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tv   World Stories - World Cup Everything Under Control  Deutsche Welle  June 25, 2018 4:02am-4:16am CEST

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he received more than fifty percent of the vote affectively avoiding a runoff because extends his fifteen year incumbency and will allow him to govern with greatly expanded powers the opposition is alleging manipulation saying there tallies showed one poll the worse than the results reported by state media. correspondent you're the one han is in the turkish capital ankara. one addressed his supporters she spoke to us earlier about how significant the result is for turkey. you can see the crowd is cheering now behind me of course it's a day of happiness but for the opposition it's a dark day it's a day of disappointment if they don't just believe or talk to the opposition. they say that this is the end of democracy and sharkey but you. usually largely. you see that girl that is hearing that was. given the crowd behind you we see
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a lot of enthusiasm there what about the opposition have they conceded defeat yet. well that's not nearly kill. and challenge or what i mean is one about the way to ensure the rays that is supposed to get the press conference tomorrow in the light of day and i think that will not be what it is it sure is that there are some in the direction that you can see the victory to receive out on this electoral commission and also go. out on. but as you can. to have us any other white says by my own supporters. and i was and still believe call it. in the parliament everyone's a.k.p. also has the majority but the procrit ish h.t.t.p. has made a strong comeback they're likely to become the second largest opposition party what does that mean for out on. was that is not the fair yet you wanted
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a means to add on the forty eight c.p. the procacci left is a cheapie that's a huge success people who are not sure if they will actually make the ten percent threshold will past especially make it into parliament interesting since their presidential candidate. and many of them are in jail. in the failed coup attempt here in turkey so this is going to be interesting how this is going to play out it is really hot and across a lot of us and very vocal are drawn supporters thank you very much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world police in nigeria say at least seventy people have died in clashes between farmers and nomadic herders the deaths are the latest in a long running battle for land and resources the fighting took place in central plateau state where the government has imposed a curfew. authorities in zimbabwe have ruled out delaying elections
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after an explosion hit president emerson and god was a campaign rally both of the country's vice presidents and at least forty seven others were injured in the blast officials have classified it as a terrorist attack the election is still set for july thirtieth. in a tweet us president donald trump has said people entering the country illegally should be immediately deported without any judicial process trumps remarks come amid outcry over his administration's policy of separating families at the u.s. border with mexico eventually signed an executive order and the policy. cities across the u.s. have been staging their annual gay pride parade gay pride parades rainbow flags and balloons formed colorful centerpieces and parade floats and many revelers said they relish the feeling of inclusiveness the event commemorates rioting about broke out after a police raid on
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a gay bar in new york nearly fifty years ago. the leaders of sixteen you countries have stressed their willingness to find a solution to the blocks longstanding migration debate but they ended a last minute emergency meeting in brussels on sunday without any concrete decisions a full e.u. wide summit is coming up on thursday german chancellor angela merkel is seeking short term deals with other e.u. member states to cope with the migration process. german chancellor angela merkel was in brussels looking to her fellow e.u. leaders for backing on migration austria's chancellor sebastian could stakes a more hardline approach but there is some common ground between merkel and french president emmanuel mccaw the era of open borders across the whole of the e.u. seems to be over more and more member states are demanding more rigorous security like here on the bulk garion turkish border the leaders are united on strengthening
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libya's coast guard so that migrants can no longer travel to europe by sea and hardliners want to create more reception centers like this one in libya far from the e.u.'s borders some leaders did however voice concerns. have on the phone we have our values and every time we betray them we do damage italian prime minister giuseppe conti once an overhaul of the so-called dublin agreement under which asylum seekers must be processed in the country they arrive italy says that will ensure a more equal distribution across the e.u. and open the door for bilateral agreements on the repatriation of migrants and that's exactly what angle of merkel once she does not want to send refugees back to another evil member state without that country's agreement after the talks merkel was optimistic. before him wherever possible of course we want to find european
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solutions and where this is not possible we want to bring together those who are willing and work out a common plan of action. every willing european partners strengthens michael back home in her dispute with their conservative c.s.u. sister party at the end of this week the chancellor must be able to show them what she has achieved. and let's get the latest on the soccer world cup in russia and emily gosh it's from sports is here to guide us through it said emily england start off today with this huge win against panama what happened there oh it was such a thrilling win to kick off the highest scoring day at the world cup so far and england showed their dominance from the very start was actually johnstone's who headed in for the early one zero for england kerry came netted another one shortly major but jesse lingard really stole the show stole the show with this shot from
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long range stone scored another before half time came scored two more and in the end it was a six one win for england we have to say though props panama because they were celebrating that one goal as if they'd won the world cup this is their first world cup ever and this was their first goal so they are celebrating that hard harry kane on the other hand is now the world cup's top scorer he scored five goals total just before belgium's romelu lukaku with four goals and portugal's kris jenner in all that with four as well so england now joined belgium in the knockout stages and their neck and neck ahead of their clash look into your crystal ball for us who do you see winning that one that's a really difficult one to call because we just heard the cuckoo and harry kane they're the top scorers at this tournament they have really great offensive plays both teams and if we actually have a look at the table things are really close because both teams got six points from two goal from two games they both scored eight conceded two which means it might
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all come down to a flip of the coin because if they manage to tie in their neck to neck game then it will be about the fair play who got more yellow cards and that's also quite close that they have in the day might be really really close to call so you mentioned the high scoring game england versus panama where there was another high scoring game in group h. quite a lot of goals in that group today so most difficult to keep track of many goals and also some surprising results actually let's have a look at what happened there. put me on the yeti you know the sound that he puts a scolding off to forty minutes of potatoes was a better team and went on to two more golds on the continent the second tough and i've done it for karl and one plug and i will securing the impressive showing spalding i was colombia i mean sutton's a group like poland and che to make it out of his group stage shows a certain time in a role in group leaders cliffside your money opens
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a scolding full senate go to sayings to some comic con defending by japan. this summer lloyd bloom equalised was a first shot and goes through takashi in a week zen's a young display on the pitch nineteen year olds most of a gay restall it's a neutral semi go only for japan to level again through keisuke honda to all it's a fun school. what does this all mean moving forward with group h. for the final games coming up well for robert lewandowski and his polish team that he and saving face before they're going to travel home because they're out of the world cup they're going to face japan but his teammate from buy on hummus regus and colombia they're going to face senegal and that's all really going to be close as well and it's going to go down to the final whistle in that group because see reticular we can see here on the table japan senegal and colombia could still all make it through to the knockout stages and they're all going to be fighting for their spot on the last game day and just in general we have
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a really exciting few days coming up because now all of the group games will be taking place at the same time it will be lots of excitement x. days will be lots of tears and lots of lots of happy tears on lots of well sad tears it's going to be very dramatic next few days and live out shots from data via sports thank you so much for joining us. in saudi arabia women are rejoicing in a newfound freedom they are now legally allowed to drive saudi arabia had been the only country in the world that banned women from getting behind the wheel that means they had to rely on male relatives or drivers for everything from getting to work to going to the supermarket picking up their children from school the ban on women drivers was lifted at midnight on sunday. a vehicle for all of women with no male guardian in sight it's a day saudi women have spent decades fighting for. as the clock struck midnight on sunday women across the kingdom took to the streets
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to celebrate. for the lucky few who hold a license it's a moment they'll never forget. frankly it was a historic day it was a dream for us and it's been achieved praise god. and man. the band was overturned as part of a push by the saudi leadership to modernize the kingdom but in the months before the ban was lifted some women's rights advocates were arrested many saw this as a warning against activism. it's something far back our knows too well she protested against the driving ban in the one nine hundred ninety s. and as well as losing her job she also received death threats thirty years later her niece now has the freedom which she fought so hard for so. extremely difficult for us in. so happy that you know.
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our society and our leaders reach this point where you know the driving because it just you know it just makes you feel so natural we just just like any other woman around the word. for saudi women though it's still a long road ahead to equal rights under the kingdom's guardianship system men who control women's legal and personal affairs vasya is optimistic that this law too will one day be history. and a reminder of the top stories we're following here for you turkey's wretch have type one has been declared the winner of the country's snap elections results show him with over half of the vote enough to avoid a runoff but opposition parties have raised concerns about vote rigging and electoral fraud. government you can always get the w. news on the go just download our app from google play or from the app store that'll
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give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use that u.w. app to send us your photos and videos. you're watching the news more coming up at the top of the hour don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website d.w. dot com i'm irish waiter in berlin thanks for joining us. who've been fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the wars oh boy here's what's coming up women. don't go to jail superheroes. more towards smart stay in the gym or increasingly dangerous time w. from a. clash of cultures in india. the
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clash between those.


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