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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 24, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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i am. mrs d. w. news live from berlin early results give a clear lead to turkish president redshift erda won in the country's landmark elections in his eight k. party hopes to garner more than fifty percent of the vote to avoid a runoff also coming up a group of e.u. leaders is hoping to find common ground in an emergency meeting in brussels they're discussing solutions to stem the influx of migrants and what to do with them once they make it on to the continent. and the goals were coming fast and furious today
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at the soccer world cup in russia but they were almost all for england the three lions and rash of panama to book their ticket to the knockout stages to talk about that and look back at germany's dramatically last minute win on saturday night. welcome to the program i marion i haven't seen. early results and turkey's elections show president of type to one of his ruling party b a k p with a clear lead to one cast his ballot earlier today he needs more than fifty percent of the vote to avoid a runoff sunday's snap presidential and parliamentary elections will usher in major changes to the constitution approved in a controversial referendum last year a victory for heir to one would return him to office with greatly expanded powers.
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and we're joined now from ankara by our correspondents junia han so you they are we understand you're at the headquarters of. party and initial polling results are coming in what's the latest you can tell us. well yes preliminary results with more than fifty percent of the votes counted these results we're getting are coming from the state run on a dual agency and they see president add one more than fifty percent of the votes and his main challenger from the largest opposition party would an engine of the c.h.p. and about thirty percent for the parliament to revote about forty percent of the votes have been counted and the result we are getting here is that the a k p s electoral alliance is at about sixty percent of the vote while the opposition's
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alliance is about at about thirty percent of the vote but this has to be taken with cautions since the big cities have not been fully counted yet so these results will probably most probably change a lot in the coming hours what is interesting is voters' participation it's at eighty seven percent that's an impressive figure but it will it probably also shows how important these elections often many people here in turkey so many were taking their democratic rights to vote very seriously today now you live this election is being called a landmark vote what exactly is at stake. well these elections will usher in the new political system here in turkey dramatically expanding the powers of the president at the expense of the parliament so if mr out and gets reelected and for this seats to win more than fifty percent of the votes he will be in almost all powerful president he can appoint and fire minister to
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souls paul humans colson you elections or announce a state of emergency so for him and his ruling a.k.p. there is a lot at stake he will either be the most powerful man in modern turkish history or the signal will be a different one voters will tell him this is not the way we want it this is not the turkey we want our reporting from ankara many thanks indeed. now a group of sixteen e.u. leaders are holding an emergency migration meeting in brussels divisions within the bloc are widening over how to manage the influx of asylum seekers and refugees german chancellor angela merkel and other leaders described sunday's mini summit as a quote working meeting ahead of european council talks a few days from now merkel says she does not expect a total solution to the problem but will instead push for byliner or trilateral
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deals to cope with immediate emergencies. or one of the main points of contention are regulations with which say that asylum seekers must be processed in the country where they first arrived. stranded at sea migrants aboard this boat are finally rescued by the spanish coast guard spain's decision to help stands in stark contrast to its alist new populist government who keeps denying n.-g. o. rescue ships entry to their ports it has highlighted a political crisis within the european union over how best to deal with migration under so-called dublin rules asylum seekers must be processed in the country where they first arrive. as so many migrants are crossing the mediterranean sea greece and italy have seen the biggest influx of people even if a migrant wants to get to another country like germany france or sweden under the dublin rules they can be returned to their first country of entry not fair say rome
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and athens rules to relocate asylum seekers throughout the e.u. are supposed to be in place by the end of this month. but even german chancellor angela merkel is fighting members of her own government over the issue while she and french president emanuel were hoping an agreement can be reached this week some eastern even member states including hungry in poland don't want to take in any more migrants. some of europe's borders are now being tightly controlled with passport checks reinstated on many border crossings no european leader wants to see a repeat of the uncontrolled migration of twenty fifteen but politicians will need to find common ground if they want a solution that lasts. for more on the migration we're joined now from brussels by did barbara vai's or barbara so as we heard in that report
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under the current dublin rules migrants can be returned to their first country of entry so what could a new agreement look like. there is a new agreement on the table that has come from the european parliament after along the deliberations and it says that the principal of the country or first arrival is supposed to be partly scrapped asylum seekers who come in who have a real chance or for asylum as immediately supposed to be redistributed among the other e.u. countries and only those that are clearly economic migrants should stay then in the country or first arrival was the idea that that country would then take them back to their home countries and would after a while sort of be rid of them in a sense but that is still contentious because as we hear again and again the eastern european countries don't want to take anybody in and not many countries are willing to sort of participate in this complicated quota system that there's no
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real chance that this solution is going to come in the near future well italy is of course one of the so-called frontier countries the first port of entry for many migrants they want to come up with a new plan and how to deal with the migration crisis just what is the new government in broad proposing. we don't know exactly but we know one thing that's in the plan of course because italy is presenting this here today at this meeting for the first time one thing is clear it's really does not want to be frontier country anymore it's the ones to scrap the principle of the country as of first entry the puerto first entry and they were to because they stress the whole of the european union is responsible for the migrants so what they want is some sort of immediate redistribution of all incomers now how that is going to function nobody knows and also it's quite clear that other countries will be violently opposed to that however it's only here has
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a strong card to play the countries for so long has been left alone was the problems that the influx of migrants so we're creating particularly in sicily and in the south that they now really have a lot of leverage in the e.u. and they have this new populist government who has already shown that is does not want to play ball with are the e.u. leaders are available reporting from brussels many thanks indeed. all right time now to get of the latest on the action at the world cup in russia and emily auschwitz ready to place forces here to guide us through all of it was also quite remarkable almost sold thrilling to watch it was so much fun and actually johnstone's opened the scoring quite early on in the game already to give us a bit of a taste of what it would be like with this fantastic little fairy team continued but it was just sealing are really still the show with this shot from a distance and made it three or done yet the stones added another team added two
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more to make it six goals for england panama did get a goal though which is maybe a small victory it's their first appearance at a world cup and that at least got one goal in that might that might be nice for them but harry king got a hatrick and that means he's also the top goalscorer at the world cup for now with five goals. orde head of belgium's removal kaku and portugal's christian rinaldo with foreach all right still small consolation for panama there was another high scoring game between japan and phantom call give us those highlife yet japan played senegal in the first of the group h. games today and actually the first goal was quite comical to descend was just horrid to senegal took the lead early on with the beard heather and then the keeper just blocks away the ball you can see it right here right on to the strikers foot that's basically giving away gold but you can came back one zero with this great shot i sent it out however i went and took the end again and then in the dying
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the screech shot and then in the dying stages of the game to kind came back once again and made it to all really a lot of goals happening this week and really exciting times for our right so a lot of goals today and quite a lot of drama last night tell us about that incredible win for germany against sweden and i'm still not sure i've recovered from that game because i mean we were all just really really nervous and watching with so much excitement sweden took the lead and germany was better for so long but they just couldn't get the ball in that until mccoist came and he scored his first world cup goal but it still looked like they get a draw and it was still going to be really tough until twenty calls came in the last minute of the game and scored two one was the final result and this puts them in a relatively good position again but people were already focusing on their next fixture let's have a look at what they said. mission accomplished in sochi tony
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crosses ninety fifth minute when it kept gemini's title defense alive but the match winning knows that the next judgement day is already around the corner just months away at the minute we need to recover now we don't have much time till the next game then we'll have to beat south korea beat them and phatak lee as there are scenarios where a simple win isn't enough to qualify so we'll have to give everything from the start and make better use of our chances. like chances of us. outside the stadium fans will also already looking ahead to wednesday's matches. do not shop the team just great and i'm convinced both sweden and germany will progress toward both of us. i hate that yeah that's what i feel right now but we will when i got back you know i've across germany scenes of joy accompanied the last gasp win but they'll have to be back on
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wednesday for the next nail biter. all right so after that germany when there was a lot of jumping up and down also at my house i can tell you and lee does this mean that germany are all but assured of advancing no no not really they still have a game to play and they actually still have to win that game and even if they win that game there are scenarios where it might not be enough twenty close just said it is really can't forget the germany had a really bad start to this tournament i mean they lost against mexico zero one and they didn't look convincing in their game against sweden either it didn't look like the had it all under control yes they were better there were a lot of chances created in the in the off chance and they did win in the end but he was so narrow that you're going to really has to work on his players to get it nailed down for the last game and he only has a very short period of time to actually get that done all right so you think germany not very convincing up until now so does this mean that. south korea could pose a real threat to germany and cause an upset on paper it's very clear that germany's
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the favorite let's be honest but this world cup has been really exciting in terms of upsets iceland held argentina to a one one so anything can happen really and germany really has to be prepared for that as well south korea they have some good players it has talented players in there all sense like home and sun their premier league star plays for tottenham hotspur he's really really dangerous and germany can't rely on their center back because he got a red card against sweden so he won't be available so germany will really have to be careful there all right so there does promise to be a very exciting world cup also moving forward and in a house that's ready to lease for its many thanks indeed for all of that a quick reminder now of our top story turkish president bridge of time to one has a clear lead in his country's elections with more than sixty percent of the ballots counted he hopes to garner more than half of the vote to avoid a runoff and extend his fifteen year rule. you're up to date now on d w news
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we'll be back again at the top of the hour from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching. great yourself with g.w. your design channel on. turkey faces its most hotly contested elections in many years they could cement president a chip tying up everyone's grow.


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