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tv   Close up - A Deal Worth Billions - Germany China and Football  Deutsche Welle  June 26, 2018 7:15am-7:45am CEST

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empowerment i'm sure that incoming ten fifteen years the water than ten per vault followed through in coker devalues off color and. these are understanding these things cannot be ignored for have them because the fundamentalist forces and the frenetic close's are also acting very deeply and intensely and they cannot undermine the problem the power of communication and their power of technology ordinary people who must not modern and support them must not socially support them the international community has to invest more on the education which can prevent young people who entered into that type of head into courses.
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or geology only i was. well. china has long been a world power but the country remains a minor player in the world of football a situation china's president wants to change he wants the country to become a football superpower. russia was on call jacqui hot all over the next ten years our country wants to increase turn over a new sports industry to some one trillion euros yes we should point that you to. china schools are heavy on the drills and academic discipline but there are a few football clubs for children now the party wants them to become football champions will they succeed in making more and more german going to sleep at clubs or going to china where german coaches and pro players willing to go to a country that when it comes to football still plays in the minor leagues.
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thank you feel. like football mascot erivan is in china for the past few months he's been going from school to school as an envoy of german club shall. i. was going to evin arrives the strict school rules are forgotten. i. ever been isn't here alone foreshock a coach is there with him to help promote youth football in the city of can shine the project is led by marco flood reach the goal is to help china finally qualify for the world cup. that's
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this little guy is germany and this big guy is china. but which germany is reigning world football champion so in football it's the other way around. i thought you know i don't listen boys you know germany china but i'm going to. show because youth program and training methods enjoy an excellent reputation around the world the city of can shine is eager to learn. flood rishon his colleagues are training the youngsters and their coaches. but it's not always straightforward. it's not the one they've been that's real simple someone. everyone knows that germany plays football at a very high level. but we can't just transfer their system to can china. that wouldn't work. so we have to adopt but the germans
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also have to adapt a little to realities here including shunned to a whole host of answers you get the. germans try to awaken enthusiasm for football by making it fun. it's a novel approach in a country that emphasizes discipline and hard work. but the shocker representatives believe they're on the right path vomits we've visited twenty schools so far and each one has between a thousand and three thousand students so we are reaching people on the blogs not just be coming out as we're making a difference we don't just train with the kids we're also able to share our values with them that way we can show them things that maybe a bit different from what they experience in their day to day lives for. the money i think just the.
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china has its own athletic traditions not many sports are played outside of school and when they are they tend to be basketball or a traditional discipline. in schools sports tend to involve drills and discipline. this sport fast maybe taking place on a sports pitch but it's a highly regimented activity. at pro football matches there's always a military formation standing at attention. in china football fans are also under tight control. the military and police will brook no demonstrations or any sign of trouble. but top row club is playing here today will go on some forty thousand people are expected to attend most clubs have
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far fewer fans the mood around the stadium is relaxed. former eintracht frankfurt player stefan lot of men is here with his interpreter they work for the chinese football association and often attend super league matches china's top tier league. letterman advisors the league and the national team china wants to rack up more successes the sooner the better. leadership here is very centrally controlled and that's true for football as well. for all of their own areas including in the economy where the chinese government allows a great deal of latitude and freedom that's also something football takes full advantage of. i think the past two years have seen an influx of top level coaches from around the world former viral eva crews and coach was there schmidt is now head coach of beijing su noble one. of the club is famous for its fans the stadium
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is usually packed i. i . i know cheers can be heard from the first row though in a chinese stadium that belongs to the military. chef and a lot of money has left his mark on the chinese association journalist and club officials also value his advice his ideas have already improved the training of football coaches but clubs here are still rely on importing top international coaches yagi yes he mused by the chinese clubs are trying to outdo each other hiring coaches but it does benefit the marketing side and it's also good for quality. but quality can only be sustained if we get better plans and we'll only get better players if the coaches are good well then you take a look at the words in. the press box is packed with journalists football has
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become popular in china and it gets quite a bit of media attention. the audience wants to see top players and a win for their own side. china's population of one point four billion is sixteen times larger than germany's the state maintains a firm hold over the country and sets the agenda but when it comes to the economy the party has largely abandoned communist principles in favor of unfettered competition. no other country has more billionaires or a bigger market. foreign companies want to share in the bounty but that isn't easy . china takes care to ensure the profits don't leave the country. but football complicates the picture. president xi jinping knows he needs help from
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abroad to make the sport a success in china. from one day until the next hundreds of millions were made available to hundreds of projects were launched so there's no lack of activity here but going to. all of those activities in the right direction is a bit trickier still you should look out for china. the southern chinese city of hong shu is where one of the key players is based a player who also knows europe well. the company lender sports bought an eighty percent stake in the premier league club southampton last year. lender's c.e.o. go admits the main motivation was to learn more about the football business there's a lot of money to be made in china. and the thought should you know it's at the end of last year the sports industry accounted for approximately zero point two percent of our g.d.p. still. compared with other industrial countries such as germany europe britain the
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us or our asian neighbor japan that is quite low. we're still at an early stage. in the next ten years china's government wants the sports industry to have a turnover of one trillion your us why did you teach. it's an ambitious plan a turnover of a trillion euros for marketing clothing broadcast licenses and construction projects she shingo and other business people know that china will need help from abroad to make this a reality. mostly because chinese football is still lagging behind. china is currently in position seventy five in fief as world ranking behind countries like el salvador and cape fared hardly good enough to realize those ambitious profits the country will need to invest. we need a change in the market we will be massive if we use it but we can only turn a large profit in the long time for the first five years we'll have to invest
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a lot in capital and equipment we have to make an effort told me maybe it won't make money at first when after ten years it will yield a big profit when you've bought for. the entire country is. opposed to mobilize to bring china into the ranks of the football elite there's not much evidence of that yet though. a few young chinese play football in their free time or where jerseys of their favorite players. but many new companies have been founded that are directly or indirectly involved in football. one person who is already invested in sports journalist wang tao he's involved with an app that teaches school teachers coaching tactics and he supports the youth division at one of the few football clubs in beijing. they are shooting skills still need a bit of work. come on guys.
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but there are signs of success more and more children are playing they have paid coaches and even the parents are taking part. two of my. the wheel this is our new hobby. first we just wanted our children to play outside and enjoy the sun he didn't like football but then his son started playing and now he plays to. more and more children are signing up for the wang tell club it's a microcosm of what's happening across the country right now. the journalist has researched how much football has increased in value in china including in the country's top league. and in the last broadcast rights for all super league cost very little. with
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chinese football brought in just a few million euros i mean. that's how long and has bought over the last two years prices for broadcast rights have risen to two hundred fifty million. uro's annually. this is mainly due to the arrival of famous players from abroad like or not. who's playing for brazil in the world cup in russia. now that international stars like a goose joe are joining china's super league more children want to play too. but good coaches are still in short supply. when tell believes this lack of quality coaching is the most pressing problem he wants to solve it with germany's help. the world that's what it is we have worked in the german companies and associations will help improve the foundation of chinese football that's important and i hope everyone who has to do with football in germany hears about it with. a need on the
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system. that's good news for german clubs they see an opportunity to cash in with their brands on the asian market. alongside dortmund byron munich and wolfsburg are also setting up shop in china. has a marketing revenue of around ninety million euros a year twenty percent about eighteen million euros now comes from china. for german clubs the message seems clear and a club that doesn't serve the chinese market won't be able to hold their own internationally. not so. we're reaching the limits of growth in areas like sponsoring hospitality old merchandise. in china sponsoring on merchandising has real growth potential as does promoting youth divisions you know ok i. choke ascends for a license coaches to question every month the city wants to take part in the
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chinese president stream of football glory eighty youngsters have been selected to get state of the art training four times a week a side benefit the shock of brand is becoming better and. on. the coaches aren't quite as focused on marketing. isn't just in spite of his sport we're footballers we're athletes and the field is where it counts that's all that takes first place especially when you're dealing with kids. and everything else like recognition or promoting the show like a brand that can happen on the side. it's it's. parents seem to welcome shaka football is healthy and maybe there's even money to be made with it. now they're here cheering on their offspring on the field.
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and. you will much. nobody in our family is interested in sports that is a myth i think but as son wanted to play football that's the only way here to support him. shoko would love to have a chinese player in the bundesliga one day nine year old goalie is a promising young talent. the club even invited him to germany once. and he's also might have to wait and see how he develops yes talent the right attitude he's not scared he has technique he stood out from the very beginning and he's fun to work with them across. the area the german coach has an interpreter by his side. hundred zero zero zero. if
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a chinese player joined the german bundesliga many people would strike it rich the parents the sponsors and the german clubs. income from broadcast rights and marketing licenses in east asia would soar. as marketing department has already positioned itself for the opportunity. of the agreement with the academy and shown is that shocker gets first pick of the young talent with a long term collaboration like this it would have been foolish to do otherwise. the . show has also landed another coup super league club fortune once to launch a professional use division. more than twenty five coaches from back home in germany will take part in the work being done by marco flood rishi and his fellow coaches is very lucrative our research has shown that after expenses chuck it will be left with profits of some twenty million euros. and.
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that's no hollow. has a lot to offer we know how to scout train coach young talent on how to train coaches. in the chinese market all chinese football is willing to pay what that's worth. and. this building in beijing is chanon main square is where china's dreams of football glory are being hatched. the government wants to bring the world cup to china and ideally become world champions. football is an important part of president xi jinping strategy for becoming a sports superpower. even though it'll force five feel that a football has for will publish shouldn't be underestimated so i love to be a global superpower you also need to be a cultural influence and that's another key you know. for instance with
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international cinema which generates enthusiasm and excitement and if the china is working on creating something like hollywood. football works in the same way it generates enthusiasm and creates a feeling of unity in a country if the shaft and i. throughout much of its history china has wielded power and influence. president xi jinping is looking to position china back at the very top sport as one way to generate enthusiasm and strength. football is perfectly suited to that goal. including shine everything is going according to plan the foreshock a coach's fifth project to the letter this is what beijing wants to see happen across china partnerships with professional german coaches who will help young chinese talent flourish and grow its senate race. there were many
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more shall come will be at work which. is the one shots fund you. can see believe they. will be just thank you compared to politicians we haven't set the bar quite that high for now what's important is that we develop a partnership the better that works the better the end product will be a little bit soft on the mentor fix saying element pushy why are you hurt that land we want to succeed in sports particularly in think sports like football. we would like to keep up on the international stage it's an email me and then go you and we want to compete successfully in a world cup. you see it. every school principal involved in the project receives an oversized certificate official recognition is important anyone who is seen to support government initiatives will repay. if it's
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to their career. german companies based in china on the other hand are worried beijing is tightening its control especially in the market that promises the biggest profits. box wagon for example is doing a booming business in china the company wants to set a new record here in twenty eighteen after the scandals of recent years the company can't afford to antagonize beijing so it's playing it safe which means lending support to beijing's initiatives. when german chancellor angela merkel visits china she works hard to obtain concessions for german companies. germany's automotive industry and volkswagen in particular want to maintain market position. germany fears that china may impose restrictions football is another way to help secure the future of german businesses
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here. german companies have been seizing every opportunity to strengthen their stake in china. provokes wagon that also means launching its own local football initiatives. and we want to contribute to the society one of the things we are doing currently very actively east to do education for the young people in terms of you know child safety and so on especially in the sports like soccer this is what we are doing right now we believe you know soccer is very healthy very active and it matches our company's value a lot. folks wagon china has an edge over other companies volkswagen owns a bundesliga team which is keen to establish a stake here. marketing director tim yankel or from volves org is always on the lookout for chinese sponsors. advertisers and partners.
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for jaeger the fact that most football clubs in china are sponsored by companies makes his work easier. for us not to lose and bargain is a very popular and successful brand in china and that helps us understand. the positive associations most chinese fans have with a volkswagen brand to rub off on us. many chinese people are fans of the vols for club folks who have been they see the v.w. logo on our jersey and the connection to volkswagen helps make them vote sports fans and. it's less than a three hour drive from the offices in beijing to the coastal city of king kong. for both spur of the city is a set of piece of it's expanding business activities. and
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. these young people are enrolled at the state football academy which belongs to beijing sports university. two hundred talented young football players from across the country live and train here but some were discovered during training auditions others submitted applications on line. the criteria used by the scouts aren't entirely clear but the academy has brought in fourteen coaches from all over the world to foster the talent here the academy has appointed both sport to oversee the project. everything is running according to plan there's only one point of disagreement with the coaches from germany booker the mayor of oakland others i'm say there are no problems with the coaches i have a lot of fun with them. the only disagreement is about whether the young people should train mole. things they've done enough he thinks the risk of injury is too
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high otherwise it's things like that where we sometimes disagree when the. krueger is an experienced youth coach and knows all the tricks of the trade the way he uses monitor is to record exactly how hard the young footballers are training. but the teams here have no one to compete against they only play against themselves the program is still in its infancy. it's not like you can just say i have an idea let's do it. you need to set up the sports medicine part of the school has to be set of at some point we want to start talking about proper nutrition. i think. the plan is to eventually expand the academy to one thousand young players they still have no tournaments to compete in but a few of the most promising young ones will be sent to argentina and europe for a few months. as
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a deal. the boys can play but right now they wouldn't stand a chance against teams of the same age from europe from football countries like germany or spain england france. no way no chance. consuls. the training program here at the academy takes two years to complete after that the young footballers will have to see how far they can go. those who don't get signed by a pro team could become youth coaches or they might move on to an entirely different field. the young people here will also earn their high school diplomas just as they would in germany. yet the. germans are bringing football into a world with different rules none of the young people kicked a football around on the street back at home only a handful play in a club. beijing's football plan is envisions but as always the devil is in the
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details. the partnership is showing its first signs of success at least for volkswagen and for spork. at a televised speech president xi jinping gave to mark the new year there was a photo in the background of the chinese head of state together with young players from wolf's work. force for good executive team you are often uses that video to launch his marketing presentations having one of the world's most powerful leaders in its corner is a me. two for the club but. he also has a photo of president xi jinping with former volkswagen c.e.o. martin didn't according. to this resolution was a huge stroke of luck for us. during his visit in germany there was a match between a blood sport used team and the chinese used to use really as
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a big football fan this was a spoken. sport is even looking toward china in its own stadium in germany it's the only german club that shows perimeter advertising intended for chinese viewers. what. sets your gullet chief's naked eye unit paid off pretty quickly. the first year we had to reach the concept foreign partners and all that but then thankfully it started paying for itself and the what's it i'm going to get. in the football partnership between germany and china billions of euros are at stake and so is politics. but what about football will steffen lot of men and other professional german footballers succeed in helping china one day when the world cup. is the us. maybe one day my great grandsons great grandson will say what your great
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great great great grandfather kicked off. it would take a while i think. but. it wouldn't be the first time china has pulled off the seemingly impossible. the fast pace of life in the digital. shift has the lowdown on the web showing new developments and providing useful information that the wiki is finds and interviews with makers and users. next d.w. . entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful. as f.b.i. director james comey was always pretty well known but when donald trump five him
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last year it was think he's forfeited a measure of me this week he's my guest here and by the way he's promoting a book even as he faces new challenge jesus in subordination so what's the truth of the conflict zone confronting the powerful song t.w. . shift living in the digital age today. our favorite footballers on instagram innovative robot art. and spectacular photoshop by drone but first.


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