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the united nations development program is listening and working with communities to protect forests for the future we want if you're hearing what we're hearing find out more. visit news live from berlin a group of leaders have started an emergency migration meeting in brussels they want to find common ground on how to stem the influx of migrants and what to do with them one thing make it onto the continent also coming up turkey is voting in both parliamentary and presidential elections it's expected to be a hard fought contest for president to one who's facing his biggest to lunch
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challenge in fifteen years of ruling the country. and their goals for coming fast and furious today at the soccer world cup but they were all for england the three lions thrashed panama to book their ticket to the knockout stages to talk all about it and look back at germany's dramatic last minute when saturday night. thanks for joining us i'm marrying. a group of sixteen e.u. leaders are holding an emergency migration meeting in brussels divisions within the bloc are widening over the issue german chancellor angela merkel wants a joint european approach to asylum in refugee policy for central european states taking an especially hard line on migration are snubbing today's talks americal and
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other leaders have said the meeting will not yield any agreement rather it's a working meeting ahead of a full e.u. summit later in the week. let's have a listen now to what chancellor merkel had to say as she arrived at the meeting in brussels good that's good can you the fog here we are discussing the issues here keeping the european council in mind but also knowing that we won't have a comprehensive solution to the migration issue at the european council or the thought that is why there will be bilateral and trilateral agreements on how we can help one another rather than waiting for all twenty eight members to agree but to consider what is important for whom. the or this search for a modus vivendi while working towards a joint european solution is the focus of today's talks. just a toy image of our work will continue in the coming days today is
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a working and advisory meeting a first exchange nothing more and nothing less the talks today are very important with regard to cohesion and reaching bilateral and trilateral agreements thank you . see the person or the victim. all right that was the german chancellor angela merkel speaking a short time ago at that meeting on migration in brussels and for more on that we're joined now by w.'s correspondent brussels barbara visible so barbara give us a sense of what's at stake at today's summit. this is a really froth meeting because what we see here i'm going to marco just said it is she when she mentioned we need to find out what's important to whom and that is quite clear nobody wants to take in more migrants many countries want to get rid of some of those they have and the question is will europe turn into the fortress
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europe really close its borders so tightly that people can come in anymore. the agenda of european politics being being increasingly be dictated by populace like so busted of course from the r.b.i. in hungary and then of course the new italian interior minister matusow vini these people the ones who are sort of driving the e.u. into a certain direction that is quite distinct from what it did in the part so in the past so this is really a tremendously important and at the same time difficult and fraught summit meeting where interests are clashing well the french president has been very vocal about finding an e.u. why does solution to the migration crisis he also spoke earlier today at the brussels meeting let's have a quick listen. today we have what we call across this of
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secondary migration. these are people who have already rubbed in the shing and that's why we need a new asylum agreement to reform the dublin regulations and we need agreements to make the system more efficient. i'd like to say this before we go in this is a working session before the meeting of the european council. we're not forgetting where we come from and who we are we should never abandon our principles or our values. we're trying to become more efficient because with the government tools of unity between countries people of europe. all right so the french president the air appealing for a common approach and also to remember a common european values and yet barbara for e.u. member states are skipping today's meeting what does their absence mean their absence means in any case that they don't have any anything positive to contribute
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to this meeting anyway poland slovakia hungary and the czech republic have so far blocked any kind of attempt to reform for instance the dublin regulations that now at the moment are sort of regulating the distribution off refugees and the responsibility for refugees in europe they have blocked any attempt as. distribution because they say we don't want anybody we're not going to take any migrants whatsoever refugees whatsoever and so we know that they are that they are not sort of in the boat in the end when it comes down to a europe wide solution the only way to deal with these countries is money. the only way to deal with them is as met him on them a crime has already mentioned is that they could be punished within the next budget if they don't somehow continue to work for the european solution and sort of
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get into the get into the boat so they are really there absent absent is not really is not really a negative sign so far all right so along with possibly punishing them states who are not pulling their weight in helping to take on the migrants what are some other concrete changes to the use asylum system that are even on the table. concrete changes are and i think that's a point that most countries agree on is to close the borders better that means more ships in the mediterranean that means up to ten thousand for the border border guards that means a lot of money to secure the borders that will mean fences and everything that goes with it that it's one point that many countries agree and say we need this and mccrum spoke of the fear for the cohesion of the e.u. and of the countries in within the e.u.
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so they are going to sort of going in that direction that's one and the other is that many countries won some sort of camp somehow some say like my problem with in the e.u. some say outside of fit in on the external fringes of europe where who are economic migrants and who have no chance for asylum could somehow be kept and then by some by some means that we don't really have yet brought back to their to their home countries so those are the two big things that are on the table those are not really contentious but what is really contentious is the rule that italy is going to play in the future because they simply they have closed their hearts and they say that we are fed up we are just not going to play the country of reception anymore and that is going to create the most problems which all right barbara faisal reporting for us from brussels many thanks indeed. now voting has just closed in turkey's presidential and parliamentary elections president wretch
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of type area won his eight k. party are facing a tight race heir to one cast his ballot earlier today he needs to win more than fifty percent of the votes to avoid a runoff his main competition comes from my heart i'm in jail the sake of the republican people's party he's galvanized the opposition with huge campaign rallies around the country in recent weeks. they spoke a short time ago to w.'s istanbul correspondent dorian jones he says tension was high in the final hours of voting. well voters have been streaming into the voting station since it opened at eight in the morning the old the and there really is a surge of votes who have been going through this station until he does have a long tradition of a very high voter participation over eighty percent the highest in the world but that level could be supposed because both sides see this election as probably the most important in the country's history whoever wins the presidency will inherit
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sweeping powers. to curry greater control over the judiciary and the most reduced power of parliament even the position of a prime minister is a balazs now another one supporters insist that is necessary to take this country forward to meet the challenges of the opponents the opposition is tantamount to an electorate dictatorship and they say that the more proceed cell is on the ballot a lot of tension ahead of this vote now given the high stakes. all right has soccer world cup news now and pablo fully ileus is here in the studio with me to guide us through it get to see him properly so i do want to talk about last night's amazing germany match but there is already a match today that's on the books tell us about that one from gutsy right everyone to read your mind we're going to take an interest only and england there was no shortage of drama and goals it was full of excitement it finished six one and what a cracker it was it started off with a john stone's header. no defending whatsoever from panama absolutely
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desperate from then i and there was another goal from kane that was a penalty and three nil was jesse lynn garvey for space for man united with an absolutely cracking goal and that's another goal from johnstone's then another goal from kane at half time and then this six goal came from harry came he completed his hat trick with what can only be described as an inadvertent goal five goals in the tournament and he is now tournament top goal scorer and let's not forget there was little. should go for parliament which in fact is their first goal ever of the world cup well it's because celebrate that with them a little bit exactly so tell us who else is playing well there's another there's another few games taking place today japan are taking on senegal and they both won their opening game so it's going to be a bit of a tight affair there and then poland and colombia are also going to be playing they both lost their opening game so they're really desperate to pick up a win the tournament all right now can we talk about last night germany game
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everybody here in the office was so excited about it take us through what happened you're absolutely right no it wasn't just that everybody here was excited i think everybody in germany was excited about this game it was one of those games of people will be talking about for a while because of old and drama and we really have to wait practically till the end of the game to actually see you know what we need to do you need to like it so look at the highlights. germany started furiously pinning sweden back right from the start but lacked precision in front of goal. and they lacked perception and their passing to tony close as misplaced bull gave sweden an opportunity to supply striker all of toivonen who made no mistake sweden ahead against the run of play and germany in deep trouble and what a second half they played three minutes in and marco royce netted the equal iser germany up there tempo and created chance after chance but failed to capitalize but then and next set back trumbo time was sent off after his second yellow card run we
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were a man down for the last ten fifteen minutes but even then we did not stop playing football as we switched a couple of positions and then tony strike on this what can you say on the front tony cross free kick in the ninety fifth minute saved both the day and the world cup for germany brilliant dream team teed up by marco royce turns tony cross from zero to hero. of the of i published so does this mean germany are all but assured of advancing well it's not assured you have to give me a little bit more drama now during the week but they really need to win their next game and that's against south korea and it's also depends as well on how mexico and sweden get on but i think what we really need to do is see what we can expect from their next clash of course against south korea. of the mission accomplished in sochi tony crosses ninety fifth minute when it kept germany's title defense
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alive but the match when a knows that the next judgement day is already around the corner it was once only at the minute we need to recover now we don't have much time till the next game then we'll have to beat south korea beat them and phatak lee as there are scenarios where a simple win isn't enough to qualify so we'll have to give everything from the start and make better use of our chances. like the chances of us. outside the stadium fans will also already looking ahead to wednesday's matches. do not shop the team just great and i'm convinced both sweden and germany will progress both of us. i hate that that is not a feel right now but we will want to get back to god and five across germany scenes of joy accompanied the last gasp win but they'll have to be back on wednesday for
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the next nail biter. all right paula what's your feeling is south korea good enough to be germany i don't think so i think germany are going to advance this win has given them a huge boost of confidence and i think they're going to go very far in this tournament will have to wait and see is always going to have a full ileus from the deadliest forest us thank you so much as always thanks randi . you're watching the news coming to you from berlin way back again at the top of the hour an american i haven't seen from all of us in the news room thanks for watching the cut. player who do you think is going to be a little chip you claim. that matches the scores. goals of a team soccer world cup on t w news.


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