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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 24, 2018 10:00pm-10:15pm CEST

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this is day two of your news live from berlin turkey's rhetoric tired burdwan has declared victory in the country's presidential and parliamentary election speaking from istanbul a short while ago the long standing leader said his party's alliance had won an overall majority in parliament to one was citing unofficial results but opposition parties have raised concerns about vote rigging and electoral fraud the. european union leaders meeting in brussels have wrapped up an emergency summit on migration without any concrete decisions but chancellor merkel says there is goodwill towards finding ways to stem the flow of migrants to europe. and the goals were coming fast and furious today at the world cup after england seven goal thriller colombia followed suit the south americans hit three past poland knocking the european side
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out of the competition while boosting their own hopes of reaching the knockout stages pop the trunk. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us we start in turkey where recha typer to one has declared victory in the country's presidential election with nearly all of the ballots counted he has more than the fifty percent needed to avoid a runoff speaking to a supporters just a short while ago to one side his a.k. party's alliance also has a majority in the parliamentary felt a strong outcome there would allow him to rule with greatly expanded powers the opposition is alleging manipulation saying their tallies showed error to one polled worse than the results reported by state media. our correspondent yulia honasan on her way shoot she's been following the latest developments for us she joins us from
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outside the main opposition party headquarters how yulia now to want to claim victory as we said in the presidential vote he also says the party's alliance has a majority in the parliamentary vote tell us what's been happening well many disappointed faces here at the c.h.p. had caught as many people tell us that they don't quite believe in these results what have we got so far we have results as published by the state run news agencies and we have mr claiming a victory for himself the opposition now is saying that and fact less and much less valid boxes have been counted so far then the agency claims so they still dispute these results and i have to add that the supreme electoral commission here in ankara has not officially announced any results yet so we for sure have to wait for these results it's even more interesting that misses out on already claimed
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a victory for himself so from the opposition side these accusations of many palatial are still out there if these results are confirmed yulia what does this mean for turkey. well with today's elections turkey's political system will be transformed from a poly a mentor iwan into a presidential one the president will be almost all powerful so if missed out on indeed won the necessary majority he in the future can appointed fire ministers again to souls parliament he has a major sway over choosing senior judges so he will be the most powerful politician in modern turkish history the opposition on the other hand says ok this is it this is basically turkey finally drifting into or talk or see this is miss out on establishing a one man regime so we have many people very disappointed here in the opposition and it's going that's my assumption going to demoralize many people here in civil
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society in the opposition. with the very latest from ancora thank you very much the leaders of sixteen e.u. countries have stressed their willingness to find a solution to the blocks longstanding migration debate but they ended a meeting in brussels without any concrete decisions the emergency talks were held ahead of a summit beginning on thursday the block is deeply divided over how to manage the flow of asylum seekers to europe here's part of what of german chancellor angela merkel had to say after the talks. well here. we have to decide whose shoulders which responsibility and the three big problem areas so the external dimensions of border security and the internals i mentioned all played a role today but it was a good discussion you see how long it lasted and we've never had that much time at the european council and that's why the affected countries all came together today
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over the next few days leading up to the european council meeting we'll work on solutions in these areas but today we saw a lot of goodwill and despite some differences we found a lot of common ground. houses in the eye. let's go right to barbara vale she is standing by for us in brussels with more hi barbara the talks are over now and there was no breakthrough or expected what did come out of these talks. now first there was a lot of back slapping a sunni and nobody left early in slamming doors behind him or her and so it was a lot of nice that we finally talked about all this which seems quite incredible after ten years of the e.u. discussing this issue and not really moving on it however now everybody sees that's what the heads of government proclaimed afterwards that there has to be wide solution that they have to work together to figure something out so what we will have in the end and probably next week at the real summit next thursday is an
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agreement about strongly ramped up border protection what we will see is probably a call for having more external agreements with third countries as the according to the turkey for the according to the example of the turkey agreement and what we will also see is that there is some support for pushing migrants back for instance on the coast of libya the french president said something like that the multis prime minister also spoke barbara after the talks listen to what he said what we need is operational action for our people have to right now we are in a situation where if we don't think this is just within the coming days the situation in a skillet what i heard today what we i think converged on today is
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a signal that there is probably a willingness to go for some operational changes thank you very much. what exactly does he mean by operational changes. if you talking about boats which are now in the mediterranean or who will probably start from the libyan coast there seems to be a strong will to somehow push them back and to say the libyan coast guard is responsible for saving them and we don't want to have anything to do with the many more that is what the government says and what the interior minister of india is so obvious already acting on so that is the one aspect which a cording to international humanitarian law seems quite unfeasible but that's obviously the direction the european union is moving in and the other thing operational wise is of course really strings and border controls many more border guards a lot more money and probably more rights for them that might take
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a little more time but that's the direction fortress europe that this whole thing is moving on and barbara just very briefly if you can you mentioned italy at the prime minister just happy country tweeting he was decidedly satisfied with the talks where does rome stand. rome says they want to completely trashed the whole system of the country or first arrival or first entry being responsible for migrants they want immediate redistribution that is very difficult to see within the e.u. countries to get an agreement for that but obviously they didn't push contacts strongly and they listened to him and said yes we understand you so he says he goes home satisfied but we have we'll hear a lot more from italy in the next week on this particular issue all right barbara rachel for us in brussels thank you barbara. now to some other stories making news around the world. women in saudi arabia have taken to the road for the first time
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in decades as the world's only ban on women motorists was lifted at midnight the overwhelming majority of saudi women still don't have driver's licenses and there are long waiting lists for lessons or an explosion in an apartment building in the western german city of what has left twenty five people injured four of them severely the blast and following fires destroyed the buildings attic and the top three floors police are investigating the cause of the explosion. britain's prince william has arrived for a five day tour of jordan israel and the palestinian territories he is due to visit young jordanians at a vocational training college and meet syrian refugee children on monday he will become the first member of the british monarchy to make an official visit to israel and the palestinian territories. and lava spewing from hawaii's killer way of all canaan was threatening homes on the big island hundreds have been destroyed and entire communities have been evacuated since the eruption started six weeks ago the us government recently approved emergency funding for affected residents.
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let's get the latest on the world cup in russia now we have emily offshoots from d.w. sports to take us through it all i only let's talk about poland and colombia first out what it's really game again and that game finished off for team gold game day i mean just so many goals so many fun things to watch and actually it was very mean a barcelona player who opened the scoring for colombia after the corner how much would you guess the byron star chipped it into the box and here it was a head to take the room for colombia and such an important game but then in the second half is when things got really well because. he scored the second goal for the south americans and now they had practically secured their spot already but it wasn't over yet because there was still. i misread this with another sensational pass across half of the pitch and bunker john doe didn't miss netted and it was
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three zero in the end for colombia in a very very important game for the colombians and for the polish because that means the polish with robert lewandowski the bye and star striker how are out of the world cup surprising for poland there let's talk about group h. leaders japan and senegal they played earlier on and that was also really entertaining match absolutely from the start and it was senegal actually had a really good start into the game and they started to take an early lead from a very comical goal there was really poor defending from japan there and then the goalkeeper he takes this shot and she punches it away right on to the feet of sadie on a the liverpool striker and into their own goal very weird but anyways and japan came back they scored the equaliser before half time and things were over there because once again senegal took the lead they really wanted to three points today with that kind of shot from far away but japan wanted points as well so they scored another one and made it to all in the end and was
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a well deserved to have i so where does all of this action leave group h. i'm really really really close and really exciting for the last match day if we have a look at the table actually because colombia still have to take on senegal and japan take on poland and anything almost anything could happen in this group colombia when they're probably going to go through or they're going to go through actually and to japan if they win they're going to go through but senegal can also take it so things are very open in this group and we're all going to watch the final games i'm sure right we'll have that about england they had a huge day against panama today absolutely they secured their spot in the knockout stages of the tournament was a huge victory for them and it was very unfortunate for panama because it is their first trip to a world cup but england was just the better team and they showed that from the start johnstone's took the lead with the early header and harry kane added on to that. but it was really just sealing guard be disabused of the shots that took the attention in the first half stones and another one kerry cain added two more and
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that makes it a hat trick for harry came he's now the top goal scorer of the world cup with five goals ahead of belgians romelu lukaku and portugal's cristiana rinaldo so this is a really really big day for this reliance and they're going to rest their players now and see what they can do in the knockout stages yeah because this sets up sets the stage for a big showdown between england and belgium in the knockout stages their neck and neck and neck ahead of this game where do you see this going that's really difficult to talk to to call because both belgium and england were doing really well in the group phases and they've they've showed the world that they have fantastic offensive players but it will be interesting to see how they match up when they play against each other because things could get really interesting if we have a look at the table in this group it could actually happen that at the end of the day it's all up to the toss of a coin because england of belgium are tied at the top with six point each they've both scored eight goals conceded two that means as things stand if they were to tie in the last game where they face each other it will be up to fair play we're currently england are a tiny bit better they've only had two yellow cards to belgium's three but that
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could all still change very very much. and we go should from d.w. sports thanks for keeping us up to date on the world cup thank you now new zealand's prime minister just cinda ardern has made her first public appearance since becoming a mother with and with her partner by her side she introduced the baby to the world and several pleasure to introduce a little one to new zealand and we thought we'd stop by shearing for the first time beyond our family. name that we've charged in for our little crew which is needed to get a half. food or navy guy fit for short. and congratulations you're just in darden and her family here watching you get your news from berlin don't forget to head to our website dot com for all the latest news and information around the clock thanks for watching.
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