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tv   Reporter - Aftermath of a Genocide Yazidis of Sinjar  Deutsche Welle  June 23, 2018 10:15pm-10:30pm CEST

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migrants also turned away by rome michael pointed a fun finger at its e.u. states who refused to play pool over my creation you contact countries that massively benefit from the solidarity of the european union while voicing their national selfishness when it comes to my current issues. failure to agree on an e.u. wide common migration policy could see my current stock in the mediterranean become bargaining chips. and turkey now where campaigning has concluded for landmark elections coming up on sunday the candidates spent the final day rallying their supporters president move these elections up by more than a year and it's being seen as a referendum on his fifteen years in power. the last chance to drum up votes before the election president added one addressing tens of thousands of supporters in istanbul top of his agenda the new presidential system
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which will give him sweeping new powers if he is reelected. you shall love was not about any account serious him in turkey will take flight with this new system god willing this will take us up to a new level we will achieve what others cannot imagine. this goes. to one's challenges have also taken full advantage of the last day of campaigning. mero action a candidate for the nationalist party. the leftist h d p whose presidential candidates demi tosh is being held in prison over ledge terror links and the biggest star in year candidate for turkey's biggest opposition party the c.h.p. within a few weeks he's managed to mobilize tens of thousands bringing hope to the empty air to one camp. leader though. papers free of charge the
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stamp is free of charge the ink is for your. stamp against injury and you will break free from it all. or even away from the mass rallies the election is the main talking point just a few weeks ago many turks or the reelection steen years of darkness will come to an end. which is just one justice in french oldest political life. this is the tightest election race in many years but our hearts are with the ruling a.k.p. . this hard fought election will determine whether turkey can look forward to fundamental change or whether president can strengthen his grip it have your correspondent yulia han is it for us has been following the campaigning yulia this could be turkey's most important election in decades you spoke to people on the streets and ankara do they feel like there's a lot at stake. yes when you talk to people here they really.
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you really get the sense that there is a huge desire for change that they're really aware of what is at stake many people here tell me that miss out on has been and powerful more than fifteen years that's enough there is nothing in it for them anymore they say the economy is not doing well they don't find jobs and what they actually want is less polarization more freedom they want independent courts more free media they want to decide themselves what they can watch and see on the internet so this is what people are telling me here and if you then consider that these elections will transform turkey's political system from a parliamentary into a presidential one you really get what's at stake here is miss out on wins the necessary majority he will be in almost all powerful president he will be the most powerful political leader in modern turkish history and that's exactly what the opposition here is trying to prevent their voting to roll back this presidential
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system and to return to a parliamentary system with a strong party humans because they say everything else is just turkey drifting into autocracy what's surprising is that this looks like it could be the closest race sense the election fifteen years ago brought on to power how optimistic is the opposition cayle. all right now the opposition camp is very optimistic two months ago when president out on announce snap elections for june twenty fourth most of the as observers said that this is going to be a comfortable win for missed out on and his ruling justice and development party but still many things have changed first of all the opposition which is very well known for a lot of infighting has joined forces has come together and for parties have formed an electoral alliance on the parliamentary level hoping to break the ruling a.k.p. alliance's majority in parliament this of course depends on whether the program
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crosses the ten per person rush old and also makes it easier to call human and secondly there is more a manger the candidate of the largest opposition party the c.h.p. here here he has really managed to invigorated turkish opposition he has a simple promise he is saying if you choose me you choose freedom if you choose mr abu and you choose fear so what he managed to do is making people believe that change is indeed possible that mr allen is not invincible. covering the turkish elections for us thank you so much sunday heralds the beginning of a new era for women in saudi arabia they'll be legally allowed to drive for the first time since the ban came into effect in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven it's a basic freedom saudi women have been campaigning for for decades the country's king solomon announced the change last september as part of the ruling family's bid to modernize the nation our correspondent funny for charge visited riyadh to see how
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women there are preparing. if you want to escape the rules of society in conservative riyad you have to do it does serve to hang out with friends lately women have also been coming here to learn how to draw. the brothers. rather. than their quiet practical reasons why women come here to basically the safest place to drive and practice their driving without getting any accident. driving school basically has a long list of driving schools for women very popular currently but boy didn't want to wait for her lessons. like we are with her when she sits behind the wheel for the first time until now the only way for a woman to get around the ban has been to drive clogged bikes in remote desert
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locations but change is finally coming. after freedom for women and a normal life it begins with driving but a lot will have to follow. and off they go hoping more changes on the subway and the kingdom. protests against a driving ban for women have a long history in saudi arabia a few months ago i met her in her house in one thousand nine hundred eighty two one of the first women to defy the bat. our way of life was totally not sustainable and we knew that it couldn't you couldn't have economic growth when fifty percent of your society is handicapped so i knew it was coming but the question was when
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and put thirty years we were waiting the when. this was one of the last public appearances of madiba before she was arrested in may with several other activists officially she's been accused of conspiracy to destabilize the country she's been released in the meantime but no one has been allowed to interview her since my default told me that this historic day is about far more than driving you know one of the first things we've been asking was the driving not the only thing we need we need it many many things but we used the car as a symbol it gave us the opportunity to go in the streets and to be very very visible it's also about changing the structure of the family alternately she sussed that means the male guardianship rule must go that's the next battle of women in saudi arabia until then it will never be really free to do what they want.
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and this coming up behind me is one of the most iconic images of german history seventy years ago children in west berlin cheered on u.s. and british pilots their planes of action that became known as candy bombers and they were in fact part of the first international crisis of the cold war after the second world war germany was divided into four occupations american french british and soviet and so was its capital berlin nine hundred forty eight the western allies united their zones into one economic and monetary area soviet union reacted by blockading west berlin and closing all transport routes to the sectors under western control to supply the population with essential goods the allies had to use three airway corridors and the berlin airlift was born. for more than a year a plane made a drop to the sea for more than a year a plane it made its. attached to temple of airport today seventy years ago he
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watched western allied aircraft land here to safe west berlin. well i think of the past in connection with the airports i feel totally different back in time and my heart and mind relive those hardships. planes no longer fly to and from this place but back then the airport was the hub of one of the most extraordinary rescue missions of all time the soviets blockaded west berlin in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight the people of the war torn city where on the verge of starvation west berliners and their mayor and slighter feared the worst. of it is. deviation not only it came in last year's eve dish either is played. i am scared of. the
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western powers response was unique and alledged every few minutes planes dropped essential supplies in west berlin up to thirteen thousand tons each day. it was just nine years old but he still remembers the airlift well berliners called the planes candy bombers because the pilots dropped sweets from the sky and set off bombs. they dropped little parachutes for us kids the whole street was full of children running towards the falling parachutes. of course it was a big deal when one of the kids caught one we were thrilled those chewing gum inside chocolates and of course hard candies. one shuttle picture is especially meaningful for funds go. whenever i look at this picture i look for my brother for myself back then we couldn't afford shoes we always went around barefoot. and i can see no children who are barefoot.
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the rescue operation came at a high price more than seventy u.s. and british airmen lost their lives in accidents today in monument sense and their honor at tempelhof airport. they watching news from berlin mark coming up at the top of the hour don't forget you can get all the latest news and information on our website w dot com i'm irish waiter thanks for joining us.
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