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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 25, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm CEST

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leave me to. play. play. play play. play. play. drums. this is it everything is live from berlin pulled from the ocean but hung out to dry the fate of hundreds of migrants stuck on ships in the mediterranean that says italy and malta say they won't allow them to dock and bring their human cargo on shore or hear from a german charity whose packed boat is facing an emergency situation also coming up
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international monitors criticize the turkish awash in the o.l. c.e. says president erred on and his party benefit from an uneven playing field including biased media coverage plus a nigeria the floor is that a special police unit to stop worsening violence between nomadic herders and farmers we can't clashes killed over eighty people. also all the highlights from another action packed day at the world cup your great bring hose from russia back down to earth with a bump will have all the goals from there are three nil when the end of the group stage begins its klein matic around the game. says the man behind this attack on two men wearing jewish skullcaps the video ignited fears of grannies in anti semitism in germany.
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thank you very much for your company everyone. the fate of hundreds of migrants rescued from the mediterranean is up in the air after they were barred again from landing on europe's southern shores the lifeline operated by a german charity is carrying more than two hundred thirty migrants and has been stuck at sea for days after being turned away from italy the situation on board is approaching an emergency that's according to lawmakers who visit at the vessel yesterday and it's not the only ship in limbo between africa and europe with desperate and vulnerable migrants on board. congo ship owned by one of the big issues being companies in the world stranded off the coast of sicily the alexander mask is not only carrying its own freight but also more than one hundred migrants last week the danish vessel was asked by the italian coast gone to rescue
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the migrants from a boat that was in trouble but with both italy in malta refusing to allow the ship to dock it can do nothing but wait. while the alexander mask is stranded off sicily a german rescue ship is in a similar situation off malta. lifeline has picked up more than two hundred thirty migrants including children from the mediterranean but it's also been held at sea for several days with nowhere to go. nobody you know you know but it up there. on sunday night a group of european politicians visited the vessel promising to do all they can. to just get. it in the list of the human toll that germany was in. for the. challenge told us the response ability this
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begins and the libyans if you try to call them they don't pick up the phone. the german vessel is caught in the middle of a political route over migration that's threatening the very heart of europe the new populist government in rome has refused to take in any more migrants and motor has also said no straight off the back of an e.u. summit on migration italy's interior minister met teo salvini is in libya he says the onus is on the north african state to take in migrants found at sea and he also wants the e.u. to build migration camps in libya but that doesn't seem popular kookery being the. we agree on many points with the europeans on matters related to illegal immigration however we categorically reject the existence of any migrant centers inside libya as it is against libyan law and does not apply to libyan laws and regulations. but while the political wranglings continue
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these migrants are left at sea watching and waiting for a decision on their fate to be made. you can talk to alina from a c watch a nonprofit organization that conducts the search and rescue operations in the mediterranean she is in malta from which she joins us on the phone alina very good evening you've been in touch with staff from lifeline is my understanding the stranded vessel carrying more than two hundred thirty migrants what is the situation on board the lifeline hi thanks for having me. currently the situation is calm wind continues exchange to observe the situation how it's going. but it's like really overcrowded i mean and ten they have two hundred thirty four people on board waiting for four days now already among them about seventy unaccompanied
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minors so it's a quiet situation for them onboard also for the crew of course that european and spent the night on sunday on the rescue ship with those hundreds of migrants that are stuck there are they in touch with the talian maltese authorities that you know were to get permission to dock. members of on the promise those to get the bed to put pressure on the respective governments however up until now we didn't hear anything they actually taking responsibility to help these people so there was go hoping for more result. of that action now interestingly italy has urged lifeline to travel i haven't go to the netherlands that's quite a way off how long is that journey actually is that even realistic that they would undertake such a journey and why is it problematic all that competed impossible and not
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doable it would take weeks for them that would just be inhumane action actually i mean the people need a solution now and every european country has the possibility to help they could just also humanitarian visa and the people could land in italy and go to. another country afterwards but none of them just so far so no no the land is not an option at all right and a very far way off as well from where the ship is stranded alina chromebook from a sea watch thank you for speaking to us from the lead up malta. all right to the next hour we're going to shift our attention to turkey where european election monitors have set excessive media coverage and emergency measures gave president rich a type two on a quote undue advantage in sunday's elections and won was reelected with more than fifty percent of the vote and is set to assume sweeping new powers in a souped up presidency that could see his hold on power last another decade.
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to a new political landscape on monday but still very familiar longstanding need to register . cemented his hold on power winning a further five years in office. but as turks digested the news election monitors from the organization for security and cooperation in europe expressed doubts about how fair the presidential and parliamentary elections had been. this is not and we didn't regard it as being an equal playing field in relation to media and he wasn't and neither in relation to campaigning either at the defeated presidential candidate condemned the elections as unfair from start to finish but here they want to concentrate on uniting a deeply divided country so mr. as of today please do not act like the
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president after a k. party be the president for eighty five million people embrace everyone. that's a message will resonate with a lot of turkish voters many of whom were devastated by the result. only twenty five this is a very beautiful country oh i want to live in this country. but as a young woman everything is in danger it's becoming harder to live here women aren't respected and the education system is upside down. but others were happy that the one hundred one many destroyed the result was a win for democracy and for the country ninety six i believe that this is a good result for our country as our president says no stopping continue on the path. i suppose you get to. make the best man win and we voted this turned out to be the best we had to different expectations but it
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didn't happen everything happened for the best. even. better ones when russia is in a new political system under which he becomes head of state and government as one insists this will bring prosperity and stability to the country following a failed coup two years ago but critics say the new system will further erode democracy in turkey. well everyone's victory in the sweeping new powers he'll have are raising concerns here in germany there are some reactions from the america a member of the bundestag who is an outspoken critic of us take a listen. well turkey becomes like a barge on the truth maybe. it's an altered syrian regime there is no checks and balances no in turkey it was already very rican after dissolution it's clear it's a one man regime from now on. our right as your leon is standing by in the croats get some more reaction from earlier is the right is turkey now headed toward
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one man rule. well that's what the opposition here is saying we heard that presidential candidate more at an inch of the largest opposition party the c.h.p. has secured about thirty percent of the vote yesterday he says that turkey is turning into a one man regime that consists constitutes a big danger for the country and the everyone has to pay the price for it so that this is this is a cessna and we also talked to some opposition voters who said this is the end of democracy finally another young woman told me that there is already no freedom of opinion there are no civil rights and this is going to get worse under the new system so the only option she sees is basically leaving the country and going into exile if the once the final results is are announced we will see the new system kicking in missing out on will get sweeping more power as he can for example
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appoint and fire ministers to solve all human call for new elections he will have a major sway over choosing senior judges so he will get almost all powerful and observe a sierra saying they don't expect him to ease down or suddenly approach his critics they think it will make really really make full use of these new powers and now here we are we also heard earlier in the day or from the o. s. c.e. monitors expressing criticism of the election campaign saying there was unbalanced reporting in the lead up restrictions under the state of of emerges c does that mean that everyone's victory is somehow tainted by these allegations. well i assume that mr atwan and his government will just reject all kinds of criticism but what the international observers are saying the conditions of this vote have not been fair as you said the vote was taking place under a state of emergency and many critics journalists academicians are actually in jail
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the media landscape is overwhelmingly in favor of missed out on they say concerning accusations of medical ational voter fraud that they are looking into it but they don't think these allegations or the many palatial exceeds a level where you would say would change the overall outcome of this election twenty five seconds or how divided is the country today where you are i would say it's even more divided than is it has been before these elections we have on the one side missed out on supporters who are now cheering celebrating seeing him as their big savior and the other half of the population who is now really disappointed demoralized and who now has to see if the opposition still functions in turkey if there are other ways to create opposition and a living civil society if you don't use your hand reporting from the turkish capital ankara thank you the country's economy well at the moment is
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a mixed picture when it comes to the economy leyla fullest it seemed investors were taking the election result well the expectations of political certainty from now woman turkey sent the currency the lira up but that wasn't for long sliding three percent from the day's high against the dollar worries remain bad. economic views a simply too unconventional politically he may be unstoppable but can he raise in the unstable economy. after the election many turks hope stability will rule the day and the president will continue his current economic policies. you can't do it there will be economic stability in the country there has to be. that been a lot of volatility in the markets now it's over at least the elections are over. six if you ask me whether the euro dollar will increase i think the depreciation
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the lira will continue. but turkey's currency is under pressure due in part to worries about everyone's efforts to consolidate power and fears that he could seek to influence the country's interest rates fears that are having global repercussions. foreign investors are withdrawing their funds from our country which is leading to depreciation of the leader of the dollar is rising day by day i think the situation will get worse now that the elections are over inflation has soared to double digits and turkey's trade deficit is increasing because the country needs to import more products than it can sell abroad adding to its woes. if you see also some structural reforms turkey has not been doing. this in the last. two years so if we see the economy management returning back to implementation implantation of policies and also you know the rebalancing and the
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lifting off state of emergency i think the pressure on the needs a realistic proposition according to many experts they say the risk to turkey's economy have grown in recent months. donald trump is threatening to stop chinese owned companies from investing in american tech firms trade tension between the two countries as late because the chilling effect china investing less than two billion dollars in the u.s. so far this year as a drop of ninety percent of the same time last year while this latest measure is intended to counter china's ambitious plan to become a global leader in i.t. by the a twenty twenty five and in this regard at least the european union might even see eye to eye with washington. low tech mass production this is the kind of image traditionally associated with the made in china ground but the chinese government is determined to shift gear and promote high tech industries instead one
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way it's been doing that is by firing up international tech companies a practice u.s. president donald trump considers unfair he wants to ban any company that's at least twenty five percent chinese owned from buying american tech firms and on the issue of chinese state investments the united states isn't alone in its concerns at a meeting in beijing aimed at updating the rules of global trade the e.u. had this message for china in order. to your trading. charge or. so the u.s. and the e.u. have one common goal in curbing chinese station acquisitions of foreign technology but when it comes to other issues like trump decision to impose tariffs on his allies china and the e.u. are firmly united in their condemnation that going to fight protectionism and pledging to invest more in each other's economies. the boom is over that's the
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message today from one of germany's most respected economic institutes the research group says business confidence has this month to its lowest level in over a year that applies to all four sectors it measures construction services manufacturing and trade with the world edging towards a full blown trade wall the german export champion may not be able to take this one and that strong. the retail sector has been a pillar of the german economy in recent years. but retailers themselves now have a pessimistic outlook says the munich based evo economic institute. that's also due to new challenges for germany both at home and abroad. chancellor angela merkel is dealing with a political crisis her very own coalition partners the c.s.u. have taken a tougher stance against immigration. that could bring down the government and
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force new elections something that wouldn't bode well with investors. add to that the dispute between the u.s. and its major trade partners. washington has threatened even more tariffs in retaliation to the e.u. use new levies on american products. experts say germany would be the big loser. and a new tarps on its automotive industry would hit it more than other e.u. countries. and now it's back to lay low and she's kicking off the sports coverage with an update on the world cup in russia. the first group has been decided at the world cup joining me in the studio to discuss the latest is emily how shirts for sports all right emily the big matching group a saw your great take on hosts russia who can't came out on top well it was a big game because both teams are had already earned their place in the knockout
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stages but they were still fighting for the top spot and actually it wasn't russia but who's or who took the lead early on in the game all right in the tenth minute when nuestra suarez scored this free kick goal for his country he's the hero of world way of course plays for barcelona usually their second goal wasn't quite as beautiful it was an own goal by dennis cherry shift and then things got really bad for russia because their man igor small nuke of he got a second yellow card meaning a red they were down to ten men in the second half that meant another goal for sousa three nil wins through guy against russia and they are now both in the next phase for sure they have won all three games so how impressive are they yeah or was a great team there he had a great team in two thousand and ten when they made it all the way to the semifinals and that was quite promising already but they're good contenders and we have to keep an eye on them as well because they're also the first team that made it out of the group phase with three wins and zero goals conceded in twenty years
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so that's really quite exciting and what do you make of russia didn't perform too shabby i mean people before the world cup started were all kind of worried about how they would perform that russia's a little bit of surprise nation you could say it was difficult to tell what form they were really in because they haven't had competitive games in two years they didn't have to do the qualifiers. because as the host nation they were already qualified so in that sense it wasn't it was so surprising there's a little bit difficult to tell what they would be like but they have shown fantastic form that five zero win against saudi arabia and now they're off to democracies our it and where i think we actually are showing pictures of that other match that we want to talk about saudi egypt all eyes were on mall salah what happened i mean in the end as we can see here they conceded two goals and lost two one even though they had gone up through a goal by mohammed salam already and it's a very disappointing exit for egypt because they were really hoping to get for it in this world cup there was so much spotlight on mohammed sala who had the season
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of his life at liverpool thank you one likes thirty four individual and yours this season and it was so heartbreaking to watch him get injured in the champions league final he never really recovered from that he missed the first group game and he didn't really seem to be in top form for the other group games either now what are the games can we look forward to yes so now group it's all about group b. and there's a lot of excitement there because spain and portugal are favored to go through but either of them could still miss out spain play morocco iran play portugal spain of course the world champions of two thousand and ten portugal the european champions they have christiane ronaldo and we'll see later how that turns out alright awesome because it's happening as we speak and we can watch it now ok i'm going to thank you thank you very much greatly appreciate it and staying with the theme of football the iranian are women who have traveled to watch world cup matches and russia have now been able to join fellow football fans in the stands but that hasn't always been the case back at home women have been banned from attending
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sporting events in iran for nearly forty years but there are signs of a shift to women who were allowed into tehran's azadi stadium to watch a live screening of iran's defeat to spain last week and they should be on hand tonight to watch their team against portugal activists are hoping the move marks a lasting shift in the iranian government's policies. designer on is devoted fan of the iranian football club persepolis sporting their baseball cap she is quite open about her support of the team it's part of her plan she's fighting for the right for women to attend games and stadiums. rebar i hope that this will pay off authorities should realize that nothing happens as men and women sit next to each other that. the government justifies its decision by saying that men misbehave in stadiums and it wouldn't be good for women to hear all the swearing oh but somehow i can deal with it. we're running men haven't always been like
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that the authorities were the ones who told us that it's better this way. zara takes out a picture that shuts the men up it's her at a soccer game she was able to get into the on saudi stadium in tehran dressed up as a man pulling security personnel. the odd. men go to the stadium they take a hole on. a fly. or a team shot. we woman have something else with us which serves as an admission tickets a bid. she was nervous the first time she
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went to the stadium. after i got past the second turnstile and saw the pitch and felt the incredible atmosphere i had to cry at you when you notice what you've been missing all these years once you're in the stadium . that. women are fighting every day for their rights here and getting into football stadiums is the least of their problems. the billboard reads together we are champions put up for the world cup at a busy intersection there are no women on it behind closed doors men often admit that women should have the same rights as they do the very few men actually say that in public which is why the words of iran's most famous soccer player former byron munich striker on are so meaningful. i personally hope and would welcome it when someday women would be allowed into stadiums it will be good for women and good for the game will have more spectators the women will be
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happy and i'm sure that the men will try to behave somewhat better. in this private living room things seem to be just fine it's the islamic regime that doesn't want to see men and women enjoying themselves together public viewing has been repeatedly canceled in iran but that doesn't stop young people from cheering on their national team and even celebrating last minute surprises. suddenly all the rules and regulations no longer matter within minutes after defeating morocco one nil tehran streets are packed with revelers men and women celebrating their nation's. sgt world cup victory in twenty years. that's for the all male billboard. it was replaced overnight by one also featuring
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women. too many people were upset authorities were under pressure. iran didn't just get to celebrate a world cup victory iranian women poso had something to cheer about. and iran is playing portugal as we speak you're watching it when you squeeze out a lot more to tell you about here's what's ahead the fight over agricultural land in nigeria takes another turn for the worse that's after clashes between nomadic cowards and farmers killed over eighty people and imports in a fast so that country launches a nationally or geisha in a project that could benefit more than a thousand farmers that's as africa's searches for a new solutions to a drought and a brawl in court sentences the man behind this attack on two men wearing shorts skull caps the outcome of the case that rang warning bounced around germany. all have that and a whole lot more coming up in just
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share their stories their dreams and their challenges. the seven percent abuse platform. charge. he creates have you back with us you're watching the don't use only iraq and glenn these are made headlines this hour. hundreds of grey grins rescued from the mediterranean are trapped on two ships off the coast of europe that says italy and malta refuse them the right to dock and bring people ashore european elections monitors have criticized president earlier ones alexion victory in turkey oh as see the monitors said erica won and his ruling party had a quote undue advantage including in media coverage and won was reelected as president with more than half of the vote. police in
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a jury i have sent a special intervention force into the state of plateau after eighty six people were reportedly killed in clashes between nomadic herders and farmers police say violence erupted over the weekend after an attack blamed on the herders a dawn to dusk curfew is already in place the long running conflict has its roots in a battle for land and water but over the years it has taken on ethnic political and religious time mentions and we can take you to lagos now to our correspondent say oh neko was sale a very shocking events that unfolded over the weekend what is the situation now. well as you said there are eighty six people who have been reported to have died over the weekend and that is still the official death toll at the moment although there have been reports by local groups who who say that it's much higher i did speak to the army spokesperson of the special operational forces earlier and he
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said that according to him they have the city to jewish under control now and and he also said that they have made eight arrests. and are trying to find out who is behind this. sir can you tell us again you can textural is this for us tell us a bit about the background to this conflict between herders and farmers. yes well the conflict has both an ethnic and religious dimension and also it's also about land so it's basically between a full army who are predominantly muslim and herders groups who basically have their livestock in the area and they're looking for grazing ground and local farmers who feel that the herders don't have a right to be there and so over the past few months they've kind of we've seen an escalation in the clashes in different communities basically so these are all different incidents that are happening and but up to now about hundreds of people
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hundreds of people have died in the past few months and this year and thousands have been displaced so it's something that is really developing at the moment. so that begs the question about where the authorities were during all of this they don't seem to have a handle on the situation. yes and that's what the that's what a lot of people criticizing the government of president will hurry for because they say they're not really addressing the problem so the army does have a special operational force which is there all the time and it's been beefed up now in response to this to these latest attacks and when i spoke to the army spokesman he also could you tell me where they were at the time when when the attacks happened so that they so they basically their people are saying that they need to be much more of an army presence in the area a security presence in the area things need to be addressed and there should also
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be more dialogue between the different parties involved all right save our nicole reporting from lagos nigeria almost fatal clashes think you. are going to bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. monsoon season is wreaking havoc in india this was the aftermath of a storm that hit the nation's financial capital one bye to rental reserve also triggered severe flash floods in india and they bring bangladesh more than twenty people have been killed in over a million displaced. extreme weather inordinate vietnam also were wreaking havoc flash floods and landslides have killed at least seven people with twelve still missing officials fear the death toll could rise as often hit by storms and floods making it one of the most disaster prone countries in the world. anti
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terror police in france have arrested ten people with alleged links to the radical far right which will say the individuals were planning to carry out attacks on muslims the suspects were captured after a weekend in operations across france including here on the island of corsica. a california wildfire has led authorities to order some two thousand and five hundred evacuations as it threatens access to a rural community the pound the fire started on saturday it since ravaged a twelve hundred hectare hectares of land and destroyed a dozen buildings it's one of four large fires currently burning in northern california. courts has found a nineteen year old syrian refugee guilty of an attack on two men wearing keep was the jewish skullcap earlier this year one of the victims an arab israeli filmed the incident on his smartphone it went viral after was posted online leading to the
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identification of the suspect afterwards many germans showed their support for the jewish community by publicly wearing skull caps the defendant was found guilty of using abusive language and inflicting bodily harm. for more analysis on the verdict we turn to do so because chief political correspondent melinda crane melinda came to tell us a little bit more about the court's ruling. yes the perpetrator of the attack was sentenced to four weeks of detention but in fact then was allowed to walk free because he had been in pretrial detention for two months basically since the attack and he has also been sentenced to monitoring for the coming year monitoring by someone who will also be watching his behavior and attitudes to see whether his regret that he expressed before the court is in fact borne out by
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his actions so what looks like a fairly mild ruling by the court in fact is somewhat stricter than it may appear and in fact people here were greeting it saying that it is in accordance with the wishes of the prosecutor it's pretty much along the lines of what the prosecutor had been looking for and of course he was sentenced under juvenile law which holds less strict remedies than otherwise and as i noted he had expressed regret saying he made a mistake and will learn from that in future animal and that remind our international viewers why this case got so much attention. well partly because there has been a rise in anti-semitic incidents here in germany for example somewhat some time before this particular attack we had seen flags burned at
8:38 pm
a demonstration in the heart of lynn and basically there has been a documented rise in anti-semitic incidents in general now people are concerned about the degree to which that may reflect attitudes on the part of arab and muslim immigrants to germany but it is not by no means only that which is causing this upturn in such incident. we have seen the far right party here in germany the f.d.a. only recently saying that the holocaust represented in essence a bit of bird dropping in the thousand year period of german history and we've heard other attempts to undermine germany's culture of remember its from that party so there's a general concern that the long standing german habitude toward the holocaust of bearing responsibility of confronting that legacy may in fact be weakened in the
8:39 pm
future and may see additional such incidents coming up w.'s chief political correspondent melinda crane thank you and i'd like to hand you over now to danielle who has a story on one african nation a solution to a very very pressing problem that's what you mentioned earlier the flash flooding in asia well many regions in africa grappling with droughts and no one has it worse than small scale farmers who depend on rain water to irrigate the lambs their livelihoods literally depend on the amount of rainfall causing irrigation rights during long dry spells requires a bit of creativity and became the fast so the agricultural ministry is sort of the national project on drip irrigation we take a look at how it works. for cardio to joe the work has become routine she said of the women's cooperative michael ealy in the town of biba and she's responsible for cleaning the water filters last year they installed
8:40 pm
a drip irrigation system they've adopted organic farming methods and a growing maize. they got the year a geisha equipment from the agriculture ministry for twenty percent of the normal price the farming collective harvests four times a year. and the project is of great benefit to the women. they want to far more land now. there's two hundred fifteen of us which is a lot. our farm is too small for the group. the cooperative in bieber is one of twenty three such projects backed by the ministry of agriculture the group was provided with a well a solar powered pump for the water and a tank just stored in. the ministries efforts he visits a collective twice a month thirteen hundred farmers across the country are involved most are women
8:41 pm
cabaret says it's important to keep the equipment in good condition. so if. all the irrigation grid breaks all the solar power system there has to be somebody right here in the village who can fix it. that's why we're involved in further developing the skills of local workers is that. the ministry provides ten percent of the project's funds the rest about two million euros is from the austrian development agency it's committed to continuing to boost the number of farmers adopting drip irrigation methods. which also means contributes to the economic development which means sending children to school. which means more wealth. for the people and less reasons to pick up and. to tow has learnt a lot through the project. it's allowed her to improve the way she farms her own
8:42 pm
plot of land. thanks to the irrigation project i've been able to build the storeroom for my onions. now things are looking up for cardiac chateaux and her family. she's able to sell her surplus produce at the market as brazil recovers from its worst of a recession the squeeze on public services like education remains the country's pupils fall way behind the o.e.c.d. average in core subjects like math and sciences private schools offer the only alternative but they're too expensive for most brazilian families one entrepreneur . has come up with a tour he hopes will make high quality education available to everyone. cloudier says sucky lives and works in sao paolo brazil is financial capital in
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this glittering city the divide between rich and poor is extreme schools are often poorly equipped with teaches using outdated textbooks it's a different story at private institutions like the humboldt school so if you can afford it avoid the state school system. brazil is a country in which the high school is roughly fifty percent out of those who finished house high school about ten percent learned the basics in portuguese and math so. on even a high quality education is the worst problem we have as a country. cloudier society has four children he's working to develop software that he hopes will provide everyone with access to education that's why he founded a digital platform already used by millions of students in brazil. the content is designed to be more entertaining and accessible than traditional lessons that
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students can also test their own performance. the platform costs a maximum of ten ryall or two euros fifty a month. society is working in cooperation with both private and state schools you know. this is a need to change our teaching methods and look at new ways to present the material much formosa theory how can we get students interested in a topic was introduced this particular to how do we transfer knowledge and shows what they can do with it in their everyday lives and to citizens. but i've. seen it is the one who put it there yes digital platforms a very important. image it is much better than just books and worksheets with a thing we can learn on a smartphone or a computer. where connected to the internet straight away and the nature of the figures is that we may have the birds of a. society is convinced that
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a good education can help overcome social inequality. he started his business in sao paolo six years ago. today geeky has around three hundred employees . to find. people who know how to work with machine learning how to swim trick or treat intelligence appliance with a patient it's a it's a very unique so we are constantly. fighting for resources and talent against a great google microsoft facebook not only in brazil or from overseas. societies educational tools they use throughout brazil he hopes to all through his software in neighboring kenya next. and now you're up to date on the brazilian education system was back to la and bad news for facebook fans there are more bad fears for his record because if you like using the facebook message or app your user experience might soon go
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a lot more annoying and they share for our social media desk has more on that to hide list get to syria ads on facebook that's nothing new so what will be different from now on. yeah ads are definitely nothing new for us facebook users they are all over whether you log on on a computer or on your mobile device and the facebook is actually generating ninety nine percent of its revenue from these ads that is why we see them every time everywhere and facebook now is saying that it is running out of space to show us these ads and that is why it is turning to its messenger app and starting a from today it will roll out video ads on the messenger app it will only be for a few people first and then there will be a global roll out soon so this is what facebook is telling us about its plans facebook says that people that use messenger each month are our top priority and they will remain in control of their experience now remaining in control does not
8:47 pm
mean that you can opt out of these ads it doesn't mean that you can click them away or that you can skip them it only means that you can tell a facebook when you see an offensive ad and you can also tell facebook what kinds of ads you would like to see ok joy what do these ads look like. well they are pretty short videos up to fifteen seconds that is what facebook is suggesting they will be auto place every time you come across it on your inbox then the video will play automatically you can click it away it will just continue playing and also it will appear in your inbox so where you have your chats that is where these video ads will appear at a locus something like this so you have the people that you're talking to a messenger and then suddenly there you have an ad that tells you that you can buy clothing and if you click on that ads then it will take you to that on
8:48 pm
a line in the store and of course leyla facebook knows a lot about the use that it has about its users to really target them with ads that have to do with their age or with where they live and also with their gender how are people reacting to this changeless well of people already hating it although just very few people are seeing these ads starting from today i word that i hear lots of people say is intrusive they feel that if i have a video ad popping up in a messenger where people felt that it's actually a private corner of facebook then that is something that will really disturb them we can take a look at some of the reactions that we have seen on the line here let me read a couple of comments or hear one users saying the introduction of video ads would be another reason to hate using the messenger app we have another facebook user right here saying it looks like facebook had to go and ruin the best part about
8:49 pm
facebook and finally this user here says i already hate messenger at least aff never put facebook on my i phone now facebook knows about the criticism why is it doing this well first of all it is because facebook knows that. it can charge people more it can charge the advertisers more for videos rather than for static for static ads and then on the other hand the businesses as well know that a video just grabs your attention much more than a static ad and that is why they're investing in this but this might be something that will make people maybe change from the messenger. app and maybe choose another messenger service instead facebook will have to wait and see for the global rollout which will probably come later this year or maybe nobody will change. every marsalis show for social media just thank you.
8:50 pm
german actor and director to is a master of the feel good crowd pleaser movie and it was back in two thousand and fourteen that his drama head full of honey was a huge box office hit right here in germany well now he's got an english language remake in the works which he will also direct and i'm now joined on the said by karan how a shot from our culture the apartment i get to see you and tell us about this a film because it was a big deal when it came out here it was a big deal when it came out here and it is pretty much a big deal when a german film gets an american remake is the kind of thing that happened so directors like the inventors we've seen it happen before about so there were stars galore in berlin today for a press conference about it. managed to get an all star cast together for this one and originally actually for the lead role they were thinking of they were talking about michael douglas but in the end the owner felt this hollywood heavyweight. a bit of hollywood flourish on both ends famous crew first of odd one of the
8:51 pm
locations for head full of honey starring. the press conference took place on the set is the latest film from till schweiger the hollywood legend is happy with his german director group film collaborative art there's a camera the part. that grips get to see their work the next day. up in a rough cut way i mean it's really encouraging for the for all of the should be seated all together. the movie about an old man with dementia and his granddaughter is going international. it's a universal story is a story about a family about love about the bond between different family members so i don't feel any pressure i'm sure that people in other countries will find it just as moving as
8:52 pm
the audiences in germany did. in the original the granddaughter was trained by til schweiger. in the international version of nick nolte's his daughter plays the role i really can promise here she's a walking sensation she's on believable and she said she never acted before i knew and i saw her that she has a talent because she's an angel she shines. just as in twenty four seeing the shoot is taking place against the backdrop of the soccer world cup and. the game for we're going to break the shirt and we watch the game we have all the german national shirts for the whole crew we did that on the german movie in two thousand and fourteen when germany became champion so we do it again we always to read. the forty eight day shoot we'll continue to lead and. hard exactly you got to get your priorities straight tell us
8:53 pm
a little bit about her because a lot of people are on the fence about him. i think he's the classic case you know that he's absolutely super successful in a commercial sense but when it comes to critical reception reception it can be a little bit lukewarm to say the least and a lot of people actually relieved to love to hate the guy very unfortunately but you know he's not an art house director he's never claimed to be he makes movies that make people laugh and make people cry buckets and that does very well with a lot of moviegoers he's also won a very long list of wars so very popular stuff internationally he's probably best known as an actor to foreign audiences he has had a career in america most often with small parts in. films like placated king arthur here he's very well built so he's often recruited for action films. and he's also an actor of choice when directors need an authentic german accent as you can imagine and he had quite an interesting role for instance
8:54 pm
in trying to turn in glorious bastards back in two thousand and nine. most recently he was on the big screen with a film like atomic blonde but you know here in germany he's really well known as a director he wrote directed and starred in a number of films including rabbit with their ears and all of those films ended up having sequels and in both of them he played office that his own daughter and my shriver so obviously you know we're talking about some i think pretty amazing chemistry between those two and you know there was that interesting parallel there of that that nick nolte to in the new version of head full of honey is going to be playing opposite his daughter but his daughter is actually going to be playing the role of his granddaughter and that's a look at what he had to say about that experience. so far. i'm very sure of my daughter. that i don't have
8:55 pm
a father. but a first son too much of a parent and when she claimed my granddaughter. another relationship. that i wish. so far. well there you go seventy seven year old nick nolte. talking about his on screen granddaughter who's actually his is quite young daughter yeah it's probably going to be as provocative as her even though you know was a tear jerker lay low i have to say so we're going to stay tuned for that one already for that we can't wait to watch it i think on the phone much time before i let you go just want to remind you of our main headline this hour hundreds of migrants rescued from the mediterranean are trapped on two ships off the coast of europe that says and we and malta refuse them the right to dock and bring in people i'm sure. they would watching you do reviews thank you so much for spending this
8:56 pm
part of your day with us so the news continues at the top of the hour.
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becoming a soccer superpower china's ranks seventy fifth in the world but it wants to reach the very top germany's football federation is ready to help with the coaching staff and expertise. it's about reputation the game and money lots of money. deal worth billions germany china and. closer in fifteen minutes sunday to. the fast pace of life in the digital. shift has the lowdown on the web that it shows a new developments useful information and anything else worth noting. presents
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what is propaganda fiction and what is fact digital investigators combed through the flood of images they combine sources trying to reconstruct what happened and. cheat claims of crimes thanks to this video recording the sergeant who shot the young man is on trial now. forensics between bits and bytes. i don't believe. anything get. to be chance because sgt justice is about to try. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on g.w. .
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this is the w. news live from berlin tonight international criticism of the turkish election not balanced not fair he always seems says the president and his party benefited from an uneven playing field including biased media coverage becomes as he swept to power on sunday to an enhanced presidential role will get the latest from also coming up pulled from the ocean but hung out to dry the fate of hundreds of migrants stuck on ships in the mediterranean that says italy in malta say they.


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