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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  June 26, 2018 2:02am-2:30am CEST

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that just i mentioned. not since the days of ataturk has there been a turkish leader with so much power the election of wretch of thai of heir to one assures in a new era a president able to govern by decree he calls it a victory for democracy tonight the opposition in much of the west call it a victory for anything but i'm bored golf in berlin this is the day. six. others the chairman of the high electoral commission has just declared that is the winner of the election with an absolute majority. because from who could be on anybody's side mr one please do
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not the president of the aka poncing. be the president of eighty five million people embrace every one incumbent president on his part enjoy. in the excessive coverage by government who rely on private media. this is the. i hope that nobody will try to cast a shadow over the results. and harm democracy in order to hide their own failure. to. also coming up tonight marooned at sea migrant ships refused entry to european or. chileans told us there are sponsibility this begins to libyans if you try to call them that don't pick up the phone nobody nobody nobody have.
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a we begin the day with a new turkish presidency and the same man in charge on sunday turkish voters turned out in huge numbers eighty seven percent and elected a president unlike any they have ever known his name is red chip. mr erdogan has already served as president for four years and before that he was prime minister for more than a decade. in a referendum last year voters changed the constitution transferring significant authority from parliament to the president at the same time limiting checks on executive power air to one promised voters a radical departure from the past and it is radical many of the presidential powers put into effect following a failed coup two years ago are now permanent but some things have not changed and probably won't anytime soon ninety percent of the media is pro-government meaning
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the voice of the opposition will remain mostly muted and for journalists daring to report on dissent one statistic remains unchanged no country in the world has put more journalists in prison than ever to once turkey we begin tonight in the turkish capital uncle. tookie woke to a new political landscape on monday but still very familiar longstanding leader regine. cemented his hold on power winning a further five years in office. but as turks digested the news election monitors from the organization for security and cooperation in europe expressed doubts about how fair the presidential and parliamentary elections had been. this is not and we didn't regard it as being an equal playing field in relation to media and he wasn't
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and neither in relation to campaigning either the defeated presidential candidate condemned the elections as unfair from start to finish but here they want to concentrate on uniting a deeply divided country so mr. as of today please do not act like the president after a k. party be the president for eighty five million people embrace everyone. that message will resonate with a lot of turkish voters many of whom were devastated by the result. only twenty five this is a very beautiful country. i want to live in this country. but as a young woman everything is in danger it's becoming harder to live here women aren't respected and the education system is upside down. but others were happy that the one hundred one many described the result as a win for democracy and for the country rightly said i believe that this is
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a good result for our country as our president says no stopping continue on the path this is you get a. sense make the best man win and rebooted turned out to be the best way to different expectations but it didn't happen everything happened for the best . even. ones when russia is in a new political system under which he becomes head of state and government edge one insists this will bring prosperity and stability to the country following a failed coup two years ago but critics say the new system will further erode democracy in turkey. and i'm joined now by julia han she's standing by in the turkish capital ankara tonight good evening to you julia i mean this is a sweeping victory for mr heir to one his coalition also secured a big jordi in parliament so can we talk about turkey now being headed by
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one man. well this is certainly what many people fear here they clearly say this is the end of democracy one young lady told me yesterday that there are already no civil rights year there is no freedom of opinion and this is only getting worse under the new political system so she basically said the only chance i see is leaving the country and going into exile. after we have the final results by the end of the month of these changes that you just described will kick in missed out on just to give you a few examples all of the sweeping new powers he will get he'll be able to appoint and fire ministers he can disclose paul humans he can call for new elections he will have a significant sway over choosing senior judges so he will be the center of political
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power soon and many observers here are saying there are no signs that he will ease down that he'll become less aggressive that he will suddenly release thousands of people from jail to the country that he will make full use of these new sweeping powers and with the words you could understand if he doesn't really care what. critics may have to say but nevertheless the monitors they expressed criticism about the campaign they said that there was unbalanced reporting they said there were strictures under the state of emergency does all of this mean that mr everyone's victory as strong as it may appear is actually tainted. well that's certainly not what he would have made or what he would say i remember last year's wote when he told international observers to know their place these observers today very clearly criticize the conditions of the vote calling it an an
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equal playing field but if you look at these conditions a state of emergency which gives police at power has limits the right to assembly many critical voices journalists academicians in jail many lawmakers all the opposition parties as well most of the media under government control owned by companies close to the government if you consider all of that it's actually pretty astonishing that miss out on only get got fifty two percent of the vote that almost fifty percent of the people here are not standing behind him it is a very good point and it begs the question then how divided is turkey today. oh it's a very divided society a polarized society and i think that is missing out on is the reason for that so you have his supporters on the one hand to him very loyal to him who love him who
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celebrate now who see him as his their their savior their survival basically and the other halls of the population hates him they say he is an autocrat and he is leading this country into a talk recy. in the turkish capital ankara. thank you very much. and we want to take this story now live to istanbul i'm joined by my gun he is deputy chairman of human rights with president everyone's aka party mr armey got it's good to have you back on the day let's talk about what we have seen happen in the last twenty four forty eight hours president ever one is now the most powerful leader in turkey's modern history this is what he wanted so can you maybe you can tell us when will he end the state of emergency in turkey. first of all in your footage and then your uncle or correspondents accusations i have to
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disagree a list all of them are paul's baseless and they don't really describe what is the reality in grant and before before i actually address all these points one by his father's bitterness demagogue and what the what is spoken for please if you get a minute if you are going to check if you going to say that all the foreigner is not showing the trust leave tell me what isn't true. i will i will in a second but let me just start by congress relating i saying a big thank you to hundreds and thousands of our parking lot in tears and members will be murky ink week day and night to make sure that economic crisis for the innovation and them of the sea is strong in this country and they will i also would like to think the other political campaigns because their campaigns were also great it was a great festival atmosphere in turkey it was a democratic battle for us and this shows how turkish democracy is to strong
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a disturbance percent of people went to balls after they wanted expressed in a political opinions and today we have almost twice political parties which may be involved in few days will be seven political party if represented in the parliament was that only result of mr armey and what isn't true though please if you can what is untrue about the report that you have seen sure sure sure i'll get to that girl first of all the ninety percent of media controlled by governments that did you get this number three a plea i seeded number a polo does number does the birth it's kamal's promo discredited think that in the united states who had been lobbying against turkish government or many years. well the the major project journalist is one organization that has provided us with that number mr mcgowan but let's talk about that would you say if there is a free press in turkey but if you allow me to love make my point brant media is as free as in germany in newquay in other countries when you talk about
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their ownership of the media why certain companies the same problem we see in the u.k. only two people have the ownership of sixty percent of the prisoners in the u.k. how do you explain mr mcgowan that your country has the most the most journalists in prison than any other country on the planet you have more journalists in your country in prison than in china i'll address that point but before that when you make your claim about a state of emergency but let me let me let me just ask a question about the sequel procedure when there is elections for the jle it seems in france last year there was state of emergency and they always seemed report just that there was no problem people gathering together it was no problem for campaigning so a state of emergency in beck when it comes to turkey state of emergency is suddenly becomes a fearful fact the report people know up just a position modern images as they claim they just cut few days ago raelene stumble
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over two million people if there was a state of emergency and fear the opposition to the rallies is all nonsense if doesn't reflect the reality well how much of the how months of memories that we can use that we got from you for example forty seven percent of turks so i didn't notice seven percent did not vote for mr heir to watch how do you explain that. well this is democracy you kark expect everyone to want the same guy it only happens in think if if you look at the euro if you look at the ages you would see a dictator if you look at this syria you would see in the theater and they are both . able night to those said but turkey is a very good democracy very good example for democracy and we have different political parties we will have seven parties who will be in a president in poland but the opposition the opposition mr armagh on the
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opposition's aday has said that turkey has now led by a one man regime that's what you just what the opposition leaders are saying in your country a one man regime. if if frogs and united states are ruled by one measure let's talk about turkey i was talking about the opposition they dress in your country well what about the opposition leaders in your country why you're saying a one man regime well the same a position leader said today present that on one and then in today's election and he said let's respect this. to be a problem that you don't want that where do we go from here then that bread let's just let's me pay here bread when president means the election it's all rigged it's just like it let's so many people didn't want for that where did you get this i'm going to say that i'm not for this i'm not saying that you're late if it's rigged
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i'm asking you when will he end the state of emergency in the country that was my first question but when will he end ok it let me address that but do you make the same challenge to i'm going to america because she did the really get seventy five percent of the world's in this individual minute but she's going to be leading the country would that be a problem for german democracy. mr obama got we're running out of time but again i ask you a question i started the interview with when will he end the standoff emerge elsie . right express that weren't sake of promotions the is into you was necessary because they were fighting tooth fairies though who they should at the same time and let me give you one statistic to realize that it's the last year with it that the thirty drop seventy eight percent so that shows state of emergency was necessary to make sure that all of our students are secure and also let me remind you of the state of emergency. is it only protection of our borders but it's also
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political nato borders and joining the borders ok mr i'm going to we're out of time but i appreciate you taking the time to talk with us this evening argonne deputy chairman of the human of human rights with president everyone's a key party mr armadale thank you very much thank you. well the fate of hundreds of migrants rescued from the mediterranean remains uncertain tonight the lifeline which is operated by a german charity is carrying more than two hundred thirty migrants and has been stuck at sea for days after being turned away from italy lawmakers boarded the ship yesterday and they say the situation on board is approaching an emergency now the lifeline is not the only ship with desperate migrants in limbo between africa and europe. a cargo ship owned by one of the biggest shipping companies in the world
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stranded off the coast of sicily the alexander mask is not only carrying its own freight but also more than one hundred migrants last week the danish vessel was asked by the italian coast guard to rescue the migrants from a boat that was in trouble but with italy refusing to allow the ship to dock it can do nothing but wait. while the alexander mask is still off sicily a german rescue ship is in a similar situation near malta lifeline has picked up more than two hundred thirty migrants including children from the mediterranean but it's also been at sea for several days off to malta spain and italy refused it permission to dock on sunday night a group of european politicians visited the vessel promising to do all they can just get it off. the stove if you want to that germany
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was. sort of. the nobody you know you nobody up there all along after being out there you would hear see what he owes it's all comes only down to us because of course. italy's deputy prime minister material salvage any has visited libya where he discussed the migration crisis he also hit out at the n.g.o.s behind the lifeline rescue boat. or should not follow the instructions of either the libyan or italian coast guards it's an outlaw ship the must be seized at any point where it docks and the crew should be taken into custody by joe mysteries that would feel. but one of the political wranglings continue these migrants are left at sea watching and waiting for a decision on their fate to be made. well the fate of migrants headed for europe and the fate of german chancellor angela merkel have never been so intertwined as
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they are now last week a very and conservatives went public with their disapproval of how miracle has handled the country's migrant situation and the conservative c.s.u. led by interior minister horst zahle for have given a july first deadline to come up with a new migration policy supported by the european union if she fails to do that the current german government and chancellor merkel could be history. this special e.u. summit at the weekend didn't bring any relief for german chancellor angela merkel she wasn't able to negotiate any concrete results on asylum policy that in berlin merkel's c.d.u. party is supporting her search for a european solution. if europe is not an addict and showing solidarity towards refugees i believe that bilateral or even trying are like remains could be an alternative. then the italians could exit the dublin convention and stop registering refugees then in the end we will have more
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refugees in germany than we used to and that's why we need an orderly system and that will require lots of discussions and they just need time inside the other party in merkel's conservative bloc to see su wants to begin rejecting refugees at the border the german interior minister must present a problem and offer solutions that's what he's doing he can't be blamed and i expect people to not only agree with horse but also to say that the signs of european solutions we also have to consider a national solution and that can't be ignored. the third coalition partner the center left s.p.d. is watching the dispute between the conservative cd un their sister part of the c.s.u. with shock and amazement the social democrats demand that the conservative parties agree soon. this week is decisive for germany and europe so it's even more frustrating to see certain parties ignoring the big picture and focusing on upcoming state elections it should be possible to get past this. the s.p.d.
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is getting impatient with their coalition partners and have called for a meeting tuesday night. or the first two groups have been decided at the world cup and joining me here in the studio to discuss the latest. from. rb had a dramatic in the both games in green bay so let's start with. the match between spain and morocco it was so dramatic i stink i think i'm still shaking it actually happened as people thought these were going to be easy games for spain and portugal to take the lead and go into the knockout stages but it ended up being a lot more close because as you can see here spain conceded a very early goal from morocco that gave them a lead and suddenly everything seemed open again because of spain were to lose or might be consolation for they would go through but it didn't take long they equalised before half time which made it one all and saw the spanish go through again and then morocco scored another shocking one put them on the brink of
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elimination again. and spain scored another one which made it to all in the end and it was just narrow enough that they made it through put them on five points which still could have cost them the next stages if things would have gone differently in the other game you know what about portugal and iran that had people in the news room also holding their breath yeah i mean again this was supposed to be a clear deal for just general and portugal but it was and it looked set that way because portugal took the lead in this one they had a one zero question restart here koresh was sport a fantastic goal is just beautiful to watch and every single set of course it was the first goal that was not scored by christiane rinaldo for portugal at this world cup and she even had a chance to score from this penalty later on but kris jenner and all the mist which is why things got really close because in injury time at the very end iran had a penalty and they celebrated because they still had chances to go through but in the end it wasn't enough so spain and portugal are through in this group what about
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the whole russian i mean they finally met their match in the game against uruguay did yeah russia had a fantastic start into the tournament but against or why it was really really difficult and that was from the start were just took them as you can see here luis suarez the f.c. barcelona striker he showed the russians how he scores goals just from the beautiful free kick right there. and then the second goal wasn't quite as impressive because there's a shot that was deflected by them as chair chef and things got really bad for the russians here because their player igor small because he got a second yellow card meaning they had to play with ten men and then they conceded the third goal that means three zero for that means were i was at the top of the group russia they're still in a good spot they're still through to the next round but maybe the hype is a little bit down right now actually my colleagues in moscow they spoke to people on the ground during and after the game so let's have a look at what they have to say. there are i.
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was that hit me that we have the world cup here. oh only that today we take this lead but maybe tomorrow it will be degree. was. my hope that we'll do better and maybe this time russian food bowl will be better than yours so i think it's fair that we love this. was some sort of places like the. incentive find out because we can look at. our name when we zero their russian
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fans are confident but well what a disappointing into the world cup for muhammad sagal yeah i mean we can see it right here yeah i had the best season of his life so far with liverpool i think you want thirty four individual honors a season and he was so hyped up to be the big sensation at the world cup but his team couldn't perform to the same standard as he could and so egypt are out in the first in the group he said in two it all right there for him it really russia thank you very much. well the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can write to me right off t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag if.
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i measure pants luxury of the past era. mid-song imaginary trains. experience grants taking countryside. and cultural highlights. on a very special train journey through europe and. all aboard our series this week. your romance next on t w. becoming
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a soccer superpower china's ranks seventy fifth in the world but it wants to reach the very top and germany's football federation is ready to help with coaching staff and expertise. it's about reputation love of the game and money lots of money to play deal worth a billion germany china and support. closer in forty five minutes. clash of cultures. a clash between those who believe in arranged marriage those who want to marry for love.
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but the clash that's shaking families and society to the core. my father will be angry sometimes i think the way he did to. those starts july eighth t w. i want to welcome to another exciting week of euro max i'm your host meghan lead from train travel to moving ard we've got lots of ground to cover on today's show here's a look at what's coming up.


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