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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 24, 2018 3:02am-3:16am CEST

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shoppers in china might not be interested in every twist and turn of the trade dispute between their country and the united states but the trade spat could soon become apparent in their grocery bills these oranges imported from the u.s. are among hundreds of goods beijing has vowed to tax in response to a fresh set of terrorists from washington. the move makes clear on china's pledge to tell you the united states imposed an initial set of tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods. we found out more than year china does not want to fight a trade war but it is not afraid of one for you and you have come we will continue to take effective steps to resolutely defend the country's interests mourn and the people's interests very viewpoint resolutely defend globalization and the multilateral trading regime. that defined stance has also been reflected in the attitudes of some residents in hong kong i
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don't think can win this trade war china china has a really big economy they have other people of a trade with all the u.s. might be one of the. largest countries that they do trade with and most of their exports may go there but. that us is also going to suffer from this maybe just as much or even more than china is. suffering on both sides that appears to be the most likely outcome as the battle over tariffs threatens to explode into a full blown trade war. not long ago the u.s. was its biggest champion but now it's europe washington to open its markets to free trade e.u. representatives like cecilia monster i'm a rallying against u.s. protectionism. well good morning it could do so yet but it could escalate to two to two for
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a trade war which would be bad for the whole world because we are so new zealanders and european union we are so interlinked in the global economy it's also in the chinese and in the u.s. with the global value chains so it would affect us as well it would affect our companies it would affect our consumers but while this was malmstrom. message in new zealand the e.u. has already drawn up a list of american imports that it intends to tax from now on the new g.'s include u.s. made whiskey jeans and motion cycles to europe's response to president donald trump's tariffs on european steel and elam in ium the us president has since threatened to impose a twenty percent duty on european cars you trade partners will be key for europe but fears about the effects of teeth for tat tariffs have already had an impact for example on the german economy the munich based research group has downgraded its growth forecast for this year from two point six percent to one point eight percent
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. ality c.e.o. rupert studly maintained he knew nothing about the diesel scandal at a shareholders meeting last month everything happened very quickly after that prosecutors searched his home last week then on monday he was arrested in was it over there have been hints that the defendant could try to influence evidence for example the evidence of other defendants or witnesses. group. knowing about the emissions cheating in europe when the scandal broke in the u.s. but unlike in america he did not order a hole to production thousands of audi's with software issues have made it onto the road. star has been at the helm of audi since two thousand and seven within the company there's been criticism of his handling of diesel gaze out he engines fitted with the emissions cheating software have ended up in other cars in the v.w. family like porsche. which means that once again germany's folks wagon is in
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damage control. the world's biggest carmaker is losing trust among investors its own workers and motorists. makes sense that if someone is found guilty. if having done the wrong thing then they have to answer for that there was one of your callers to the office of the shuttles not only v.w. and ality but all of germany in a bad light looking straight at least the north audience know for reasonable grounds larchmont started lowers the highest level executive at volkswagen to have been arrested since the scandal erupted but he may not be the last for now the supervisory board out his parent company volkswagen has appointed head of sales and marketing bramshaw as interim c.e.o. . google is set to invest five hundred fifty million dollars in chinese online sales giant j.d.
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dot com making it the latest us company to dive into asia's growing e-commerce boom the deal will c.j.d. dot com products displayed on google shopping service and could help the chinese companies spread beyond southeast asia to markets in europe and the u.s. for google the deal is also an attempt to challenge the dominance of online sales giant amazon. airbus is warned it might leave the u.k. of britain leaves the single market and customs union without a transition deal is the european aviation group strongest warning yet over the impact of a no deal breakers that airbus employs about fourteen thousand people at twenty five different sites in the u.k. britain is due to leave the e.u. on march twenty nine next year. for the second time in over a way kaka's managed to raid a crypto currency exchange in south korea this time the victim was one of the biggest players. exchange directors say
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a series of breaches or hackers make off with thirty one million dollars worth of virtual currencies without specifying which coins were stolen. strikes protests demonstrations in late may tens of thousands of greeks once again hit the streets of athens to campaign against prime minister alexis depresses austerity measures in return for bailout funds the greek government has had to agree to implement a time severe cuts to social benefits and pensions. now though it seems the country may have survived the worst starting this august greece will no longer be on financial life support the e.u. and i.m.f. bailout will have seemingly done their work. after eight long years greece will finally be graduating from its financial assistance for greece the giant. spain cyprus in my own country portugal
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in the ranks of your area countries that turned around their economies and once again stand on their own feet as greece prepares for the end of its third international bailout there are a few more sweeteners including another fifteen billion euros of credit but a ten year deferral of interest on a line chunk of its debt. to solidarity from the euro area for greece in exchange for the reforms and adjustment is unprecedented it's a because solidarity the world has ever seen and who doesn't want to believe in this tale of athenian success with so many other problems facing the e.u. . they call it black gold the fray group vanilla pods in madagascar every year pharmacies produce around fifteen hundred tonnes of bourbon vanilla for export and demand is soaring
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but severe weather has taken its toll on the harvest driving up the price of the spice. vanilla pods cost less than one hundred dollars per kilogram four years ago but then prices shot up peaking at over six hundred last year the price has dropped slightly since then but it's still much higher than it was before . and those high prices mean others want a piece of the action farmers say thieves will stop at nothing to fear for their crops is driving some farmers to harvest the pods too early which is bad for quality and michael keefe certainly there is more in the industry soley for opportunism not in the us we live on vanilla it's getting harder and harder to justify it because some people have been cheated if they thought vanilla that was moldy and russian. madagascar depends on its reputation for high quality vanilla
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cultivation and processing account for one fifth of the country's economic output but farmers haven't been benefiting that much it's the middlemen who scoop up most of the profits and now the high price means more and more countries are planting vanilla that could bring the price back down again. computer programmers are in high demand in germany these two syrian refugees assumed that meant they would find work easily but getting special took longer than expected a whole year to keep themselves busy the pair developed their own search engine one that cases to the needs of other refugees and new arrivals it's hard to for information in. the beginning so that's why we. care about the board this information should be out another way in which we should provide maybe
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in. a few months after coming to germany they discovered rady school a nonprofit organization in berlin that helps refugees rift. their programming skills according to the founder are around to use the percent of participants go on to study or get a foothold in germany's job market but she says the demand for courses like this one else trips availability we have mostly been supported by the private industry because they're really looking five to talent not willing to invest but it's been a lot harder to work with a german democracy i think both sectors have a lot to gain from working with each other really really to stick together both to integrate to german refugees but also looking more broadly to truly patient journey or. not he is male and. don't make enough money to live off their app but they've been working at other firms which means they no longer rely on states of porsche few new arrivals managed to achieve this sort of financial independence. from my
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point of your newcomers needs more support in the language sector and also the better for the language sector we need the english and also the german for business. we need support for. learning the business plan and also the financial. only one in ten refugees is able to find work in their first year in germany luckily with their skills in high demand these two software developers have a bright professional future ahead of them.
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or design highlights you can make yourself. tips and tricks that will turn your home to something special. upgrade yourself with d. w.'s interior design channel on you to. enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful the fire as f.b.i. director james comey was always pretty well known but when donald trump five him last year it was to his fourth for the full measure of me this week he's my guest here in by the way he's promoting a book even as he faces a new challenge of insubordination so what's the truth of this conflict zone confronting the powerful on t.w. .


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