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tv   Doc Film - Gestures of Power - Politics and Body Language  Deutsche Welle  June 23, 2018 4:30am-5:00am CEST

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smash africa join us on facebook and t.w. africa. it's crunch time for germany call bigger hurdle will sweden prove to be the world cup two thousand and eighteen today on t.w. news. the world's leaders in the media spotlight perfectly staged appearances in which scarcely a detail is left to chance. the ada board every politician knows that the more seconds you on the big and in the front row the more people will accept you as an outside ethical act the. experts on body language analyze the key moments and gestures they read the behavior of leading politicians
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to reveal their clever tricks. that's what putin is playing here is an underhanded power game how do politicians of the circumstantial see what signals do they use for that we decide within one hundred milliseconds whether someone is a friend or a foe and who has the upper hand which gestures betray what politicians are really thinking. at the g twenty summit in hamburg the world's leaders came together to discuss global issues the meeting was also a stage with millions of spectators. while summit opponents and revolutionary rubberneckers clashed with police the politicians were locking her. warns in more subtle ways often just with looks and
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gestures. to experts reveal what is behind this behavior psychologist more nikka much nick teaches industry executives how learned body language can influence people. she is convinced that leading politicians also carefully practice many of their gestures. we should be aware that politicians are always on stage. eyelet is one of germany's leading experts on facial expressions he reads people's faces and this was winning over voters as concerned facial expressions and body language a much more important than content and political affiliation. the two experts will show that when it comes to the art of studied gestures today's leaders are professionals. positioning yourself as an alpha leader
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is a matter of rapid tactics right from the opening moment of an encounter. typically greeting is crucial because it shows at once which of the two figures is the more powerful that is why coming from the left is always preferential it means the back of the hand is pointing upwards then both of you know that now you are at an advantage because the back of your hand is facing upwards not only the proverbial upper hand is important with angela merkel's state guests it is easy to see what the greeting reveals about their relationship. if you're in a both cases the eyes are laughing they like each other by especially with maclin mccrone there is mutual touching. with trump the touching is one sided that it will get even if the yes there wasn't even a handshake she just went past and tapped her on the shoulder tips to a fossil lot of the short time.
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not very presidential. poker faced. if a suit is in his body and on which trump always tries to appear masterful on shine on no account may he give the impression of being subordinate to some of the zakaria look for instance at how slowly approaches until america look. the us president is the best example of brutish demonstrations of power. his way of shaking hands is notorious and feared by many. just come first he approaches the other person and opens his hand which still looks very corporative then he goes for the young can pull is it's not just on them. so we have a contest once he's established who promises then comes the pattering which emphasizes the dominance even more. it makes a huge difference whether i do this to a person which is
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a sign of genuine esteem or whether i pat him and convey the feeling that he is really weak that's ankush lack. french president emanuel mccrone tries to defend himself by holding trump's arm with moderate success. in another possibility which trudeau used to purposely is to place your hand on his shoulder. and then monique a it's not money could come pull me towards a. trump likes to greet until it hurts his long awkward handshake with japanese premier shinzo abbay reads like a handbook on body language. but you can see how uncomfortable feels he's laughing but it's more a form of stress management and. what's interesting though is trump's total lack of
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empathy because abbe is laughing trump thinks he's enjoying it so he shakes out his hand even harder but in japan when you just smile it's a sign of great unless i want to feel like i. advisers ought to point out such things to the president but they don't seem to have made much headway. trumpeted of course attempts have been made to coach trump and polish him sadly they've been largely in vain he has little propre aseptic in all body self when viewed from finds it very hard to assess the impact of his body language so although you can tell him to change something since he isn't aware of it himself we can change color se and. why is a mere handshake between two statesman of such significance politicians know that their voters want a strong leader so it's important to appear the winner. when it comes to self staging trump has natural talent
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a professional showman he transmits all the alpha male signals his fans are hoping for and the billionaire. doesn't hesitate to present himself as a representative of ordinary people. were. they out here only time brail done ranted against those in washington and against the establishment with the same body language as someone in a pub when these are people thought he's one of us he understands especially and with this body language he became so firmly established in their emotions that even today when we endeavor with facts to show that something he said is wrong he still has an incredible number of sympathizers. but is an america first america will be first again from trying there's no newcomer to the scene he's a personality the americans have known for three decades and they know him with all his highs and lows with all his megalomania they've always said that's just the way
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he is and ultimately there's a basic sympathy involved people thought ok barking dogs don't bite but now they may have to reassess your. donald trump's victoria's just to cue lation is his trademark and possibly a reason for his success when trump wants to thump on the table he really slams his fist down on the left has learned how to he gets laid back carries a lot of credibility it's different from hitting the table like this some politicians only ever do this this is so far removed from the kind of body language we would use that we get the feeling he's talking about something else that if i say we must change things or we must change things then it will happen. but how much of trump is genuine and how much is only performance the body language is not the more nor less than the message it is a totally different form of communication on the list and for how can and does spend the in the head if it were always about content and the politicians could
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send us their message by post but no we want to see them in an interview situation we want to see how they react the. and that stirs our emotions and then we listen to what they have to say. clinton has to go to the appearing authentic goes down well with voters but when a diplomatic stance is called for politicians gestures and especially their facial expressions can be most revealing that's because every person's features display emotions emotions which even trump and his fellow leaders can't entirely control either. there are what we call micro expressions facial twitches as fast as the blink of an eye for example if i say i'm angry but new to my eyebrows the way i just did it is more a sign that i am disappointed not angry. from shows his emotions quite openly the markedly pull down corners of his mouth can often be seen when he has
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just provoked or insulted someone. as he simply it's interesting to watch him not always nice to have some but interest and doesn't mention the fact that he pouts like a child that has just been told by his mother to top it's room it's. the kit man poses his lips as if to say i'm not listening to you be it's can inform. not just what trump does from. august two thousand and seventeen a rally by white supremacists in charlottesville escalated into a street battle after a counter demonstrator was killed the president had to make a statement in words trump condemned the behavior of the right wing extremists but his features spoke a different language or condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred bigotry and violent trump is normally very animated in his gestures and facial expressions and does not hear indicating that he is not fully
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behind what he is saying safety. uncharacteristically trump read from his script with almost frozen features unemotional facial expressions another revealing clue. so how credible are the images that politicians present themselves the russian president is fond of striking bare chested poses the message is putin is a strong leader a he man in the west such self dramatization might be thought unseemly but in russia putin uses his body language to indicate leadership qualities. and see in report whenever you see putin is acting out power and strength from stacker. always with his poker face we should never forget his k.g.b. past it taught him right from the start to exercise self-control and how to manipulate it that's also a part of it that's. his facial expression which hardly ever changes is
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a deliberate message. as well that joy green for euphoria is involved with putin it's all roughly like this an impasse if expression was important in evolution if there was danger say in the form of a wild animal and the alpha leader looked frightened people might have the worst thing a panic can we want an alpha leader who's facial expression remains totally stable even in an emergency. unlike trump putin does listen to selected advisors and apparently trusts their expertise. as. he has been trained to mute his body language to show less and appear inscrutable sign yeah that's a yes and it said that he was coached by alan pease an australian expert in this field called stop it seems that he helped to change to stop using the aggressive gestures which characterized the soviet era as
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a host. alan p.s. coached blood in the air putin in one nine hundred ninety one when the future russian leader was thirty nine the kremlin flew in the australian body language expert to prepare selected soviet officials for dealing with western diplomats and investors. today many politicians get professional coaching for their appearances the experts teach a range of standard gestures effectively a basic repertoire. dance followed. the welcoming gesture is particularly popular it symbolizes openness i've got the chance to give someone something but i can also take something that. the second thing politicians learn in media coaching is the facial expressions like raising your eyebrows as a sign of concern if i say for instance that unemployment has risen but seems more
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concerned than if i say unemployment has risen so hard especially. the the attention grabbing gesture as soon as a politician raises his finger everyone looks at it pay attention i have something important to say. that really make gestures generally occur more often in situations where they have to be convincing you see rhythmic gestures more during election campaigns. politicians also use the dominance gesture the palm of the hand simply faces downwards and the person taps on the table site tipped off them to show. does anyone operate nowadays without professional coaching. by party the situation is more intense for politicians than for other people after all they opponents really in the public eye in the past when one of them says something wrong or scratched their nose it was cut out today that sort of thing is kept and
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used instead. sure it'll show us the show. putin has developed into a master of political spectacle when ten russian oligarchs want to shut down a poorly performing factory and slash five thousand jobs the president put his foot down he insisted that the tycoon signed an agreement guaranteeing the further existence of the plant. which was used as a goodwill set up that are going to be some way but he is he's leaning back and in that posture certainly back and one of them forward he doesn't have to approach him and that is a huge dominant signal. that and then he focuses on the most powerful and best known figure in the group or that very pascoe one of the wealthiest men on the planet and makes him sound like some schoolboy who hasn't filled out his excuse note and then even takes back the pan
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from all in all a notable. does is one from start to finish it was organized down to the last detail and also uses classic master race language describing others as animals reptiles cockroaches these are terms which in western europe would immediately discredit a politician and lead to calls for an immediate resignation and food. yet putin is by no means regarded as entirely narcissistic indeed in contrast to trump he hates grand appearances and despite his professionalism he can't hide the fact. that it's a stupendous entryway and then the relatively small figure of lighting it who time comes and i but he doesn't enter like someone stepping into the sunshine so to speak right from the start he totally ignores the cameras and the audience in fact he looks down at the floor as someone who likes hogging the limelight would come in beaming like there is to be the center of attention and that shows rather me
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a protein's personality. he's at the very top because it's bloody me pointing at east but he's actually someone who feels more at ease in the background where he can pull the strings unobserved border food war eddie favre they all but the team come. uncle americal was also treated to a putin performance when she met the russian leader at his summer residence in sochi in two thousand and seven putin had his black labrador with him the german chancellor doesn't like big dogs and moscow had already been informed of that but the kremlin stated later that unfortunately the president knew nothing about the chancellor's discomfort with dogs. but putin played was an underhanded power game he knew perfectly well that an american was afraid of dogs nevertheless he had konnie his labrador with him. fear of dogs it was plain to see she tried to play it down by laughing and making a joke. but her head movements were
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a lot stiffer than usual. but americal overcame her discomfort after a moment and thus beat putin at his power game. uncle americal has had plenty of experience with power conscious men she has been through a tough school once coles girl and a seemingly shy environment minister from east germany she has become one of the world's most powerful women the way she presents herself shows a tremendous development but how much of that is medical herself and how much of it is based on the advice of professionals. of course and in america has had her advisers by her side and they've worked on her in specific ways first it was about the way she comes across she simply needed to make a more powerful and convincing impression after that it was also about styling. that nothing is styling twenty or thirty years ago everything about. clothing her
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hands pointed to the floor which created a lesson a jet a compression today her head is a little more horizontal so it's a clothes and she holds a hands a trunk quite this way she works against gravity and seems more energetic upbeat that's all the it ima get the shots at the start of her political career miracle still appeared uncertain and unfiltered. she hardly seemed destined for the front row but she has blossomed today with an almost legendary trademark if that is what the gesture was meant to be much has been read into the medical rumpus it's even been interpreted as a sign of the illuminati. stance but if many people wonder what the gesture is supposed to mean i always say nothing very often an america had no idea what to do with her hands so she simply formed this round this diamond with them and thus that way she felt she was standing straight with her hands under control that. she is the only politician i know of
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who has managed to have a body language gesture named after her the mantle rhombus. a gesture with such a high recognition value that it became an election campaign motif she has constantly held her hands and this position for merkel's body language concept is totally different from that of her russian and american counterparts where as putin and trump consciously elevate their personalities the german chancellor moves in a completely different direction. as it is both sides i describe her as the master of none staging and that is the highest artist staging it always looks as if she weren't staging herself but she's nothing to chance. to market hard to so it's a make lose more staged and practically any other politician. that is constantly
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accompanied by a team responsible for her makeup and her team just as we do must be for the fans who are strict rules for her public appearances where cameras can be positioned which pictures are allowed they should be seen. but some old habits remain. met macca tends to adopt a crouching post just she makes herself smaller the origin of this behavior is that we do not want to stand out in the pack in the herd so we make ourselves a bit small and when she steps onto the stage and knows that the spotlight is on our she raises a hand at the same time she crouches that's why we always see maca greeting on this course. and if you look at old interviews she seems very nervous over the years that has been coached out of her but she still has a typical movements such as stretching the corners of her lips which can still make her seem a bit unsure. at least. mckelvey stays in
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a very narrow corridor of the unpassable an unemotional over all that can be dangerous populists appear on the scene headed by some shining figure which hasn't happened so far in germany denmark killed will have a huge problem and easily causes public. by the appearances of leading politicians virtually nothing but show and a coached facade and does this really convince everybody. yawn hendrik becca is an online journalist he invites top politicians in berlin for interviews on his youtube channel it garners clicks from the instagram generation the voters of tomorrow and an enormous target and they don't seem too bothered about politicians staged appearances. and we claim the politicians today staged themselves so much more than in the past but they have always stayed themselves are you even very blunt was always extremely conscious of the images he produced. the
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internet reproduces the gestures of those in power with humor few gestures by a politician have been mocked as creatively on the web as medicals rambis. to create a personal image that works and is accepted as i'm the same rules apply to politicians in the digital sphere as fun and the instagram influence you think about the image you are projecting and think about what is being said by the subtext and marketing invest in them in them takes on it at c o two it. expressions create impressions but too much of a good thing consume become ridiculous. when does the professional mask have the opposite impact and reveal the person's true self my mind pression is that with staging and politics that everyone who uses the net knows that this is pure stage and you won't get a lot of it is just show and up when the bullshit detector immediately turns on when someone claims it's not show that it's all green. and authentic but that
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doesn't mean that stage and isn't important it just has to have credibility he has to muster not a lot of time. in their quest for votes will the politicians of the future place their faith in a smart presence and big gestures. for trump's opponent in the american presidential election that approach didn't work hillary clinton offered masterpieces of studied staging the beaming smile of her gaze it was all straight out of the body language manual and yet she stumbled on the way to the white house . and you have to simply say she is an absolute perfectionist and as we know perfection generates aggression the human element was lacking the softness she made a very hard impression cattles a house plus your floor she lacked was emotional facial expressions and that made her seem less credible yet she should have underscored her statement with more
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emotion in her face and does this trump succeeded in doing that woman. could it be that the public secretly longs for the genuine article without the sophisticated staging. a comeback you simulate me my package is important in life when we go to the market and buy an apple it has to look good and appetizing otherwise we will never focus on its contents and in other words it's on its taste the same holds true for politics right from the start a politician has to make a positive impression on the schools like the uk and then we will take a positive view of the continent and one of only. professional coaches will continue to be in demand so long as they leave a trace of authenticity if a politician is upstaged by body language and gestures even the best performance may fail.
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frankfurt airport city managed by for. german chancellor angela merkel has downplayed hopes of a breakthrough in europe's migration crisis during a visit to lebanon merkel described emergency talks planned for sunday as an initial exchange that would not yield a joint statement or indeed any action michael has now finished her two day trip to the middle east. u.s. president donald trump has threatened to place a twenty percent tariff on vehicles assembled in the european union his comments come on the day that the e.u. says counter tariffs tie.


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