the migration well it will appear around the table but there won't be any kind of kong create outcome in the terms that will be written down on paper that's something that was that was important to me as well but it will be a pretty disgusting round for that e.u. summit that's less than a week later and that then these this straight back into this particular crisis here in germany will it be enough and they'll be a lot of discussion here monks her own political allies and foes within the camp of
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other magical c.d.u. c.s.u. now in lebanon she was asked about these so-called disembarkation centers these are centers in countries outside the e.u. were refugees can apply for asylum here's what she said about that. we think that there are also good reasons to accommodate refugees close to their home country as the prime minister has said and we see our own lives being a reliable part comes to financing most projects. is this a solution that could possibly emerge from this weekend's meeting but what to separate that comment site from these in disembarkation centers because those are something that is reported to be on the table from the e.u. commission potentially and this is something that the united states actually also sees as the way to have refugees come legally to the us they are kind of prescreen pre-selected by the un by the international office of migration then quotas are fulfilled for legal entry but at the same time what i'm going to was referring to here more specifically was that she too agrees that migrants should be much closer
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to home they should have to come all the way to germany is really what she says and that's also why there are significant funds she promised next of one hundred million for jordan for instance in loans are sent from germany there to stabilize those countries so they are stable enough to cope with the influx of refugees and really there's no division between her critics on her migration policy and her aim that all right our chief political editor michelle with us here in our studio thank you very much. still to come on the day a cold war blockade and the daring rescue operation to save a city remembering the berlin air left. planes dropping essential supplies in west berlin up to thirteen thousand tons each day. i see this monument as a sign of the fight for freedom that's what it was. now turkey heads to the polls on sunday with the future of the country's political
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system at stake if the current president. wins he's promised to deliver sweeping constitutional changes to further strengthen the presidency and cement his power in a country which was once a parliamentary democracy there are challengers to his bid for reelection but everything points to another win for. what. president. has been steering the course of turkish politics for more than fifteen years. he has a good charted reelection which would allow him to further tighten his grip on power. after this presidential election the most controversial constitutional changes in a generation will come into force they were only narrowly backed by the turkish people in last year's referendum is out on when the necessary majority he will be in almost all powerful president but he is not bad again. these people
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stand in his way they are outlines biggest challenges. sixty one year old middle action as the only woman running for president she has already served as interior minister and last year she founded a new political party she's seen as right wing nationalists and religious some call action on the iran lady of turkey. what him injure represents the center left c.h.p. turkey's biggest opposition party the fifty four. a year old is an outspoken defender of the text republic as envisioned by most of like a mulatto. he's a charismatic speaker and a harsh critic of add one. is turkey's first presidential candidate to run from behind bars despite international protests
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he's been in custody for a year on the health on terrorism related charges. resents the proca. a party despised by the turkish government many of those backing the forty five year old attorney all young voters. only three challengers want to limit the powers of the presidency and see a return to the parliamentary system they want to improve relations with your opened late turkey out of its economic crisis is unlikely any of them will win a majority but if they manage to force out one in two runoff elections it might end up a much tighter race for the seemingly all powerful president. that report from julie honchos covering the elections from turkey's capital for us i yulia good to see you you've been talking to a lot of voters in the run up to these elections have you sensed a desire for change. oh yes there is definitely
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a desire for change and you can feel it when you talk to people on the streets at tea shops at the supermarket offer ole miss out on and his justice and development party the a.k.p. have been in power for more than fifteen years now and now there are many people who say it's enough there is nothing in it for us anymore they say for example the economy is not doing well unemployment is high youth unemployment for example stands at over twenty percent and additionally to that many people say that their freedoms are being limited they don't want to be told anymore what they can watch online they want a free media landscape i talked to people here in ankara today let's have a listen to what they have to say. everyone should be treated it's what we want but it's not happening in our country hopefully will change with. that i think i believe he'll bring justice and he's one of us. too much to do movies our children
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have no jobs i'm retired but my pension isn't nearly enough. i hope this will be what i mean joe try that. for money by democracy secularism he said there ya know we have made a comment. so yulia we heard some voices there supporting we've had a mentor he's been described as a candidate who has the biggest chance of beating at a while a what is his message to voters. well actually he is using this feeling this desire for change to mobilize voters first of all he is a very good speaker and he can challenge mr out on that and he has the guts to openly criticize him mr engine has a really really simple message he is telling people you have the choice between freedom and fear if you work for me you work for freedom if you work for mr adelson you will for fear beyond that he is trying to give
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a deeply polarized society a vision for real if he cation a turkey is after all a deeply polarized society there are many conflicts here and he is trying to get people beyond the traditional base of his own party he is appealing to religious voters he is appealing to many kurdish voters as well so his message is if you will for me i'll be a president for all of you are be a president so all eighty million people in turkey with a country so polarized as you're savvy you'll hear what is the most likely outcome of sunday's election where a poll saying. well there are many polls but many of them are not reliable at all but there is one picture emerging here and this picture is that mr add one will most likely win the presidential race he is the favorite candidate off the roll maybe not in the first round but in the second round although the opposition is hoping to force him into the second round runoff where he will maybe
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run against mr engine as he's the most popular challenger and then the opposition has already agreed they would back mr injure or the remaining candidate against miss out on so there's still that hope and there is still the mood they missed out on after all is not invincible that's for the presidential level on the pallium entry level the poll suggests that missing out on might lose the majority in parliament his a.k. party and the alliance the electoral alliance he has might lose the majority and then he would face a poly and in the very diverse parliament but since turkey is making a transformation from the parliamentary to a presidential system on sunday the big question is how much will the parliament here in turkey still have to say after this election or in yulia earlier this week you did a report about turkish people who are concerned about possible election manipulation just briefly if you can how free and fair are these elections going to be. while
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many people say these elections have never been free or fair from the very beginning since eighty percent of the media according to reporters without borders and now owned by companies close to the government this vote is taking place under a state of emergency which basically limits the rights of assembly and gives police added powers so these are the circumstances which don't make this election a very free and fair one from the beginning it appears yulia han reporting for us from yulia thank you very much. and we have much more on what's at stake in turkey's elections on our website dot com also follow us on twitter for updates our handle there is at d w news. it's one of the most iconic images of german history a picture showing excited children in west berlin cheering on u.s. and british planes which were affectionately known as candy bombers but they were in fact part of the first international crisis of the cold war after the second
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world war germany was divided into four zones american a french british and soviet in one thousand forty eight the capital berlin western allies united their zones there creating west berlin now the soviet union decided to block a west berlin closing all transport routes into that part of the city and to supply the population with essential goods the allies used three air corridors and thus the berlin airlift was born for more than a year planes drop goods into the besieged zones one plane arriving every three minutes delivering thousands of tons of food a coal and medication every day and sometimes even candy hence the name the candy bombers this week marks the seventieth anniversary of the blockade daniel bell met one berliner who was a child at the time. but was from school still feuds attached to temple of airport today seventeen years ago he watched western allied aircraft land here to save west berlin. you well i think of the past in
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connection with the airports. i feel totally different back in time and my heart and mind relive those hardships. planes no longer fly to and from this place but back then the airport was the hub of one of the most extraordinary rescue missions of all time the soviets blockaded west berlin in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight the people of the war torn city where on the verge of starvation west berliners and their mayor and slighter feared the worst. they did. either they should not. fear came in last year's eve day she was either to play the age i am scared of. the western powers response was unique and alledged every few minutes planes dropped essential supplies in west berlin up to thirteen
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thousand tons each day. was just nine years old but he still remembers the airlift well berliners called the planes candy bombers because the pilots dropped sweets from the sky and set off bombs. they dropped little parachutes for us kids the whole street was full of children running towards the falling parachutes. of course it was a big deal when one of the kids caught one we were thrilled it was chewing gum inside chocolate and of course hard candies. one side to a picture is especially meaningful for funds go. whenever i look at this picture i look for my brother or for myself but back then we couldn't afford shoes we always went around barefoot. oh i can see you know children who benefit. from the flow of the rescue operation came at
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a high price more than seventy u.s. and british men lost their lives in accidents today in monument sense and their honor the temple fairport. yeah. i see this monument as a sign of the fight for freedom that's what it was the americans fed millions of us once bolinas and didn't abandon us to the russians and their ads on the. back then americans were seen as rescue us but today the us is increasingly going its own way even so those fronts still fits grateful for him the americans will always be friends. there have been some spectacular goals at the world cup today we have press harrington from the t.v. sports to take us through all of that hi chris hi to you so serbia versus what's real and this was a tightly fought match through the end tell us about it yeah you know serbia came
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into this one with more momentum given the fact that they beat you know costa rica but they did acknowledge this would be a hellish game and it was switzerland who came out on top but serbia was a side that struck first we have the video let's take a look you know it's simply a five minutes to break the deadlock and it was alexander mitchell bitches head of that gave them the one new lead beautiful nowhere to go but the back of the net on that one but then it was the power ball the power ball from the arsenal granted shaka becoming the first player since nine hundred fifty four to score in multiple pool cups put a tie steward who would it be it be shared our security lead to the finger of the dust in celebration incredible hope style winning the match for switzerland employing ray two one way to go out i mean hey it was a great game and thrilling to the end but i nice to see switzerland come through what about the other game earlier brazil against kosta rica was out of the game to watch as well. it was an interesting match you know brazil came into this fixture as the favorite there's no doubt about that but the coach for close reka did say to
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his side they were not to be so physical. but they were to try to get the upper hand with a few assist the referee trying to act his way and be awarded a penalty but no one was buying that pretty bad act the extra time is when scoring came through felipe to achieve the second goal of the world cup right now giving brazil the lead and then neymar came back to sprinkle a little bit of icing on the cake he did get his goal you know he was very emotional in his game and he said he cried out of happiness over coming brit and desire to win so very emotional you know for him and i like neymar a lot of people hate him but i do like the it's great to watch on the field of course how does that set up the final match day entropy it's almost like a pack of sardines up at the top we have brazil i think we have a graphic we can take a look at we have brazil leading in the group of four points they have the better goal difference over switzerland but those who have played each other serbia trailing costa rica bottom of the barrel now the interesting match is the next in the takes place the last match switzerland first costa rica brazil vers serbia
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switzerland need to win or possibly get a draw it looks like every team has a feasible chance if they score enough goals the only team out of the water who has no shot is close to rick at this point because you would need at least. brazil switch brazil and serbia can draw they both have four points i mean basically the teams that win need to go for them is a tough to call get the way and see how the last match day plays out but i'm thinking brazil in switzerland i make it through i do want to ask you about nigeria beating iceland to nail are you surprised by that no because i like you know who i like the super eagles you know i think did have the upper hand going into this match considering their draw with argentina but their coach did say nigeria is a physically strong quick team get the watch up to the counter attacks and the counterattacks her i split this out of the break leicester city striker robin mussa finishing off the counterattack and he was done he was hit by the appetite as he came back the seventy fifth minute to get another goal and that was also
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a rope basically ice nigeria the super eagles they were so super against croatia and now there were living up to that adjective so it's nice to see that result and present it to ask you the big game we're all waiting for tomorrow germany versus sweden where the players had that right now you know that's a very good question sue me they had cause to aim low but addressed that to the media here's what he told his team dimanche off about their mindset let's take a listen. because of the mantra for your team this yesterday the two most important weapons energy and body using our team that played mexico was not the team we're used to answer with this self confidence approach and playing style it was. even speed those are the fundamentals for us it's all because we've seen at almost all the games that this world cup for the level of skill has not seen at the very top level he sneezed overbidding by vinita speed and options more
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a world cup of absolute dedication absolute passion ops teams are throwing everything they have shot into defending the tide you can see how i'm all right he's calling out his team but here's one fun fact germany haven't lost a sweden in forty years all right let's hope they don't lose from our then cross harrington from sports thanks very much ok. now the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at the news or at some ugly ass don't forget to use our hash tag the day and don't forget you can always get news on the go just download or out from google play or from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and you can also use the data to send us your photos and videos. thanks for watching dude having a. common
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