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uses insubordination so what's the truth of the conflict zone from the powerful bomb t w. this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin germany have survived a huge scare in the crowd that is when the people at the fanzone in very little room to deliberate and up to the games deciding moments very late the lights going close again germany to head over sweetened with one game plan to take their. chances and their world title. also coming up the stakes are high in
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turkey's elections polls opened earlier this morning for a vote which marks president ratchet tie occurred once the biggest electoral challenge in fifteen years uprooting the country to ever wins will take charge with sweeping new presidential powers. and more migrants are still going to mediterranean and european countries clash over who should exact them today a select group of e.u. leaders buildings in brussels for crisis talks on migration. a we're going to start off with the world cup of course and russia now where germany survived a huge scare after beating sweden and what was probably the game of the tournament so far we'll hear reaction from amman and saatchi in just a moment but i have a fully in place in studio with me here from the sports desk how though i'm almost in swedish colors this morning you are almost like it was
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a very close shave it was a very close shave indeed and it was there was no shortage of drama everyone was on the edge of their seats here in germany and of course germany france across the planet of the best thing we need to do is really take a look at all the action that's. javanese started fewer sleeping sweden back right from the start up that can persist in front of goal and select precision and surpassing two hundred twenty courses misplaced bold was directed to sweeter strike all over the top of a man who made no mistake of the sweden had again someone must play and at this point germany were in deep trouble. about it the first goal was my mistake no question but when you play four hundred passes one or two might go astray you need to have the guts to play such a second half after that mistake and watch a second toss a play three minutes in and it's michael course and that's when i was in the gym
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and i was at temple and creates a chance after chance but shape to capitalize. and send the next setback lang general boykin was something else being shown in the second set no cost the run we were a man down for the last ten fifteen minutes but even then we did not stop playing football as we switched a couple of positions and then tony strike on this what can you say on a twenty strike it's a very last minute so you don't sit down and the world cup for john money and time tony calls from zero two. zero to hero indeed because at the end of the day he did make that mistake which of course he acknowledged and i'm not of course everybody no one to be talking about that mistake that we talk about that goal and that's one of those world cup moments of people remember that that was one of the crackers from the world cup and of course it's a huge sigh of relief for you one hundred of course because you know the german team
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of along with a force to germany monitor self were under a lot of pressure to perform and they waited practically until the end to confirm what they really needed which is of course a win and you know keep the man with a very good chance of moving through to the next rent acidy there is nothing like ankle in the dying minutes of back a man let's get a saatchi to jonathan harding who is standing by after a state that's nice well johnson was jubilation are just really from the team. i think it was a combination of both i think jubilation us probably just described certainly in the moments off that i go it's just one of those brilliant moments at a world cup where a dramatic late goal that wins the game i think jubilation is the only thing that you can feel but with more time posturing i think there's certainly an element of relief and maybe even some determination and defiance from this germany team tony crow said afterwards that he thought that there was a feeling that maybe some people in germany almost wanted them to lose this game because of the way that they played but they haven't made it easy for themselves
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but they got the result that they needed i think that's the most important thing moving forward that's right they just never gave up and the german team is by no means through to the next round yet are they. know things could get complicated if sweden win in their last game as well as germany because then they would be three teams in the group on six points but i think the assumption is that if germany can get their job done against south korea which means a win then hopefully from germany's perspective mexico will be able to stop sweden from winning and not that point in germany are going to go through but they'll obviously have more concerns if they go through second because that means they might end up playing brazil in the knockout rounds but once they reach a time south korea next. ok jonathan i know you have to catch a flight now so back off you go to the counter near moscow and we'll be talking to you again and later jonathan harding of sports team in tsotsi a slice of last night's making much epub of the result most difficult
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as a massive relief to the funds here or to reckon but there was there was i mean plenty of people and it wasn't the nicest of nights now saturday night in berlin it was broken down rainbow people went out they watched the match in places like the brandenburg tour and all their bars and restaurants across the city i think we need to take a look at how dramatic it was for them. it was the germany fans worst nightmare as sweden went ahead a nail biting wait five to four lynn's fan mile erupted as marco rose equalized for germany early in the second tough. and finally jubilation the agonizing prospect of a draw all forgotten is toni kroos sealed a miracle victory in extra time. just amazing we pulled it off at the last minute incredible i can't believe it fantastic. this.
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it's really overwhelming which just so happy we couldn't believe it would happen but then we did it go germany. i'm not going to get amazing brilliant we kept hoping right till the end we can handle it germany can win again . with the chance for trainer yogi lurve the hero of the hour. and with the cup still theoretically within reach for these fans at least anything is possible. there you have it on all the fans out there celebrating also plenty of germany finds my way home from work last night and you know they're the next match and i was the twenty seventh of june that is of course germany face south korea and as jonathan said there it's all to play for essentially in that group so the drama isn't over just yet not just us talk here wednesday so watch how to fully embrace from the date of the sports. the polls
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have opened in turkey's presidential and parliamentary elections and comments new directive tayyip erdogan and his a k party are facing a tight race with a revitalized opposition opposition comes in j. from the sea hates people r.t. has just voted as he's campaigned strongly and is hoping to force everyone to a second french elections calm after the country voted to extend the powers of the presidency concerns over both a weakening economy and a democratic rule have strengthened the opposition more than fifty percent of the vote must be secured for and outright win. correspondent during jones is with us now from a polling center in istanbul and can you give us a sense of what is happening where you are right now. well voter turnout has been quite steady although traditionally turks to vote late turkey has been the highest voting rate in the world over eighty percent normally
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turnout and turnout is in this a key election seem to be the opposition will be particularly focusing on bringing their vote we've heard though to many seaside resorts across turkey are empty today as voters have returned back to vote in this key election while the opposition all hoping for a very high turnout there is concern on earth the ones a.k.p. so i about their voter turnout in the last two days they've been calling for a strong turnout. government column is so stressing the importance of a turnout and in fact heard one was speaking of course is stamboul in his strongholds calling on his people to turn out and there is a fear that his support may not turn out on this election this election is in many ways seem to be key to the turnout of the of the vote as you mentioned this is looking like the closest election race since everyone came to power fifty years ago how confident is the opposition. well earth one is certainly
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the front runner in this election but what we've seen is an unprecedented campaign by the opposition led in primarily by old ones main challenger. who has launched a crisscross campaign across the country over one hundred meetings and that culminated in the last few days in a series of mega meetings during millions of people so while earth one is seen as the front runner the opposition believe they have the momentum and what they will be looking for is to prevent securing more than fifty percent of the vote that would force a runoff two weeks later that is their priority equally in the prime parliamentary election it is a closely fought contest with the earth once ruling party facing a challenge and according to the last polls they could possibly lose parliament so both campaigns both elections are seen to be a very closely fought affair and results may depend on whether these elections are free and fair what are you hearing dorian. well that is
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certainly a big concern raised by the opposition about this the fairness of these polls last year's referendum to extend the presidential powers was martin voting allegations of fraud allegations and we are seeing a mass mobilization by the opposition over a half a million monitors are from all the main parties will be closely following these campaigns civic society is also mobilized and the chief campaign their chief rival to earth want to call for a mobilization of his supporters for the next thirty six hours this is a key point in this election everyone is very nervous we even get reports in istanbul people of voting and leaving the cities there's a lot of nervousness ahead of this poll. thank you. well as tensions flare over migration to the e.u. leaders of member nations are preparing to gather in brussels for a mini summit on sunday their goal is to decide how to deal with the influx of
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migrants seeking a new life in europe is a mess was triggered by the events of the past two weeks several rescue boats carrying migrants were stranded at sea after one country after another refused to allow the vessels to dock in their territory. another boat stranded in the mediterranean sea carrying rescued migrants with nowhere to don't get this german ship lifeline is the latest fassel to be refused permission by the new italian government to use one of the country's ports the migrants influx to the south of italy has seen the country's government toughen its stance on an issue which is to find it the european union. people should be in europe the times are over when france and germany decided refugee policy when they told europe in italy what they had to pay and which migrants they had to take in. celgene is
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tough talk has struck a chord with austria he met with his austrian counterpart in rome and heard of an emergency mini summit being held in brussels on sunday. in stark contrast to vienna and rome strong anti immigrant policy french president. has joint german chancellor angela merkel's call for other e.u. countries to take their fair share of migrants. that's. the topic which currently concerns us all is migration. we see it as a common challenge the first have to make sure that the cause behind migration is eliminated was the one for me as i think. they appear to have won at least on saturday in macau welcome spain's new prime minister petro sanchez to
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paris the week of to madrid took in almost six hundred thirty migrants also turned away by rome michael pointed a firm finger e.u. states who refused to play ball over my creation you can't have countries that massively benefit from the solidarity of the european union while voicing their national selfishness when it comes to migrant issues. failure to agree on an e.u. wide common migration policy could see migrants stuck in the mediterranean become bargaining chips. and just a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you germany have begun to warn and their nail biting second world cup game the winning goal was scored well let's go for the final whistle victory keeps the defending champion in the tournament with one game left in the group stage. there forget you can always get the news on. the bell just download our ox from google play our the story i'll give
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