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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 25, 2018 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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yes t.w. . this is the. international criticism of the turkish election not balanced not fair he always seems says the president and his party benefited from an uneven playing field including biased media coverage becomes as he swept to power on sunday to an enhanced presidential role will get the latest from also coming up pulled from the ocean but hung out to dry the fate of hundreds of migrants stuck on ships in the mediterranean italy in malta say they will not allow them to do.
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good to have you with us he won but it wasn't fair and square european election monitors say that excessive media coverage and emergency measures gave president. a quote undue advantage in sunday's elections erda one was reelected with more than fifty percent of the vote and is said to assume sweeping new powers in a souped up presidency that could see his hold on power last another decade. to a new political landscape on monday but still very familiar longstanding need to read time it had a one cemented his hold on power winning a further five years in office. but as turks digested the news election monitors
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from the organization for security and cooperation in europe expressed doubts about how fair the presidential and parliamentary elections had been. this is not and we didn't regard it as being an equal playing field in relation to media and he wasn't and neither in relation to campaigning either the defeated presidential candidate condemned the elections as unfair from start to finish but here they want to concentrate on uniting a deeply divided country so mr. as of today please do not act like the president of the u.k. party be the president for eighty five million people embrace everyone. that's a message will resonate with a lot of turkish voters many of whom were devastated by the result. will only twenty five this is a very beautiful country. i want to live in this country. but as
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a young woman everything is in danger it's becoming harder to live here women are not respected and the education system is upside down. but others were happy that i had one hundred one many described the result as a win for democracy and for the country thank you so high i believe that this is a good result for our country as our president says no stopping continue on the path is this my step is you getting. to make the best man win and we voted this turned out to be the best so we had to different expectations but it didn't happen everything happened for the best. even. older ones when russia is in a new political system under which he becomes head of state and government at one insists this will bring prosperity and stability to the country following a failed coup two years ago. but critics say the new system will further erode
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democracy in turkey. and i'm joined now by julie hahn she's standing by in the turkish capital ankara tonight good evening to you julia i mean this is a sweeping victory for mr heir to one his coalition also secured a majority in parliament can we talk about turkey now being headed by one man. well this is certainly what many people feel he is they clearly say this is the end of democracy one young lady told me yesterday that they're already knows civil rights year there is no freedom of opinion and this is only getting worse under the new political system so she basically said the only chance i see is leaving the country and going into exile. after we have the final results by the end of the month of these changes that you just described will kick in and miss out on just to give you
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a few examples all of the sweeping new powers he will get he will be able to appoint and fire ministers he can decide and he can call for new elections he will have a significant sway over choosing senior judges so he will be the center of political power and many observers here are saying there are no signs that he will ease down that he'll become less aggressive that he will suddenly release thousands of people from jail to the country that he will make full use of these new sweeping powers with those powers you could understand if he doesn't really care what outside critics may have to say but nevertheless the monitors they expressed criticism about the campaign they said that there was unbalanced reporting they said there were strictures under the state of emergency does all of this mean that mr everyone's victory as strong as it may appear is actually tainted.
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well that's certainly not what he would it made or what he would say i remember last year's wote when he told international observers to know their place these observers today very clearly criticize the conditions of the votes calling it and an equal playing field but if you look at these conditions a state of emergency which gives police at powers limits the right to assembly many critical voices journalists academicians in jail many lawmakers all the opposition parties as well most of the media under government control on by companies close to the government if you consider all of that it's actually pretty astonishing that miss out on only get got fifty two percent of the vote that almost fifty percent of the people here are not standing behind him there's a very good point and it begs the question then how divided is turkey today.
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oh it's a very divided society a polarized society and i think that is missing out on is the reason for that so you have his supporters on the one hand to him very loyal to him who love him who celebrate now who see him as his their their savior their survival basically and the other halls of the population hates him they say he is an autocrat and he is leading this country into a talk recy. in the turkish capital ankara. thank you very much. which is why the fate of hundreds of migrants rescued from the mediterranean is up in the air after they were barred again from landing on europe's southern shores the lifeline which is operated by a german charity is carrying more than two hundred thirty migrants it has been stuck at sea for days after being turned away from italy the situation on board is
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approaching an emergency that is what lawmakers who visited the vessel yesterday say and it is not the only ship in limbo between africa and europe with desperate migrants on board. a cargo ship owned by one of the biggest shipping companies in the world stranded off the coast of sicily the alec's on damascus not only carrying its own freight but also more than one hundred migrants last week the danish vessel was asked by the italian coast guard to rescue the migrants from a coach that was in trouble but with both italy in malta refusing to allow the ship to dock it can do nothing but wait. while the alexander mask is stranded off sicily a german rescue ship is in a similar situation off malta lifeline has picked up more than two hundred thirty migrants including children from the mediterranean but it's also been held at sea
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for several days with nowhere to go on sunday night a group of european politicians visited the vessel promising to do all they can. just get. the list the way you vote so that germany was. for the world. nobody you know you look at it have been all along after being out there you see what. is it comes only down to us cause of course. the german vessel is caught in the middle of a political route over migration that's threatening the very heart of europe the new populous government in rome has refused to take in these migrants and malta and spain have also said no. italy is interior minister imitates sound vini is in libya he says the onus is on the north african state to take in migrants found at sea and
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he'll say once the e.u. to build migration camps in libya but that doesn't seem popular kookery being. free on many points with the europeans. related to illegal immigration however we categorically reject the existence of any michael incentives inside libya as it's against libyan oil and does not apply to libyan laws and regulations. when you know what the weapons but while the political wranglings continue these migrants a left at sea watching and waiting for a decision on their fate to be made. well i'm joined now by telephone with cobol from sea watch that's a nonprofit organization that conducts search and rescue operations in the mediterranean she is at the port in malta and she's been in touch with the staff from lifeline that's that stranded vessel carrying more than two hundred and thirty
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alina welcome to the show what is the situation on board the flying tonight i mean what have the korean refugees from lifeline what are they told you. all think that they may currently is the situation quite calm i mean we're in continuous exchange already brought the price to the ship like medical equipment and so on. it's calm but it's also really overcrowded on the small vessel because i mean two hundred thirty four people on board and the crew and the situation is tense specially since most of the people also seventy i'm accompanied minus and they've already been waiting all the creeds for days now we understand that european lawmakers they spent the night on sunday on the rescue ship with hundreds of migrants what have they been able to negotiate with italian and maltese authorities concerning
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permission to dock. well. so it is that they're going to do the best to put pressure on the respective governments. however up until now we didn't receive any notice of any country taking responsibility to help these people. with their hoping to get some good out of that some political pressure that might help these people and given italy urging lifeline to travel to the netherlands how long would that journalese take and i mean it's problematic isn't it. yet isn't actually completely impossible i mean it would take weeks because in she main and. now i mean to graphically italy in malta those this and it's just making sense to bring them up to what. we need a political solution other countries taking these people in so ok joining us
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from sea watch tonight at the port in malta alina thank you very much. thank you. but here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a berlin court has found a nineteen year old syrian refugee guilty of an attack on two men wearing the jewish skullcap earlier this year the defendant was sentenced to four weeks in juvenile detention one of the victims an arab israeli film the incident on his phone the incident triggered outrage across germany rescues crews in thailand say they believe twelve boys trapped in a flooded cave are still alive the boys and their football coach have been missing since saturday divers have so far failed to locate them dark conditions and low oxygen levels are hampering the search effort. to the world cup in russia now the ho's have impressed so far but their most stirring test in uruguay in their
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final group game was suarez stepped up to the score from a free kick in the tenth minute deceiving russia's goalkeeper igor a few hundred feet by choosing the closer corner. second goal was less impressive diego laxalt while shot was deflected into double the lead russia didn't went down to ten men after a second from igor. a goal in the second half sold the match and three male and. top the group. also on monday a saudi arabia upset egypt by coming away with a two one victory in a battle between the two eliminating teams in group a a long way that at the feet of mohamed salah lobbed it over the soul the keeper to open the scoring for egypt it was his country's first goal of the turn but just before half time. he was found in the box and the referee had boarded a penalty. for roger converting the kick and in the final minute sorry rounded
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out the win for saudi arabia. you're up to date with the w. news i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news followed by the day to see the. language courses. any time anywhere.


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