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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 24, 2018 2:00pm-2:16pm CEST

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can. you believe. this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin germany live to fight another day at the world cup this goal with just moments of spare time. and the growth of champions germany now have one group stage notch left to prove they are worthy of it and saying it's the next perhaps. the starting sure thing is a new emergency meeting on migration of brussels it's to be attended by sixteen european leaders as they gather so all of europe's borders are now being tightly controlled with police searching for refugees trying to cross into other european
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countries are to do back the influx is one of the talking points of chanting so mass. on polls opened in turkey this morning for a vote which marks president directed tayyip erdogan is biggest electoral challenge in fifteen years of ruling the country whoever wins will take charge with sweeping the presidential powers. in football fans around the globe are still flying high over their team's last minute come from behind victory over sweden the world cup now how the forty days is here with me in studio to break it all down how it's all people have been talking about here in the office i don't know maybe it's because we're in berlin but do you reckon it was the match of the tournament so far it's definitely one of the big matches and destiny one of the most dramatic if not the most dramatic so far of course we were made to so for anyone who was rooting for germany it really really
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have to weigh practically what it was till the last minute but i think will really need to do is actually take a look at all the action that's. germany started furiously pinning sweden back right from the start but lack of precision in front of goal and they lacked precision in their passing to tony cause as misplaced bull gave sweden an opportunity to supply. who made no mistake. sweden ahead against the run of play in germany in deep trouble the first goal was my mistake no question but when you play four hundred passes one or two might go astray you need to have the guts to play such a second half after that mistake. was a second half they played three minutes in a mako royce netted the equalizer time. but then a setback has jerome books saying was sent off after a second yellow card time was running out of on we were a man down for the last ten fifteen minutes but even then we did not stop playing
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football as we switched a couple of positions and then tony strike on his luck and he say. that tony crossed free kick in the ninety fifth minute save both the day i am the world cup for germany i'm. a brilliant routine teed up by mark or royce turn tony cross from zero to hero above as we just heard there and reports that the ball was tee delphi markel royce i want to pick your football brains and for a second and for football non football fans what exactly does that mean basically what we saw there was we still have the ball is essentially sort of kicked forward about a metre and then it was sort of like sensing a little time to take the shots will say that's essential watching a ball off is and it's it's a very risky move now and i bear in mind that tony cross had made a bit of an error to say the least which he actually mentioned there even in that
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report i'm doing this could have gone horribly wrong because it sort of sentient gives the other team and even a couple seconds just to react but it also helped him set up and really get it exactly where he wanted the thing where tony crosses he plays in spain he plays or i'm good and he's known as the surgeon in spain because of his precision perfect passing. also because he's got a very cool head and he's also somebody who's a bit of a he's got a bit of an eagle eye which is exactly what we saw with that goal there exactly what they needed and the nice he could do as i asked. do you reckon you're going to get through to the next round well i think it's going to be you know complicated to say the least i think germany have certainly a good chance but i mean the best way of explaining this to you and is it really if we take a look at the table now because it is now we're talking about how things are going to shape up we germany really need to beat south korea that's their next match as we can see their mexico are at the top if they beat sweden which is what germany
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reading needs and germany beat says korea there's a good chance of germany will go through but sweden if they win and germany when it'll essentially go down to goal difference and you know other factors as well are involved in that it's not just about goals so the drama is far from over and i was for germany and mexico and sweden and you know there is even a slight slight slight chance of south korea even going through so there's just so many moving variables it is a very very exciting tournament so if it is indeed how about the fans how did it all go down with them well in germany as you know in berlin the weather was absolutely atrocious on saturday night but that didn't stop people from gonaives is to celebrate retching look at the images here from hamburg first where it looked like it was broken down rain too but it didn't stop people from go now to enjoy the celebrations and i mean on my way home from the office last night i encountered plenty of people who were dressed in their germany jerseys and donning the germany
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flag and also incredibly excited about a last minute goal because at the end of the day they were only made to suffer and i mean when they go was horrid in the office there was just you could actually hear people shouting not just in the office but from everyone who lives around near the office so yeah it was it was a really great result for people a great result and a great game to watch there was so much suspense now. and today we have a whole new load of games to look forward to tell me you're absolutely right now one of the big games of course is. going to england of course won their opening clash and they'll be hoping to beat panama who of course lost their opening game and you know there's plenty there's plenty of chatter about what how that's going to work out but england are feeling very confident there's also a couple of other big games japan take on senegal both of them won their opening games and then the other one which is poland against colombia they both lost their
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opening games. against japan and senegal both of them really really need to beat to get at least three points of course to win if they have any chance of making it through to the next round so plenty of drama there in back group. thank you very much for your update and fight. thanks. maitreya's off sixty european countries are gathering in brussels for migration crisis talks which are jews that starts in just an hour they will discuss how to deal with the influx of migrants to europe and proposals for distributing them more fairly throughout the european union several countries have reintroduced border controls to stop the phil migrants. these images that should belong to the past not to a modern unified europe with open borders here in montana south of france the police are looking for people smugglers they're stopping refugees who've come from italy.
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the border here is tightly controlled on the way of the alps onto us so thousands of refugees try their luck by taking the train i can invent a million on the italian side last year forty thousand refugees trying to reach from this way several hundred still trying each month. france wants to put a stop to that now anyone caught travelling without a european passport is taken straight back to italy even if they're alone a minor procedure that's apparently not legal citizen want to kill you that's why the administrative courts have ruled so many times that the basic rights of these vulnerable minors are not being guaranteed by government for the past twenty five years france and italy have had a formal agreement regarding refugees the deal stipulates an exchange of information and cooperation at the border but it doesn't include as france's controversial policy of returning refugees joy again yesterday again.
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and the police got to me again. and again of catamounts continues day after day. on the italian side looked the other way as refugees board the train to france once over the border best stopped piled into police buses and taken straight back to italy any cooperation between france and italy at the moment appears to be worth really thin on the ground. for more on the story detail is barbara they's a less alibi for us in brussels germany and fifteen other european states are about to meet what is at stake at this select barbara. several things the first burn throw really being the future of the german chancellor angela merkel then it is of course about new reforms or change to european refugee policy but it is more in fact this is a battle really about the heart and soul of europe because the big question here is will the populous that have dominate there are dominating now policy and politics
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in for instance in austria and that are rising in some other european countries will they be capable of sort of dictating the agenda will they sort of set the rules for the future and the question behind is that will the european union troon into a fortress and abundant all the legal and humanitarian restraints it has held high for the past years so it is about a lot in fact so there are several things at stake what about concrete changes to the e.u.'s asylum system are they out that are on the table. the most concrete change and one that most countries agree on really is to upgrade dramatically the border protection of the external borders of the e.u. and that means up to ten thousand new border guards that means new powers for them that means a lot of money that also means more boats in the mediterranean something that italy
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particularly is asking for and the other big point on the table is refute the camps many countries are asking for them some say they should be outside of the european union some will on the fringes and countries from to libya to tunisia being mentioned and others say as the french president might call the need to be inside the european union territory but people arriving here should be detained put in camps and then requests to be processed and after that they should be returned or kept wherever so different concepts on the table and that those are the main two points that are being discussed here ok barbara faisal in brussels thank you very much for bringing us up to date. and to some of the other stories making news around the world. women in saudi arabia took to the roads for the first time in decades celebrating as the world's only ban on women motorists was lifted at
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midnight overwhelming majority of the women still don't have driver's licenses and there are long waiting lists for lessons. spokeswoman sarah saunders was asked to leave a virginia restaurants because she works for u.s. president donald trump the owner of the restaurant stated that some of her staff were gay and didn't like that's andres is defending trump's desire to bar transgender people from the u.s. army sanders replies that the episode said more about the restaurant owner than about her. spewing from hawaii's can a way a volcano is threatening homes on the big island hundreds have been destroyed and entire communities have been evacuated since the eruptions started six weeks ago the u.s. government recently approved emergency funding for affected residents. turks are going to the polls in a crucial turkey presidential and parliamentary election president russia tayyip erdogan and his aka party are facing
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a tight race or one has cost us less needs to win more than fifty percent of today's votes to avoid a runoff is main competition comes from n.j. from the secular republican people's party he's galvanized the opposition with huge campaign rallies across the country in recent weeks and our correspondent dorian jones in istanbul says the opposition is galvanized and the ruling party nervous on election day he's speaking to us from a polling station. but it's been a save the stream of voters cars bringing the old infirmed into this voting station and those numbers are expected to ramp up in the last few hours total traditionally do vote late has one of the highest voting participation rates in the world over eighty percent normally vote in elections but that figure could well be surpassed with the opposition galvanized into bringing their supporters out of proportion many of turkey see results orienteers turks have abandoned their holidays to come
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here and to their homes all across the country to cast their votes but on the other side of the earth once campaigns have been voicing concerns about their voter turnout in fact heard one in the last day of campaigning yesterday toured istanbul stronghold of his photos with a message you have to come out and vote and how that call is heeded could be a key factor into terminal what is expected be an extremely closely fought campaign and just a reminder of the top story that we're following for you. germany have beaten sweden to one and their nail biting second game the winning goal was scored just moments before the final victory keeps the defending champion to in the tournament with one game that in the group stage. and over get you can always get news on the go just down from google play or from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any
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breaking news and you can also use it to send us your photos your videos. and that's it for me for now you are watching due to release. more again at the top of the hour so do stay with us if you can otherwise you can always check out our website for more news and information on the dock on. every journey begins with the first step and every language but the first word emerged from the. coaches in germany to learn german and why not come with him a simple online on your mobile and free shots d w z e learning course nikos free german made easy. just listen this is the sound of time passing as for us the songs of twenty five football fields are lost every minute adding to greenhouse gases.


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