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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 23, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin the audience of the soccer world will be on the germany team in the coming hours as the world cup mexico have beaten south korea meaning the germans a must win or draw tonight against sweden or the defending champions world cup campaign will be over also coming up campaigning has officially ended in turkey ahead of a landmark vote on sunday but will anyone be able to stop president branch of type area want to take a look at the main opposition challengers hoping to bring carrot along fifteen year
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iron grip on power. and zimbabwe's president in their early escapes injury when an explosion hits a campaign rally in the country's second city the vice president and several other people were wounded we'll bring you the latest. poll and welcome to the program i'm marion and well it's make or break for germany at the world cup this saturday the team that beat them last week mexico has now won two one against south korea setting up a crunch match for the germans the mexican's now top group with six points thanks to this penalty by carlos vale in the first half. and after the break chicha rito hernandez out of the second to back the win for mexico. despite south korea's only
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consolation. the old well today's match of with sweden has become a must win for germany because of its unexpected loss at the opening match of the tournaments the fans have gathered at the fan mile here in berlin and i can see a lima hotel is standing by for us only most so what's the mood like there head of the kick off. well on a scale of one to ten the energy level we're probably at is seven reaching almost an eight you can feel it there's a lot of optimism here in here in the air but there's also a sense of nervousness as thousands of fans have made their way hey here to the fan mile in thousands mo i expected to be here within the next hour or so will be a full house and right behind me the fans right here at the very front they actually came here about hours and hours ago and that's because they will have the
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best view in the house they also some of the best seats and to keep them entertained we've had music these had dancing on the stage at space or basically the fans are ready now it's all a question of can germany deliver and here is a small fun fact it's gray it's been raining on and off and it's been chilly but did you know that every time it has rained here at the fan myla germany have won all right so perhaps as a good omen of the sort of bad weather what are fans expecting tonight. while expectations are massive not only because germany ahd the defending world cup champions but a lot of germany fans take a lot of pride in their consistency at the woodcock they had never been eliminated from the group stages in the last eighty or so he has since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight different then anything less than a victory of course is. huge disappointment and i spoke to some of the fancy and
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they basically they were brutally honest with me and some of them basically said that this will be embarrassing if germany do not advance from the group stages some even summing up the sentiment by saying that they won't be able to show their faces in the next little by. a limited talkie reporting from the fan mile here in berlin stay warm stay dry and we'll check in with you later on. so the center of the german soccer universe at the moment is of course sochi where the match against sweden is going to take place short time ago i talked to my colleague jonathan harding who's at that stadium where germany fans will be hoping to be in full voice later on. well you are right there is a lot of shouting i think that's because there's a lot of excitement about this game i don't think it gets any bigger than this for germany it is a shoot shoot game they're under pressure they have to win the expectation is that
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they will do that and your home nerve has also a man under pressure as the head coach who hasn't got it right in the first game he is the center of attention i don't think it's an underestimation to say that this is perhaps the biggest game in german football history in the last fifteen years all right so the koshare king know he's got to get it right this time which player is going to be calling on tonight. one of his out officially yet but there are some suggestions that he's going to change two three five two it means that mario gomez is expected to come in an attack with him of an antonio ruediger is supposed to be the man coming into a three man back line and in midfield the big news reportedly at the moment is that measures and summit here will not play if that does turn out to be the case you have to move has made some very big choices with players that he normally trusts and maybe it's a sign that the leadership group of this team is being changed so if that does turn out to be the lineup some very big calls from the germany coach this evening. so what about their opponents sweden what can we expect from them.
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boston a very solid site not very spectacular though as that seemed to be the case in the first game against career but their fans as you heard earlier very very spectacular indeed. the head of the game swedish fans are celebrating like they've won the world cup here in sochi they're convinced their side will knock out the world champions but. if we do we win with three three has nothing to do is we're going to go all the and it's going to a tough game it's going to be quite easy game sunday walk in the park think as we don't want to beat their crap but our girl many are probably. five six two zero three scoring isn't exactly what the swedes are known for the team qualified for the tournament on the back of their solid defense since the retirement of
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starstruck has lots and abraham of each coach ian anderson has focused on the collective. germany will certainly have possession and i were defending will be the deciding factor but we also want to create and play our own game we would have to be at our very best mean to be the dog regardless of the performance the fans will celebrate late into the night because their team will still have a chance to advance to the knockout stages even if they lose they may be singing for a few more games yet. right so some very colorful and confident sweden fans jonathan just haven't much of a factor is the crowd going to play in this match. but i think it's an underestimated factor we saw in the first game for germany against mexico the difference that the mexico fans made they created such an incredible atmosphere that germany struggled underneath it and really there's an
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argument that one of resistance the. is it germany was so poor and not so stable because of the way that mexico friends were they way they cheated that same on there will be a part of the seven thousand sweden funds here this evening so be a case a very sea of yellow not green but it's something else that germany will have to contend with tonight for sure. well in saturday's first game group g. favorites belgium faced off with tunisia they opened the scoring six minutes in from a sponsorship then ten minutes later romelu lukaku double the lead making it to nil belgium's golden generation looking in full flow early on but tunisia had back almost immediately when dillon brawn found the ball off of a free kick just before half time lucado reestablished his side's dominance with his fourth goal of the tournament belgium border on from their five two was the final score.
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in turkey campaigning has concluded for a landmark elections to be held on sunday the candidates spent the final day rallying their supporters incumbent rich of type heir to one addressed multiple events in istanbul the election which he called more than a year early is being seen as a referendum on his fifteen years in power one of chief rivals. has also been making a final push for votes he addressed a huge crowd also in istanbul the stakes in this election are high the winner will gain sweeping new presidential powers to be introduced in a constitutional change after the polls short time ago i spoke to w. correspondent junia hahn who's in ankara and has been following the campaigning for us i asked her if ordinary people in turkey felt that this election was especially important for the country. oh yes you do get the feeling that there is
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a lot at stake after all these elections will transform turkey's political system they will usher in a new system that will dramatically expand the powers of the president at the expense of the paul humans' powers so if this to add one wins the necessary majority tomorrow he will be an almost all powerful president he can for example appointed fire ministers to solve paul humans' prepare the budgets polls when you elections or announce a state of emergency so for him there is a lot at stake he could either be the most powerful men in modern turkish history or he will get the signal that this is not what turkey wants this is not the direction the people here want the country to turn to so there is a lot at stake for him and his main challengers have already voted to roll back this presidential system because they clearly say this will turn turkey into a neutral prosy. this is in fact looking like the closest election arrays
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since aired on himself first came to power fifteen years ago but just how optimistic is the opposition camp of being able to challenge erda once rule. well when mr add one two months ago announced napal actions for june twenty four most of the observers assumed he and his ruling just as a justice and development party a.k.p. would comfortably win this race if not entirely fairly but since then a lot has changed two things are very important here for position parties have formed a rare electoral alliance with the goal of breaking the a hippie alliances majority in parliament this of course depends on whether the procardia h.t.t.p. manages to cross the ten percent threshold and makes it into parliament and secondly there is more to manger the candidate of the largest opposition party here the c.h.p.
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he really is invigorating the turkish opposition making people believe that change indeed is possible he is very self-confident he's a good talker and he has easy promises and messages he for example says if you will for me i will turn mr altgens fancy presidential palace here in ankara into university into a place for the people i will not give you any election presents i will give you jobs and i'll give you your freedoms back and this is an important many message for many people here so a vote that seemed to be no water at all in the beginning has really turned into this decision for turkish voters and it will be the toughest test in sixteen years for mr alderaan and his a.k.p. . and that was the correspondent speaking to me earlier from and crafts turning now to zimbabwe where an explosion has hit a rally where president emerson non-god was addressing his supporters he was unhurt but several others are reported to have been injured including the country's vice
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president the blast happened at the white city stadium in the south western city of below y.-o. president was campaigning there ahead of nationwide elections in july he simply our last november after the ouster of zimbabwe's long time leader robert mugabe. well joining us now is journalist columbus from harare for the latest columbus what can you tell us about this blast and below why oh well there's this in march besides what does been sick let you know on social media and what the president just. said she minutes at will saying yusef but he's vice president he's sell woman and one of the vice president's wife among other people several people that deadly injured when there was
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a bomb that lasted. only does south whistle far out it are there is any indications as to who could have been behind this blast . well what the president say essentially is that people don't have been trying to eliminate you have done it six times you say that's what he said when the us to you general is from the states on to me. in a while but that still is that is that has been thrown up around saying well this could not be it's. like this that there was someone who decides to leave him it's good to speak. because of the means about with. columbus move on governor porting from harare we seem to have lost that connection
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you're watching news coming to you from berlin we'll have another update for you at the top of the hour in the meantime you can always get the latest news and information on our website that's at g.w. dot com i'm there in evanston from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching. today. you know the banks. and so was the language of the bank. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. .


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