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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 23, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CEST

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liz let. good. news. business t w news live from berlin we begin with the football world cup or germany have by the skin of their teeth just survived a huge scare very late go by goal by tony because we've been through it one win over sweden one game left in the group stage germany now have a new chance to defend their world cup title. also coming up clash of the e.u.
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titans and brussels as tensions flare over migration sixteen world leaders including france's president michel comparison gather for a mini summit in brussels to decide how to deal with a renewed influx of migrants and refugees seeking a new life in europe we'll bring you up to date on the events that trigger that meeting. and campaigning has officially ended in turkey ahead of a landmark election on sunday the will any of the contenders be able to and president return type out a once fifteen year grip on power brokering in the latest. hello and welcome i'm maya schwager it's been a nerve wracking couple of hours for fans of the german football team but the man shot have survived a scare against sweden to keep their hopes of another world cup victory alive sweden went ahead against the role of play around the half hour mark throws all
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autobahn in a neat finish by the swede a striker and at this point germany were in deep trouble but three minutes into the second half germany man is. to equalise through marcos raya marco rails and after that germany came to sweden back and created chances to chance but failed to capitalise so many suffered a setback when jerome boateng was sent off being shown a second yellow card in the very last minutes of the match toni kroos save the day and the world cup for germany. well for more on the reactions to the mash let's bring in jonathan harding insults he aniline the whole talkie in the fan zone right here in berlin really must start with you what's the atmosphere there the fans must be just so relieved that they're still in the competition. i mean economy i'm. going to.
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you. know. i'm just going to. keep. in mind you might be. you. know. right holy moley having a little bit of trouble hearing your story in a cut over to jonathan in sochi doesn't germany were under a lot of pressure to beat sweden and they've managed to pull it off but how do they deal with those expectations before the game. well before the game there was a lot of positivity in the contest certainly seem to be the sense that germany could deliver on the pitch i mean preparation for this was perhaps not the best in terms of the way they played against mexico the change of scenery here in sochi seemed to work in their favor and what an absolutely breathtaking event tonight and
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i think the result could make a huge difference to the way to the team a feeling and preparing mentally for the next game. and speaking of the next this game really about going into the next game what was different about the way germany went about this match compared to their performance against mexico and what are they going to carry forward to the next now. while the beginning of this game look very good for germany looked like they had decided to respond in the right way in the u.s. . if it's got the right team up i mean it was a slightly controversial decision i suppose the way that he set up his team sebastian rudy playing was a big surprise team of bennett did retain his father wasn't mario gomez he came in on later but i think the germany team got it right at the beginning and then suffered this wave of a lack of confidence they really struggled and sweden help other supporters who were fantastic as expected really put them under pressure scored that goal and germany had to fight and this is not a typically german trait in this situation to have to come from
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a goal down to have to show that kind of grit and determination but a few jersey and to show that character can only help this team going forward i think this is a tournament changing performance for germany and others taking with you for a second what is next on the docket for a germany here i mean they they may have made the round of sixteen i think what's coming up next. well what's coming up next is a game against south korea and because on and they absolutely have to get a result at the wind here though is put them in a much better position than a draw would have done if they'd only drawn this game than they would have needed to win against south korea and for sweden not to get any points at all and their final group game their win here though makes that situation completely irrelevant germany go into this game knowing that they need to get a win and that will put them through to the round of sixteen i think it's just the kind of confidence that they can get from this i think that's the biggest thing it's so remarkable to win
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a game in the last few seconds and i think that's what will really flip a switch in this germany in that in their mentality it wasn't easy it wasn't pretty but the main thing is that they want because when you try and when i woke up you know that you can't win every game beautifully but round of sixteen still maybe in question the women now you've been talking to fans about germany's world cup performances and we can see is a few years party now happening behind you what are the fans make of the tournaments so far. here. you. are and lima we're still unfortunately having problems hearing you with thank you to a limo talking in that berlin and john harding in sochi for us we're going to come
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back to the studio with our very own a press herrington from c.w. sports this was school week or of a game really right up to the last minute and so germany has survived but what do you make of the overall performance tonight you know when i watch tony crows. you know the ball was teed up executed perfectly i couldn't stop thinking of what lionel messi said about germany having no stars now you're talking about their last opportunity arguably to win this game they were in desperate need of a win he has an excellent chess right now tony crows to prove to the world that he is a superstar he can get the job done i mean he rose to the occasion like a star always should and it was a beautiful thing to see there's a look at it right there yeah you know. yes specially considering you know the way sweden sport early look like model noir had a misread on the goal post tank it's a red card in the last few minutes of that game you saw mario gomez get
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a header deflected yulian brian had a shot hit the pole you know so all in all it's in the most if you're upstairs and saw my colleagues celebrate when tony pro sport that goal it was an earthquake upstairs on the sports floor so you know the country itself and everyone is you know it's nice to see oh let's talk about the as we're watching these the sweetest always put germany on ads there for the rest of the game right you see neuer there after making that you know mental lapse you know but it was beautiful to see marco was marco was checked in and you know he was innocent often he was as often as he provided the pace that the germany team i think was lacking against mexico and then you see a few missed opportunities. a few wide shots if this looked like they were getting closer and closer i felt like something was going to happen and it did amazing thankfully for germany that you have to germany of course there was talk about the earlier results and germany's great what happened there and what does that mean
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well you know mexico had the momentum behind them because they had the i've said in their opening match defeating germany and they're up against a south korean side who's known for their defense mexico brought a lot of pace you know and they had no problem getting past south korea in this one the scoring opened up thanks to a penalty i think we have the video we can take a look at that carlos. villa st showed the wrong way early on and then it was she shot ito also known as javier hernandez as his government name he made it to zip his fiftieth goal with his national colors you know strangely south korea had more shots on goal than mexico in this game but they just couldn't get it done and the last sixteen south korea's run of world cup defeats to four in mexico for the first time since two thousand and two they have back to back wins in the world cup so mexico is looking good so looking at the overall table all round of sixteen for germany is still sort of in play what does germany still have to do to qualify well they have to win i think i think you always want to win i think we do have the table we can take a look at the table now group f.
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their grade for their opening match was an f against mexico because they lost of course but now just looking at the table you can see how it is six points mexico free and clear in their next opponent being sweet and they don't necessarily need to win germany they need three points sweden as you can see tied on three whoever does best in that last game go through it's just that simple and if today shows us anything that would potentially could happen you know i'm thinking maybe there will be some level of heroics that thrusts germany or possibly sweden through the all of us in berlin are still hyped up on the high of this last minute when but there was one other game that happened this morning at belgium versity is a tell us about what we saw in the office of explosion seven goals in total that's the most of this world cup in russia so that was nice and it was lopsided thanks to a build of a belgium braced by two belgians now they were already up by one goal we had this game as well to look at the highlights rama lou lou kaku made it to neil finding
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daylight between the legs of sam ben you said. you hate to get nutmegs that's what they call that tunisia though they stayed within striking distance early in the match and pulled one back thanks to this nice header by dylan braun wilcox who i mentioned the brace he was thirsty for more he scored a living go. to the qualification and this is his fourth goal in this world cup he's now time for shot although in the golden boot race even started off the scoring from the penalty and he finished off the brace in style belgium. in pure bliss of course and they have a great coach for were french striker terry i don't read them so much dead even me i came in the game off the bench and made it you know five goals you know to tunisia's two so they're looking full steam ahead as well there to the knockout stage no doubt now last question how relieved him live right now. you know i can just imagine that he's going to get a really nice. sleep tonight possibly enjoying his favorite you know beverage along
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we know with the core players that there was a stress or leadership players that have been there done that been successful with this group to bring that and show that on the pitch and they showed resilience i mean it was really amazing you know because they never fail they kept kept persisting persisted persisting and you know in pure emotional crazy way football goes the ball bounce there when the in and tony crew celebrates and i'm sure you can love in there having a good time exciting day an exciting night for us here and berlin chris harrington from database for thank you so much ok. as tensions flare over migration to the e.u. sixteen leaders of member nations are preparing to gather in brussels for a mini summit on sunday their goal to decide how to deal with the renewed influx of migrants seeking a new life in europe the summit was triggered by the events of the last few weeks
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several rescue boats carrying migrants were stranded out at sea after one country after another refused to allow the vessels to dock in their territory. another boat stranded in the mediterranean sea carrying rescued migrants with nowhere to dock this german ship lifeline is the latest vessel to be refused permission by the new it's honey and government to use one of the country's ports the migrants influx to the south of italy has seen the country's government toughen its stance on an issue which has divided the european union. and europe the times are over when france and germany decided refugee policy when they told your political what they had to pay and which migrants they had to take in. celgene is tough talk has struck
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a chord with austria he met with his austrian counterpart in rome ahead of an emergency mini summit being held in brussels on sunday for me in stark contrast to vienna and rome strong anti immigrant policy french president. has joined german chancellor angela merkel's call for other e.u. countries to take their fair share of migrants. that's. the topic which currently concerns us all is migration. we see it as a common challenge the first have to make sure that the cause behind migration is eliminated was the one for me that's the one as i think. they appear to have one and i at least on saturday in macau welcome spain's new prime minister petro sanchez to paris the week after madrid took an almost six hundred thirty migrants
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also turned away by rome michael pointed a firm finger e.u. states who refused to play ball over my creation you can't have countries that massively benefit from the sun. adair achieve the european union while voicing their national selfishness when it comes to my current issues. face to agree on an e.u. wide common migration policy could see migrants stuck in the mediterranean become bargaining chips. and to turkey now where campaigning has concluded for landmark elections coming up on sunday the candidates spent the final day rallying their supporters president move these elections up by more than a year and it's being seen as a referendum on his fifteen years in power. the last chance to drum up votes before the election president added one addressing tens of thousands of supporters in istanbul.


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