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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 25, 2018 2:00am-2:16am CEST

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part. detectives starts june thirtieth on g.w. . this is d w news live from berlin turkey's electoral commission certifies rich a type error one has won reelection as president barack obama set to assume sweeping new powers after his victory in sunday's presidential and parliamentary elections opposition parties have cried foul over concerns about vote rigging and electoral fraud. the. european union leaders meeting in brussels have wrapped up an
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emergency summit on my creation without any concrete decisions but chancellor merkel says there's goodwill towards finding ways to stem the flow of migrants into europe. and the goals are coming fast and furious today at the world cup after england's seven gold thriller colombia followed suit the south americans hit three passes poland knocking the european side out of the competition and boosting their own hopes of reaching the knockout stages of the tournament. a much waiter it's good to have you with us we'll start tonight in turkey where the election authority has pronounced russia type area won as the winner of the presidential poll with ninety eight percent of the votes counted and iran received more than fifty percent of the vote which will avoid a runoff election this extends the incumbents fifteen year grip on power and will allow him. to greatly the role offered to govern with greatly expanded powers the
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opposition is alleging manipulation saying there tallies show everyone polled worse than the results reported by state media. or turkey correspondent really hard is at the a.p. headquarters and on camera. everyone has just been declared the winner in this presidential election tell us what this means for turkey. well for his supporters it means that they can celebrate they have been celebrating all evening and there are still here they are now listening to miss out on talking on the balcony in the building behind me he is giving his victory speech he has already earlier announces a victory saying these elections are a lesson in democracy that's how he sees it you can see the crowd is cheering now behind me of course it's a day of happiness but for the opposition it's a dark day it's a day of disappointment if they are just believe or talk to radio opposition about
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it lol yes they say that this is the end of democracy and sharky but you. usually largely. you see that girl that is hearing. was. given the crowd behind you we see a lot of enthusiasm there what about the opposition have they conceded defeat yet. well that's not. the main challenge or what i mean you want to end up the way to ensure the raise that is supposed to get the press conference tomorrow not ok and i think that will not alter his position is that there are some in the direction that i can see that this victory to miss out on since the election commission also got out of i don't know but as you can have. two of us today on the right says by my own supporters. and that is as. i believe.
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in the parliament everyone's a.k.p. also has the majority but the procrit ish h.t.t.p. has made a strong comeback they're likely to become the second largest opposition party what does that mean for our two on. one that that is not the fair yes what it means to add on the for the h t p the brokerage leftist h p that's a huge success people who are not sure if they will actually make the ten percent threshold to pass this actually make it into parliament interesting since their presidential candidates. and many of them are in. the failed coup attempt here in turkey so this is going to be interesting how this is going to play out as you have on and across around about some very vocal aired on supporters thank you very much. the leaders of sixteen you countries have stressed their willingness to find a solution to the blocks longstanding migration debate but they ended
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a last minute meeting in brussels on sunday without any concrete decisions they merged as the talks were ahead or held ahead of a full interview wide summit on thursday german chancellor angela merkel is seeking deals with other e.u. member states to cope with the migration crisis in the short term angela merkel the picture of calm even under the greatest pressure the german chancellor needs help from brussels like never before. to sebastian could she can hardly expect support but french president emmanuel mccall is on assignment. the era of open borders across the whole of the e.u. seems to be over more and more member states are demanding more rigorous security like here on the bell garion turkish border even before sunday's meeting there was agreement on recruiting many more guards to patrol the e.u.'s out of border but it's important not only to strengthen frontex is personal but also extend its
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mandate to actively fight against traffickers and work together with northern e.u. countries the leaders are united on strengthening libya's coast guard so that migrants can no longer travel to europe by sea and hardliners want to create more reception centers like this one in libya far from the borders some leaders did however voice concerns. have on the. we have our values. and every time we betray them we do damage european values human rights respect for other member states and solidarity keep us together if it's. italian prime minister giuseppe conti once an overhaul of the so-called dublin agreement under which asylum seekers must be processed in the country they arrive italy says that will ensure a more equal distribution across the e.u. and open the door for bilateral agreements on the repatriation of migrants and
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that's exactly what angle of merkel once she does not want to send refugees back to another evil member state without that country's agreement after the talks merkel was optimistic. wherever possible of course we want to find european solutions and where this is not possible we want to bring together those who are willing and work out a common plan of action. every willing european partners strengthens michael back home in her dispute with her conservative c.s.u. sister party at the end of this week the chancellor must be able to show them what she has achieved. i'm joined now by the political correspondent max cautious so max the full you leaders summit is taking place next week and americans domestic critics have basically given her until then to come up with this you're opinion solution to the migration issue that she's been insisting is necessary can she pull
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it off in just a week well the german chancellor have the neck for pulling off these kind of deals under great pressure and vision already seen that she's brokered something with macaw about german and french relations in regards to when french migrants have been registered in france have to come to germany have to then go be back to front having that said it's still very tricky what's happening at the moment we've seen this for the last years that you member states haven't been able to pull of a full might receive migration policy reform in the last year is. for two reasons and for one reason most is that their conduct on two different issues first is probably immigration this mostly affects the front two states in the south and european areas so italy greece and spain where migrants arrive coming from the mediterranean sea and then second or make gratian which mostly affects germany hungary. and france who just have the migrants arriving from
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italy and spain and then coming to the states so what was interesting about today is that it wasn't really a summit they were all very keen and not calling it a summit even though her body else was calling it that and that they were just sitting together and discussing about this difficult that the having on both sides and was probably the actual shift and what will help merkel to achieve this is that there were agreeing more or less that maybe the way to go forward is not to go by the you counsel with one unilaterally with one agreement full but it's trying to do bilateral agreements and this is something one side to do anyway and this is something that her domestic partners want to do so the key general shift that we're seeing at the moment is that maybe to save both the unity of the u. and to have medical help out on the domestic side is for the you to go for the letter agreements instead of a gentle approach next cossack our political correspondent thank you so much.
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now to some of the other stories making news around the world in a tweet us president tom has said people entering the country illegally should be immediately deported without any judicial process remarks come amid outcry over his administration's policy of separating families at the u.s. border with mexico he eventually signed an executive order to end the policy. police in nigeria say at least seventy people have died in clashes between farmers and nomadic herders the deaths are the latest in a long running battle for land and resources the fighting took place in central plateau state where the government has imposed a curfew. authorities in zimbabwe have ruled out delaying elections after an explosion hit president emerson and then god was campaign rally both of the country's vice presidents at least forty seven others were injured in the blast officials have posited it as terrorism and the election is set for july thirtieth. britain's prince william has commended jordan for aiding thousands of syrian
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refugees he was speaking at the beginning of a five day middle east you are a monday he will become the first member of the british monarchy to make an official visit to israel and the palestinian territories. and let's get the latest on the soccer world cup in russia and emily gosh it's from v.w. sports is here to guide us through it so emily england start off the day with this huge win against panama what happened there oh it's such a thrilling win to kick off the highest scoring day at the world cup so far and england showed their dominance from the very start was actually johnstone's who headed in for the early one zero for england kerry came netted another one shortly later but just he lingered room stole the show stole the show with this shot from long range stone scored another before half time came scored two more and in the end it was a six one win for england we have no props because they were celebrating that one goal as if they'd won the world cup this is their first world cup ever and this was
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their first goal so the who are celebrating the hard harry kane on the other hand is now the world cup's top scorer he scored five goals total just before belgium's romelu lukaku with four goals and portugal's kris jenner in all that with four as well so england now joined belgium in the knockout stages and their neck and neck ahead of their clash look into your crystal ball for us who do you see winning that one that's a really difficult one to call because we just heard so kaku and harry kane they're the top scorers at this tournament they have really great offensive plays both teams and if. actually have a look at the table things are really close because both teams got six points from two goal from two games they both scored eight conceded two which means it might all come down to a flip a coin because if they manage to tie in their neck to neck game then it will be about the fair play who got more yellow cards and that's also quite close at the end of day might be really really close to call so you mentioned the high scoring
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game england versus panama where there was another high scoring game in group h. quite a lot of goals in that group today so most difficult to keep track of many goals and also some surprising results actually let's have a look at what happened there. put me on this yeti minati se opens a scoring off to forty minutes past the tables was a better team and went on to two more golds on the continent the second tough guy michelle cottle and one political securing the impressive showing the spalding i was colombia i mean so it was a group like poland and china to make it out of the group stage shows a certain time in a role in the group leaders cliffside your money opens a scoring full senate go sayings to some kamikaze defending by japan. the summer lloyd bloom equalised was a first shot and goes through takashi in week zenza youngest player on the pitch nineteen year olds most of a gay restall it's
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a neutral semi go only for japan to level again case until honda to all is the finest goal. what does this all mean moving forward with group h. for the final games coming up well for robert lewandowski and his polish team that he and saving face before they're going to travel home because they're out of the world cup they're going to face japan but his teammate from buy on hummus rodriguez and colombia they're going to say senegal and that's all really going to be close as well and it's going to go down to the final whistle in that group because see reticular we can see here on the table japan senegal and colombia could still all make it through to the knockout stages and they're all going to be fighting for their spot on the last game day and just in general we have a really exciting few days coming up because now all of the group games will be taking place at the same time it will be lots of excitement in the x. days will be lots of tears and lots of lots of happy tears and lots of well sad tears it's going to be very dramatic next few days and live out shots from data via
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sports thank you so much for the right yes. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you turkey's recha type everyone has it been declared the winner of the country's presidential and parliamentary elections results show him with over half of the vote enough to avoid a runoff but opposition parties have raised concerns about vote rigging and electoral fraud. you're watching news more coming up at the top of the hour don't forget to check out our website w dot com i'm irish waiter in berlin thanks for watching. hijacking the news. and more i go from the news that is being hijacked journalism and still has become a scrooge is a reality show it's not just good versus evil as for which is why and why. in countries like russia china church people are told lives that it's not and if you're a journalist here and you try to get beyond it.


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