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eh. eh eh. eh eh. eh eh. eh this is the deputy has come into line from berlin judge of time and john triumphant in turkey's election head on in situ zoom sweeping new powers off the decisive victories in sunday's presidential and parliamentary vote but the main opposition candidate says the country is heading towards a one man regime. or two coming up. goodwill game but little doubt strong key leaders for the german chancellor seeking a european solution to migration an american enters a crucial week as she seeks to find agreement on her refugee policy or risk losing
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a job. plus a drive for women's autonomy or the economy a billion dollar reason for saudi arabia to allow women in the driving seat. and in football news that egyptian stop along with salama is reportedly considering quitting international foot forward after being pressured into attending a banquet with the controversial chechen leader adam sangatte we get the latest from our sports ask. the band. kind of a warm welcome to you i'm on the. european election monitors in turkey have said excessive media coverage and emergency measures gave president district unquote undue advantage in national pose on was reelected with more than fifty percent of
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the vote let's have a look at the results the presidential visits to a key state news agency at just under fifty three percent his main challenger in charge of the secular c.h.p. the republican people spotty going to around thirty one percent of the vote said the hard to them used to wash off the proca dish h.t.t.p. has poured in just a second now bottom internet were also held on sunday add ons islamic conservative a k party in alliance has also secured a majority in parliament as. office in a newly instituted executive presidency the own position has warned the country is headed into a dangerous era a one man rule in turkey worked to a new political landscape on monday but still very familiar longstanding leader reject typed out of one cemented his hold on power winning a further five years in office and while his main opponent not him in just says he
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accepts the results of the election he stressed he was not happy with how it had been run. experienced an election that will deeply affect our democracy as well as our lives in the future. from the way it was declared to be announcement of the results this election in its entirety has been an unfair lection. the president to now concentrate on uniting a deeply divided country. so mr. as of today please do not act like the president a k party be the president for eighty five million people embrace everyone. that message will resonate with a lot of turkish voters many of whom were devastated by the result. twenty five this is a very beautiful country. i want to. but others were happy with it once
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victory and he described the result as a win for democracy and for the country like you said i believe that this is a good result for our country as our president says no stopping continue on the path. by step is you. make the best man win and we voted this turned out to be the best which different expectations but it didn't happen everything happened for the best. ones when i was in a new political system under which he becomes head of both state and government to one insists this will bring prosperity and stability to the country following a failed coup attempt to years ago but critics say the new system will further erode democracy in turkey. joining me now live from istanbul it is hard to know him on he's the deputy chairman of human rights with president. paunchy welcome is on
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line now you must be celebrating what president obama scoring a festival of democracy but his rival will have them in chess is still he is cutting its links to democracy and heading for a one man regime is president ed drawn not too powerful with this executive presidency. no i disagree well let me start by congress rating and saying big thank you to hundreds and thousands of our party volunteers and members who have been working day and night to make sure that turkey continues on a third ject area of economic prosperity and you know asia and regarding your question we have a new system and it has appropriate checks and balances and we believe that this system will bring turkey much broader and will make turkey a progress of country and last year when we had a referendum the majority of people of turkey have thought so and they want that yes for the new system fifty one percent of them voted yes and let's take a look at the organization for security and cooperation in europe which was
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a monitoring the elections on in turkey first let's have a listen to what they had to say and then we continue our conversation the incumbent president and his party enjoy each notable advantage also reflected in the excessive coverage by government affiliated public and private media. the restrictive legal framework unpublished granted under the state of emergency limited fundamental freedoms of assembly in the prison including on the media. so most among the corday to criticize stewart and specs off this election he talked about unbalanced media coverage in favor of the government and restrictions on the state of emergency how legitimate going to election be under these circumstances. first of all i disagree with those words common service but i was in was watching the first conference as well and that's also the let's also emphasize that the courts relation to this election was over eighty seven percent which is recording
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in european countries and they the group also claimed that the election was free and they had just concerns about these two things but also have now just or suitings the media coverage as far as they can talk on the state and state t.v. call it say t.v. has given enough and equally equal the space to all candidates and all candidates have chance to run their campaign on state t.v. channel is when it comes to the private channels like in every other country for example in the u.k. only two people are or has ownership of sixty percent of the chris media so this major corporation can or knows can change. the leader to your business and it's a problem given the many then we'll be covering even watching the elections in turkey in the months leading up to the election and there was quite a crackdown on the press as well as the u.n. says for example a hundred sixty thousand people were arrested and the state of emergency laws and
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even more were of what kind of dismissed from their jobs how does that square with a democratic government. and if you allow me to finish my point my first point and himself and said that this was a landslide were so himself except that the he was defeated in the election and it was free choice of to. and let's not forget the over fifty five people mean a million people or when two ballot boxes toward a higher record number unless it's time for us to respect the moccasin people decision and they also don't understand is hypocrisy when you were president out on wins the election it's rigged but if he loses it's them opposite i don't understand this hypocrisy mr imus i'm not no one is saying this election is rigged but the circumstances under which fear lections why are carried out are being questioned to some extent but you talked about why didn't he also conceded defeat but he did say
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that turkey was counting italy for democracy it was heading towards what he poured a one man vision what are your comments on that how do you respond to that first of all first of all he said he himself admitted that it was a clear elections korea lections that people express their opinion and he was defeated himself older than even offered to help or the now it's to express his opinions he said i would like to come and visit him to share my advice as an invalid comes your question about state of emergency but i said he could you please tell me when the state of emergency was in france last year when they made the elections in two thousand and seven under a state of emergency it's no problem for democracy but is that a problem when it's happening in turkey isn't this hypocrisy. well really really questioning actually what some of your own people in turkey are saying about the election there mr among the deputy chairman of the human rights section of
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president. party thank you very much for talking to d.w. and sharing your perspective with us on the day that president edwin has been reelected as president. in this high stakes election the votes of turkish citizens overseas are also important many lives here in germany home to europe's largest turkish community in the lead up to elections german authorities banned campaigning by turkish politicians on german soil and final election returns now show everyone has taken two thirds of votes among germany's checkers community but across a clear clear political divide was on full display. they count themselves among added ones most loyal supporters dozens streamed on to the streets as the results rolled in gathering in the heart of berlin as their hopes were being realized over two thousand kilometers away. really excited very happy if
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i can put it into words i like the president and i support and i know that i'm not the most german citizen and i'm very happy for turkey turkey is the winner in this election one hundred one supporters they represent the majority of turkish voters and their message is clear. germany should recognize that he's not a dictator we have a great president and everybody should see and have that. just a few streets away a very different picture. tempers run high as ed one opponents came face to face with those who helped secure his return to power. home to a large turkish community berlin's kreutz burg is in many ways a microcosm of turkish society with people of every political stripe living side by side with one point four million people in germany eligible to vote it was clear they could play a key role in shaping turkey's future for the minority at one opponents the stakes
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couldn't have been higher with nurse turning to despair as the results became clear . the white think any hope for democracy is being extinguished it will just be a dictatorship a one man rule you can. more disappointment this time of the gathering for supporters of the pro kurdish h.t.t.p. party. these are mentioned this is not are these people who stand by at once party and don't feel they belong in germany we should think about what has gone wrong here for people to still feel so connected to turkey and. the turkish community here in germany is now facing a very different turkey to the one they once knew a fax not lost on at once a porter's they celebrate a new chapter in turkish politics. look at some other stories making news around the wild the libyan coast guard says it's rescued seven hundred refugees from
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rubber dinghies in a series of operations off the north african coast among them where many children a strong of course contras this is reported to have shop to cut the number of ceilings since last summer. monsoon season india is wreaking havoc in parts of the country this was the aftermath of a storm that hit the nation's financial capital by to ensure rains of also triggered severe flash floods in the east as well as in neighboring bangladesh killing dozens of people and displacing more than a million. ben joins me now and clouds on the horizon for german business then even worse the boom is over that's what economists are saying today and read the message from one of germany's most respected economic institutes the research group it says the business confidence is end this month to its lowest level in over a year and applies to all four sectors it measures instruction services not a factory and trade with the world edging towards a full blown trade war the german export champion may not be able to take this one
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in its stride. the retail sector has been a pillar of the german economy in recent years but retailers themselves now have a pessimistic outlook says the munich based economic institute. that's also due to new challenges for germany both at home and abroad. chancellor angela merkel is dealing with a political crisis have a very and coalition partners the c.s.u. have taken a tougher stance against immigration add to that the dispute between the u.s. and its major trade partners. washington has threatened even more tiresome retaliation to the e use new levies on american products. experts say germany would be the big loser. any new targets on its automotive industry would hit more than other e.u. countries. and a big fall in business sentiment here and i can tell you that people here are
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learning an asset manager told me a little bit earlier that his clients are very worried about the current political situation and the fear is that this is most likely set to continue until mr trump will leave the white house let's also take a quick look at the euro one euro as it is that the level of one seventeen a dollar at the moment that's a plus of about zero point two percent even though we are far away from the one twenty five mark we saw watch two months ago the your it's not really helping today during the trading day how boster artist at work there in frankfurt a very very ugly picture i have to say sorry. and let's bring in mark freed today she author of the crash is the solution why the ultimate collapse is coming and how you can protect your wealth moch are all these signs that a crash is around the corner to this trade war the sentiment here in germany right now the political situation as well we aren't a ton of states definitely and we see it economical s.
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particular that we see a parody can shift it everything changes and that you see for example is printing every day one billion euro to buy government bonds from bankrupt countries like italy increase we have historically low interest rates all to use on the signs that are going to come in a stage of the european currency union and it will get to the e.c.b. in a moment first of all everyone else i've talked to today everything else i've read today has been about a cooling down of the economy not a downturn not a recession and there are some people who are saying a recession could be coming in the u.s. but what about the e.u. first of all why do you think this could be a recession i definitely see a recession on the horizon it's over we have nine years of a bullish market in the stock market for example and in the economies where prospering especially in chimney but only in chimney if you look to the southern part of europe they did not prosper and this is a big problem of to european currency union you know we. are winners of the strong
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euro but they are the losers and we see that this is going to end badly and then when the u.s. comes into the equation i mean if we see a recession there everyone knows when america coughs europe gets a cold very very cold perhaps even more burst but i think but we will see a recession the next six to eighteen months that's for sure i'm just tell me how you're so certain about the timing because i mean everyone who knows a little bit bit about economics and business knows what goes up has to come down at some stage we know that we're going to have a crash at some stage but why eighteen months because if you see all of the economic debate us each us see that we are out of. the for everything you know the last nine years where extraordinary if you look back in history we never had such a long term of prosperity markets and it's just because the. central banks printed money and put the interest rates very very low and just created one bubble after the next one and now we had a ton of states that's why i expected twenty twenty would see definitely
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a recession and a big market crash well let's talk about the e.c.b. then what should the european central banks role be why is it going so wrong in your opinion you know right now they printed two point four billion trillion a euro to the public which is program to safety they were paying union and the european currency and the southern part of europe and this is not going to last because you can't create you can you can save. the economies in the southern part of a few up and you can self out of the crisis you have a week you can save them what should we do what we definitely have to cut that's you know we have to give greece and it to leave you have to give them have to tell them ok we'll be cut the debts you know that the money exactly exactly they didn't have a paid back we're not paying it back in in prosperous times you know right now we pay low interest rates but even in this boom times germany is not paying it back
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one single cent of debts you recommend ever going to get that money back from the so you never see it again and attack it to solve. dad one billion euro to european and determine bundesbank and lend one billion euro to something parts of europe will never see this money again and this is on top of the government debts and shell money so we definitely determine and stage of this whole thing but he only talking about letting them off the hook or also kicking them out of the euro zone we will see silver and currencies again do you repeat the euro will fail we are under brink of the collapse and this would be like a. next two to five years but if you look back in history repeating currency european current currency union story never if they never grew up because it's it's madness to put weak economies like greece italy france with strong economies like show me austria in one interest core set in one currency union our frederik thank
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you very much for coming in today thank you for having me brazil is a country rich in resources and yet the gap between the haves and have nots remains large especially when it comes to education one entrepreneur has come up with a tool he hopes will make learning more excessive all to everyone. cloudier says saki lives and works in sao paolo brazil is financial capital in this glittering city the divide between rich and poor is extreme schools are often poorly equipped with teaches using outdated textbooks it's a different story of private institutions like the humboldt school so if you can afford it avoid the state school system. brazil is a country in which to drop operation high school is roughly fifty percent out of those who finished house high school about ten percent learned the basics in portuguese and math so the uneven access to high quality education is the worst
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problem we have as a country. cloudier society has four children he's working to develop software that he hopes will provide everyone with access to education that's why he founded a digital platform already used by millions of students in brazil. the content is designed to be more entertaining and accessible than traditional lessons with students can also test their own performance. the platform costs a maximum of ten ryall or two euros fifty a month if you go from our society is working in cooperation with both private and state schools you know. this is age four i need to change our teaching methods and look at new ways to present the material much foremost how can we get students interested in a topic that is this particular how do we transfer knowledge and shows what they can do with it in their everyday lives and to citizens the but i've.
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seen it is in the prettiest digital platforms a very important. image is much better than just books and worksheets we can learn on a smartphone or a computer. where connected to the internet straight away and the natives that vegas is having with have the place they come at it. society is convinced that a good education can help overcome social inequality he started his business in sao paolo six years ago today geeky has around three hundred employees . to find. people who know how to work with machine learning how to swim trick or treat intelligence applying to a location it's really it's very unique so we are constantly. fighting for resources and talent against a great google microsoft facebook not only in brazil or from overseas.
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societies educational tools are used throughout brazil he hopes to offer his software in neighboring argentina next. inequality to a divisive developments a facebook censor that's right been if you like the facebook messenger you use experience might soon get a lot more annoying elisabeth shue from a social media disk has a story and she joins me now hi liz wonderful to see you know ads on facebook that's nothing new so what will be different from now on. facebook gets a ninety nine percent of its revenue from ads and that is why every time you log on to facebook you have these things everywhere they are on the news feeds doesn't matter whether using the app or you're logging on on your computer now facebook says it is running out of places to show these ads and that is why it is turning to facebook messenger to the app and it now wants to run video ads on the messenger
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app and remember there are one point three billion people worldwide who use this app so there's a really large audience for these ads and this is what facebook is telling us about the ads so it says we will be rolling out a video ads gradually and thoughtfully and that means they'll be shown to a select number of users not to everybody and then slowly they will also be appearing on other people's messenger apps and then facebook says people that use messenger each month are a top priority and they will remain in control of their experience now this word control it sounds like people will be able to maybe skip ads or to hide them but that is not the case facebook says that people will only be able to say what ads they would like to see and they can also reports offensive ads or ads that go against the regularities of facebook and this one of the ads look like.
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well what we know is that there will be a rather short video saw less than fifteen seconds that is what facebook is advising they will be on auto play so every time you scroll through a feed or through messages you will just see an ad pop up and start playing and you probably won't be able to skip and their ads are the videos will appear in the middle of your chat so when using the messenger app this is an overview of your chats and then all of a sudden you will see an ad like this one here for a clothing company and when you click on shop now then you'll be taken directly to the online store of that business and what we also know is of course that facebook knows a lot about you so use the data it has about you where you live for example your age your gender and then really target you with specific ads gosh i'm sure that a lot of reactions coming into this these plans what people say well
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although not so many people are seeing these ads right now these videos people already hating the idea of having video ads when they are chatting saying this is another reason to hate using the messenger app another user here also on facebook saying it looks like facebook had to go and drew in the best part about facebook now of course you have to understand facebook for them it is much more lucrative to charge business says because they can get more money when charging for video ads and on the other side also the businesses know that people take or give more attention to videos so that is a better way of advertising said of acetic and that is why they love them but on the other side this is also something that may be off putting to the users but we'll have to wait and see until everybody has those i think annoying ads in their messenger app absolutely elizabeth shoaf from a social media disk it was such a good to talk to you thank you very much for being us at story. you're watching
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the news coming to you live from london lots more coming up we've been looking at football of the world cup and russia we have no business news and we also bring you the stories of my job in politics to do stay with me if you cannot be back if you show. no sex. no children. it could be the death of japan as we know it japanese men have affairs with all women so great so no wedding. for prince themselves apart you can choose the rental boyfriend who fits your chips. and sex in japan. it's the first.
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hijacking the news. isn't where i go wrong the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them why and why. in countries like russia china churchy people are told is that something and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to give me all the smoke and mirrors it's not just about the prayer and balance or being neutral it's about being truthful. chinese born golf and i work you know. we make up oh but we watch as of office the under budget we are seven seven percent
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. we want to keep the continent's future. and african youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven percent. platform for africa charge. you're watching news coming to you live from berlin i'm. a pleasure to have you with us our top story european election monitors have criticized president election victory in turkey or as the monitors said dawn and his ruling party had quote undue advantage including in media coverage due on was reelected as president with more than half the books. here in germany on the american spokesperson has said the chancellor will persist in seeking for europe white solution on refugee policy and
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this comes a day after a summit of sixteen you leaders and brussels failed to come up with concrete plans machall is facing a revolt by hope of varying conservative allies on the issue which could break up a government we'll get analysis on the story in just a bit but first this report german chancellor angela merkel was in brussels looking to her fellow e.u. leaders for backing on migration austria's chancellor sebastian could stake some more hardline approach but there is some common ground between merkel and french president emmanuel mccall. the era of open borders across the whole of the e.u. seems to be over more and more member states are demanding more rigorous security like here on the bell garion turkish border the leaders are united on strengthening libya's coast guard so that migrants can no longer travel to europe by sea and hardliners want to create more reception centers like this one in libya far from
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the e.u.'s borders some leaders did however voice concerns those that want it. we have our values. and every time we betray them we do damage italian prime minister giuseppe conti once an overhaul of the so-called dublin agreement under which asylum seekers must be processed in the country they arrive italy says that will ensure a more equal distribution across the e.u. and open the door for bilateral agreements on the repatriation of migrants and that's exactly what angle of merkel once she does not want to send refugees back to another evil member state without that country's agreement after the talks merkel was optimistic. wherever possible of course we want to find european solutions and where this is not possible we want to bring together those who are willing and work out
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a common plan of action. every willing european partners strengthens michael back home in her dispute with their conservative c.s.u. sister party at the end of this week the chancellor must be able to show them what she has achieved. and with me in the studio i have a profitable song he's a political analyst of the pink tank the german institute for international and security affairs welcome now frank so tell us american said there were no concrete kind of plans decisions taken at this summit on sunday but you did talk about there being good will what is your assessment of this gathering of a sixteen elite is on saturday well it would have been a big surprise if there had been some direct and concrete outcome of this supposedly on official summits that is what was remarkable was the strong telling opposition to this meeting and the kind of counter proposals by italy i think that wasn't expected and now i think the key question is whether some
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kind of compromise between this ten point plan of italy and some other european member states of course including germany but not only germany is possible i think it's still possible that some biological or maybe lateral agreements will be made to make the current government system to take back margins more operational but it's totally unclear whether these few agreements will be enough to satisfy the internal opposition and to really deal with the italian problem now and the french minister for european affairs seems to think that actually this one issue this one migration debate and this refugee policy is being misused by certain political bodies let's first take a listen to what she had to say. yeah off almost by currently there's not a migration crisis and figures have not peaked rob they're at their lowest since twenty fifteen they for just ten phone there's a political crisis because there are populous all over europe members of coalition governments or government heads who are using immigration as
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a pretext to make life difficult for the e.u. because they hate the european project you know then a few did this so what do you make of that and she's talking about there being no crisis with refugees this is a political crisis she says to what extent are populists driving this debate and setting the agenda well she has a point to some extent i mean at least in terms of new arrivals people landing in italy but also greece and increasingly spain there is still significant numbers but by far less than in the last two or three years so not counting there isn't really a crisis anymore it is a political crisis that we're facing and i wouldn't quite say that all countries and all actors are trying to really dismantle the european project but it's certainly a political tool domestically but also to point to other sort of countries and saying that they should take more action and particularly france is an ambivalent position not only germany but france has
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a very difficult relation with its only and i would really hope that they can resolve their bonnets rule disagreements and then maybe come back to a sort of try leftward even between france and italy in germany so on that front i hope for for stronger french signal than this vote ok talking about domestic politics what does all of this mean for chance the anglo american bavarian allies the leaders are still refusing to budge on their demands on the flow of refugees but a new poll shows that the people of bavaria a quite supportive of chance to make this plan to get a europe wide solution how do you see this developing. well the the very in party is actually also increasingly fractured so there are strong voices coming from within especially from month and. even the leader in the european parliament also asking for more moderation and while i wouldn't put too much weight on the one or the other pole i think the signal should read reach now that the strategy is maybe paying off as well as they are expecting and it is i think quite clear that germans
4:36 pm
on quite ready for new elections and to ours are going to america but i contradict the future i mean the question will be really settled on sunday or monday after the next european summit they will be meetings of the top leaderships of both parties the german seaview and the variance yes you and then they will come to a kind of conclusion what is the next day for tech monday i don't think we're in the immediate danger of breaking up the government but this will be something they say has been a lot of speculation that i mean just america's government will think undid this issue and us think that it's too early to predict any kind of collapse of the government. it is really a very very deep crisis there's no question about that and some of the rhetoric we've seen from two or three but very potent has been getting extremely extreme. but i think the pushback is there and i don't think they could really gain from breaking up the coalition at this point in time so whatever the one of the other poll is saying i don't think they're they really have the the russian now to make
4:37 pm
it come to that crude of extreme outcome but tempers are flying high at the moment so it's also you know from regine russian perspective this would make sense but politics is also about emotions and that's hard to predict right this vein just thing and all five of us on from the german institute for international security for as a think tank based in berlin thank you very much for sharing your insights with us . ok back to bed now and airbus is in the headlines again isn't rita there is good news for airbus from one of the biggest aircraft markets in the world chinese government has told french prime minister it while filipe that it intends to place a major order with the european aviation group later this year beijing had already talked of at least one hundred eighty eight three twenty jets ahead of phillips visit every american rival boeing was expecting to seal a large scale deal with china in the near future before those hopes were dashed by
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the trade dispute with the u.s. . not clear where those airbus jets are going to be made recently the aircraft maker voiced concerns about staying in britain now german companies b.m.w. and siemens are also citing uncertainty surrounding a post breaks that deal with the e.u. it criticism was magnified by a new survey among business leaders in sixteen you countries really hard of eight hundred executives polled by a law firm baker mckenzie their firms have reduced investment in the u.k. since the breaks for. women in saudi arabia are no longer stuck in the passenger's seat authorities have started to issue driver's licenses to women again on sunday the first female drivers were able to get behind the wheel but to what extent is it a case of giving women more freedom and to what extent is it about giving the economy a boost. getting into the car to drive to work i run errands it's a first for most saudi women who are literally forced to take a back seat for the last sixty years through illusionary nature of the move makes
4:39 pm
even mundane tasks exciting it's my first think way forget. what was your favorite now i want to take a picture of myself i want to take a selfie of. analysts predict tree million female drivers and the roads by twenty twenty their new found automotive freedom he's also expected to benefits how do your abs economy. mobility is said to improve women's access to the job market crown prince mohammed bin salmond hopes that thirty percent of women will be contribution to their household income by twenty thirty. each of us had some time to do with it they really want to do just because we don't have any drop us off our pick us up. the new policy is also a business opportunity firstly due to the demand for new driving schools catering
4:40 pm
solely to women. meanwhile car dealerships ikea ring up for female customers local media forecast annual growth of six to ten percent for the domestic car market but that could be optimistic last year new car sales in saudi arabia fell by over twenty percent. to slump was partly due to the country's recession saudi arabia's g.d.p. fell as you're a point five percent and twenty seventeen. turning your dependent kingdom into successful modern economy will take more than having women. and readers in the driver's seat know it is right along with another woman thank you very much ben. now as we just. as of sunday salvia review has indeed lifted the ban on driving for women a ban that a view of frank since nineteen fifty seven so is this
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a historic change for women in that country. it's not there to welcome catherine henge head into the studio she contradicts welcome comments ok so women are actually being allowed to drive now in saudi arabia and earlier there was also you know the reopening of city was in saudi arabia says some positive signals but do amount to kind of a change in saudi arabia for women it's a very interesting question i'm ready i think will be treating it for quite a while but because this is obviously a monumental change for women in terms of their more mobility in saudi arabia was the last country on the planet to prohibit driving for women and getting them back on the road as we've just heard is is obviously an attempt at getting them back in allowing them to seek jobs boosting the size of the workforce and thereby obviously lifting the economy so women are really excited about exercising this right but in the weeks leading up to sunday there were some very troubling events including
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a brutal crackdown on a number of. saudi women activists who have been campaigning for this right to drive but also to act and the guardianship system so a couple of them have been released but many of them are still being held and this is a very scary situation for for instance saudi women activists living outside the country who are planning on coming back in the face of these changes so for us it's it's a difficult thing to understand this contradictory kind of situation and recently i did a media forum i was able to speak to a saudi journalists herself and asked her if she could try to explain sort of what was going on let's hear what she had to say. congress is supporting women now and we are so happy about that because if most come from say a cultural change if come from don't it will not happen i'm talking about my country because the system in my country working like this it is very difficult to
4:43 pm
make move from down to chile come from up to down. and what she seems to be saying to you is a change can only come from top to down that's right obviously the crown prince wants to make sure that he is controlling the pace of change in the country i mean let's not forget he has to sort of complicated his heart his heart conservative hardliners and doesn't want women to be getting too ahead of themselves with with voicing their demands but i have actually brought you a story of an attempt to change from the bottom up we've got a new german documentary film that's actually in the theaters now it's called the poet tess and it gives us a lot of insights into saudi arabia into what women are up against there in the protagonist is called his. she's an incredibly brave woman who her story went round the world at the time and it all began in her television appearance in a poetry show in abu dhabi eight years ago a couple. a contest watched by millions of people are mother decides it's time to
4:44 pm
be heard to sleep through the film all that you can i'm feeling left out you know see jackie had a shift shall i do i and. many are unfairly. to the man in thailand will cain and i had our. own. women to stand up on stage and do what she did was directly attacking one of the most famous muslim clerics so i took your course this encourages other women to be self-confident. so exposed to time the poetess takes us on an adventure to an unfamiliar world filmmakers underlayers close and stephanie blockhouse shot the film in saudi arabia to set out to make an intimate portrait of his or her lungs just like the separating veil. cuts i don't myself and the company any of bomb.
4:45 pm
bomb by any. good that can accommodate my flock. to say aloud belongs to a particularly conservative segment of the bedouin population for her to stand up and criticize them so to criticize fundamentalism and to fight on women's behalf is more than just a provocation of. them down and. down . the line and i mean i know that's where i get the mice mention most people applauded her most people agreed with her and respected her for what she said and for addressing these issues nobody before criticized the fact was the women's rights situation she did receive threats from fundamentalist religious quarter as early years. but at least one extremist website there was reportedly discussion of how to kill the photos with one poster. and so far as to ask for more
4:46 pm
dresses. even getting into saudi arabia is difficult for the filmmakers the really just police is omnipresent stephanie blockhouse shot with small cameras dressing like the local women there are often complications to have to live. their lives people live. coming up face behind me but then you're coming out on friday but the outcome. is the wind of change blowing in saudi arabia recently several prominent activists were arrested it's a dangerous time for his or the poetess who gave a voice to saudi arabia's women. confident incredible story of courage and strength what is her situation now we're not exactly sure but what we what we do know is that she was actually intending to come to germany for the premiere of this film and she decided against it based of course on that wave of arrests that happened she didn't want to be accused the rectory of activism herself and possibly
4:47 pm
wind up in prison she has four children and wants to be able to live there in peace and hopefully benefit from the changes that are coming however slowly and i'm assuming that it was actually quite a challenge to make this documentary well it was as you as you could see there from that i mean it was a duo of filmmakers from germany one of them being a woman she had to cover up all the time and of course you're never completely free to film what you want to there is always a minder with you in saudi arabia but women in saudi arabia are of course not used to being filmed themselves and they will never remove their veils if they know that images are going to be shown outside their home so she was always forced to deal with the veil and we see really only a very expressive eyes but it made for some some powerful images nonetheless have begun. to just thank you so much for me guys do it in such. they can move in now to thailand rescue crews are pressing on with a search for twelve teenage footballers and their coach who'd been missing for nearly forty eight hours in a flooded cave complex officials have said they found evidence that led them to
4:48 pm
believe that the group is still alive but high water levels have complicated search efforts for the pristine caves of northern thailand drug visitors from across the world but during the rainy season sightseers risk getting trapped by flash floods this is what authorities believe happened to the youth soccer team who entered the cave on saturday it's hope the boys and their coach are still alive in a large chamber one official says they found hand and footprints but on monday divers failed to find them the four kilometer passage blocked by rising waters dark conditions and low oxygen levels are also delaying the rescue teams progress. outside relatives of the missing pray and wait anxiously. on. believe that they're still alive because their coach is a strong and healthy person. he can get them through this long i
4:49 pm
believe in him. and length on. a park official says that in the past people trapped by floods have been rescued days later once the water has receded. if we bring you some other stories making news around the world. flash floods and landslides in northern vietnam have killed at least seven people are trapped still missing officials fear the death toll could rise vietnam is often hit by storms and floods making it one of the most disaster prone countries in the wild. a california wildfire has led authorities to order some two thousand five hundred evacuations as it threatens access to a rural community the pony it fire started on saturday it's since ravaged twelve hundred hectares of land and destroyed a dozen buildings it's one of four large fires currently burning in northern
4:50 pm
california. the world cup in russia has been making headlines for the exciting football on the pitch but one team in particular egypt has been in the news for the wrong reasons apart from the signs early exit from the tournament there are reports that this stop player. has threatened to quit the teen to talk about this and other football news joining me in the studio to discuss this are more naively from arabic service and russia's from the sports desk welcome to both of you lovely to have you here let me start with you more of what they've been saying about. the speculation that he might be leaving the team i think rumors are going around that the egyptian football association had accepted an invitation of chechen leader ramos and cut it off and returned he could use. instrument to improve his image and to improve further relationship with other countries most did not know that and of
4:51 pm
course he wanted all were always to be kept out of politics and this president and of course hugely popular not just in egypt but you know with football fans all over the world but what has the reaction been to this development in egypt the reaction varied actually between anger between sadness and but there was huge support for the whole issue and there was a hash tag going viral supporting him for whatever his decision he will take. right and me turning to you not egypt is you know the performance has been disappointing in the world cup what explains that well i think that the performance has been disappointing because the expectations were huge and many people have exaggerated because mohamed salah is one player but there are eleven players on the pitch and there are very many talented teams at this world cup if you have a look back history egypt has never won a world cup game this is only the third time they're appearing there so i think overall on the contrary i think in the very first game they tried very hard and
4:52 pm
they tried and they had a good game against or why in the second game it was tough but the biggest question is of course that most wasn't fit for the first game and he barely resembled his top form in the second game as well have a discourse spectacular going to have a happy about that but turning to you know what obviously gypsying about the choice of grozny as the. camp for egypt it was said that it was a very inappropriate choice as it is quite far away from some pieces for some petersburg almost two thousand five hundred kilometers away this would make of the players tired and not really fit to score well ok so we got to set politics and sport aside for a moment to just focus on the sport and really what can we look forward to today yeah exciting games because now actually the final games have started in the group phase and they're happening simultaneously so that the match fixing can be avoided or why face the host nation russia and egypt with mohamed salah they face saudi arabia whereas later in the day it's very exciting again because portugal and their
4:53 pm
superstar cristiana ronaldo they play iran and spain play morocco ok and what game are you looking full forward to in particular while spain and portugal have been two of the most convincing sides in the tournament so far in my opinion so both their games will be very exciting to watch who plays first will play second will christian or not will score some more goals those are the topics and also for you more everybody was looking forward to seeing egypt again you know even if they have not qualified for the tournament with a fact. there they are there and most is thing for them must be kind of hugely exciting it is extremely exciting as it does not only is not only a football player but he is symbol of our yeah role model and a symbol for national pride all saw and people think that he has a great story and also all he unites people because he puts aside political issues and problems and makes people just forget about the problems but it's funny that he puts aside political problems but actually so many people voted for him in the presidential election i think it's kind of funny to sister i think he doesn't want
4:54 pm
to be indulged into politics but somehow he gets pushed every now and then into this area and it was so distressing to see those pictures of him watching that this kind of dunson people dancing in chechnya when he felt so instrumental ised by the politicians and he's basically a wonderful football player exactly right i think we all agree on that i'm going to have different views out of it service and leadership from the obvious forces it's better to have both you ladies here too thank you very much. i you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin of course is lots more coming up at the top of the allen standing by for you in the meantime if you still want to get the news do go to d.w. dot com for more news and information and also you can follow us on twitter and you can also follow us you can see the apps you can get all the news and information from african also use that to see breaking news you can also send us pictures and videos which you think could be of interest to us the app is great so you should
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have a look at it if you can. but for now for me on the touch in the news stream is back . yard.
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. play. this is it every news live from berlin international monitors criticize the turkish election the o s c e says president aired want to end his party benefit from an unlikely even playing field including biased media coverage or to want to stick to some sweeping new powers after his win in sunday's votes will have more fun on grass also coming up a race against the clock.


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