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tv   Doc Film - Love and Sex in Japan  Deutsche Welle  June 24, 2018 9:15pm-10:00pm CEST

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this country's elections with most of the ballots counted he hopes to garner more than fifty percent of the vote to avoid a runoff and extend his fifteen year rule. thank you for watching to that we're back in about forty five minutes. we make up over a week watch as i feel that under the two types. of services. they want to shape the continent's future it's a part of it and join dumpsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent plus want for africa charge.
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in tokyo the japanese government is increasingly worried about the country's future recent years the birth rate has fallen sharply and so have the number of marriages but now oco has nevertheless decided to tie the knot on the phone with the package that you've chosen you can design a custom bouquet you can select the flowers you want. twenty nine year old narco is thrilled at the idea of living a fairy tale she's on tape for a western style ceremony for her dream wedding. let's planning until tomorrow is the big day because at the country. i've got. to make sure everything's perfect not ok oh is a sister. by professional wedding planner yukiko. you are so cute that looks
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amazing on you. know this is an empire style dress it's like something from the penny in style. for her this may look like preparation for an ordinary wedding that's not quite the case there's no partner or fiance. though i completely forgot to look for a boyfriend. now oco is going to get married on her own in japan this is called a solo wedding and it's becoming increasingly popular yukiko as agencies started offering them a few years ago now they're a trend. at the beginning i had a thirty four year old employee who had no plans to get married and yet who had wanted nothing more than to wear a wedding dress since she was a little girl she was quite upset at the idea that that was never going to happen
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and one day she confided in me that she would really like to have the opportunity to dress like a bride and she asked me to organize that for. arco also wanted to live out her dream wedding all while remaining single. but. marriage is just one of a number of life choices. i don't know yet if i want to get married or live with someone or not. for the equivalent of two thousand four hundred euros now close so no wedding service last twenty four hours it includes a wedding dress fitting a visit to a makeup artist to head stylist a florist and ends with a photo shoot. if you look at the camera place. mostly i'm fine see i'm not sad at all not to have a clean. are you happy yes i'm having an amazing time
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playing. yuki curves agency has already organized hundreds of solo weddings for young women the bride to be is always offered an actor to play the role of the groom but they always refuse. in japan marriage is on the decline here and fewer people are marrying and the birth rate is low the population is currently shrinking by some two hundred thousand people a year it's estimated that by twenty six the country's population could shrink by thirty percent by a very i think that today men are financially very stressed with the financial crisis they no longer have the courage to start of that day. in addition to economic wire is in the land of time a conscious of the virtual parents real emotions and carmel pleasures no longer have their place a quarter of japanese thirty to forty year olds are virgins so how old are you and
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twenty four. have you ever had sex you know. in a way is among the rising number of japanese men who decided to forgo sex they prefer manga heroines the women that name. now that's brilliant. in japan about half of adults under the age of fifty say they haven't had sex in the past month or so do you prefer sex without love all love without sex. love without sex meeting oh yes me too japan is also the world's biggest producer of pornographic films thirty thousand d.g.'s but the so-called sex crisis has reached this industry to not enough actors to go around and i don't film star shimmy can hire sounded the alarm to sing and the. there are only two thousand bengal tigers left in the world and we are like them as an endangered species.
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singles no longer seem to know how to form relationships and seduction seems to be held all start whole how long if you've been single for. some mates longer years. what's behind this apparent trend in japan is the waning interest in romance and sexual relationships in the plummeting birth rate a purely japanese phenomenon or is it a sign of things to come. in tokyo a metropolitan region of more than thirteen million you'd think it would be easy to find a soulmate but instead new business models are taking the place of romance like tyros partnership rental agency. business is booming and getting better all the time. it's less if you're a woman who's very busy with work if you don't have the time to meet someone or if you haven't had a relationship with a man you know well thanks to our service you can experience the pleasure of being
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with someone with us. agency rules prohibit sex between clients and rental boyfriends his only job is to be an enjoyable date and help the woman overcome her shyness around the man. in the possible you can in terms of the rental board friend who suits your taste good looking at his profile. you can see where he looks like and also discover his personality. rico is one of the most popular men in the catalogue here in shinjuku a lively area in tokyo he's waiting for the client to book him for the afternoon you we reserved him online it's not their first meeting but she still rather nervous siri. it's. there why don't we go to a shrink. parker look at the cherry blossoms are going. so good as you seem a bit nervous. it's been
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a while since you sorry john hurt you does it does he realize wait i'll go to the other side but see. whose first mission is to play the perfect boyfriend even holding her hand to an action that is rather daring in japan but you he wants to get used to contact with men she's paid one hundred twenty euros for two hours of practice. after taking a selfie as a young lovers would do they share an ice cream rico is the consummate professional and an excellent actor or a little let me have a taste. afterwards one hundred times better when you've looked at her first i'm going to i'm going to hold it's a sunny day now i often bring rain hughie wants to know what it feels like to have a boyfriend she's twenty four but has never had one i go out with ricky once a month so if that's right. today is the third time i don't usually
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go out with boys and so i always hope i'll have a nice time. this is. really cool also provides coaching in the rules of law and romance she won't get it when we go out together we hold hands of course but it's also very important that we talk a lot he gives me advice about love. right. i'm not really used to men so i ask how i should behave my data cheat i should have if i meet someone. the young couple leave the park and head for some of my ten to ten months invented in japan and very popular throughout asia karaoke series finally able to relax a bit cut. to feel. if you feel. fit into. this was feeling
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a challenge that. i. cut. i'm really happy when we're together. that i have to meet someone like we can. that's hard to find just wish. you were telling me the other day about someone you met at work. so you weren't able to talk with them. yes that's true and then what happened the other day the entire office team was there so. we all went out together and he was that. he happened to be right next to me. and i managed to chat with him a bit. you know it's great that means you've made progress here to get well done i'm proud of you. out there that.
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it's the end of the session for recurve mission accomplished you relieved happy and relaxed she is ready to consider what appeared to her inconceivable just a few weeks earlier to talk to a young man she doesn't know unless she accidentally calls in love with her therapist. in tokyo there are armies of young men up for rent some like rico play the role of public boyfriend others work in bars and make conversation with lonely women establishment see even use them as they're selling point. what's behind all of this is it lack of time shane or fear a recent study found that more than half of singles in japan don't have a friend of the opposite sex. but twenty four in a way has never had a relationship to him women are
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a mystery. so he's decided to try something new. welcome just come with me. to cavallo is what is called a cuddle cafe a lounge where you can. paid to spend a few minutes in the arms of a young woman. it means turn off your shoes all right. dozens of small alcoves welcome the clients who are prepared to spend large sums of money for a short moment of comfort here you pay sixty euros an hour just to lie down next to a hostess and the bill can quickly add up you have to pay eight more euros for her to hold you in her arms for three minutes or sixteen euro's to rest your head in. hello nice to meet you hello. fuk you will be tending to in a way today here minutes mean money so her time out is never far away. from now we
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have sixty minutes take a look at our services. by the tools. or your normal spoiled for choice you are forced to cough up. they're not going ahead on laugh is one thousand yen for three minutes. ok birth i'm not sure i can do it. of course you can and don't be hard on yourself everyone can do it. fuquay eventually overcomes in a way shyness he's decided to book the triple package. what would you like to start with a head in arms head inland or the sun the. canary be a massage. of course turn this way. there's no skin contact the massive trees down over clothes but in a way seems spellbound. the. next stop
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head in last. place your head here. in a way shyness returns. of the ways we're going to get mired. wherever you want anything is fine and. reassured in a way finally lets himself slip into conversation. when i was in high school i started to like catch on the singer. why are girls fans of female singers. what do you actually like is it watching a cute girl and the atmosphere of the concert. i like it all they're all really entertaining. more entertaining than a boy band. after one hour of coddling in a way seems to have developed
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a taste for female contact. you. are actually was very nice. until now i had never thought to do something like this . that i would contrary to what i had imagined real girls aren't so bad i really liked it more than i would have from a six. because all cafe doesn't only draw inexperienced men like you no way he also tends to many japanese men who have no one to talk to. the people who come here are people who have problems and you can't talk about them to their colleagues their superiors not even their friends. or it's people who want to meet a girl dressed up as amanda heroine like me. but not every fantasy is catered to sexual contact is off limits.
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before entering the room. the customer is informed of the rules so incidents are very rare. at the end of the session in a way is finally allowed a few seconds of embrace. you prefer to stay. ceded to the hub right. so come on. thank you. both thank you very much i'm happy to have met you need to figure out i had a great time thank you so much. thank you see you soon i hope. in a way it's an experience with women isn't just due to shyness he tends to prefer videogame heroines to women of flesh and blood. with real girls i don't know what they're thinking. this is
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a good one to me while smiling sweetly or not and with their friends behind my back they could criticize me. whereas girls in video games would never betray me because the men who create the games have been invented their ideal women. when he's not working in a coal center in a way lives in a fifteen square meter apartment where he spends hours in front of a screen it's a my style that suits him well. so. i don't really feel the urge to be in love her get married i can't even imagine i. prefer being alone and spending my time playing video games not reading manga. so i don't really look at the future. we can see. this afternoon in a way he's meeting up with some friends they've never had
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a romantic relationship either it's all. about the layout and. this is one of many ways favorite shops a fantasy playground for mango. fans that sells pornographic magazines in these erotic manga young men find the women of their dreams. they hardly know where to begin. breasts to infinity. to reveal their chris what is infinity music unlimited breasts. oh i see. it's insane really crazy. it's great amazing.
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thing up until one this is. so last night. in the building next door seven floors are dedicated to sex and masturbation. is one of the old. little known. to. the most popular programs for man but tango are pretty lubricated masturbation chub sex toys a huge hit since two thousand and seven more than two million of them have been sold in japan at five euros apiece. anyway and his friends are part of a generation that seems to be turning its back on the real world it's hard to imagine that demographic trends here will change any time soon one reason why young
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people are engrossed in video games rather than human relationships could be because the traditional family model is losing its appeal. husband and her children are a middle class families they have a two bedroom apartment in the tokyo suburbs. and here children. i got you something. some sweets. and yoko is forty five years old she became a mother later in life because she valued her career in japan women generally give up work to look after their children seventy percent of japanese mothers leave their job after their first child yoko was an interpreter and hesitated to give it all up so. it's difficult. even if. i didn't really want to get married yet. but then i wanted children it is awful. today fewer and fewer japanese women are willing to sacrifice their careers
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traditionally only their husband works during the one nine hundred ninety s. the country experienced an economic crisis which spelled the end of job security. husband yasser nori is a civil servant he says this economic upheaval had a lasting impact on the younger generation. young men are under a great deal of economic pressure and the economic crisis has led to many changes in japanese society and it's made starting a family seem unappealing. and you know any case times of change these days you're not under as much pressure to marry. another thing that's made parenthood unappealing is that in japan children rule the roost for many parents spell the end of intimacy. everything is organized to focus on the children and then come the parents. doing you know for me here becoming a family is not very exciting of course we let each other grow lots of couples who
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don't have sex. maybe once or twice a year. maybe no sex at all. ok who says heroes. in the rare moments that no current husband spend together are usually tending to their children. brush your teeth. at bedtime yoko sleeps with one of her daughters. well sort of so do you do this every night yes. she likes sleeping here. you. children are kids. princess and. there you go. yes
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inori finishes his be alone. then he goes to berent but not in his bedroom he spends his nights in a bunk bed. this languishing interest in sex and intimacy the following birthright has many experts concerned some have decided to tackle the problem head on. is a counselor and sex therapist. together with an architect she designed an apartment intended to boost their libido . this so here is the great road through trance. oh yes i see the lamp yes i love that there. at first sight it seems like any other japanese
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home but the living room is different. here's the lead. with this you can see what it is. this here you remove like this. japanese homes are small the architect has included a surprise. what are you doing. you know so i'm just removing the alert once it's removed there's a bathtub we've got an artist so this is they cut it out so when the boyfriend comes home with this you can create a relaxing environment and the relationship will surely become more internet and you just see. other elements of the design are also intended to enhance positive energy. certainly that we have here you have direct sunlight so it's well exposed so if
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a woman lived here she would become more feminine. she'd release hormones that would allow or to exude charm. and there's more of a pole dancing bar in the middle of the room it can work wonders in all sorts of ways. but you know was that when you work on your core muscles through up more stamina. you know you get tired less quickly you're more energetic at night and your sex life was a lot richer it was or you had no sex i was it was a. nice apartment and several others like it or are currently on sale. mr cash he has been married for twenty years he's also in a sexless marriage and has taken
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a lover. they go out every sunday he enjoys taking her photographs. will come to our like the way she looks at you her eyes soon. sour he looks quite young but not very animated. that's great thanks very sexy. mister to cash his lover is a silicon doll. in japan we believe it's not good to take photos by the water and attracts bad spirits but. these dolls also known as love dolls are becoming increasingly popular in japan. and we pay a visit to mr de cachet at home. welcome come in yet there was a row thank you i got to. do you live alone here. you know i
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live with two people here. this is so boring. i mean this is making me. for more than five years mr cash he has shared his life with these two don'ts. so we listen to music we watch from the you know. when it's their birthday i get them birthday cake. all over the. gift. or you know so i get them presents for example i go to samir ings this is a. mystery to cash he lives in the suburbs of tokyo his wife lives in the countryside one hundred kilometers away she visits from time to time and seems to have come to terms with the arrangement. at first she was a little scared because she found them too lifelike the left but now she's used to . this. do you have sexual relations with the dolls.
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you know sort of happened your wife isn't jealous. i think charitable gentle. mr cash is to lump dolls were born here there's a company the employees who hold the secrets to their production preferred to remain anonymous. joel and we have several morals. to make different just sizes and different parts of the body. part sort of what it . is. in the next staff the dolls are removed from the mold they're now in their final form and already include some custom options ordered by the customer. now they just need a face they should look human and inspire a motion. for
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you. to make the faces as real as possible i strive to create very human features and sometimes even add little imperfections for more detail. dolls are proving very popular some customers have more than ten of them at home the clear winner is a mysterious millionaire who owns a collection of one hundred. in his showroom the company director shows us his latest creations he says they're close to perfect. that as you can see we've carefully drawn the lines of the hand on the palm just like in real life. and when you bend the joints you'll notice that you can put the legs in any position you wish. there is even a mechanism in the stomach which allows the legs to be raised into this position.
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if you want to lift your buttocks what's that so you know what all kind of. a life science lab to all sounds for about six thousand euro's it's a booming market his company alone sells nearly seven thousand dollars a year that's on top of japan's booming adult film industry it's a market that's worth some seventeen billion euros annually. japan's adult film industry is now also falling on hard times there are only around seventeen male actors left to make thirty thousand films each year. one is kenshin is a shame he can as he is not a. choice and see now. you have no idea how many showers act a good day. oh no i'm going to do something i've been
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doing since i was in high school. since dry my penis every morning. after all it's the most important part of the body right and of course without him i would never know any money. you can is the king of the japanese adult film industry. and he takes good care of his work tools like his ham from the moment he wakes up each morning revolves around a very precise ritual a regime worthy of a top athlete those you see that you need a stable and a world ordered life and it's important to eat well. you also need regular sleep just. so distant all the. physical exercise. shimmy can they can working in adult
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films nearly twenty years ago the regimen also includes a high protein breakfast that helps him keep his energy up some days he has two or three film shoots. six circles a combat support but one that's done in bed. jimmy can is proud of his output he's appeared in more than seven thousand five hundred films. he has his own explanation for the languishing libidos of many japanese traditional gender roles have changed a great deal in recent years. where men are no longer willing to be submissive and have become more emancipated. after they've done that and that's to just say
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that's not it's not men or become weaker it's women who are becoming stronger. she today men are afraid of getting hurt but they're afraid of failure when they flirt. and there are also more and more ways to communicate. like texting for example. they're allowing us to live without real interaction it gets and they push people to withdraw into themselves a lot of. little. for the next three hours sherry can will be working hard on this rob a minimalist sat. at the end of the shoot he takes a few more vigilance but has barely enough time to catch his breath. oh there were two girls on the shooter were real knockouts. for truth is really something.
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i know i'm going to take my shower a lot but i've got to go to my next job so you get your shoes and one. on the second suit shimmy can has lunch on the go at thirty eight years old he's nowhere near ready for retirement. and knowledge is so much money here in japan there are ten thousand actresses for four thousand adult films a month he said and only seventy male actors. there are only two thousand bengal tigers left in the world so we're like them and endangered species as far. as it is. another tokyo resident has made it his mission to teach japanese the art of law
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juliane is french but he's smitten with japan. is up and i'm just sure. this is because. it's the mascot of a well known video game and frankly is my totem today of. the majority and says that japanese men and women no longer understands that option he believes he's found a solution to a kind of matchmaking between japanese and foreigners. g.b.n. is married to a japanese woman he now organizes events introducing singles from the west to local residents. one of the tricks of the trade costume party is. i'm organizing a masquerade party so i've made a whole load of masks. sexy creates a complicity not the atmosphere so everyone has a mask it's like
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a form of protection as a result the projects rules. and his recipe for romance seems to be working very well. i've succeeded in creating some couples. one couple has a child and some are married. come on let's go. julianne's been invited to a wedding the following day a french and japanese couple who he introduced but this evening he's organized an event in concert a fashionable district in the heart of tokyo. girls are you. at last all the way to i've sent you the list i'll explain it to you. i'll be right back. julianne has been a fixture in the city's french ex-pat community since twenty thirteen his events are very popular.
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for me how many men and women are you expecting tonight in our softballs modernised they'll be around one hundred fifty to two hundred people something like that. which would be a good. journey and has everything planned to make his guests feel relaxed and to get them in the right mood there are also some erotic performances planned for the evening. at eight pm it's already getting crowded. wearing masks seems to have had its effect. to find out i become another person normally i don't feel like i can approach people. but tonight maybe i will have. the gas began to let their hair down the evening is only getting started.
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well tonight to please the ladies. will be a male stripper. yes. this. is. her man has donned his own costume he says it's especially helpful for the japanese women. it does seem to break down some barriers and lure some of the. women's after their results. i thought. i thought the french and japanese party goers began exchanging numbers.
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you know what i'm seeing at the bar here is couples for me. some of them take it to the next level. says one no. i. many couples have paired up at these events some have even tied the knot thanks for. the next morning julianne makes his way to the yogi hachiman shrine to attend the wedding of claymore and mary karr. i. thank you for coming. my best wishes to me i think you do the. symbols of.
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the young campolo grateful to surely am and i met a year and a half ago at one of his events i have a baby now to. be. gone for years. it's not really a kissing culture. she takes it better time. although she's in a country where modesty reigns today clemens mother is all about kisses you. want me. there are so surely m. is posting marriage in japan. so it's not a lot of pressure. well it's mostly thanks to him that we met each other.
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while more and more japanese are moving toward western style weddings claymore and marie cocco have opted for a traditional shinto ceremony income earners the shinto priest purifies the bride and groom. then he invites them to taste the sacred socket. as his custom they share three cups which they take turns drinking. then clamor amery co exchange found their families are visibly moved. so juliana the matchmaker. i. guess. he says but it looks is probably the face of the future of japan weeks with more
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and more marriages to foreigners this could be what the future looks like. will depend lot's more mixed babies as well. if marriage is to foreigners don't do the trick the japanese can always turn to the gods. each year the city of color sakena tokyo celebrates kind of mara surgery the fertility fast of all. since the seventeenth century the residents have gathered on the first sunday of april to parade giant palaces in the streets. costumes candy and a shape are found this is all foam but anything goes when ordering the local cogs doll skin them for a bountiful and fulfilling sex life. it's an unconventional celebration
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but perhaps it will have the desired effect. euro max this week's highlights. floating sculpture kristos latest art project in london. major make over the italian make up artist who transformed herself into a famous celebrity. and hidden haven a visit to gardens tucked away in amsterdam scan all how's. your romance thirty minutes on d w.
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street. crimes for against humanity. civilians see come witnesses have. their recordings which is travel around the globe just social media. but what is propaganda picture and what is fact digitally investigators combed through the flood of images they combine sources to try to reconstruct what happened and to substantiate claims of crimes thanks to this video recording of the soldier who shot. young man is on trial now st in the world between it's part. of the. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on d. w. . played each
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player. this is day eight of your news live from berlin turkey's resurrect has declared victory in the country's presidential and parliamentary election speaking from istanbul a short while ago the longstanding leader said his party's alliance had won an overall majority in parliament to one was citing unofficial results but office ition parties have raised concerns about vote rigging and electoral fraud the. european union leaders meeting in brussels have wrapped.


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