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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 24, 2018 6:00pm-6:15pm CEST

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i want to use it for our network there you go but. this is d w news live from berlin early results give a clear lead to turkish president friendship time to one in the country's elections the vote was seen as the biggest electoral challenge to go on and has a can't party since they swept to power more than a decade ago also coming up with a group of e.u. leaders is hoping to find common ground at an emergency meeting in brussels they're
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discussing solutions to stem the influx of line for instance and what to do with them once they make it onto the continent. and the goals were coming fast and furious today at the soccer world cup in russia but they were almost all for england the three lions thrashing panama to book their ticket to the knockout stages we'll talk all about it and also look back at germany's dramatic last minute when on saturday night. thanks for joining us i'm marian i haven't seen early results and turkey's election show president rich of time erica won in the only and on track to remain in power that's with less than a quarter of the votes counted aired on himself casting ballots earlier today he needs more than percent fifty. cent of the vote to avoid
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a runoff his main competition comes from injury of the secular republican people's party he's galvanized the opposition with huge campaign rallies around the country in recent weeks. our correspondent judy hahn is standing by in the turkish capital ankara so i understand you're at the supreme electoral council which is turkey's electoral commission and the first results are coming in what's the latest you can tell us. indeed to the broadcasting ban has just been lifted and actually two hours earlier than we expected so we have some very preliminary results according to the state run on a dual news agency about twenty percent of the votes have been twenty five percent excuse me of the votes have been counted and according to this incumbent president raja tired out on which gets close to sixty percent of the votes fifty eight percent his main challenger from the largest opposition party here the c.h.p.
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one engine would get twenty seven percent model auctioneer of the newly founded nationals posse the eve party would come in third and misses a lot in terms of the candidate of the left is pro carter's posse the h.t.t.p. would get about six percent of the votes and on the parliamentary level since turkey did not only vote for a new president but also for a new parliament i can tell you the following thing the electoral elian's all the ruling justice and development party missed out on his party would get about sixty five percent of the vote and the opposition electoral alliance about twenty five percent of the vote fought as i said just about twenty five percent of the votes have been counted so far so the results the preliminary results excuse me might dramatically change in the next one or two hours since big cities like ancora and its temple have not been counted yet so a huge portion of caution i would say here with these early results where you are
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we've also been hearing numerous reports of irregularities just how fair does this vote appear to be. well yes voter fraud many palatial and that's an issue that has added a lot of nervousness and tension to the mood here today in ankara in istanbul all over the country actually videos have emerged on social media showing that election observers were not allowed to enter polling stations there are accusations that others have been threatened we saw videos where people stand a ballot papers in favor of missed out on and his party of course all of these videos these allegations cannot be confirmed independently so we have to wait for official reports of the missions by international observers as well but of course this is a huge issue what it means that the opposition presidential candidate showed up
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here in front of the electoral commission and he won't to protect people's votes and he also told them to stay out the ballots at the polling stations at the ballot box is a little longer after they cast their votes to watch very closely what's going to happen next so yes this is a big issue here. bringing us up to date from ankara many thanks indeed. now a group of sixteen e.u. leaders are holding an emergency migration meeting in brussels divisions within the bloc are widening over how to manage the influx of asylum seekers and refugees german chancellor angela merkel and other leaders describe sunday's mini summit as a working meeting ahead of european council talks a few days from now merkel says she does not expect a total solution to the problem but will instead push for bilateral or trilateral deals to cope with immediate emergencies. or one of the main points of contention
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are regulations which say that asylum seekers must be processed in the country where they first arrived. stranded at sea migrants aboard this boats are finally rescued by the spanish coast guard spain's decision to help stands in stark contrast to its alist new populist government who keeps denying n.g.o.s to ships entry to their ports it has highlighted a political crisis within the european union over how best to deal with migration under so-called dublin rules asylum seekers must be processed in the country where they first arrive as so many migrants are crossing the mediterranean sea greece and italy have seen the biggest influx of people even if a migrant wants to get to another country like germany france or sweden under the dublin rules they can be returned to their first country of entry not fair say rome and athens rules to relocate asylum seekers throughout the e.u.
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are supposed to be in place by the end of this month. but even german chancellor angela merkel is fighting members of her own government over the issue while she and french president emmanuel mccomb were hoping an agreement could be reached this week some eastern even member states including hungry in poland don't want to take in any more migrants. some of europe's borders are now being tightly controlled with past four checks reinstated on many border crossings no european leader wants to see a repeat of the uncontrolled migration of twenty fifteen but politicians will need to find common ground if they want a solution that lasts. well for more on the migration we're joined now from brussels by w.'s of barbara vai's all barbara so as we heard in that report under the current dublin rules migrants can be returned to their first country of entry so what could
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a new agreement look like. there is a new agreement on the table that has come from the european parliament after along the deliberations and it says that the principal of the country or first arrival is supposed to be partly scrapped asylum seekers who come in who have a real chance or for asylum as immediately supposed to be redistributed among the of the e.u. countries and only those that are clearly economic migrants should stay then in the country or first arrival was the idea that that country would then take them back to their home countries and would after a while sort of be rid of them in a sense but that is so contentious because as we hear again and again the eastern european countries don't want to take anybody in and not many countries are willing to sort of participate in this complicated quota system that there's no real chance that this solution is going to come in the near future. well italy is of course one
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of the so-called frontier countries the first port of entry for many migrants they want to come up with a new plan and how to deal with the migration crisis just what is the new government and broke proposing. we don't know exactly but we know one thing that's in the plan of course because italy is presenting this here today at this meeting for the first time one thing is clear it's a he does not want to be frontier country anymore it's the ones to scrap the principle of the country of first entry the puerto first entry and they went to because they stress the whole of the european union is responsible for the migrants so what they want is some sort of immediate redistribution of all incomers now how that is going to function nobody knows and also it's quite clear that other countries will be violently opposed to that however italy here has a strong card to play the countries for so long has been left alone with the problems that the influx of migrants so we're creating particularly in sicily and
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in the south that they now really have a lot of leverage in the e.u. and they have this new populist government who has already shown that is does not want to play ball with our the e.u. leaders are available reporting from brussels many thanks indeed and now to some of the other stories making news around the world. women in saudi arabia to the roads for the first time in decades of the world's only ban on women motorists was lifted at midnight the overwhelming majority of saudi women still do not have driver's licenses and there are long waiting lists for lesser. lava spewing from hawaii as killer way of all kaino is threatening more homes on the big island hundreds of homes have already been destroyed and entire communities have been evacuated since the eruption started six weeks ago the u.s.
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government recently approved emergency funding for affected president. all right let's get the latest on the soccer world cup in russia and for that i'm joined by emily auschwitz from d.w. sports are going to take us through all of it emily obviously i do want to talk to you about that big match for germany last night but i do know there's already one match on the books from today tell us about it oh what a game it was it was so much fun to watch england played panama and it was just a fantastic game johnstone's actually open the scoring really all early on in the game as insincere with this beautiful header retain added to that shortly later but then it was jesse linger who scored this beauty of a shot and really took the spotlight before halftime stone scored another after the break kerry came scored another to come a dig at one goal in the book so at least they got back on to them but the final
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score was six one soz quite a defeat for panama were at the world cup for the first time but also a really big victory for england indeed quite a spectacular win for england all right so who else is playing them yeah group eight actually concludes the second round of games today japan face senegal colombia face poland that's a very exciting match up because there are of course poland star strikers robert lewandowski who plays for by on and he faced his teammate from buy on hummus recruits who plays for colombia so all eyes will be on that tonight all right does this mean that germany are all but assured of advancing now. not at all actually this win against sweden was just the first step of what they had to do to keep their chances alive and it wasn't even reassuring when it was just in the last minute and really last night after the game a lot of eyes were already on the next picture so let's have a look at what the people said. was mission accomplished in sochi
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tony crosses ninety fifth minute when it kept gemini's title defense alive but the much went in knows that the next judgement day is already around the corner that is most only half a minute we need to recover now we don't have much time till the next game then we'll have to beat south korea beat them in fattah cleo's there are scenarios where a simple win isn't enough to qualify so we'll have to give everything from the start and make better use of our chances. like the chinese business and. outside the stadium fans will also already looking ahead to wednesday's matches. do not shop the team just great and i'm convinced both sweden and germany will progress toward both of us. i hate that yeah that's what i feel right now but we will and i got thank god the across germany scenes of joy accompanied the last gasp win but they'll have to be back on
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wednesday for the next nail biter. all right that was a really spectacular win for germany last night at byrd is south korea going to be good enough perhaps to beat germany or they say secure a draw on paper south korea's deftly that easiest opponent in the books they've lost both their games so far and germany should get a win from this but this is a really exciting world cup there been so many upsets so many big teams that assail to win against smaller teams right so south korea could definitely be one of those surprising teams to have a star player points on who plays for tottenham in the premier league and he's the agents a bowler of the year he's been making headlines in the premier league they've really got to be careful with that especially since germany's star player jerome batang in the back line as a center back he got a red card so he will be missing the game against south korea and they have to make sure that they've got the all sense of south korea under control all right so it's
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going to be quite an exciting world cup going forward emanate auschwitz from did awful use for its many thanks indeed for bringing us up to date. and you're watching d.w. news coming to you from berlin we'll be back again at the top of the hour in the meantime don't forget you can get all the latest news and information on our website at that dot com american evan steen from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching. and they will succeed in defining the subtle not succeed in taking the people off the streets.


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