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because justice is about to truth. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on w. . this is it every news live from berlin international monitors criticize the turkish election the o l c e says president aired want to end his party to benefit from an unequivocal playing field including biased media coverage or to want to say too soon sweeping new powers after his win in sunday's votes will have more from ancora also coming up a race against the clock rescue workers in thailand search for twelve tourists and
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their soccer coach gone missing in a flooded cave complex officials say after forty eight hours you could still be alive. on little rock thanks very much for your company everyone we begin in turkey where european election monitors have set excessive media coverage and emergency measures in place gave president rich of tayyip erdogan a quote undue advantage in national polls or one was reelected with more than fifty percent of the vote let's take a look now at the final results turkey's the state's a news agency have put sarah to want to just under fifty three percent his main challenger maher i mean she of the secular seat h.p. the republican people's party received about thirty one percent of the vote while so a lot. you know there were
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a touch of the h d p has pulled in just over eight percent well up parliamentary elections were also held on sunday are the ones islamic conservative take a party in an alliance has also secured a majority in the parliament as well as our don't want assumes office in a newly instituted executive presidency the opposition has warned that the country might be headed into a dangerous era of one man rule. turkey walked to a new political landscape on monday but still very familiar longstanding leader type out of one cemented his hold on power winning a further five years in office and while his main opponent not him in just says he accepts the results of the election he stressed he was not happy with how it had been run. we have experienced an election that will deeply affect our democracy as well as our lives in the future. from the way it was declared to the announcement of the results this election in its entirety has been an unfair election.
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the president to now concentrate on uniting a deeply divided country. so mr. as of today please do not act like the president of the u.k. policy be the president for eighty five million people embrace everyone. that message will resonate with a lot of turkish voters many of whom were devastated by the result. legally twenty five this is a very beautiful country. i want to live in this country. but as a young woman everything is in danger it's becoming harder to live here women aren't respected and the education system is upside down. but others were happy with it once victory many described the result as a win for democracy and for the country ninety seven i believe that this is
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a good result for our country as our president says no stopping continue on the path. i suppose you get the. money which suits me the best man win and we voters turned out to be the best we had to different expectations but it didn't happen everything happened for the best. ones when ashes in a new political system under which he becomes head of state and government to one insists this will bring prosperity and stability to the country following a failed coup attempt to years ago the critics saying the new system will further erode democracy in turkey. was get you the latest now do you leon is standing by in the encore a sweeping victory for mr erdogan won consolidate its powers coalition also secured a majority in the parliament is turkey indeed headed toward a one man rule. well this is what the opposition is saying
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now we heard off position presidential candidate more at him in jest after conceding the victory to miss out on he said turkey will turn into a one man regime and we all referring to the people here in turkey will pay the price for it so that's of course what the opposition is saying now as soon as we have official results by the end of the month these system changes will kick in this to add one will get sweeping new powers he will then be the prime minister and president in one person he can dissociate all humans he can appoint and fire ministers he can call for new elections he can announce a state of emergency and the paul human have will have limited power as to control him they need a super majority to actually launch an investigation into the president or one of his minister has missed out on then will in fact be the most powerful political
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leader since state found most of. all right now there's been a lots of her reactions there were an official for security and cooperation in europe the o.s.c. shared its findings on turkey's alexion let's listen to what they had to say come on his part to enjoy. reflected in the excessive coverage by government affiliated. private media there is if you go for granted under the state of emergency limited fundamental freedoms. so you know it does that mean that mr erdogan his victory is tainted. well the international observers clearly criticize the condition under which the vote was how and that's what the opposition also criticizes one thing i want to point out is that neither the international observers nor the opposition are now
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saying there have been irregularities or many palatial to an extend that could actually change the whole outcome of the vote but of course it's not only election day that matters but it's also what happens during the run up to these elections and yes the complaining that's what many here say what observers say has been very unfair it has been an unfair playing field missed out on in his ruling a k p that just isn't a vote of the party have got much more but much more time on the public t.v. channels and the opposition some opposition parties got almost no ad time at all this vote took place under a state of emergency many critical journalists academicians are actually in jail so a little concerned consolation for the opposition maybe now is that under these conditions missed out on still only got fifty two percent of the vote which means that about health of the population is not standing behind him and that's what the
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opposition tries to keep telling themselves now to keep the moral. how divided you you're having said that is the country today. well the country is certainly more divided than ever i mean turkey is a deeply polarized society that's what we've been observing in the past months in the past years even but you have to understand for peace of course is for mr allen support as he is that he is their survival so to say they are very thankful for what he did for the country building hospitals bridges apple's other mega projects and this has earned him their loyalty and this might also explain the high water turn our eighty seven percent of the people went to the polls for the opposition on the other hand for everyone who wants to have media freedom the ones to decide for
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themselves what they can see online who want to travel to other countries who want to have a free education system miss out on is actually not the right choice for the country so yes there is a deep divide and this is likely to continue you leon reporting from the turkish capital ankara thank you i would like to bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. the situation on a migrant rescue boat stranded in the mediterranean is approaching quote an emergency that's according to a group of german lawmakers who boarded the vessel yesterday the lifeline operated by a german n.g.o.s carrying two hundred thirty migrants they've been waiting off the italian coast since thursday after they were denied entry. anti terror police and friends have arrested ten people with alleged links to the radical far right official say the individuals were planning to carry out attacks on muslims the suspects were captured at the weekend over the weekend in operations across france
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including here on the island of corsica. in thailand rescue crews are pressing on with their search for twelve boys and their football coach we have been gone missing for nearly forty eight hours in a flooded cave complex officials have said they found evidence that slipped them to believe that the group are still alive but high water levels have complicated search efforts for the pristine caves of northern thailand drawn visitors from across the world but during the rainy season sightseers risk getting trapped by flash floods this is what authorities believe happened to the youth soccer team who entered the cave on saturday it's hope the boys and their coach are still alive in a large chamber one official says they found hand and footprints but on monday divers failed to find them the four kilometer passage blocked by rising waters dark conditions and low oxygen levels are also delaying the rescue teams progress
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outside relatives of the missing pray and wait anxiously. on here young couple i believe that they're still alive because their coach is a strong and healthy person. and laying out he can get them through this and i'm not alone i believe in him. and length. and laying on. a park official says that in the past people trapped by floods have been rescued days later once the water has receded into. their world cup and russia has been making headlines for the exciting football on the pitch but one team in particular egypt have been making that lines for all the wrong reasons apart from the side's early exit from the tournaments there are reports that their star player none other than most solid has threatened to quit the team joining me in the studio to discuss why is emily rush it's from t w sports
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good to see you. so why are people saying that most ella is threatening to quit the national team what happened there's been a lot of controversy going on about the team camp which is in grozny the chechen republic of russia in russia and it's very far for egypt to travel from grozny to most of their team games so it's a bit weird why they chose a place and actually what people are saying is that they chose a place because they're following an invitation from the chechen leader ramadan could year olds and now they held a banquet and the team had to go there and at this banquet mohamed salah was given the honorary citizenship of the chechen republic and this is something that moments i was not comfortable with at all if we see the pictures from him at the banquet he looks you know he's kind of just suffering through his position right to the leader he really does look like he's having fun and he doesn't like to be instrumental ised for politics quite frankly so he apparently quick to threaten to quit the national team and there were some reports before their game today that he was not in the starting lineup finally he was he scored so he's here for now our series
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here for now is just before us let's talk about the soccer the football performance in this world cup but there was a lot of anticipation a lot of build. but unfortunately they didn't do very well why do you think that is well i think first of all we have to talk all the expectations a little bit because mohamed salah is a great player there's no doubt about that but football is a team sport there's ten other nine other players on the pitch plus the keeper who have to perform and who have to perform at his standard for him to be able to carry the team and actually he was missing in the first game mohamed salah because he was still recovering from his injury and i think his teammates did quite well and they were trying very hard against or god save the point only very late in the game did they have to concede a goal and then they lost and in the second game mohamed salah was there but he wasn't really looking fit he was not his best and he couldn't really perform up to that let's not forget that this is only egypt's third world cup appearance ever they have never won a world cup game and they're playing right now they still have the chance thanks to salons goal so let's see how that pans out how that pans out what else is happening today in the world cup very exciting day because right now we're in the final phase
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of the group stage and that means all teams of every group are playing at the same time so we already heard that. egypt with so large facing saudi arabia were why are playing against the hosts russia and later today it's really exciting as well because spain the world champions two thousand and ten they play morocco and portugal with superstar cristiana ronaldo they face iran ok so there's so much to look forward to it is alarming about noah. and we'll talk later we'll catch up later and before i let you go want to remind you of our main headline right now. european election monitors have criticized the president urged on selection victory in turkey always see the monitors said erica won and his ruling party had a quote i'm going to advantage including in media coverage burdwan words we elected as president with more than half. the votes all right well don't forget you can
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