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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 26, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm CEST

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the news live from. europe to embrace a tougher stance on migration turns away migrants rescue ship carrying two hundred people but the lifeline is now in negotiation with also on the program michael problems in the united states as well as children. is that the u.s. activists say parents withdrawing legitimate claims to get that children back. drama class to be arraigned heavyweights for top spot in group spending struggles
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with portugal but it's time. for progression. on the way. i'm still getting a welcome to the program as the european union struggles to find a common migration policy has taken the initiative speaking in libya on monday the country's a right wing interior minister called for my current screening centers in north africa meanwhile italy has blocked a ship carrying more than two hundred migrants from docking and it shows following through on the minister's promise that his country would not take in one more refugee. sea sick malnourished and facing conditions the organization operating the ship have called a disaster. these migrants have been waiting for
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a port of call since being rescued off libya's coast on thursday. the german operated vessel lifeline refused entry by spain and italy. the ngo has warned the situation on board is critical. situation it's getting worse and i would say we had also. emergency this night. he needs surgery mediately so in the last minutes he could be. seasick italy's hardline interior minister matteo salvini wants to cut off the flow of migrants before they even put to sea he's been in libya calling for reception centers to screen arrivals in neighboring chad and sudan. government will support the need to protect the external borders south of libya because libya and italy alone cannot sustain the economic and social costs of this
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immigration images so surely. you've got to see what libya also wants to see the migrants dealt with elsewhere. or do they leave the. we agree with the europeans on many matters related to illegal immigration. however we categorically reject the existence of any migrant centers inside libya and they're cool their human. friends now says a european solution is near malta is reportedly willing to open its support to the migrants the ngos says they will run out of food and water in two days. now in the united states they trumpet ministration has scaled back a key element of its zero tolerance immigration policy board officials say they put a temporary halt prosecuting parents who entered the country illegally less than
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a week ago president trump reversed a policy that separated thousands of migrant children from parents facing prosecution the fate of those children remains unclear immigrant rights activists are now suing the trumpet ministration alleging that the government is using family separation as a weapon against asylum seekers. they were taken away from their families at the border. now some lawyers say the u.s. government is preying on their parents desperation to see them again. many of them had been kidnapped raped tortured but again they said over and over that paled in comparison to the pain and desperation that they felt being separated from their children as a result many of them were really considering signing voluntary departure as and starting the deportation. so that they could get out of detention as soon as possible and they had been told by that if they signed a voluntary departure that ice would come with their children as quickly as
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possible for us we heard that consistently and over over and over again to the point that we really feel that the administration is holding these children hostage to dissuade people from pursuing compelling and strong asylum cases. after nationwide. u.s. president donald trump public pressure and announced an end to the policy but his reversal does nothing for the children. like this one in southern california this is one of the more established shelters for migrant children here in san diego and it looks after boys between the ages of six and seventeen now it's been doing that for years for children who arrived in the united states unaccompanied by a parent but the difference now is that it is also caring for children who were intentionally separated from their parents when they arrived in the united states as you can see behind me it is covered in fencing and green netting all the way around the perimeter to make sure that nobody can see out and that nobody can see in. the government agency that contract this temporary shelter refused my request
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to go inside but they released this footage showing children's bedrooms a medical center with painted walls and a place to play soccer the other stories making news around the world the search for twelve boys in the coach believed to be trapped by flash flooding in a cave in northern thailand has entered its third day. to join the search. for the missing to still be alive. a few people killed in clashes. in the fighting in. this. state. argentina has been paralyzed by a nationwide strike so for president tomorrow it's. austerity measures organizers said least a million workers took part the twenty four hour stop as you saw garbage left
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uncollected in the streets and brought public transport to a standstill. but she's lawmakers are voted in favor of building a new runway at london's heathrow airport prominent opponent foreign secretary boris johnson missed the voters' user trip to afghanistan his constituency lives under the flight path and he had voiced strong opposition with voting against it would have forced him to resign from the government. and the humphrey is here at business desk as harley davidson hits the road it sure is hitting the road one of the first big names to make moves in the wake of the global trade dispute u.s. president donald trump taking to twitter to express his surprise over harley davidsons decision to move production of its motorcycles for the european market to india and brazil trump tweeted he surprised that harley davidson of all companies would be the first to wave the white flag i fought hard for that wrote the
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president but it is unclear why trump goes on to say that the company would not have to pay tariffs after all the e.u. has put import tariffs on motorcycles whiskey and a range of other u.s. products in retaliation for trump's own import tariffs on steel and i mean you. well germany's b.m.w. now says it is not considering moving production out of britain in the face of briggs it yesterday b.m.w. executive was quoted to say uncertainties surrounding briggs it could lead to the closure of some british factories still breaks it is taking its toll on britain's automotive industry britain's society of motor manufacturers says investment in the sector is fallen by almost fifty percent in the first half of this year due to uncertainty surrounding the process of britain leaving the european union it was motive lobby claims the government's conflicting messages on breaks into working against the interests of the u.k. automotive sector. and we can bring in our financial correspondent now daniel corp
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in frankfurt so daniel b.m.w. seemingly wanting to commit to britain. but after all this back and forth can we please show. what can we sure of and his thing in the auto sector that's always the question right but two things are very clear in robertson he is the m.w.'s man in the u.k. stated that the company is not thinking actively to relocate their production facilities with rex at less than a year away i guess we have to trust this common for the moment but i would not be one hundred percent sure that this is really an grazed in stone the second thing is clear and that is related to this massive drop you mentioned by fifty percent in the automobile sector in the u.k. just in the first half of this year is creating lots of uncertainty as well and also consumer spending has been dropping u.k. residents are very reluctant to do big investments and the car is certainly for
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many a big investment was on your brakes it is certainly creating a lot of uncertainty also a lot of uncertainty concern over fears of a global trade war that it's rocking markets yesterday how shares performing off those losses yeah exactly after the massive sell off that we saw yesterday on wall street but also here at the blue chip and exact there was dropping by more than three hundred points today's trading day has been better than we initially thought we are not seeing big jumps also quite some volatility but we are up at least not losing any more but it's just really a very small class at the moment this is also happening because the euro is not anymore that strong today analysts though are warning to get too excited there's still lots of uncertainty about the trade war but also here with angle america's coalition that potentially could crash so we are reeling here for a little moment but are prepared that shares could be falling once again. in
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frankfurt thank you. when a main bone of contention for the united states with china is its china twenty twenty five policy and its investment in high tech like a lecture mobility china is determined to become a walled needed when it comes to immobility and together is subsidizing car prices issuing produces with quotas among other rules including overhauling pollutant public transport now the city of aes leading the way. of light humming instead of the roar of a diesel engine in just three years all of change and sixteen thousand buses have gone electric the city's bus drivers have been retrained and there are now five thousand charging points at bus depots. a fully charged bus can travel two hundred kilometers that's about a day's driving. genting you is spearheading the changes woman when i'm high
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that one song we can charge a bus in the evening when services have to stop for the day to go to do what all that's good because electricity costs less in the evening only you mean so the bus company saves money to you the reasons why electric buses cost about twice as much as diesel ones but because power is relatively cheap in china the city council says electric buses cost less in the long run it claims the local economy has benefited to. the buses are made by b.y.d. a car maker based in shenzhen b.y.d. is a global market leader when it comes to electric buses supplying cities like london and budapest. that tree bess's is just a stunt it's just a baby step of the one in the fish are we didn't already we do not only want to eat a tree five ghostbusters but also want to thank you that tree file in texas that traps that already out of. china's government has an ambitious strategy plan
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when it comes to electric mobility and the administrative regions are doing their bit two thirds of jenn's taxis have already gone away trick. you idea runs charging stations throughout the make a city which the taxi drivers use at the end of their shifts. it's peak period then not everyone who ever is happy. that it was going on is always you know it's not worth it might have to charge my car for two hours every day that's a loss of ten or twenty years of business instead of earning money i set around a play games on my phone. and that gets boring after a while. but the city's government is having none of it it says the low power prices make up for any other losses and drivers have to make sure they take regular breaks anyway.
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so it's a world cup time of the first two groups have been decided chris harrington from i didn't use forty hits to assert welcome creds thank you so dramatic and then to both games in group b. yes indeed it was number rocco we all know was the only side in group b. that had no chance of advancing to the knockout stages they came out swinging against the two thousand and ten world cup champions spain and put up quite a fight the other match portugal iran christiana rinaldo got a bit of karma in a company survived a scare which we'll see in the video coming up but they did manage to avoid a major upset we have all of the action right ahead let's take a look. in the fourteenth minute a blunder by andres iniesta and said most gifted the ball to morocco and colleague slotted home for his team's first goal of the tournament. that moved portugal top of group b. . but in yes to redeem himself five minutes later teeing up disco for the spanish
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equaliser was with the score one all spain were back on top of the group. meanwhile against iran a wonder goal from a card put portugal ahead before the break it was their first of the tournament not scored by christiane or an aldo once again advantage portugal. ronaldo got his chance in the second half when he stepped up for a penalty but missed leaving the door open for iran. i. netted another three yousef in a city ten minutes from time and spain's chances of topping the group looked over. but spain jury level in injury time thanks to jagow us bus lines minute rolled it offside but v.a.r. confirmed it counted to all the final score portugal though still lead the group.
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but karim ansari thought confronted a last gasp penalty for iran to home portugal to a draw sending spain back to the top of group the above. spain next face host russia so how local fans feeling about the team's chances well of course they're still in a state of euphoria somewhat because russia actually did qualify qualify for the knockout stages but i do think it was split you know they were brought back down to reality in terms of that their most recent opponent uruguay they were defeated and it was kind of expected you know they were expected to be defeated they've been punching above their weight as. most host nations do but there's a split most fans in russia clearly would like to see their team go through here's a listen of what some people in russia had to say about their squad. was.
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hit me then we have world cup here. oh oh today we take in the lead but maybe tomorrow it will be great. it was. hope that we'll do better and maybe this time russian would. be better than here so i think it's fair that we love. this second places like. ruby instead of find out because we can like. to have it excited yes very what's coming up today ok we have the final matches of
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group c. and group d. group c. france i think they're leading the group right now they look you know full steam in my opinion so more important matches group d. ok we have one match in particular argentina in nigeria right now in group d. nigeria have the upper hand on argentina so argentina and lino messi are in a must win situation now messi in case you are not caught up to speed he had once retired from his national side stating he just can't get it done in the finals because there were always the bridesmaid never the bride you know when he was you know on the field with his side so this could very well be his last match in an argentina jersey and the nigeria is a super eagles they want to retire him so i think this is going to be a very exciting match the. do it they are familiar foes they played a lot in friendlies where nigeria has been victorious on that on the world cup stays unfortunately they've conceded a lot of goals and are argentina has always prevailed at the end of the day so we'll see if this is if they make history tonight you know suddenly i'm i'm feeling
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nigeria i'm going to the super eagles feeling a lot of think so about germany getting up for their final group stage match what can we expect from that will of course they are still feeling high after the heroics of tony crow's right now it's a team first mentality that's the buzz word that's circulating in the camp we could expect some lineup changes we saw that to be proved successful in their second match versus we did but we can listen to what the players themselves have to say we do have a report from the team let's take a listen. football tennis instead of the training team germany is working on keeping up good vibes match winner tony krause had speculated after the sweden game that some fans back home hit one of the defending champions to go out early but marco royce paints a different picture which didn't get us here. i think we showed the right response against sweden and we're getting an amazing feeling from the fans owns it's a really great and powerful thing to see how many fans are actually cheering us on
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and wishing us complete success. for. royce is one of the few highlights for germany that's for you he loved best in for the first game but after the dortmund forward was voted man of the match versus sweden he's expected to feature against south korea which can use the i don't know what the coaches latest plans for the next games are but of course i hope to be able to help the team on the pitch. if that's not the case it won't be the end of the world we are a team and team there was more team mentality on display for a message who lost his starting place to royce in the last game the two of them went to twitter in posted from the locker room after this we didn't match. was relatively spontaneous after the game. my seats next to message because he's number ten and i'm eleven message really wanted to put out a social media post that shows that message with the team and he's there for us
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even if he doesn't play for. leaving out suggests changes are afoot for germany their next game is likely to only see four world champions from two thousand and fourteen in the starting eleven. where their world champions or not will champions everyone has their strengths everyone deserves to play everyone can make a crucial difference in their position. germany have had their ups and downs in this group stage and aren't out of the woods just. they'll need another strong team performance to get past south korea and keep their title defense alone. so you're going to be considered an analysis how do you see germany's chances you know i think it's going to be a matter of you know people living up to their potential we saw we saw tony cross on the course actually rebounded he didn't have the best game but then we saw the heroics you know come in extra time we're going to have to see a lot of that but in all south korea i'm sure want to be on that plane at least
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with the point and maybe even more because it looks like that they will be headed home if germany do prevail but germany are going to be on a mission to snatch the soul out of south korea and based on history they should if they fail i think yogi love you or he love their coach for germany will probably possibly looking at the classifieds in the near future because germany are expected to win and it would be a shame if they are booted out of this world cup well that's almost words there from chris huntington thank you chris has spoken we're going to cannot say look at some more of the day's news now. in court has sentenced a teenage refugee for verbal and physically assaulting two men wearing jewish skullcaps a video of the attack went viral and spock fiza germany's worst prejudices could be gaining ground. the court pronounced the case unequivocally as a hate crime the defendant a nineteen year old syrian refugee has been sentenced to four weeks of youth
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detention for assault and verbal abuse he has already served the time during pretrial custody. this video shows the syrian lashing a young arab israeli man wearing a key part skull cap with a belt the perpetrator is seen insulting the young man and using derogatory language to brand him jewish the arab israeli film the incident which took place in mid april he posted it online a few days later the perpetrator turned himself in. the arab israeli wearing the keypad told which of l.a. he felt intimidated and humiliated at the time the incident attracted why detention in germany and beyond and unleashed a wave of consternation as well as solidarity for jews living in this country demonstrations attracted two thousand people wearing skullcaps to show their support. the head of the central council of jews in germany years of schuster has
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welcome to today's verdict. britain's prince william is on a five day trip to the middle east the first official visit by royal to the region a fraction after three decades of british rule but one tradition has you i said that many visitors to your jerusalem getting a tattoo was a lasting reminder of the holy land on tattoo artists eclipse is a family has and three members of the royal family some two hundred years back i mean has just the design he thinks prince william should get. in this tiny tattoo shop in the old city of jerusalem a tradition take center stage here was in resolute tattoos christian pilgrims tourists and anybody else who wants to get a lasting souvenir from the holy city the place is always busy. for programs to come. to. the program. sometimes they would choose across. another more the flight of the crucifixion of
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jesus or the resurrection of jesus the residue a coptic christian family from egypt have been tattooing pilgrims visiting jerusalem for more than five centuries now was took over as tattoo artist from his father a decade ago what makes this place so special are the wooden hand carved stamps that serve a stencils for the religious designs the most famous design is the jerusalem cross one version of it is believed to have been on british royalty crown prince albert edward the future king edward the second and later also his sons when they visited jerusalem in the one nine hundred centuries. the diaries of of the british kings. who has come to druce and did and did cross in the tos we know for sure that they have received the truth crossed or two this is
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the jerusalem cross this is what i would suggest for prince william to do if he is if you decide decides to do it or two this is the old block which most probably was the one that was used to do his ancestors or to go to his ancestors chances are that tattoo was done by a member of the resurrection family a very special tattoo that's something the future king of england prince william might contemplate when he visits the old city this week there as you are certainly ready to help give him an inch souvenir of jerusalem. i was a reminder of our top story best hour a rescue ship carrying of more than two hundred migrants it may be a lock to dock in malta with french all-stars he said joining the effort to process asylum claims the vessels been stranded in the mediterranean for six days after being refused entry by several european homes. that's it you're up to date i'll
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have more for you at the top of the hour in the meantime of course there's always the website that's dot com i would have.
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to. measure and luxury of the past hour on. its own imaginary trains. experience with breath taking country science and cultural highlights. on a very special train journey through europe and. follow more into our series this week. your romance next to die. will you. take on. three soccer stars with difficult backgrounds who rose to the top. day that is a bit traumatic scene look at some aria by live accusing marco fedi i am from i trust frank but how did they become top players in the finest into. two
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goals in sixty minutes on t w. a siamese clash of cultures in india. a clash between those who believe in the arranged marriage those who want to marry for love. the clash that's shaking families and society to the core. my father will be angry sometimes i think the way he did to me and. commandos starts joining us on t.w. .
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i want to welcome to another exciting week of euro max i'm your host meghan leave from train travel to moving ard we've got lots of ground to cover on today's show here's a look at what's coming up. the winner is the join us for a law.


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