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tricks that will turn your home to a special. upgrade yourself with interior design channel on you tube. this is the. pulled from the ocean but. the fate of hundreds of migrants stuck on ships in the mediterranean. the boats to bring their human cargo on shore we'll hear from a who's loaded ship is facing an emergency situation also coming up.
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the man behind this attack on two men wearing jewish skullcaps the video with fears of rising anti-semitism in germany. and world cup drama as. spain struggled with who were already out of the tournament while portugal faced and iran side fighting for progression all the world cup action is coming up. i'm going to have you with us tonight the fate of hundreds of migrants rescued from the mediterranean remains uncertain the lifeline a boat operated by a german charity is carrying more than two hundred thirty and it has been stuck at sea for days after being turned away from italy. visited the boat on sunday they
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say the situation aboard is approaching an emergency and it's not the only ship in limbo between africa and europe with desperate and vulnerable migrants on board. a cargo ship owned by one of the biggest shipping companies in the world stranded off the coast of sicily the alexander mask is not only carrying its own freight but also more than one hundred migrants last week the danish vessel was asked by the italian coast guard to rescue the migrants from a boat that was in trouble but with italy refusing to allow the ship to dock it can do nothing but wait. while the alexander mask is still off sicily a german rescue ship is in a similar situation near malta lifeline has picked up more than two hundred thirty migrants including children from the mediterranean but it's also been at sea for several days off to malta spain and italy refused it permission to dock on sunday
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night a group of european politicians visited the vessel promising to do all they can just get this. list if you go to germany that's. sort of. nobody you know you look at it there all along after being out there you would hear new audio. is it comes a live now to us because of course. italy's deputy prime minister material salvage any has visited libya where he discussed the migration crisis he also hit out at the n.g.o.s behind the lifeline rescue boat. follow the instructions of the libyan time incomes go it's not lucia he must be seized and he pulled. on the crew should be taken into custody. but
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while the political wranglings continue these migrants a left at sea watching and waiting for a decision on their fate to be made. well i'm joined now by telephone with alina kobol from sea watch that's a nonprofit organization that conducts search and rescue operations in the mediterranean she is at the port in malta and she's been in touch with the staff from lifeline that's that stranded vessel carrying more than two hundred and thirty alina welcome to the show what is descent to ation on board the flying tonight i mean what have the korean refugees from lifeline what are they told you. all think that they may be the situation quite calm i mean we're in continuous exchange already brought the price to the ship like medical equipment and so on. it's calm but it's also really overcrowded on the small vessel because i mean two hundred
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thirty four people on board and the crew and the situation is tense especially since most of the people also seventy on the company minus and have already been waiting all the previous four days now we understand that european lawmakers these spent the night on sunday on the rescue ship with hundreds of migrants what have they been able to negotiate with italian and maltese authorities concerning permission to dock. well the that ontarians produce that they're going to do that to put pressure on the respective governments however up until now we didn't receive any notice of any country taking responsibility to help these people. with their hoping to get some off put up with that some political pressure might help these people and given. urging lifeline to travel to the netherlands how long would that journal take and i mean it's problematic isn't it.
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yet isn't actually completely impossible i mean it would take weeks that would be just in she minds and it will need a solution now i mean to practically italy in malta. and it's just making sense to bring them up to what we need a political solution of other countries taking these people in so ok joining us from sea watch tonight at the port in malta alina thank you very much. thank you. court has sentenced a teenage refugee for verbally and physically assaulting two men where he jewish skullcaps now the men put on the kibbutz to reassure a friend who was worried about anti semitism they ended up filming their attacker in a video that went viral and sparked fears that germany could again be plagued by its worst prejudices. the court pronounced the case unequivocally as
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a hate crime the defendant and nineteen year old syrian refugee has been sentenced to four weeks of youth detention for assault and verbal. he's already served the time during pretrial custody. this video shows the syrian lashing a young arab israeli man wearing a kippah skull cap with a belt the perpetrator is seen insulting the young man and using derogatory language to brand him jewish the arab israeli film the incident which took place in mid april he posted it online a few days later the perpetrator turned himself in. the arab israeli wearing the keep the told deutsch of l.a. he felt intimidated and humiliated at the time of the incident attracted wide attention in germany and beyond and unleashed a wave of consternation as well as solidarity for jews living in this country
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demonstrations attracted two thousand people wearing skullcaps to show their support. the head of the central council of jews in germany yosef schuster has he welcome to today's verdict. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world european election monitors have criticised turkey's election observers for the o. s. c.e. say that president. and his ruling party had a quote undue advantage including in media coverage of one one just over half the vote he will now have far more power things to constitutional changes approved in an earlier referendum. anti terror police in france have arrested in ten people with a wedge leans to the radical four white officials say the individuals were planning to carry out attacks on muslims the suspects were captured at the weekend in operations across france including here on the island of corsica clashes in central
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my dear you have left eighty six people dead the violence between muslim herders and christian farmers is part of a long running battle that has now escalated the police have set in reinforcements and imposed a curfew the conflict has become a major challenge to the government. in thailand a rescue crews are pressing on with their search for twelve boys and their football coach who have been missing for nearly forty eight hours in a flooded cave complex officials have said that they've found evidence that's leading them to believe that the group is still alive but high water levels are complicating search efforts for the pristine caves of northern thailand drawn visitors from across the world but during the rainy season sightseers risk getting trapped by flash floods this is what authorities believe happened to the youth soccer team who entered the cave on saturday it's hope the boys and their coach are
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still alive in a large chamber one official says they found hand and foot prints but on monday divers failed to find them the four kilometer passage blocked by rising waters dark conditions and low oxygen levels are also delaying the rescue teams progress. outside relatives of the missing pray and wait anxiously. on. the belief that they stood a life because that coach is a strong and healthy person i love my feet and legs he can get them through this. i believe in him. and length. and like. a park official says that in the past people trapped by floods have been rescued days later once the water has receded. for the first two groups have been decided at the world cup and joining me here in the studio to
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discuss the latest is in the lead from you know be used sports it's good to see you are had a dramatic in the both games in group b. so let's start with the match between spain and morocco it was so dramatic i stink i think i'm still shaking it actually happens people thought these were going to be easy games for spain and portugal to take the lead and go into the knockout stages but it ended up being a lot more close because as you can see here spain france he had a very early goal from morocco that gave them a lead and suddenly everything seemed open again because of spain were to lose or might be consolation for they wouldn't go through but it didn't take long they equalised before half time which made it one all and saw the spanish go through again and then morocco scored another shocking one to put them on the brink of elimination again. and spain scored another one which made it to all in the end and it was just narrow enough that they made it through put them on five points which still could have cost them the next stages if things would have gone differently in the other game you know what about portugal and iran that had people in the news
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room also holding their breath yeah i mean again this was supposed to be a clear deal for just general and portugal but it was and it looked set that way because portugal took the lead in this one they had a one zero question restart here koresh must support a fantastic goal is just beautiful to watch and everything with set of course it was the first goal that was not scored by christiane or an all for portugal at this world cup and she even had a chance to score from this penalty later on but kris jenner and all the mist which is why things got really close because in injury time at the very end iran had a penalty they celebrated because they still had chances to go through but in the end it wasn't enough so spain and portugal are through in this group what about the whole russia i mean they finally met their match in the game against uruguay did yeah russia had a fantastic start into the tournament but against or why it was really really difficult and that was from the start were just took the as you can see here luis suarez the f.c.
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barcelona striker he showed the russians how he scores goals just from the beautiful free kick right there. and then the second goal wasn't quite as impressive because there's a shot that was deflected by dennis church of things got really bad for the russians here because their players igor small because he got a second yellow card meaning they have to play with ten men and then they conceded the third goal that means three zero for that means or why i was at the top of the group russia they're still in a good spot they're still through to the next round but maybe the hype is a little bit down right now actually my colleagues in moscow they spoke to people on the ground during and after the game so let's have a look at what they have to say. i. was that hit me that we have the world up here. oh oh today we take him not leave but maybe
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tomorrow it will be a great. was . my hope that we'll do better and maybe this time russian football will be better than yours so i think it's fair that we love this. was some sort of places like. our open in center find out because we can pick up. our game when we zero there russian fans are confident but well what a disappointing into the world cup for mohamed salah yeah i mean we can see it right here dad the best season of his life so far with liverpool i think you want thirty four individual honors a season and he was so hyped up to be the big sensation at the world cup but his team couldn't perform to the same standard as he could and so egypt are out in the
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first in the group he said in two it's all right there for half really russia thank you very much. you're watching the w. news live from berlin we'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news have to see a bit. of. both of them. to get out of the. earth a home worth saving googling to yes tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global ideas deemed by a new series of global three thousand on d w and online entered the conflict zone
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confronting the powerful folks as f.b.i. director james comey was always pretty well known for the.


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