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march. sixth place. troops detectives starts june thirtieth on t.w. . plane. plane. the i am curious. to see to view news live from berlin we begin with the football world cup where germany have survived a huge scare thousands of people at the fans and it really interrupted in celebration after the games deciding moment to a very late goal by twenty calls gave them a few one win over sweden and one game left in the group stage germany now have a new chance to defend their world cup title. also coming out clash of the e.u.
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titans and drop in brussels as tensions flare over migration leaders including france's president mccall there to gather for a mini summit in brussels to decide how to deal with the renewed influx of migrants and refugees seeking a new life in europe we'll bring you up to date on the events that triggered the meeting. and campaigning has officially ended in turkey ahead of a landmark election later on sunday but will any of the contenders be able to speak to and president reza taipan who once fifteen year grip on power we'll bring you the latest. i am. hello and welcome. it was a nerve wracking evening for fans of the german football team but the man shots have survived a scare against sweden to keep their world cup hopes alive here's how the game
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played out. germany started fugazi pinning sweden back right from the start button it confesses in front of goal with and said that chris's nans apos into the twenty cool since misplaced ball was directed to speed or strike off the top one and who made no mistakes. sweden had again someone must play and exist calling to germany to try to. get out to the first goal was my mistake no question but when you play four hundred passes one or two might go astray you need to have the guts to play such a second half after that mistake and what the second column is a plate three minutes in and michael was thinking i was in the jam and i was at temple and creates a chance off the chance by the shape to capitalize. and send the next set back bang john bolton was sent off and shown
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a second column for the sun we were a man down for the last ten fifteen minutes but even then we did not stop playing football as we switched a couple of positions and then tony strike on his luck and he say honestly tony's try and say that we lost minutes thanks to danny and the world cup for jonny and time until he comes from zero to. the early us with our sports correspondent lima talking who was at the berlin fan zone in the heart of the city i asked her how the fans were reacting to the last minute victory. yeah joy instead of agony and basically every play that transpired on the pitch in russia was felt so intensely the energy levels kept switching from a ten to a two depending how the game was playing out this was a nail biter we were all up on our feet and it was an emotional roller coaster but at the end and nation can continue dreaming and behind me is starting to keogh but
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those fans basically it's raining i'm stoked they still stayed for quite a bit and some of them still want to stay longer because for them the party has just started and earlier you've been talking to fans about germany's world cup performances what do they make of the terminus of the tournament so far. well none of them wanted a premature exit none of them i spoke to some fans and one friend said that look this is embarrassing if germany considering the quality if they exit in the group stages it's an embarrassment he basically said that i'm going to walk out of here with my head down and nother fan said that he's not even the superstitious football type but he said that if germany exit in the group stages he will start believing in the world cup which is basically because germany would become the third straight nation to exit in the group stages after italy and spain.
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four years later. in a very wet out there for us thank you so much. chris harrington from our sports task is now with me in the studio is across germany by the skin of their teeth they survived this is five they won the what do you make of their performance tonight you know all that all that came down to a hero winning the day i mean it's only close as performers but how the game started their backs were against the wall and yes they won this battle the war is far from over let's take a look this is a lot to live in and give the best of manuel neuer manuel neuer great world class goalkeeper questions why he was starting to not to stake in and in you can understand why because that goal was conceded but mark always checked even after the break he quickly got the ball in the back of the net you have to remember waits was injured he's missed the last world cup and he almost score a brace with the heel but didn't quite get in on the defensive side very aggressive play jerome bowen take. seize ray by taking down marcus borg picking up the second
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world red card of this world cup but talk about a shortage ask for four minutes tony trolls need to ask what his chest because this is what the thai players do they step up to the pressure and perform and that's exactly what we saw from tony as you know lee you know bessie said germany has no stars well i'm sure messi was watching this and he saw star shine bright so what does this mean for the table what is very many have to do now to qualify for either on a sixteen well as it is right now as it stands right now group f. mexico six points you know but germany and sweden as you can see are identical zero goal difference three points it always comes down to the last match you're going to basically have to out perform sweden and what they do in their match you know germany they face south korea so they're going to have to be firing a lot of goals in the back of the net and hope sweden doesn't do the same. now we're all still on
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a high here in berlin from this i've heard that there was another match today of a tree in belgium and tunisia tell us about it was an office of explosion ok this was the highest goal production we've seen thus far in the world cup and it was thanks to a belgian brace by two belgians and they did get the better team easy keep here's a look at the action there were already one goal romelu lukaku made it to by fighting daylight between the legs aside and been yousif to meijer though they stayed within striking distance early in the match and pulled them back dylan braun headed this in the quarter full cuckoo you know he left the team in support of the qualification and with this goal that's used to look at this world cup he's now tied with fish not to win although in the golden boot race the second brace of the day was even if he already netted a penalty and there is finishing off the brazen style even all of the belgians on hand in total blitz. because harrington from our sports department thank you so much ok. as tensions flare
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over migration to the e.u. leaders of member nations are preparing to gather in brussels for a mini summit later on sunday their goal is to decide how to deal with the influx of migrants seeking a new life in europe the summit was triggered by the events of the past few weeks several rescue boats carrying migrants were stranded at sea after one country after another refused to allow the vessels to dock in their territory. another boat stranded in the mediterranean sea carrying rescued migrants with nowhere to dock this german ship lifeline is the latest vessel to be refused permission by the new it's highly and government to use one of the country's ports the migrants influx to the south of italy has seen the country's government toughen its stance on an issue which has defied the european union.
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in europe the times are over when france and germany decided refugee policy when they told european italy what they had to pay and which migrants they had to take in. celgene is tough talk has struck a chord with austria he met with his austrian counterpart in rome ahead of an emergency mini summit being held in brussels on sunday. in stark contrast to vienna and rome strong anti immigrant policy french president and karl has joined german chancellor angela merkel's call for other e.u. countries to take their fair share of migrants. that's. the topic which currently concerns us all is migration. we see it as a common challenge the first have to make sure that the cause behind migration is eliminated was the one for me but soon as i think. they appear to have won at
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least on saturday in macau welcomed spain's new prime minister pedro sanchez to paris the week after madrid socan almost six hundred thirty migrants also turned away by rome michael pointed a firm finger at e.u. states who refused to play ball over my creation you can't have countries that massively benefit from the solidary. the european union while voicing their national selfishness when it comes to migrant issues. failure to agree on an e.u. blind to come in migration policy could see migrant stuck in the mediterranean become bargaining chips. now for some of the other stories making news around the world an explosion at a rally in the zimbabwe and city of well a whale has into the country's vice president president. was unhurt the man god
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well was addressing his supporters at a stadium ahead of nationwide elections in july he assumed power last november after the ouster of zimbabwe's longtime leader robert mugabe. any theo p.-a a grenade attack on a pro-government rally in the capital addis ababa has left at least one person dead and dozens wounded new prime minister escaped harm the rallies organizer called it a quote assassination attempt the city's deputy police commissioner and nine officers have reportedly been accused of security shortcomings and detained. and going to turkey where campaigning has concluded for landmark elections coming up on sunday the candidates spent their final day rallying their supporters president move these elections up by more than a year and it's being seen as a referendum on his fifteen years in power. the last chance to drum up votes before the election president added one addressing
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tens of thousands of supporters in istanbul top of his agenda the new presidential system which will give him sweeping new powers if he is reelected. you show love was not about any account serious in the turkey will take flight with this new system god willing this will take us up to a new level we will achieve what others cannot imagine. and once challenges have also taken full advantage of the last day of campaigning. mero action a candidate for the nationalist party. the leftist h d p whose presidential candidates teen dimitar she is being held in prison over ledge terror links and the biggest star in jail candidate for turkey's biggest opposition party the c.h.p. within a few weeks he's managed to mobilize tens of thousands bringing hope to the end he added one camp. leader there though the ballot papers free of charge the stamp is
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free of charge the ink is for your. stamp against injury and you will break free from it all. or even away from the mass rallies the election is the main talking point just a few weeks ago many turks all the reelection of the president is a done deal that has now changed. it will the very days are ahead i strongly believe this the sixteen years of darkness will come to an end but i just want justice in french oldest political life. this is the tightest election race in many years but our hearts are with the ruling a.k.p. . this hard fought election will determine whether turkey can look forward to fundamental change or whether president can strengthen his grip.
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earlier i spoke to did of your correspondent yulia han and ankara she's been following the campaigning closely and i asked her how optimistic the opposition camp are about. all right now the opposition camp is very optimistic two months ago when president add on announce snap elections for june twenty fourth most of the as observers said that this is going to be a comfortable win for missed out on and his ruling justice and development party but so many things have changed first of all the opposition which is very well known for a lot of infighting has joined forces has come together and four parties have formed an electoral alliance on the parliamentary level hoping to break the ruling a.k.p. alliance's majority in parliament this of course depends on whether the program crosses the ten per person fresh old and also makes it into paul human and secondly there is more of a manger the candidate of the largest opposition party the c.h.p. here here he has really minutes to invigorate of turkish opposition he has
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a simple promise us saying if you choose me you choose freedom if you choose mr abu and you choose fia so what he managed to do is making people believe that change is indeed possible that mr allen is not invincible i was corresponding with a han and ankara you're watching news more coming up at the top of the hour never get in get all the latest news on our web site d w dot com. or in berlin thanks for watching. earth. or saving google engineers tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions like global warming to get beaten by a series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. turkey faith and ignite kind of contents of election in
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many give and take and commend president grant to pay it out on her.


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