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tv   World Stories - World Cup Everything Under Control  Deutsche Welle  June 23, 2018 4:15pm-4:31pm CEST

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or to wonder hoping they were versatile move to grant the president a sweeping new powers. and the eyes of the soccer world are on the germany squad at the world comes after a first match last they must win today against sweden if they are to defend their title. you're watching news coming to you from berlin we'll be back again at the top of the hour i'm hearing edelstein from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching. i. cannot go out and they will not succeed in dividing us so that all not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking a stand global news that matters d. w. made some minds. study faith in the most highly contents of elections and
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many to make amends the president read a tired out on her own power on something even unseated and alter the course of the country the pavement she ends in there she will tell you what you need to know the reports on live coverage from his stumble and anger on this week on the w. news. conference. this week on a world story. germany when deportation looms. turkey when young people vote. and we begin in russia this year's world cup oust a larger. security presence in football history hundreds of thousands of police
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officers and soldiers have been deployed p.w. reporter you're a shadow was in moscow to see how russia has protected employee. a wild party for soccer fans is a hard day's work for security personnel thousands of police officers national guard soldiers and secret service staff have a strong presence in all eleven cities where world cup matches are taking place. was used for news we have the situation under control across the country as far as we know there's been no serious threat to any wildcat visitors old participants. the moscow subway system is under special protection from any threat of attack as an experiment we set out to board one of the trains with a heavy backpack and headed to the city center a trip made by six and a half million people every day. soon after entering the station
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our bag is placed in an x. ray machine like those used at airports. then it's scanned with a metal detector at another station. the last terrorist attack on a subway station was a year ago in st petersburg security forces aren't leaving anything to chance but most soccer fans with child here from around the world hardly give this a second thought the entire city of moscow is a scene of tournament colors plus the grey uniforms of team police authorities won't divulge the total number of security staff since some of them are part of intelligence services used to move or would you call because of course we had many preventative measures in place at the outset along with you prove we also have lists with the names of fans who have barred from entering the stadiums. we're not planning by huge the same applies to non russian fans in addition the right to demonstrate has been restricted the russian opposition has criticized this measure
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as a diversion tactic to steer attention away from the country's real problems. obviously kremlin wants to use this championship to boost its international image to normalize russia because many people becoming him tourists fans and they will be coming back saying look we saw a normal country nothing like the dictatorship of the western media used portraying in this regards any kind of real mass protests is a lethal poison for the image of russia. but there's also been widespread praise of the police service so far in part from police officers from other countries who've come by the hundreds to support their russian counterparts for the four weeks of the tournament. in germany the coalition governments dispute over asylum policy continues to intensify chancellor merkel now no longer excludes deportations to afghanistan although the security
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situation there remains unstable rock madge has been in germany for two years could be among those under. a moment i'm almost twenty years old i was born in afghanistan but i was raised in iran and i'm training to be a hotel manager my. last night was only one year old when his parents decided to leave their home in afghanistan they fled because of the terror of the taliban. they said we were home one day and then suddenly the bomb hits there were shots everywhere they were really loud and we just ran away we didn't have time to take the possible it's we just run away from it given. the family fun. a new home in tiran where i grew up together with us two brothers. growing up in the wrong was sometimes difficult because i'm partly afghan partly iranian so
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i didn't know which direction to go it was a bit hard yes actually it was hard because. the fact that the parents didn't have any documents of the kids turned out to be a big obstacle later on every month they had to pay a fee to the iranian government says at some point us father a construction worker couldn't pay it anymore so adamant in his younger brother left once again this time to germany it's been two years since then we have got what i said to my brother ok we're in germany now shouldn't lose time let's move on learn german and start something new. and they did i met us now in the second year of his training his brother is heading towards a levels everything seemed well. but then german authorities demanded the missing papers they gave him a deadline in three months his residence permit expires. if that meant is not able
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to get the papers until then he'll be deported to afghanistan. people who are being deported think ok we have no job no food no place to stay nothing but the taliban have all of that jobs food and money so ok let's go there many think like that who in germany wants to see or hear that nobody wants to see that. this. man says he's on his own path back to afghanistan not an option. to look at the elections in turkey for the past eighteen years roger tell you they're the one who has held the political reins firmly in his grip many young voters. grew up under his roof what influence will they turn out on the outcome of this sunday's poll when the ferry docks at the pier in iskandar and the passengers
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disembark i mean sorry olo is there waiting he's complaining here in istanbul for the a.k.p. president their demands justice and development party. are still a mean is twenty eight and studied sports management he's admired the president for as long as he can remember. in the last one of the years to get her because you know you'll see some say that our president is tired but it's not true where he has so much energy or an urgency there to young people and that's a very motivating through our spirit he isn't tired we young folks shouldn't be either. gives very good his role for us you know it's always oh you don't love what you do you don't get tired we love this country this nation both fight for it or you can resolve it you'll have been very good in the neighboring district of. color and there is drumming up support for the pro kurdish people's democratic party. its presidential candidates. has been in custody for nineteen months on terrorism
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related charges xanga gratian it's time for a change people are being detained without reason and nobody asks why this is happening to send the money up to this photo of the nineteen year old john so trained as a legal assistant like many young people in turkey she contre member a time when out on wasn't turkey's leader but unlike a.k.p. campaigners she's had enough of him in a thread he invests in way rather than in education he behaves like a racist a warmonger a nationalist he doesn't care about the people that's why we say it's enough to add one he and his people say we build roads and bridges for you but in fact so many people don't have homes or anything to eat. he is the youthful country roughly fifty percent of those alledged to vote are under thirty an entire generation that's grown up with add and the religious conservatism of his
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justice and development party. everything has an expiry date an error one is already out of date i've done done took time typing this thing in and you know the how it was but i want more freedom we should be able to think free money that is the kind of techie i want to live in. the upcoming elections in turkey will be decided by young people one point seven million of them are eligible to vote for the first time the country's future is in and then head. to. our last stop of his uganda many cattle breeders have exchanged their traditional one color cattle for carlos from germany. but this turns out to be more complicated than expected. for centuries but he met cattle herders have been moving with their cattle across the grassy plains of central uganda bianco they are one of the oldest
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indigenous breeds famous for their long horns and robust nature for elizabeth cut to shabby this breed is not just about making a living. i think. these co on quite a long horn. of uganda is on identity. and it's animal in this environment. hush. environment. actually helped us protect our environment but they have a powerful rival the black and white friesian holsteiner the world's most popular milking cows bred for maximum milk production the owner of this her just got rid of all he's on call a just so he could buy these foreign imports but you have the most are not well adapted to the ugandan climate and that forces the herders to use insecticides and antibiotics the only protection from local chicks and parasites.
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but the ones we do mostly will who get a little bit since we started using the chemicals which we have lost a lot of insects especially bees we used to harvest honey but it isn't possible anymore and other animals and insects have disappeared but we've destroyed a lot of trees too we don't have many insects left. and see what the elizabeth cut to xabi is a member of the whole the cattle conservation association she visits farmers around the country she explains why it's important to preserve the ancient breeds and she's often successful this herder is introduced on call the cows back into his herd veterinarians and medicines are very expensive so the on call days are getting a second chance. but we should find means and ways of you know living with the dog they did you know breeds because they keep the. property
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so we should know and only think about producing a little food but we should think about what kind of food we are producing maybe this old way of thinking will win out before the un coley cattle disappear altogether from the grassy. plains of uganda. place. coming. up next. eco africa. without these creatures life wouldn't be the same. six actually around the world so yes some of the most important elements of almost any terrorist. researchers at a national park in mozambique cataloguing some of nature's tiniest species insects
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in africa little creatures who play a big role to. go after africa next d.-w. . maybe. and stars deliver rousing performances. last comic sold pop goes further than skin deep love. love by british singer norah. in concert in forty five minutes on t w. clash of cultures in india. a clash between those who believe that you know arranged marriage those who want to marry for love. playing the clash that shaking families and society to the core.
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the love commandos starts july eighth w. it's crunch time food germany how big a hurdle will sweep the truth to the. world cup two thousand and eighteen today on t.w. news. hello and welcome to you could africa the pan african european environment by the scene and now it's coming to you from the beautiful show it's got in lagos nigeria so
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this program has a special edition featuring insects and the crucial role they play in environmentalists ecosystems but he has a quick look.


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