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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 26, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t w. this is g w news live from a debate over a migration recall rages in europe and italy is pushing other e.u. countries to take a tougher stance caught up in the middle hundreds of migrants stranded for days on board a rescue ship in the mediterranean italy is one of those who you countries to refuse them and sri. also coming up children separated from their families at the u.s.
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border activists now say that my grandparents are withdrawing legitimate asylum claims just to get their kids back faster and in the world cup drama too iberian heavyweights jolted for a top spot in group b. spain struggled for the rock a while portugal faced on the wrong side fighting for aggression all the action coming up straight ahead. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. with a renewed push underway by e.u. leaders to stem the flow of migrants italy is stepping forward to demand a tougher stance italy's new populist interior minister my tail visited libya on monday and called for screening centers to process migrants in north africa
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meanwhile italy has blocked a ship carrying more than two hundred migrants from talking on it shores following through on solving these earlier warning that italy would not be taken taking in one more refugee. stranded at sea these migrants have been stuck on the ship since thursday after they were rescued from rubber boats off libya's coast . the german operated ship lifeline refused entry by spain and italy the ngo has warned the situation on board is critical. situation getting worse and i would say we also. see this night. he needs surgery. so in the last minutes he could be. seasick. we are waiting for call. italy's hard line interior minister matteo salvini wants to cut off the flow of migrants before they even put to sea he's been
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in libya calling for reception centers to screen arrivals in neighboring chad and sudan. where. the attack and government will support the need to protect the external borders south of libya because libya and italy along cannot sustain the economic and social costs of this immigration images which. you get to see what. libya also wants to see the migrants dealt with elsewhere. and who do they leave the. we agree with the europeans on many matters related to illegal immigration. however we categorically reject the existence of any migrant centers inside libya and cooling their human. meanwhile the migrants waiting on board the lifeline can
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only hope they will be allowed to land somewhere soon. the n.g.o.s says. and let's get more now on that story i'm joined now by from sea watch a nonprofit organization that conducts search and rescue operations in the mediterranean and she is actually at the port in malta and has been in touch with the staff from lifeline the stranded vessel carrying more than two hundred and thirty migrants alina welcome to you and thank you so much for speaking with us this afternoon we understand that the people on that boat they spent another night on lifeline how is the situation now. we were trying to make contact there with as we mentioned joining us with the latest from the mediterranean but unfortunately as you can hear there we have no audio or try and get that back for you and perhaps connect with her
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a little bit later in the show but in the meantime let's bring you some other news and in the united states the trump administration has scaled back a key element of its so-called zero tolerance immigration policy border officials say that they have put a temporary halt on prosecuting parents who enter the u.s. illegally this after president trump reversed a policy that separated migrant children from parents facing criminal charges but confusion remains over the fate of around twenty three hundred children already separated from their families and immigrant rights activists are suing the tribe administration lawyers allege that the government is still using separation as a weapon against asylum seekers. they were taken away from their families at the border. now some lawyers say the u.s. government is preying on their parents desperation to see them again. many of them had been kidnapped raped tortured but again they said over and over that that paled
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in comparison to the pain and desperation that they felt being separated from their children as a result many of them were really considering signing voluntary departure as and really starting the deportation process so that they could get out of detention as soon as possible and they had been told by the agents that if they signed a voluntary departure that ice would be unite them with their children as quickly as possible for us we heard that consistently and over over and over again to the point that we really feel that the administration is holding these children hostage to dissuade people from pursuing compelling and strong asylum cases. after nationwide outrage over family separations u.s. president donald trump to public pressure and announced an end to the policy but his reversal does nothing for the children still inside shelters like this one something. fornia this is one of the more established shelters for migrant children here in san diego and it looks after boys between the ages of six and seventeen now it's been doing that for years for children who arrived in the united states
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unaccompanied by a parent but the difference now is that it is also caring for children who were intentionally separated from their parents when they arrived in the united states as you can see behind me it is covered in fencing and green netting all the way around the perimeter to make sure that nobody can see out and that nobody can see in. the government agency that contracts this temporary shelter refused my request to go inside but they released this footage showing children's bedrooms a medical center with painted walls and a place to play soccer critics say this is the best case scenario for detaining children and that conditions elsewhere in the country are likely far worse. reuniting them with their parents will be a slow and difficult process some children might even be forced into foster care orphaned by the u.s. government. when i get a quick check of some other stories that have been making news around the world argentina has been paralyzed by a national strikes over president mauricio austerity measures organizers say that
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at least a million workers took part in the protest the twenty four hour strike saw garbage lying on collected on the street and brought public transport to a standstill. the search for twelve boys and their soccer coach believed to be trapped by flash flooding in a cave in northern thailand enters its third day navy seal divers and underwater drones have joined the search rescuers believe that there is enough air inside the cave complex for the missing soccer team to still be alive. britain's prince william is in jerusalem on the first ever official british royal visit to israel and the palestinian territories he began his israeli tour with a visit to jerusalem's holocaust memorial a royal has to navigate the political and religious divides in a region that britain once ruled. well here in berlin a court has sentenced a teenage refugee for verbal and physically assaulting two men wearing jewish
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skullcaps a video of the attack went viral and sparked fears that germany's worst prejudices could be gaining ground. the court pronounced the case unequivocally as a hate crime the defendant a nineteen year old syrian refugee has been sentenced to four weeks of youth detention for assault and verbal abuse he has already served the time during pretrial custody. this video shows the syrian lashing a young arab israeli man wearing a key part of your skull cap with a belt the perpetrator is seen insulting the young man and using derogatory language to brand him jewish the arab israeli film the incident which took place in mid april he posted it online a few days later the perpetrator turned himself in. the arab israeli wearing the keypad told which of l.a. he felt intimidated and humiliated at the time. of the incident attracted why
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detention in germany and beyond and unleashed a wave of consternation as well as solidarity for jews living in this country demonstrations attracted two thousand people wearing skullcaps to show their support. the head of the central council of jews in germany yosef schuster has he welcomed today's verdict. the first two groups have been decided at the world cup and joining me now in the studio to discuss the latest is chris harrington from forte's welcome to you cross thank you there was a dramatic and to both games though and for being we have to talk about that first right morocco was the only side in group b. that had no chance of it dancing they came out swinging versus spain and put up quite a fight in the portugal iran match for shadow and company kris allen although of course in company they survived a scare and avoided a major upset sarah we have all of the action in a report let's take a look in the fourteenth minute
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a blunder by andres iniesta and said go to our most gifted the baltimore rocco and colleague bow tie you'd slotted home for his team's first goal of the tournament. that moved portugal top of group b. . but in yesterday redeemed himself five minutes later teeing up disco for the spanish equaliser was. with the score one all spain were back on top of the group. meanwhile against iran a wonder goal from a cut put portugal ahead before the break it was their first of the tournament not scored by christiane. once again advantage portugal. ronaldo got his chance in the second half when he stepped up for a penalty but missed leaving the door open for iran. i. mean rocco netted another three yousef in
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a city ten minutes from time and spain's chances of topping the group looked over. but spain germany evelyn injury time thanks to jagow us bus lines minute ruled it offside but v.a.r. confirmed it counted to all the final score portugal though still lead the group. but kareem ansari followed confronted a last gasp penalty for iran to home portugal to a draw sending spain back to the top of group b. . so after those performances press how do you re spain and portugal stances ok so portugal they face uruguay this is going to be a tall order for portugal you know it's clear that christian or not it was a major star on that side so it's going to be their true major test they did compete with spain and only had a draw during their group stages so little more difficult for portugal in company. you want to talk about a cakewalk in my opinion spain and russia is going to be
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a cakewalk russia yes they performed they had more exceeded expectations in terms of reaching the knockout stage but now i think they'll be brought down to reality you know even their fans just plain think that there's a little biased in terms of support and actual the likelihood that they'll advance further but i think spain will show them where they're at real and of course that is always the big question who is going to advance for there you know we have another exciting day of football today and actually a little bit earlier i spoke with our correspondent in moscow jonathan crane and he had this to say about what's coming up. well the teams in group c. and d. will have their fates decided today let's start with group c. because one of those matches takes place in the news nicky stadium behind me it pits france against denmark and france are already three and denmark would join them with a win or draw a defeat for the danes would open the door to australia they must beat peru to stand any chance of going through and then they sit in group c. all eyes again will be on leno messi and argentina nothing other than a win will be for argentina against nigeria and even that might not be good enough
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argentina's fate is out of their own hands because if iceland gets a better when i have a croatia who have already qualified argentina still it's close it's complicated but it's are you so exciting and that was jonathan greenish a while ago in moscow of course cries everyone is in it to win it so to speak but who has the best chances do you think to make it to the next round will you know let me just focus on argentina nigeria i think everyone will be watching this mess specifically lionel messi he's made a mess of it thus far with his side i'm looking for the i've said you know nigeria is looking very strong right now they do have a history although if nigeria were to succeed this would be the first world cup victory over argentina because they've only had friendlies in their way thus far so i'm pulling for the african nation ok. thank you so much because harrington sports for breaking it all down for us with. now the top stories that we have been following for you here at d.f.w.
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france has said that a rescue ship carrying more than two hundred migrants may be allowed to dock in malta with a french team on site to help in processing asylum claims the vessel has been stranded at sea for six days after an initial leave being refused entry by malta and italy. and if that now you're up to date i'm sara kelly in berlin thank you so much for your company we don't have a great day. for . the language courses. video for you. any time anywhere. w. media center. after.


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