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tv   Doc Film - No Solidarity - Racism in Former East Germany  Deutsche Welle  June 23, 2018 9:15pm-10:01pm CEST

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hard to be a sports thank you so much for your input ok. you're watching news from berlin and more coming up at the top of the hour don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website. thanks for joining us. we make up oh but we watch as all powerful and up educated we are this summer so obviously. they want to shape the continent's future to be part of it and join the youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa charge.
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nine hundred seventy five dozens of algerians a chase through the streets of affluent in communist east germany. during all this uproar there were regular calls of algerians out. september nine hundred eighty seven a teenager from mozambique is attacked and kicked to death and also in communist east germany. when so was but yet when something like that happened people quickly tried to brushed under the carpet so they could say our friendships stronger than what happened. in june one thousand nine hundred eighty six our contract worker from mozambique is lynched by neo nazis on a train upon stam in communist east germany his family alive to about his death.
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i'm glad i now know how my son. and i. help the men who did it will finally be held accountable for. a warm seemingly peaceful summer's day in affluent and yet in the town center today the eleventh of august nine hundred seventy five a monday something would unfold that had never happened in east germany before. all of them of often things were very hectic down at the station because of the events taking place on the efforts central square we were armed and issued with our equipment and then sent out right away to restore order. i wasn't going to spend that because. on the off in august it was two officers against maybe fifty people.
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or. five out of it was hopeless from the start and. often on fire and i was. afeard became the scene of unbelievable mayhem for several days groups of up to three hundred germans chased algerian contract workers through the city center beating them with planks and sticks that anger ultimately turned against the police officers to. the top of the mud and then it was the first time in my six years service with the police that i was scared what if i think i'm standing arms as well known but i think all of i was unpredictable but the crowd were largely drunk he said tameside bunked a computer it is this month you get this crowd phenomena. you can bite off much
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stock in the morning through. it was a program atmosphere or course to more good at least as much. than marshalls was working as a police officer in africa city center at the time. he too was surprised by the outbreak of xenophobia rage but he knew why this anger was aimed at the algerians. they came to east germany to work and they needed accommodation. because they needed somewhere to live a whole new block of flats which to families from air force one already measured curtains was made available to the algerians i was committed to go. by them but often martin you don't let me hear all the families from air force were told from one day to the next that they would have to wait another year or two for a flat when a woman. ok i wasn't talking about. the
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stars in process the case is unregistered nationalist tendencies among the populace the algerians are lazy and not so hardworking as the germans when the accusation and more why are these lazy black guys brought here even though they were innocent the algerian workers were now monitored and photographed by stars the spies five men from effort were investigated as troublemakers taken into custody and sentenced to prison but the algerians didn't escape on hand either some were deported end of discussion east german leadership hoped that would make the conflicts go away. starting in the early one nine hundred seventy s. thousands of workers from non european countries came to east germany first from algeria then from cuba mozambique vietnam and angola according to the official
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message the citizens of east germany in the foreign contract workers were building the socialist state together there was cultural exchange and meetings on an equal footing with the newcomers became members of the socialist workers collective the two groups also spent their leisure time together at least according to the party line. the eighteen cubans have found friends here friends who will still be there for them when they're no longer with them they'll do it through the experiences the cubans have shared with them a connectedness with the pioneers of socialism on the american continent. but outside the state ordained friendship meetings the dominant reaction to the new arrivals was rejection. as last march. because there was a defensive attitude in all areas of everyday life. if they could take something away from us girls or to dance for example the hostility came from them being
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foreigners but also because the state imposed them on the people these workers were supposed to close gaps in industry the front up. here are good looking in the industry they were rejected because they were the product of a state organized policy or going to put a pick up going into. foreign contract workers lived in separate accommodation in a sealed off world they weren't supposed to have any private contacts with the people of east germany as a result fake news spread very rapidly it was said that the foreigners were paid in western money and given preferential treatment that was an explosive mix of rumors in a state where everything was in short supply. in the only verse they don't know how we lived they said we got deutsche marks west german money you know mere giving just so lonely. the whole time i was there i wanted to have an open day it's.
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as if you're looking at that never happened the ideology didn't permit it. the afternoon. and if the papers and television didn't educate the people then how were they to understand how we lived these all and no milo pure go. it's fish. it didn't stop with mere disgruntlement. hundreds of racist attacks were committed in east germany. historian harry viable has researched them there was then a phobic slogans and insults and violent attacks riots and even murders the majority of the perpetrators were young men victims largely foreign contract workers. really good my research
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has revealed around seven hundred violent confrontations between germans and foreign nationals that started in the sixty's and continued until the collapse of east germany of these two hundred were pogroms or program like confrontations this racist climate in east germany was growing shall consist of. every year in freiburg near one weekend in september was traditionally all about wine a wine queen was crowned and there was a procession with all kinds of other entertainments. but on the twenty fourth of september one thousand nine hundred seventy eight this wine festival had a bloody finale police officers set their dogs on cuban contract workers three cubans were seriously injured by dog bites and admitted to hospital.
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cuban leader fidel castro was livid when he heard about it that's exactly how the plantation owners used to treat their slaves in cuba he said. coolly or gothia only vasty cuban ambassador to east germany immediately set off. freiburg. yeah keep the lived until just a little disappointed that fidel told me very clearly that this was absolutely unacceptable or. that there was nothing wrong with normal police operations but that the use of dogs was too much but i. could tell clearly instructed me to do everything i could to stop anything like that ever happening again but. with the ball or else cuba would immediately sever relations with east germany got a little better for all we have a lot of. these incidents strained relations between the socialist states patching
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them up again was difficult for the diplomats above all nothing was to leak to the outside months later the relationship was severely tested yet again. support the twelfth of august nine hundred seventy nine cuban contract workers and dozens of east germans got into a fight outside the xylo tile nightclub. there already been racist incidents and brutal attacks the day before three cuban contract workers were randomly beaten up an imbued by three massenburg locals in the town center in response some cubans decided to fight back. thomas franco for titles they stormed up to the dance floor and spread out across the table seventy i can't remember if they also attacked guests they definitely smashed
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up everything that was on the tables not infusions found on climate. host bush was in the nightclub with his girlfriend from mess about that evening he was a west german industrial worker employed as an assemblyman at the nearby chemical plant. on the phone beef. we met he told us he'd incited an attack on the cubans by making racist statements about the black monkeys . but when the cameras started rolling he suddenly gave us a slightly different story. so i know. suddenly this one guy a west german i think shouted attack i can still hear it today so we went out after them. on the phone you told us it was you who called for the attack i just called for them to be chased there's no statute of limitations for murder.
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is cautions justified because the chase ended fatally for two cuban contract workers. try one. and two were pushed over the edge of the bridge into the. that was the aim and nobody thought about it being summer or these are life you have to have any you need there was a much water in the river twenty thirty centimeters at most one meter they would only getting small they fell seven or eight meters into shallow water that's why they died. one cuban man who was seriously injured tried to reach deeper water in the middle of the river low tar menzel who'd also been in the nightclub that evening tried to rescue him he was twenty at the time sensitive guy with artistic talent and a member of the mental brothers artist group that sometimes performed in the club
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but his rescue attempt failed. because they just know they have plenty of little. i saw a wine bottle being thrown at them and it hit him smack on the head he went under i took my jacket off and gave it to someone i ran down and jumped in somewhere here would been i knew or. so it up than. me how i started to dive right away when i swam under water and tried to find him awful. lot of us with him then i thought i would find him help you thought it was over. but he didn't to cuban's died three days later the corpse of delphin grammar was fished from azhar the next day. garcia parents body was found as well. kind of the hill today of the who we weren't able to determine
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a cause of death with any certainty that's because the body has lain for several days in the zala in the middle of some of the target it was in an advanced state of decomposition. the one that you fight focus looking giving. to romanoff's he performed the autopsy on one of the two dead men both autopsy reports state no natural cause of death no further details. quintus austin think through its political housing i read in the police reports that there had been a confrontation between a group of germans and a group of cubans and that the cubans jumped into the sauna to escape and in the exotic afraid to tell. the police in the public prosecutor's office launched an investigation in mass aboard the stasi report stated that the criminal responsibility of five east german citizens is currently being checked on suspicion
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of involvement in the incident but suddenly everything ground to a halt the investigations were shut down on orders from the highest level of the east german government. massive book with party leadership meaning hanukkah and also interior minister dickel were involved in covering up the murder of the two cubans in mezzeh berg from the outset to. measurable. in east germany events were covered up and suppressed in cuba they were punished all the cubans who were allegedly involved in the confrontation outside the nightclub were sent to the now tourists coming out as they prison they were given long sentences because the socialist friendship had to remain unblemished east german leadership acted from a position of strength towards allied to developing countries such as cuba whenever there were confrontations between germans and contract workers the foreign
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nationals were sent home no attempt was made to establish guilt. the ambassador at the time julio garcia olivet us remembers that the killing of the two cuban contract workers was under no circumstances to put any further strain on the already difficult relationship between east germany and cuba he wasn't told how his fellow countrymen really died. of the brief i got from fidel and raul castro was the economic cooperation was the most important thing and immediately afterwards fidel even told me in writing that i was to prevent any discussion between the party in east germany and the party in cuba. it was a difficult task the ambassador was informed of fights and stabbings almost every weekend. their job they were the result of the culture
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shock experienced by the young cubans and the young germans but they also occurred on saturday nights when everyone was out drinking and dancing. one of these clashes didn't just affect cubans algerians and yugoslavs were also affected. but the calls came in about fights all over the place it was like a world war. where i got to know what i'm doing. in socialist cuba the hostilities the contract workers were exposed to in east germany remain a taboo topic to this day. that's particularly true of the fatal events in master book in august one hundred seventy nine. nevertheless we did manage to find someone and have anna who was actually there marcello figaro a friend of the two dead men he too got beaten up at the nightclub the atmosphere
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had already been very tense days before he remembers. getting one of the cubans felt they were very much hated in those days there were a lot of confrontations and insults. the cubans were called gabby's like the fish. of course we felt insulted by that and there were many insults about fidel and cuba . in the lead up to. the family of the contract worker i will gothia who was killed in massive bergen nine hundred seventy nine live in very modest conditions in santa clara a three hour drive from havana his mother still deeply feels the pain of his death even thirty eight years later. when. he was a good decent boy always cheerful he had
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a good heart. you got to work because. it's the first time the family have heard about what the stars the files had to say about the death of their son and brother they're horrified and shocked they were left in the dark about the exact circumstances of his death all these years up until now they believed it had been an accident or something to go. with. mom and dad or they sent us a telegram that we were to see the dog didn't have ana i wanted to go because i wanted to know what had happened and whether he was to blame for a fight. i knew he wasn't and that it was wrong that he died a good decent boy. that was everything my.
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troubles mother and his sisters regularly visit his grave in the cemetery in santa clara even after thirty eight years his lost still haunts them. family and mother be strong. where they live. now they know how roll guffey up it died in massive book they want retribution. on the old label many called boyle the only man i want to tell the germans that my brother was sent on a trip to get his training. this terrible deed that led to his death has to be investigated by a lawyer and by the law we as a family in cuba want justice. so. in the one thousand nine hundred the number of contract workers brought in to help
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the failing economy revs rapidly in one thousand nine hundred one there were twenty four thousand of the meanings germany by nine hundred eighty nine that number had almost quadrupled the conflicts came to a head in light of the worsening supply situation foreign contract workers were suspected of hoarding goods and smuggling them back to their home countries. the writer land of shots and the form of mozambique and contract work i believe no massive era witnessed how the state all danes solidarity became nothing but an empty slogan shouts i was doing research for a book on mozambique and workers in a vehicle and rifle factory at the time. because with the year. before i asked the people of east germany the party secretary and many others the party secretary said our contract workers were our class brothers workers. that's how i got on with my
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five x. i weighed out that simmons and he said all that while the tape was running on us had but afterwards he told me i have a daughter here look at a she's beautiful. she's nineteen now but if she came home with a black guy i throw out a huge i was them her eyes that's. the man who's the guy. the problem was that nobody knew anything about us we weren't asked who we were i mean. yes i. heard. we were just seen as workers every worker is also a person but there was nothing human at the center of the debate. suddenly she made the point stands in the middle point. they never experienced
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hostility or racist incidents towards mozambicans they say just a general lack of interest in them where they came from how they lived what they were excited about hardly anyone in east germany wanted to know that's why real friendships were rare. happy of anything kenya lamp wouldn't work if i missed somewhere real friendships developed not just between girls and your boys there were some who initially jumpers for you for christmas comes in which is when i met people who came to the accommodation and who cooked and celebrated birthdays and i did feel that something developed. and i say something and i believe those were isolated cases. as one would you just need a brave step by both sides it wasn't one sided so while. it was common i was are more than even the mozambican government negotiated an agreement that
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ignored the social aspects of a young. d.d. had this also one hundred to this guy the sociology of the ships that apply to. be our turn and have a cell emo found out what happened when friendship turned into love they live in saxony they met in the eighty's he was a mozambican contract worker while she was completing her training at a church. from a stops at a gun store at least there was obvious racism and sexism too in east germany that something that wasn't really talked or written about i experienced it personally hardly anyone around me believed me comic clumped water. that's why beata sally most started recording her experiences in a diary the result is a private chronicle of everyday racism in east germany. arts and
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hearten a sunday in some one thousand nine hundred eighty eight we sat on the grass away from where the steam is docked where a lot of people were already queuing up when saleem who went to bring the lemonade glasses back to the stand three men aged around thirty who were in the crowd looked over to me they'd already attracted attention by talking now glee they called me and knickers who are they said what aren't germans good enough are you any more of your i phone will you do it in his mail. or the. seventeenth of august one thousand nine nine hundred. salim lone lucy end i asked sitting on the terrace of the book times pub drinking beer and coffee having a family with a teenage daughter and leave the table next to us in passing the man says i when we're in power you'll open shot and. this constant
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hate had an effect beyond to salema became thin skinned and was constantly on guard there was no end to this fear in sight whenever she was out with her family the hostile comments were an almost daily occurrence. the thirtieth of june one thousand nine hundred six neo nazis boarded the train between berlin and decibel the problems with right wing extremists started increasing in east germany in the mid one nine hundred eighty s. there were thousands of them well organized they targeted foreign nationals on the train the neo nazis encountered the twenty three year old mozambican manuel diogo he was on his way home to cosmic where he worked in a sawmill. he been visiting his friend a bra email alberto in berlin. homs the material in
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my new you. then they beat up my friend antonio manuel diogo. they beat him up. bite me if you think they tied up his feet. on the beam he caught it having you know and then they lowered him slowly. with. head first. until he was chopped up a funk as to. the body was found that same night the transport police report said a male torso was found near bonner station the head and legs were cut off by the train wheels the man has dark skin since the dead person was
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a foreigner the stars he got involved in the investigation a few days later and they remarked look honestly matter while diogo left the train while it was in motion and was run over. there is no evidence of a crime having been committed you braemar alberto lived in a hostel for foreign contract workers in berlin at the time he found out about the circumstances of his friend's death from the mozambican ambassador the east german authorities the cause of death the coffin with the body parts was sent to mozambique for burial. not family they were very firm on don't open the coffin with albert because he died in an accident at work. we didn't get anywhere researching the death of man
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a while diogo in germany. the files of the transport police in the stars say nothing about the exact circumstances of his death. that's why we've traveled to the mozambican capital my puto to find out what really happened we're looking for answers to open questions did manimal diogo died because of an accident as the stars he claimed or was he killed in mozambique the communists are still in the government coalition that's why there's no public debate about xenophobia attacks on contract workers in east germany. julio gonzalo blago was the mozambican ambassador in east berlin for five years starting in one. hundred eighty four he confirms to us that manimal diogo was murdered. or short of putting over an ounce of. the relevant government officials in east germany informed us about the matter and apologized that something like this had
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happened they said it wasn't normal for you know from. the north we accepted that the east german authorities wanted to solve these problems themselves or. as it moves on the most sort of us against them. the ambassador was told that the perpetrators had been near nazis. that wasn't news to him back then. and the. norm is that it's a b.s. that was normal these were very small groups on educated skinheads maybe seen ads. near nazis had brutally killed a mozambican citizen they were put on trial but the punishments were ridiculously lenient than normal lambro i think some were sentenced to between two and five years but not all of them have xander some have gone home so. we're heading to manual deal goes home his family lives in the province of monica
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on the border with zimbabwe his sisters and his mother tell us why a minimal diogo went to east germany in the early eighties he wanted to get a good education which was to be the foundation of a better life he wanted to lift his family out of poverty. without you know much. like one of. you know when he went to east germany for his education he came back once then he went back again to work and make money and after that we never heard anything from him again until his death. when i'll deal goes family were also left in the dark about the cause of death we show the mother a photo of her son taken in east germany in one thousand nine hundred two we tell her that he was killed four years later by
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a group of neo nazis. when we're on one he knew the threat that came from these people he told us about them but he was a grown man and we respected his decision to live and work that. work and we're new and good. man oh well the argos grave in the cemetery is overgrown now he was buried here in nine hundred eighty six it's a painful return for his mother and sisters they too are hoping for delayed justice . down the. surprise that my son fell victim to these criminals when we were always told he died in an accident. of one of. the i'm glad to know the
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truth and hope that the criminals will be held responsible for what. many mozambican children were to receive the opportunity of a lifetime here at the school of friendship in stars for a showcase project for proletarian internationalism nine hundred of these children completed their education and vocational training here the east german education minister margaret hanukah visited with her mozambican counterpart. in one thousand nine hundred four but not everyone in stanford was happy about the outsiders the locals sensed preferential treatment rumors about payments in west german money insults such as negro stink were bandied around as an artist you knew and. visiting a nightclub just once was enough for you to get stared at by the teenagers your
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presence alone was enough. our few d. under you we disturb the peace even though we haven't done anything but one of you know me. as soon as you talk to any one girl or boy you were accused of trying to steal someone's girl has is to reason with me. on the nineteenth of september nine hundred eighty seven there was a fatal incident outside a nightclub in sas for it the apprentice carlos concept was beaten up and pushed over the edge of a bridge by six east germans. the police later determined that he was pushed off the board a bridge during a violent confrontation whereupon the victim died. this shocking incident was only addressed very briefly at the school of friendship after that silence but suddenly there was
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a new development. that the month for served at this point in tips he kept includes issued after they tried sweeping everything under the carpet we certainly heard that there was a perpetrator and he was to be put on trial six you were six of us were chosen and i was one of them. in the up with this we had to write a report during this trial about how we experienced it which we did so that we could inform the others and. inform you can. this sudden openness was no coincidence a visitor from the west had observed the incident and stands for it and reported it to the build newspaper two weeks later the paper ran the story under the front page headline six teenagers drowned far into the stars he noted the article with alarm east germany felt it necessary to take the case to trial but only against one of the men involved. you know if you look
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as in the neo nazis in stars fought had attracted attention time and again before collars was killed they were around already a group of them they were all put on trial and they definitely weren't sentenced me for going to church and trying to know who the other motivation that meant the state encouraged this vigilantism because it said would take one of you but the rest of you will get off the. rest comp called ornish offered wish. at the trial just one of the perpetrators a roofer from stafford with a criminal record was sentenced to five years in prison for assault resulting in death this was on the eleventh of january nine hundred eighty eight two years later the remaining sentence was turned into a suspended sentence on probation. done jiah alberto still wants to know why the
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other men involved were never held responsible. yes it would be better to clear the whole thing up was it really him how many we know there were others what were their motives what they collars do that got him killed the only thing. the circumstances of the deaths of the two cuban contract workers delfin ground and roll garciaparra it who died in massive break in one nine hundred seventy nine a still unsolved. in one thousand eighty three the nightclub burned down. for my guests still look back fondly on the good times they had there they meet up regularly to talk about their salad days and the parties they went to. but when we asked them
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whether any of them know about the events of august one thousand nine hundred eighty nine they shut down nobody knows anything we're told interviews are refused . that's why we question former nightclub visitors with a hidden camera and hey presto the event is right back on the table. everyone was talking about it what did people say that they had been chased through town with bicycle chains one of them even fell into the xylo didn't it. that was totally normal just like germans got into fights among themselves after a misunderstanding because alcohol was involved girls were involved jealousy was involved but it was a different ball game when it came to the cubans because it was more brutal it was chaos some guys fell in the river people were badly injured that night. two died i can't remember any more even though i was there.
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the legal processing of this case is only just starting tahlia now from munich he is representing the family of the murdered cuban contract worker raul garciaparra at. she's shown that there is clear evidence of a crime that's not yet been solved. and state i'm found this is bishan here is that america took place there has never been an investigation into this incident where we could say that all avenues have been explored it's an open case. there are things that suggest it could still be solved. and i have to investigate those leads. being was you know there is nothing in. the public prosecutor's office in heller is responsible for the case.
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witnesses weren't questions today only the old police and stars he found were examined but even they contain clear statements by a woman who was involved. she admits she threw an empty wine bottle at a cuban swimming in the river out of revenge. and hit him on the head and he went under even so the public prosecutor's office sees no reason to investigate. the case was closed by the east german authorities at the time we looked at it again today and we've concluded that we don't have any evidence that there was a murder as a result i have no cause to bring in people for questioning if i did i'd have to question everyone and that's a nonstarter i'd have to go to cuba and try to find out which of the twenty cubans were questioned and which ones are should be questioned again that would be never ending up like the whole of hades in the autumn of the one with. the family's
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lawyer cannot believe this decision. isn't even dozens of hopes point definitely there are indications that there was a motive for murder this situation was never cleared up all the witnesses made incriminating statements and then not being questioned again on the. i'm still and the reasons why the case was shelved back then are in comprehensible it should be investigated now we're trying to find out whether we can prove that someone there intentionally killed another person and what for that's not what i thought i need. nobody has ever answered for the killing of raul garciaparra in the summer of one nine hundred seventy nine thirty eight years later his family hoping for a belated justice so were the families and friends of delphin gretta manuel diogo and carlos concepts out will this justice ever come the racist crimes that took
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place in communist east germany a still a closed book. like . the. eco of africa. without these creatures life wouldn't be the same. it is six who actually around the world today are some of the most ls of the little restaurant. researchers at a national park in mozambique cataloging some of nature's tiniest species insects
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in africa little creatures who play a big role. in. go africa thirteen. new the.
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this is the w. news live from berlin we began with the football world cup for germany have by the skin of their teeth just survived a huge scare very late go by go by tony because if they lose one win over sweden one game left in the group stage germany now have a new chance to defend their world cup title.


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