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players. this is the job the news coming to you live from by land of egypt and join triumphant in texas election age one is set to zoom sweeping new powers off a decisive victory in tsongas presidential and parliamentary vote but the main opposition candidate says the country's cutting its links to democracy and heading towards one one man regime. also coming up to the goals goodnow on sunday at the was capped off to england's seven goals for colombia followed suit the south american sixth street boss poland and knocking the european side out of the
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competition and boosting their own hopes of reaching the knockout stages to. play. i'm a good to have your company. european election monitors in turkey have said excessive media coverage and emergency measures gave president richard. quote under the advantage in the national polls john was was elected reelected with more than fifty percent of the vote let's take a look at the results first now turkey state news agency puts everyone at just under fifty three percent his main challenge will have an inch off the secular sea h.b.o. the republican people's party got around thirty one percent of the vote while their latino they made tosh of the true kurdish h.t.t.p. has pulled in just over eight percent the parliamentary elections were also held on
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sunday and durant's islamic conservative party in alliance has also secured a majority in parliament as. office in a newly instituted executive presidency the opposition has warned the country was headed into a dangerous era of one man ruled. earth one nation one flag one country the crowd chants led by one man richard type other one has tightened his grip on power in turkey after winning sunday's presidential poll he thanked his supporters and encourage after the election commission to clear his victory. although. the winner of this election is democracy. really. our nation.
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the winners of this election every one of the eighty one million citizens. his supporters were overjoyed. just. told. them look that's it we're at the capital of democracy and human rights elections were perfect we've won a victory again so i've heard one is the best president the world can also. not celebrating is the main opposition c.h.p. party but a once main challenger mojave mincha had hoped to force one into a second round runoff and unite the various opposition groups behind him. inches back as i'm now dismayed since there's misinformation and we're devastated we already have no freedom of opinion no civil rights if the systematic changes for the worse with finished we should only for country i but there was some opposition
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groups celebrating in other parts of turkey in the parliamentary contest the pro kurdish people's democratic party or h d p managed to surpass the ten percent threshold required to enter parliament it would now form the country's second largest opposition faction something which is surely a disappointment to one. but nevertheless his win the ashes in the new political system under which he becomes head of both state and the government are one insists this will bring prosperity and stability to the country following a failed coup attempt to years ago but critics say the new system will further erode democracy in turkey. going to do obvious corresponding dorian jones in istanbul during a big win for now with this election turkey has moved from a parliamentary system to an executive presidency so how awful does this make. while he's extremely powerful now he can rule by to create with the force of the
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law he also has extended control of the appointment of turkey's top judges and he also chooses who the ministers are who will report directly to him the role of parliament is significantly diminished and the post of prime minister now no longer exists the president heard one now has literally no checks to his power no one of them into the leader of the main opposition party the c.h.p. has conceded defeat but he warned that turkey is heading towards what he called a one man regime now ahead of this election the opposition was gaining momentum why did she have to get the votes it was hoping for despite the high voter turnout well being speaking at a press conference and he claims that he has done well in fact he points out to the fact that for the first time his party is secured over thirty percent of the vote in forty years he said the problem lay with the other candidates fail to do as well
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as him and deny securing this majority vote the bulls point out though that he says that from this campaign which he says he is successful in many ways he will carry the campaign forward pointing out that turkey is facing what he says is the biggest threat to the future of the country with this one man regime and his place to continue fighting and continue campaigning. during all of intellectuals who also have been funding the poor kurdish party the h.t.t.p. has made it into parliament as have several other bodies how strong is a k.p. in parliament. well eartha one taking a pee in fact lost its majority in parliament it now has to rely on its electoral partners the nationalist faction party who it has been working closely with in the last two years but they have done extremely well much better than anyone predicted so in many ways they have a much stronger hand in parliament itself and one will have to work with them and they will possibly be dictating
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a far harder line towards the battle against kurdish insurgents and kurdish rights in some ways it could restrict third one some billeted to maneuver to some degree but the fact remains at the end of the day parliament's influence is very much reduced i don't know what does enter jones reelection expanded powers mean for turkey's relations with the e.u. as well as for the country's foreign policy darian well it certainly enhances his position when he deals with the european union he has been under a lot of pressure over a crackdown on on human rights but one will now turn around and say look i've had a fair election i've got an overwhelming victory i am representing the people of turkey and he will believe he'll have a much stronger position when he sits down with european union leaders who we will expect to be far muted in their criticism and at the end of the day he does have major bargaining chips the migrant deal he knows europe is very keen for that to continue and talking to control migrants in train europe a very much enhanced position and he's also warning of
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a much tougher stance towards syria turkish forces are in syria fighting syrian kurdish militia he has warned that that will continue and those operations will continue to expand he feels in a very enhanced and strong position going forward dorian jones in istanbul thank you very much. here in germany the spokesperson for acol says the chancellor will persist in seeking and european wide solution on refugee policy and this comes a day after a summit of sixteen e.u. leaders in brussels though they failed to come up with concrete plans macca said there was plenty of goodwill on trying to find solutions she also says she would consider dealing directly with separate countries machall is facing a revote by have a very conservative allies over the issue which could break up a government. that may now bring you up to date with some of the stories making news around the wild monsoon season is wreaking havoc in boss of india this was the aftermath of a storm that hit the nation's financial capital one by two rancher rains have
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triggered severe flash floods across india as well as in neighboring bangladesh killing dozens of people and displacing more than a million in thailand and rescuers are searching for twelve teenage footballers and their coach who went missing two days ago in a cave that has since flooded so far the search mission has not been able to reach the part deep inside the cave where they are believed to be tracked. sunday was the highest scoring day at the was caught so far to share that excitement i had with me ed mccambridge sports desk and to take us through all those goals are welcome ed you must be ecstatic with that panama england result well this is one of those rare world cup days where as an englishman i can come and speak to you guys with a big smile plastered across my face yes it was panama yes england were expected to win this game comfortably but it was still impressive results especially given the
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low expectation on england going into this tournament one of the youngest squads a relatively inexperienced manager but it gives me great pleasure introduce the report let's have a look at what happened. england showed their dominance from the start john stones opened the scoring and just minutes later harry came doubled the lead a sublime shot by just sealing got made it three. before johnstone's got his brace in the fortieth minutes. ahead of the break harry k. made it five completing his hatchet early in the second time off. panama celebrated late consolation like a winner but it was england who victorious six one the final score then highest ever world cup win. well for what was coming home on race for i think we can see that quite clearly. but in all seriousness
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a great result for england if we're still smarting off the belgian game on thursday i will be very pleased and if this kind of i was king in the world cup for the first time i must also mention that but not defending him goes in group h. stop us with that like you say another seven goals in group h. but two very different games obit for all four teams were actually the first was very tight you can test the fed japan against senegal but there is a clear winner in poland's clash with colombia let's take a look at how that turned out. so colombia is yemeni now and deservedly opened the scoring after forty minutes because you take those were the better team and went on to add two more goals on the counter in the second tough the man falcao and one player on the securing the impressive three male scoreline. colombia remain third in the group while poland suffer an early exit for the third time in a row. in the clash of group h. leaders sanyo money opened the scoring for senegal thanks to some comical defending
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by japan. samurai blue equalised with their first chart on gold through takashi in lee then the youngest player on the pitch nineteen year old mr wagner restored the lead for senegal only for japan to level again through keisuke honda two of the final score. so now the world cup hits a crucial stacie with four games taking place at the course nation and action what is at stake for russia well simply put top spots of group is up for grabs it's europe why against russia win or draw and russia take top spot in group a so it's going to be it's an important game. but i think even a loss against uruguay wouldn't dampen russian spirits at the moment they went into this tournament their own tournament as the lowest ranked faith a team a lot of people what what even expect them to get out of the group but slowly pessimism has turned into optimism they've blown away the competition it's been absolutely phenomenal now speaking of the competition the other two teams group
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also in action to the egypt against saudi arabia now it's a bit of a dead rubber neither side can progress to the knockout stages but there is pride at stake and it's world cup after all should be a good game absolutely in talking off each of us being in the headlines because most of their kind of heroic a clear is apparently done to retire from the national football what's that about well this is a bit of a strange one i mean it's been a miserable tournament for age. and most seller especially he went into this tournament slightly injured didn't get to play in the first game now egypt have already been eliminated but they have been off the field problems as well the egyptians f a n f a's decision to base the team in chechnya has caused controversy controversy with human rights groups and the fact that the team auster then attend a banquet hosted by chechen leader ramzan kadyrov has really been great with a lot of concern by most salary in particular the fact that then use this banquet to grant citizenship to mossad really hasn't gone down well he's reportedly furious
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at being used as a political symbol in was supposed to be a celebration of football this summer so whether or not he actually does retire from egyptian football remains to be saying but it's a very embarrassing situation for the egyptians really a terrible situation actually let's look at another exciting match coming up to spain and portugal spain and portugal are both in action today spain take on morocco in the games all at the same time so it could be no sort of collusion and people knowing what they have to do to knock each other out was keep in the at the same time not to say spain against morocco if they win they should top group be elsewhere literally run who nobody expects to get very far between when they have the opportunity to also go through if they can be portugal a tough ask who knows but who knows not of exciting football to look forward to and the cambridge thank you very much for sharing all those details with us. you're watching these every news coming up ahead in business adventure zooming in as some of the revamped puts women in the driver's seat many are also expecting
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a boost for the economy the reason coming up soon. and that is with my colleague ben facility who's standing by for you right here on news. at about the. gemini which doubling any time any place. to sing music.


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