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tv   Sarahs Music - Sarahs Berlin Music  Deutsche Welle  June 25, 2018 4:15am-4:31am CEST

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just download our app from google play or from the app store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use that u.w. app to send us your photos and videos. you're watching the news more coming up at the top of the hour don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website d w dot com i'm irish waiter in berlin thanks for joining us. you. wouldn't have been fighting for the states to take you seriously in the world oh boy here's what's coming up women strong on top of. the female superhero. smartarse smart stage image and brain creasing lean dangerous time w. me for my. clash of cultures in india.
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the clash between those who believe in the arranged marriage those who want to marry. it's clear that shrinking families and society to the core. belief in. the lives of those starts july eighth g.w. . to touch. him. hi and
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welcome back to sara's music and welcome to berlin today is a collection of some of my favorite episodes which we filmed here in berlin starting at the brandenburg gate with the wonderful abbey abbey tom and his miraculous mandolin. so tell me you live in berlin why did you choose berlin i mean it's obviously a fantastic but it's a good enough oh i think it's a perfect moment off why did you choose berlin to live but it's true i felt that i mean when they when they still living in italy and coming to berlin for performances and touring passing two billion they started to realize that was let's say my first time in berlin was about ten years ago and start to realize there's something really special happening in this city it's going to maison phase that we've done though it's time to repeat to the how long it will last and i just wanted to be part of the party so i think it's about time for
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a serenade what do you think i have you ever played a mandolin and a rickshaw so how about this. we go up and down here ok but we have today something fitting the weather. just. now at the brilliant arena where there's an electronic music festival going on there is so i mean look at this already this is heaven only knows really know why do younger than the average and they get to see a play in all the concert houses all around the world why why is it important to you to play in a gig like this oh this is wonderful and i think it brings together audience that are not necessarily used to hear classical music in this space worried he feels comfortable places they would normally go to party or to listen to music and then i would. being offered that different music. making.
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a good. pay.
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homage mocked in the middle of form east berlin this is the beautiful concept house the home of the berlin concert tossed orchestra. by the shop and concept the body was put in my eyelids on my own bonuses opens on me as i push through some of it is noise i live knows my money because my having been on the installment because it's my dozen runs on those i was this is the it was always just consolidate the admin i need a new concept i was shot up will be up to speed and sell outs on bonuses so tall it is mine else that's. almost so tall. and so now but it was because it's owns. if you dumbass enough it's
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a tax increase and instrumentalists yeah yeah let's send a chill. from sitting in the middle of the orchestra in the berlin comsat house to sing in the
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middle of a huge choir in the berlin film one week the next episode is called singing is for everyone and i sang along but i was very happy that my sound guy turned my microphone off. org. from. the rules. of the show modify your body getting consent young male model yes and as a christian at the bottom is it a minute when you asked a mile behind me call on so it's all my it's going to be seeing and all of us must
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choose pasar malam life that's just the format and past demands pass a sequence that finding a home that again but it's also the same pot so optimistic we're going down the aisle and i turn my home on to someone that's just going to piss on the. tube in. a. cold on top should be sued. for. what. the. whole all. yes.
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berlin has a new concert hall the pierre boulez is named after the late great composer and the concerts here are being described as music for the thinking here the whole and especially the acoustic are supposed to be really fantastic i can't wait to go in and have a look. at. the pier opened in march two thousand and seventeen as part of the barenboim saeed academy and especially for chamber music top musicians from all over the world are already lined up to play here and the first season is packed with stars one of the first being the georgian violinist.
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liz a fantastic rehearsal and of course the first question has to be what was it like playing in this amazing hall yeah it's quite amazing actually to be part of this the birth of a new space which is so special because from the one side use you feel the space. and the same time you feel like people are very close you because you have the latest yeah no but i think i know it because the seats are quite close and i know that. we'll be surrounded by the odd i think there's even some more coming tonight the more seats are going to be different colors i know yes and actually we decided to make a circle here will see that and because in
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a way the music will be in the middle and it's matches actually of course the formal day of the hall and there's no clear direction so basically music is everywhere and they'd makes a big difference i think music really is everywhere in berlin but not just classical music and across the other side of town one of my favorite musicals is being performed. you still love what you do even when you do it eight times a week yes i think. this show emotion has been this one for me anyway it's so much of a challenge it's still one of it's not my favorite show to play this part it's just a dream that really has. that's
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all he says he's acquitted a berlin is such a great city full of music and curry was come and see for yourselves see you next time there is music by. the city just no getting away from it to take the horns out and further that's fine. for another profession. based. on a bike along the river elbe the cold can play by jing is becoming more and more popular especially for the naturally i'm really excited about today's trip along the albert biking along one of the most very paths in europe. here is the challenge to
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discover nature and culture using muscle power. roads and railways overcrowded transportation look like a sentry from now. when it comes to driving us into the future. told me to be sitting down and that at the speed of sound. today's bright ideas tenement penalty of tomorrow. in the forty five minutes. crimes against humanity civilians become witnesses to. their recorded images travel around the globe via social media. but what is
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propaganda fiction and what is fact of digital investigators comb through the flood of images so they combine sources to try to reconstruct what happened and substantiate claims of. forensics between bits and bytes. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t w. i'm in a state of fratton park and budget snack about it two hour drive northwest up for
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a letter i want to explore the elbows cycle routes germany's most popular bike trail. tram.


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